Jim Wallis As a Proxy For Barack Obama


Some pretty despicable religious leaders have advised the White House (and its aspirants) over the years, but I wouldn't say Jim Wallis is one of them. He is, however, a moderate masquerading as a social progressive, which is why the founder of Sojourners magazine ("progressive Christian commentary on faith, politics and culture") and an advisor to President Obama is under fire, reports the Daily Beast's David Sessions, for declining to run an ad that encourages pastors to welcome gay parishioners:

Some liberal Christians were baffled by the group's decision to reject the fairly innocuous one-minute ad, which features a young boy walking into a church with his lesbian parents and encountering cold stares before being welcomed by the minister.

The controversy spread quickly online, with liberal clergy members and bloggers writing that Wallis had "thrown gays and lesbians under the bus." Sex-advice columnist Dan Savage mentioned it on his blog.

Joseph Ward, director of communications for the New York-based Christian group Intersections International, which submitted the ad for its Believe Out Loud campaign, said Sojourners' rejection took his organization by surprise. Others were less shocked; after all, Wallis has never taken strong public stands on culture-war issues. In a statement posted online Monday, Wallis wrote that while Sojourners is committed to "civil liberties" for gays and lesbians, "these debates have not been at the core of our calling, which is much more focused on matters of poverty, racial justice, stewardship of the creation, and the defense of life and peace."

Wallis' rise (and seemingly impending) fall within the Progressive Christian movement mirrors the rise of Obama, a pro-corporate welfare neo-liberal, among Progressive Democrats. Both prefer the class war to the culture war, and the appearance of war to the actual waging of it. Both are simultaneously betraying the margins of their constituencies. 

And just as Obama has been hen-pecked by allies to his left who wanted Congress to pass single-payer legislation and abandon DADT and DOMA without the DOJ first going through the motions of defending federal law, Wallis is now getting flack from a community whose most vocal members take "social justice" far more seriously than their Beltway representatives.

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  1. He is not a moderate, he is a hardcore Marxist progressive that knows how to play the game.

    Really reason, calling Wallis a moderate is like calling Karl Marx a liberal and Joseph Stalin a humanitarian. Are you fooled that easily?


    1. do you do childrens’ parties?

      1. He does great balloon animals. Especially when the animals are “spherical”-ish, like amoebae, bacterium, etc.

      2. So you think he’s a moderate? Then prove it!

  2. So is Jim Wallis gay or what? The article never specified.

    1. I kind of assumed he was.
      He’s just not gay-gay.

      1. If he’s gay, his wife and two children would like to know too.

        1. no one in history has ever had a faux family to cover up being gay. No…one…in…history.

        2. I said he wasn’t Gay-gay.

  3. So, um, is Obama faced with a “seemingly impending fall” as well, or does it only seem that way? I think I got lost in the mirrors here. And do Obama and Rev. Jim prefer the class war to the culture war, or does “both”refer to Progressive Christians and Progressive Democrats? And, yeah, is Rev. Jim gay? If so, that grits n’ gravy diet of his has got to change.

  4. The ad’s insulting, but them’s some hot mommies.

  5. I’m getting that the church is racist since everyone there is white.

    But I never knew that lesbians were such suckers for racist churches.

    1. Oops. I now see token black man and token asian woman barely hiding the joy in their hearts to no longer be stared at in that church.

  6. So the lesbians knew Internal Affairs was setting them up the whole time?

  7. I recognize that man.

    He once accused me of trying to steal his Lucky Charms

  8. Would have been better if they were shaown walking into a mosque.

  9. Wallis apparently rejected the ad because not everyone in his organization is of the same mind on bibilical teachings regarding homosexuality.

    If he had been more tolerant, he would have thrown those who disagreed with him out of the church. Screw you, heretics!

  10. Um, why wouldn’t the evil Christians in the church just think the women were sisters or something? Its not like they were making out.

  11. Anyone of any type who has walked into a small Protestant church for the first time knows this: you get stared at.

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