Reason Morning Links: GOP Debate Wrap-up, Senate Dems' Missing Budget Plan, Obama Takes Victory Lap in Clown Car


The latest from George Mason University economist and co-creator of Hayek-Keynes rap vids tells all:

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    1. ETA: Squeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

      Fabulous Friday Fun Link: How The Golden Girls “turned a generation of American boys into homosexuals.”

      1. JT should totally get credit for that fun link…

        1. Why? I’ve [never] seen h[im] [men]tion anything a[bo]ut [Golden Girls].

      2. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. But then if it keeps squeaking after that, it gets tossed in the slag heap and replaced with a better wheel.

  1. Pakistan army knew about operation against Osama bin Laden

    Should Obama Seize Constitutional Power?
    My last two posts have concerned my thought experiment in which Obama, faced with a refusal by Congress to raise the statutory debt limit, declares the statute unconstitutional and refuses to observe it….

    1. Rather than addressing the fact that the direction of the Federal finances is an explicit, enumerated power in the charter of the US. government, his argument is entirely “let’s fuck the Republicans because they did it to us”.

      Wow. Someone’s mommy forgot to teach him that “two wrongs don’t make a right.”

    2. Executive officials must make constitutional decisions all the time — for example, does the president have legal and constitutional authority to launch a military operation against Osama bin Laden in Pakistani territory? — knowing their decisions won’t ever be reviewed by judges.

      That means they don’t have to make the decision.

      Here’s the author suggesting that Obama bombing Libya was merely following Bush’s policies (despite Bush getting the AUMF):

      Once power flows to the executive, it rarely flows back. Sen. Barack Obama was a persistent critic of George Bush’s high-handed style; President Obama has chosen to follow that style in puzzling ways. (I am still scratching my head over his decision not to ask for ratification of the Libyan intervention.)

      And of course, the government is responsible for the ‘recovery’ , complete with assigning malice to your opponents instead of a different opinion(italics in original):

      [Republicans] seem to believe they have Obama in a box during the runup to the debt-ceiling vote. Either give us our program through the back door, they seem to be saying, or we will wreck both the national credit and the recovery.

    3. You know, it occurs to me that Con Law or Con Scholarship is a little like security — if I say I’m an expert in computer security, it could mean that I’m good at putting defenses into computer systems. But it could just as easily mean that I’m an expert at breaking into computer systems and avoiding their defenses.

      Garrett Epps is a black hat Con Law expert. And Obama, though the inevitable “RAAAAACIST” comment will follow.

  2. Time for Daylight: U.S. Weapons Reaching Cartel Hands a Huge Scandal
    The U.S. government has effectively allowed weaponry to reach cartels, and now uses the violence they helped cause as a gun control argument.

    …The plan for a long gun registry is still one of the president’s goals, even as he creates the problem for which he proposes the solution. A virulent anti-gun radical since his days with the Joyce Foundation, Obama has previously stooped to despicable levels in order to pursue his gun control agenda. He now wants to use the bully pulpit of his office to play both arsonist and firefighter, and is willing to watch northern Mexico and the American southwest burn in order to restrict a constitutional right he has always abhorred.

    1. If we had anything but a state run media, this DOJ gun scandal would be the biggest thing since Iran Contra.

      1. Do you really think the BATFE fuckup really is part of a larger scheme to restrict gun rights? Isn’t that a bit paranoid to think that this comes from the top?

        If Obama is clever enough to be the arsonist firefighter he sure is doing a good job appearing clueless.

        1. No I don’t think it is part of any grand scheme. But I think the fact that they are so craven and so without a mission that they sold illegal weapons to Mexican drug lords for months in hopes of getting the “big score” and making on TV is pretty damning.

        2. Do you really think the BATFE fuckup really is part of a larger scheme to restrict gun rights?

          Absolutely. Yes.

          Isn’t that a bit paranoid to think that this comes from the top?

          Not from Obama himself, perhaps, but from hihg-level career bureacrats within BATFE? As well as political appointees? Yes.

          There have been plenty of not only articles and statements by former BATFE employees talking about what went on within the agency, but also criminal enforcement actions in which the BATFE went out of its way to find some kind of violation and put away gun owners, as well as BATFE’s long-standing support of the whole “sporting purpose” nonsense, to demonstrate that BATFE is a rogue agency and needs to be completely deconstructed.

          1. After witnessing the NRA folks invade my ‘burgh last week I can safely say they have little to worry about. The political strength that keeps arms makes other causes (like legalizing marijuana) look like a joke. BATFE is probably just as twisted as the DEA, but the 2nd Ammendment types are a much stronger watchdog.

        3. “Isn’t that a bit paranoid to think that this comes from the top?”

          Maybe. But BATF itself benefits from gun control in major ways (for example, justifying its own constitutionally abominable existence), so from the top of BATF is not at all surprising, particularly considering other allegations of basically criminal behavior from that agency (allegations that they outed an undercover agent to the gang he infiltrated after he sued the agency, etc.).

          Given that, all you need is an administration that doesn’t feel much pressure to actively investigate something that happens to work out for its ideological agenda. That’s well short of a conspiracy.

  3. The State
    …War is the health of the State. It automatically sets in motion throughout society those irresistible forces for uniformity, for passionate cooperation with the Government in coercing into obedience the minority groups and individuals which lack the larger herd sense. …

    …War, or at least modern war waged by a democratic republic against a powerful enemy, seems to achieve for a nation almost all that the most inflamed political idealist could desire. ….

    1. War made the state, and the state made war.
      – Charles Tilly

      1. War! Huh! Good God, y’all! What is it good for? Absolutely nuthin! Say it again…

        1. Yes, but how do you feel about kinetic military action?

  4. Pakistan must turn-over the stealth chopper tail section which crashed during the bin laden raid. We cannot allow the chinese to obtain it.…..opter.html

    1. No biggy. What’s a few billion development dollars down the shitter anyway?


    Susanna Breslin on strip clubs. She is out of work. Reason should hire her. She is the kind of writer Howley thinks she is.

    1. Defo, Breslin is often entertaining.

      1. And she is really hot to, which doesn’t hurt.

        1. I will need to see a picture of her before I can judge the quality of her work.

          1. She used to have a blog called the reverse cowgirl. No kidding.

          2. Google image her name. Interesting stuff.

    2. That day, I wrote a post on my blog: “Hire Me.” I announced I’d been let go, outlined my talents, and asked everyone to spread the word that I was seeking employment.

      ‘$1,000 paid via PayPal for your used panties- Multiple pairs?.’

      A few days later, the email showed up in my in-box. In a way, I was flattered. Some guy I didn’t know wanted to pay a grand for my already-been-worn underwear? This would be easy.”

      Look, you got a mention!

      1. Nah. I already had several sets. I got the bulk discount. That guy got robbed.

  6. Geez Johnny, you didn’t even get a hat tip for your tireless efforts to expose the Golden Girl’s subversive activities.

    1. I am but a lonely, non-Golden voice crying in the wilderness.

      1. I support the permanent banning of Nick Gillespie for posting that link.

        I will stay consistent on this issue.

        1. robc is one of the conspirators.

        2. Yea, say you; is posting such a link the act of a respected editor or the act of the troll? Gillespie, you’re on the watch list.

  7. Rep. Ron Paul’s steadfast adherence to civil liberties, which somehow concluded with him supporting legalization of heroin to raucous applause? highlighting the thick tension between conservatives and libertarians on the GOP.

    Jesus Fucking Christ, is Ron Paul going to make me feel fucking optimistic again? God damn him. I’m going to have to give him more money.

    1. Ha! This made me think of the newest SouthPark episode where Token keeps giving money to Tyler Perry for telling really bad jokes. Token just can’t help himself.

    2. It’s like a drug. Ride the high. Then, when disappointment and reality set in, do actual drugs until such a time as someone instils you with some optimism again. Rinse and repeat.

  8. Even though the Osama bin Laden story changes every five minutes, the nation’s elite thinkers still believe the government’s story. Somebody’s been pissin’ in the gene pool.

    1. Here’s another old saying, Senator: don’t piss down my gene pool and tell me it’s raining.

  9. Blowing up empty trains, Al Queada really is on it’s last legs.

  10. From Osama’s hard drive: A plot to blow up American trains.

    I’ve wondered for a long time why we think that terrorists are obsessed with airplanes, so that is where all the security theater is concentrated. It seems pretty obvious that since airplanes are where all the attention is, they would look for an easier target, like trains or shopping malls or whatever.

    1. I guess now we know where the Truth gets his info.

    2. I’ve long said the same thing. AQ is long since finished with airplanes; they are hardly retarded enough to go right where our security measures have been so absurdly concentrated. Next target: a large high school.

      1. The DC Metro runs right under the Pentagon, the White House, and the Capitol building. And has almost no security whatsoever. I’m pretty shocked I haven’t been blown to bits already.

        1. I’m pretty surprised you haven’t got your V on.


    Not know that before it could be published Navy Seals would now be heroes who helped Obama, the NYT revives the crazy vet meme.

    1. Stick with the classics, I say.

    2. “We see bad cops ? but we don’t think all policemen are bad nor do we pretend that law enforcement as a whole deserves blanket condemnation.”

      Ahem…this guy obviously doesn’t read the right blogs…


    GE CEO wishes he had been a little less obvious with the green jobs scam.

  13. Feministing on the Democrats descent into that most dreaded of states… Republicanism!!!

    Nutrasweet, you have been off your game lately on these links man.

    1. Their comments section withered away. That was always the fun part for me.

      1. Didnt people just stop commenting or did they moderate it to boringness?

        1. Little of both. The big change was when they changed the site a couple of years ago. And they added about 20 extra “editors” with ban powers.

          Although, their banning was always excessive. They banned people that agreed with him, but just in the “wrong” way.

          1. Funny how the French Revolution and great terror is played out in miniature in every leftist endeavor.

            1. Utilitarianism is as murderous a philosophy as has ever existed.

              1. If justice, equality and fraternity is your end, what means isn’t justified?

              2. Silly stuff.

          2. They call it a Charles Johnson

            1. Fat and Stupid?

          3. SF, check out the comments on the article I posted.

            Apparently, criticizing the government, ever, is paranoid and extreme. Unless Republicans are running it, obviously.

            1. Yes, even they recoil from criticism the Democrat in Shining Armor.

              “Two people of color are having a disagreement! Oh noes!1!! Who do we side with?!?”

              1. The white guys – always.

    2. She’s too fat to have opinions. Ugh.

      1. Doesn’t that describe all of femisting? At some point the right and libertarian blogshpere’s tremendous advantage in attractive women has to start to make a difference.

        1. I’ve yet to meet a feminist worth fucking.

          1. Ever been to an anti-abortion rally?
            You wouldn’t want to fuck any of them anyway!

            1. Not if you didn’t care to collect a bunch of paternity suits, anyway.

          2. My sister’s ex (bi-fem, hotter than Georgia asphalt) would change your mind about that.

        2. yea but they’re married & older. the left have the hot young SINGLE women.

          1. Who turn into fat unfuckable cows soon as they’re no longer single.

          2. Limks or it isn’t true.

            1. oops – links even.

          3. SE Cupp, Alexis Garcia, Mary Katherine Ham. None of them are married. All three of them are hotter than any leftist chick on the net.

          4. And I can’t think of a single hot leftist chick on the net.

            1. id bang randi rhodes

            2. John, you’re clearly forgetting about Rachel Maddow.

              1. id bang her to i dont care wut any1 say she is hot

                1. good morning old mex

                2. Rachel Maddow is a she? I always thought it was a tranny.

                  1. Just ignore this prominent Adam’s apple and my husky voice and angular features.

                    1. ..and my boy’s regular haircut

            3. Being a leftist is all about envy.
              Ugly leftist women who envy attractive women don’t exactly welcome those that they envy into their group, and leftist men often prejudge attractive women as being dumb.
              Attractive women are more likely to be conservative or libertarian because those are the ones who will accept them and treat them with dignity.

              1. This is a silly meme. There are plenty of incredibly ugly women in conservative circles (go to any pro-life rally) and plenty of attractive femnists.

                There are, of course, no libertarian women. Figments like Suki don’t count.

                1. Show me proof of all these attractive feminists, or are they just inside your head?

                  1. Sarah Palin is pretty hot and she has referred to herself as a feminist many times.

                    But what, are we going to launch into some anecdotal arms race? There are plenty of attractive women who identify as feminists and plenty that are conservative and vice versa.

                    1. But what, are we going to launch into some anecdotal arms race?

                      Yes we are. And by feminist we mean “leftist feminist”. Conservatives appropriating the word don’t count.

                    2. What would be worse than an anecdotal arms race? Why one where we throw in a “not true scotsman” to disqualify any counterexamples!

                2. There are, of course, no libertarian women.

                  False. My wife is. And she’s damn good-looking, to boot.

                  1. That was kind of a joke BSR, it’s a pretty common one on H&R historically, usually surfacing whenever a poster claims to be a woman.

              2. Yes, we treat women with a great deal of dignity here, which is why every video of a female libertarian is followed by comments about almost nothing but how she looks.

                I’m not even going to get into John’s bizarre obsession with KMW and reverse hate-lust obsession with Kerry Howley.

              3. Attractive women are more likely to be conservative or libertarian because those are the ones who will accept them and treat them with dignity.

                So a woman’s deeply held convictions are a result of what earns them the most accommodating company? Really?

            4. To me it doesn’t make sense for a conservative to call herself “feminist” since feminism, as I understand it, means using legislation and regulation to force people to treat her differently since she can’t get them to do so based upon her own merit.

              1. “To me it doesn’t make sense for a conservative to call herself “feminist” since feminism, as I understand it, means using legislation and regulation to force people to treat her differently since she can’t get them to do so based upon her own merit.”

                I’m less suprised than you but you’ve likely misunderstood that term.

          5. Show me a hot single chick. I will show you at least one man who got so tired of her bullshit he decided it wasn’t worth it.

        3. Feministing founders


          1. Wisely keeping her mouth closed to hide her bucktoothed grin. Actually not that bad looking, but just had a kid and hasn’t been seen since. You know what that means…

          2. White trash manface.

          3. 180 pounds of shit in a 20 pound teal bag.

          4. Kinda of cute, but why is her skirt over her ribcage?

          5. Quick… Lesbian or mildly retarded 15-year-old boy?

          6. These are not the droids you are looking for.

          1. The one of the right does have a Carrie Fischer look about her. Wow.

          2. More leftists in the media:

            Charlie Jane Anders, editor of i09

            1. That is a man baby.

              1. I doubt OO cares.

            2. Worst. Transvestite. EVER.

            3. the boys from Kids in the Hall make better looking women.

    3. Remarkable: On May Day, we heard the smug cries of victory reproduced by yet another corporate media source reciting the stance of an imperialist United States government.

      This pretty much sums up the entire article. And towards the end, she gets bonus points for using “racist” and “bankers” in the same sentence.

      1. You’re giving her bonus points for being redundant?

      2. I think she loses points for using ‘bankers’ instead of ‘banksters’.

    1. All those Social Minefield posts are funny. And by funny, I mean “stuff you should have figured out by 5th grade.”

  14. From Osama’s hard drive: A plot to blow up American trains.

    Amtrak can do that themselves, thank you very much.

    1. Yes but it the explosion will be late, and massively overbudget.

  15. From the link:

    Isn’t it kind of important to get all that stuff right the first time? Personally, I don’t care if Bin Laden was holding a tray of freshly baked cookies and asking our boys if they wanted any tea when they shot him. You’ve heard of suicide by cop? As far as I’m concerned, Osama Bin Laden committed suicide by 9/11. But now the White House just looks like a bunch of bumblers. If you’re not exactly sure what happened, why give details you might have to retract? How in the world do you screw up a win this big? (Amanda Carey has a wrap-up of the inconsistencies in the official story.)

    And now the Obama administration is showing decisive leadership on the issue of dithering. “Gee, should we show the pictures of Bin Laden with his Navy SEAL makeover? Won’t that make people mad?” The Abu Ghraib pics were in the public interest; visual evidence of the death of the mastermind of 9/11 isn’t. Keeping us from seeing flag-draped coffins was bad; keeping us from seeing a blood-drenched mass-murderer is good. Now they’ve finally decided not to release the pictures, after Panetta already said they would. I’m sure that’s Obama’s final decision unless he changes his mind. Stay tuned for the latest round of polls.

    Read more:…..z1LZgeWTly

    1. But now the White House just looks like a bunch of bumblers.

      So, business as usual. I read a comment somewhere about how the White House is doing its victory lap in a clown car. That pretty much sums it up.

      1. Someone, I forget how, put it best yesterday “Obama takes victory lap, in a clown car”.

        1. I forget how

          Presumably, he or she typed it or copied and pasted it.

          1. Crayons Johnny. Crayons.

        2. I saw it somewhere, but couldn’t remember where (turns out it was originally on Daily Caller). Nick found it and posted the linky-loo above.

        3. From that link. Treacher’s headline.

    2. Tomorrow Obama is going to Ground Zero, his first visit there as president. He invited George Bush, who declined. Guess Bush was paying attention to what happened to Paul Ryan when he accepted an invitation from Obama.

      I’m sure the Secret Service would stop the current president before throwing the former president under any buses.

      The operation to take out bin Laden may have been the most flawlessly executed in history, but what will remain in our recent memory is the incompetent and undisciplined manner in which this White House handled the politics of its aftermath.

      1. One of my dad’s favorite sayings applies here: “Those idiots could fuck up a free lunch.”

        1. Your pops has a way with words. My dad had a similar saying: “These guys could fuck up a wet dream.”

          1. Yeah, that was one of his variations. Must be old-guy sayings, but I like them.

            1. Must be. I used the “could fuck up a wet dream” version the other day, and people thought I’d made it up on the spot (so to speak)

      2. “I, ME, I have killed Bin Laden! Behold the worthless Bush seated in the third row who FAILED and FAILED.”

        1. worth the price of admission

          1. ..which was free, yes? Yeah, worth every cent.

      3. Clinton* also turned down the invitation.

        *The philanderer, not the harpy.

  16. From Osama’s hard drive: A plot to blow up American trains.

    Proving that the liberal obsession with mass transit means that they are colluding with terrorists.

    1. It just means we need TSA checkpoints in railway stations, bus stations, toll plazas, mall entrances…

      The only possible explanation for objecting is having something to hide.


      1. That is what they want. They are out of control. They think they own and can stop any form of transportation in the country. They think that whole “no general federal police power” thing was repealed by the Transportation Security Act.

    2. first collude then they’re screwed

    3. Nah. But it is the “hard evidence” they need to politically justify ogling my naughty bits via the TSA as I board a mostly empty train to go to Glacier National Park.

  17. UN Peacekeepers were the ones who started the cholera epidemic in Haiti.…..h-happens/

    1. At least they didn’t rape them first.

    1. Did you see the post about The Willis Test? That test tells you which music is politically correct to enjoy.

      What’s the collective noun for a group of joyless fucks?

      “Look! It’s a majestic feminist of joyless fucks! You rarely see that many at once outside of an Ani DiFranco concert.”

      1. I remember in college reading my first piece of “feminist criticism”. It was about how Beethoven’s 9th was really about rape. I remember wondering what kind of pervert could hear the Ode to Joy and think “rape”.

        1. I remember wondering what kind of pervert could hear the Ode to Joy and think “rape”.

          Steve Smith, of course.


          2. I didn’t know he was a feminist. Learn something new every day.

        2. Wasn’t Ravel’s “Bolero” considered too racey for its time? Very suggestive crescendo.

          And it’s, like, nine minutes long or something, so no human male can have sex while it’s playing and make it to the climax.

        3. Rape can be done artfully to many kinds of classical music. When I’m feeling a tangible clockwerk orange kind of mood (post-post-ludovico of course) the 9th can be perfect for a bit of the ol in-and-out.

          1. Wink wink nudge nudge

            1. say no more

        4. I call bs, that was a fav meme among conservative circles back in the day, the “they think the ode is about rape” meme.

          1. “I get a nickel every time I post ‘meme.'”

          2. Google is a bitch MNG


            In the January 1987 issue of Minnesota Composers Forum Newsletter, McClary wrote of Ludwig van Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony:

            The point of recapitulation in the first movement of the Ninth is one of the most horrifying moments in music, as the carefully prepared cadence is frustrated, damming up energy which finally explodes in the throttling murderous rage of a rapist incapable of attaining release.

            This sentence elicited and continues to elicit a great range of responses. McClary subsequently rephrased this passage in Feminine Endings:

            The point of recapitulation in the first movement of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony unleashes one of the most horrifyingly violent episodes in the history of music. The problem Beethoven has constructed for this movement is that it seems to begin before the subject of the symphony has managed to achieve its identity. (128)

            She goes on to conclude that “The Ninth Symphony is probably our most compelling articulation in music of the contradictory impulses that have organized patriarchal culture since the Enlightenment” (129). The critiques of McClary discussed below refer primarily to the original version of the passage.

            Readers sympathetic to the passage may be connecting it to the opinion that Beethoven’s music is in some way “phallic” or “hegemonic,” terms often used in modern feminist studies scholarship. These readers may feel that to be able to enjoy Beethoven’s music one must submit to or agree with the values expressed, or that it requires or forces upon the listener a mode or way of listening that is oppressive, and that these are overtly expressed, as rape, in the Ninth. For related views, see discussion above, as well as the article “Criticism and sonata form”.

            1. Sigh, I know there was work done on that, I call bs that you had to read that in college.

              1. See below. I did.

              2. Horseshit.

                I call bs, that was a fav meme among conservative circles back in the day, the “they think the ode is about rape” meme.

                What you were calling “bs” was the meme. There was no mention of what John did or did not read.

                You got pwned while spouting off. Take it like a man.

                1. John|5.6.11 @ 8:49AM|#
                  I remember in college reading my first piece of “feminist criticism”. It was about how Beethoven’s 9th was really about rape.

                  Who got pwned my lil’ sweet friend? Who now?

                  God, like fish in a barrel!

                  1. Goddamn, you are pathetic. You were calling the “meme” bs. Clearly implying that the article saying that the 9th was rape was just a conservative meme.

                    Did anyone read what he said as anything else?

                    This is the bullshit that joe used to pull all the damn time.

                    1. Now sweety, the bs was that he “had read it in college.” It’s much more likely he learned about this article the way I did, from conservative media.

                    2. Can’t we all agree that both MNG and John can be mendacious pricks?

                      Sigh, never change you crazy lovebirds you.

                    3. At least you are now down to just out-right bald-faced lying.

                    4. Yeah, because when I say BS to a post that begins “I read this in college” only a liar would claim that was intended to question whether he read it in college!

                      This is common for fanatics though. They are so sure in their dogmatic fanaticism, surroundinghtemselves in a bubble world that when coming across those that disagree with them they have to label them “liars” or “dishonest” within a few minutes of disagreement. Notice how commonly John does it too.

                    5. Just like joe, when he starts insulting you, that means he knows he’s lost.

                    6. Wow, it’s like Freud without all the intellectual baggage!

              3. It’s Friday. You should be taking it easy, instead of doing all that heavy lifting moving the goalposts.

                1. MNG|5.6.11 @ 9:48AM|#
                  John|5.6.11 @ 8:49AM|#
                  I remember in college reading my first piece of “feminist criticism”. It was about how Beethoven’s 9th was really about rape.

                  Yeah, goalposts. Yawn.

                  Facts=stubborn things.

                  1. Blockquote is your friend.

                  2. Damn, what a workout. I’ve never back pedaled faster in my life. I could just feel the fat burning off.

        5. My God, there are no words. The Beethoven’s 9th is pure beauty to me – glad I wasn’t in that class.

          1. Stanley Kubrick and Anthony Burgess probably would not be shocked at the suggestion of the connection.

            1. Maybe, or maybe the fuckwit that wrote the paper saw A Clockwork Orange and is highly suggestible.

        6. I remember wondering what kind of pervert could hear the Ode to Joy and think “rape”.
          reply to this

          I don’t know…Is Joy hot?

      2. “A Feminist of Joyless Fucks”

        I lol’d – and I am also stealing that.

        1. Make it “A Feminest…”

      3. always look to the Germans —

        Freudlosigkeit = joylessness, cheerlessness

        note that Freuden means friend — it’s been a long time since i’ve studied the language, but I think the literal translation would be close to “without friend.”

        1. Soo…Joyless Fucks would be Freudlosigkeit Fikken?

        2. Freude is Joy, Freund is friend

      4. ‘A feminist of joyless fucks’

        I’ll pencil that into my copy of ‘An Exhaltation of Larks’. Sure Lipton would have included it had he thought of it.

  18. Oops.

    “I’d lead on the pawlenty hit w/ leaving MN with a record deficit before the defensive stuff,” Mr. Labolt wrote to several Democratic National Committee officials. “Also think there’s a typo in the headline for the first section of bullets.”

    Although if Pawlenty is the nominee, we deserve four more years of fucking Obama.

    1. Although if Pawlenty is the nominee, we deserve four more years of fucking Obama fucking us.

    2. No. No we don’t.

    1. Where’s the justice in pumping money into war overseas while there’s continued state violence against people on American soil? Against American Indians robbed of resources and exposed to sexual violence?

      Nice non sequitur, brah.

        1. I know drag queens who look more like women.

          1. Not just drag queens but every drag queen. That chick would get kicked out of drag clubs for not making enough of an effort.

            1. But she’s a leftist, so I’m sure OO thinks she’s HAWT!

        2. Oh, my God! My eyes!

          **Face melts like the Nazi at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark**

        3. No wonder she hates men and life.

      1. It is that God Damned Johnson in the Whitehouse Warty.

    1. Yes, it is. And so is, thank god, “berating” and “disparaging”. But this bullshit “anti-bullying” hysteria is certainly working on those.

  19. Chris Wallace totally missed the point of the applause Ron Paul garnered for his heroine comments. People weren’t cheering for heroine, they were cheering for the idea that we don’t need the government to tell us not to use heroine!

    1. Who is this heroine Ron Paul was speaking of?

      I might want to use her.

      1. She’s dope.

    1. Didn’t they bury Au H2O?

    2. Wait, the sea is going to rise around San Francisco, but not everywhere else?

      1. I wonder what Pat Robertson has to say about this…

    3. While water levels in San Francisco Bay rise and fall every day with the tides, analysis of the gauge’s data shows that average water levels have fallen since 1980.

      Sea levels in other parts of the world, meanwhile, have been rising by an average of 2 to 3 millimeters per year due to the effects of climate change.

      The data from the bay are similar to those along the entire West Coast of the United States, which has been protected from sea level rise in recent decades by cold local waters and the effects of ocean currents.

      But oceanographers and bay planners fear that sea levels will surge along the West Coast in the coming years because Pacific Ocean conditions appear to be entering a new phase in a long-term cycle.

      So now lower sea levels are proof that they will rise dramatically with in a few years.

      Why does anyone take this bullshit seriously?

  20. Osama bin Laden was scheming how to hit the United States hard again, according to newly uncovered documents that show al-Qaida plans for derailing an American train on the upcoming 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks.

    BFD – Amtrak derails itself a couple times a year anyway.

    Al Qaeda hasn’t exactly expanded its scope, has it.

    1. well there’s only so many new things to blow-up before the re-runs start

  21. Is there a transcript, or even a video, of the debate anywhere?

  22. A US official tells ABC News that the public will learn more today about the way officials identified that the corpse of Osama bin Laden, as well as other information gleaned from the trove of date taken from the compound.

    Great idea by this dunce administration, trying to compensate for its pathetic post-raid performance: Let’s give out some information that ought not be public and get these howling mobs off our ass.

    1. I would think the actual information that we got in the raid would be the last thing you would want to release.

      1. Um, that was my point.

        1. I was just agreeing with you.

      2. If ever there was an incontrovertible argument against affirmative action, it is this administration.

  23. Tex Hall of the Great Plains Tribal Chairman’s Association in Nouth [sic?] Dakota echoed [Sen. Tom] Udall’s criticism of the reference to Geronimo.

    As someone whose ancestors came to America on the Mayflower or with the Vikings or whatever Europeans got here first, I find the constant denigration of my hertiage of American Indian wiping-out to be incredibly insensitive.

    1. WTF is wrong with people?

      1. What do you mean by “people”?

    2. When I first heard the code name I thought “Oh Jesus cue aggrieved group now”

      1. I refuse to believe anyone was actually offended. It’s more like a programmed response now.

        1. Never underestimate the ability of touchy people to get offended.

          1. You insensitive prick! You’ll be hearing from my lawyer, asshole!

          2. Never underestimate the ability of touchy people to get offended

        2. they’re like trained seals

          1. Pavlov’s dogs. The bell is anything related to their cultural heritage and when it rings the treat is media attention. Pavlovian media whore response.

            1. Come now, everyone does it. I’ve seen the too-cool-for-school crowd here get as touchy about their values and heroes as any feminist about theirs here. The hilarious thing is to watch Warty, SF et al., going to an extremist, fringe site of feminists and posting their fringe rantings for hilarity without them realizing the irony that they are, well, doing the same thing daily on their fringe! The fring of any moevement looks wacky to outsiders.

              1. It’s the strangest thing, is Reason the fringe? I suppose the longer you spend on the fringe the more carzy and extremist the center seems.

                Still, I should hope Warty, SF et al are resistant to crying like a bitch when someone suggest they stfu and pay their fucking taxes (or whatever gets their goat).

              2. you’re right MNG, when you post, I cringe first then read. When I see a thread that is just you and John I scroll down until it ends.

              3. Jezebel gets 20 million views per month. If that’s the fringe of feminism, what’s the core?

                Quick, move those goalposts!

                1. Jezebel gets 20 million views per month. If that’s the fringe of feminism, what’s the core?

                  And how many of those are you?

                  1. No more than 1 mil, tops.

                    1. Is that including the trolling views you bring from your links on HnR?

                    2. They won’t let me look at their referral data. 🙁

    3. Hold the phone. The flack for the Indians is named “Tex”? Seriously?

      1. nice catch

  24. I was impressed with Ron Paul’s answers. He did well.

    1. This may be the first time I agree with Gobby (other than both of us finding his mother mildly attractive).

  25. Paul went into a GOP debate in South Carolina and denounced militarism. That’s right, in A GOP DEBATE IN SOUTH CAROLINA! He certainly upped my esteem of him though I’m sure he likely drew the ire of many a conservative.

    1. Good morning. LA!

  26. Osama is releasing a new tape. I wonder what the soundtrack will be?

    1. Hopefully it will be the strangled grunting of you choking to death on that 9th piece of fried chicken, fatty.

      1. Who are you two? Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor?

        1. Burton would have had a better comeback.

      2. Seriously. You two need to just have a quick, angry hate fuck and get it over with.

        1. I wouldn’t be worth him having to boil his dick off afterwards.

    2. Someone posted Osama’s last tweet on another blog yesterday. It said, “BRB. Someone’s at the door.”

      1. The punchline is below that:

        “Navy Seals like this.”

      2. I saw the same thing, but as “Osama’s last Facebook status”.

        It said “BRB, someone’s at the door,” and right under that, it said “US Navy SEALS like this.”

  27. Almost a month late, still no budget plan from Senate Dems

    Is that a month late, or thirteen months late?

    1. *golf clap*

  28. I remember in college reading my first piece of “feminist criticism”. It was about how Beethoven’s 9th was really about rape.

    In case anyone thinks that’s a joke, because it sounds like one, that essay is called “Getting Down off the Beanstalk,” by Susan McClary?and she doesn’t say the 9th is about rape; she says it is rape.


    Because it’s not boring. And everything that isn’t boring is rape.
    ?Sigmund Freud

    1. And it was published in 1987. And it was used in college classes in the late 1980s. That was back in the days before Kinkos got sued and profs would put together their own course materials copied out of various sources. And that Minnesota Composer article got used a lot.

    2. Rape or Rape-Rape!

      1. No means yes!
        Yes means anal!

        1. ^^^^^THIS

          1. My God, I haven’t been FUCKED liked that since grade school.

    3. I realize someone somewhere wrote this article, but I don’t for a second believe it was widely read in college classes, in the 80’s or any other time. The right picked up on this and has trumpeted it as an example of how silly feminisim supposedly is and that is where you guys have heard of it. John practically lives on right wing blogs and media outlets where this meme is beaten like a dead horse so much. Where do you think he learned of it?

      1. “I’m backpedaling as fast as I can! These goalposts aren’t going to move themselves!”

        1. John|5.6.11 @ 8:49AM|#
          I remember in college reading my first piece of “feminist criticism”. It was about how Beethoven’s 9th was really about rape.

          Yeah, backpedaling. Yawn.

      2. So he lied about reading it in college? Or did John even go to college? I don’t know what to believe anymore!

        1. Or did John even go to college?

          He was going to, but he missed the application deadline while at a tractor pull.

      3. So are you calling John a liar based on any proof, or just because you really want it to be true?

        1. I’m saying that given this meme was tossed around conservative circles so widely and that John seems, well, immersed to put it lightly in conservative media, combined with my experience of college that such articles get much less play than fevered conservative activists suppose it is much more likely to methat he came across it from the former source. I actually took gender studies courses and never once came across the article, that it was “widely read” in Western Civiliation classes strikes me as dubious, yes.

          1. Okay, then – you have no proof or any real evidence, you are just calling John a liar becuase that’s what you want to believe. Thanks for the insight into the leftist mind.

            1. MNG is the repository of all human knowledge and memory. It’s his doctorate in union bootlicking that gives him these powers.

            2. And you’re assuming he is telling the truth, why? Thanks for hte insight into the right-wing mind, or what passes for it.

              1. Holy shit you’re pathetic.

              2. By the way, libertarians are not right-wing.

          2. Yeah because the idea that a notorious piece of feminist crackpot writing was ever assigned on a college campus is so unbelievable. Next I am going to be claiming Rigberta Menchu was assigned.

            1. Oh it was notorious, notorious in conservative circles back then.

              1. “I’m going to keep on digging!”

      4. I read that piece in college. I sure as hell wouldn’t have read it anywhere else. I don’t know what else to tell you. And yeah, it was a moderately big deal in the late 1980s. It was very controversial and thus was read in places like freshman civ classes.

        1. Obviously MNG knows better than you do what you read in college, John.

          1. Yeah, obvsiouly people posting on an anyomymous chat board would never misrepresent anything!

            How was your date with Suki, was she as pretty as she seems here?

            Jesus, I always assumed Warty was about 17, now I’m pretty sure the same applies to sweety here.

            1. Well, you have misrepresented yourself as truthful on several occasions, so I guess you have a point.

              1. Since Minge just blatantly makes shit up, he assumes everyone else does, too. And he will stick with it even when called on his bullshit.

            2. You’re especially pathetic today, little man.

      5. the late 80s/early 90s was a living-hell for us college guys. Everything was “rape rape rape”!

        My GF at the time belonged to a feminist group. They would spout on-and-on about the unfairness against women and the general evil of men. But once they were at a party, it was back to flirting and one-night-stands.

    4. that was a fav meme among conservative circles back in the day, the “they think the ode is about rape” meme

      but, but MNG, my faith is shaken. Have you made stuff up before? You always seem so right about everything.

  29. Anyone see this?

    The U.S. military used a drone to strike Thursday at an al-Qaeda target in Yemen, the first such U.S. attack using unmanned aircraft in that country since 2002, according to U.S. and Yemeni officials.…..l?hpid=z13

    1. “Must. Change. Subject.”

      1. Unlike you Gobby I can entertain more than one idea at a time.

        1. “I am well-versed in many forms of misdirection.”

        2. You are entertaining, for sure. It’s not like we aren’t free to be wrong, right? Didn’t you post as Crow-Eating Dumbass for some time?

          Yep. Eat crow.

        3. I say that’s nonsense and you are a liar. I don’t have any evidence, I just know it must be so.

          1. Like I said, given this was so widely herladed in conservative circles, that John is so immersed in those circles and that in my experience such nutty articles prescence is vastly overexagerrated on the right the probability is it ain’t true.

            So what’s behing your belief in the claim? Cuz someone on TEH ITNERNET said so? Wow. I always knew conservatives were guillible, but man.

            1. Yes, I believe the guy on TEH INTERNET who says “I read this in college” over the other guy on TEH INTERNET who says “no you didn’t!”.

              The first could plausibly be telling the truth. The other has no basis for his claim.

              1. Your logic is wasted on Minge. He believes libertarians are conservatives, because he must force everything into his narrow world-view.

        4. Epic. Miss. Try. Again.

          1. Admit it, dude. Cause that shit’s funny.

            1. I am not going to lie, Sugarman. It was not me.

              1. Ha -it must be you! Because people lie on TEH INTERNETS!

                1. He’s got you there, Gobbler.

    1. I am simultaneously amused and enraged. Is there a Germnan word for this?

      1. I’m sure there is. You know who else used German words?

        1. The French, from time to time?

          1. Refresh is my friend.

            1. Apparently not.

        2. French collaborators?

    2. Band of Whiskers is my favorite, mostly because I once had a cat named Whiskers. It kind of sucked that she died on the leather couch one night, because we had to take it apart to get all the goo out.

  30. The point of recapitulation in the first movement of the Ninth is one of the most horrifying moments in music


    1. Alternate headline – Muslim Brotherhood wants Egypt to get their ass kicked again by Tiny Country full of Infidels.

  31. Two things:

    1. Nick should be ashamed of letting J[L] finally get to him.


    On to other news, I think RP did awesome but I was a little concerned about Gary johnson’s performance although I think he may just be a little rusty. All in all, This might be the first time in over a decade I vore for a Republican presidential candidate. Yes the big L said that. I am interested to see who the Ls put up but I can’t see a Johnson or Paul quality candidate coming forward.

    MNG = pink, John = blue, and Charlie is H&R

    1. Actually, a third thing:

      The Brickbats, they are not daily…almost never have been. Just admit defeat and change the page title to just Brickbats.

      You keepa using that word. I donna think it means what you think it means.

      1. and a fourth:

        I miss Balko…my nuts don’t but I do.

  32. lol, fine example of our bought and paid for Government lol.

  33. Slope Day, bitches. Enjoy the rest of the day.

  34. From Yahoo news.
    Disputes over money between the terror leader and his No. 2, Ayman al-Zawahri, led al-Qaida to split into two factions five or six years ago, with the larger faction controlled by al-Zawahri, they said.

    All I can say is “Splitter!”

    1. Mo money, mo problems.

    1. Laster.

      1. LASTERER

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