Friday Funnies

The end of Osama bin Laden


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  1. cute
    Good morning reason!

  2. Yes, now show us the Friday Funny.

  3. That podium is fake. There’s no official seal on it.

    1. 🙂

  4. That’s the short form. Trump will demand the long form.

    1. Now that’s funny. Every time.

      1. Pakistan says they lost it or that they don’t give out long forms.

        1. Their dog ate it.

  5. Is it me, or did you think the microphone looked like a sex toy in the other frame?

    1. I think its just you. Keep yur mind out the gutter rather.

      1. He looks satisfied too 😉

  6. It almost looks like Obama’s signature on the cert. Is he a medical examiner as well as the Chocolate Jesus?

    1. He’s only semi-sweet chocolate.

      1. Milk Chocolate really

        1. Acutally, he’s a bad egg.

  7. Looks shopped


    1. yeah, it says he’s afgani.
      i thought he was saudi…

      1. Negro, African; Afhgani, Saudi…. same difference right?

  8. Sucked. That is all.

  9. lol, wut, does this mean Osama is dead?

  10. Meh. Where are the morning links? I want my morning links!

  11. Wow, never heard this joke before.

  12. All Hail Seal Team Six
    Doom On You, Obama…
    To the Shooters and Looters, who’s the strong horse now?

    1. oops, no coffee…
      i meant Osama!

      1. Freudian slip?

        1. YES!

          1. shhhhh! Holder might come a’callin’…

  13. the certificate isn’t notarized.

  14. Is there some sort of obligation for for political cartoonists to go for the obvious joke, since they know all of the other cartoonists will, and they do not want to miss out?

    Or is it just laziness?

  15. LOL! It’s funny because it’s true!

  16. Hey look! The podium is named Obama, too.

  17. Interesting, I just looked at Obama’s birth certificate online, and it lists his father’s place of birth as Kenya. Kenya didn’t exist in 1961.

    1. The Republic of Kenya did not exist until 1963, but as early as 1920, the region was known as Kenya Colony.

      1. I also pointed out on Facebook that the name of the hospital didn’t exist in 1961. The liberals reacted predictably.

  18. I’m quite disappointed in Henry Payne’s ability to draw hands/faces/logical posing/anything really. How the fuck is Obama even holding on to the certificate?! How does someone miss this?!

    1. +++++++

    2. I did not realize Obama did not have opposable thumbs till you pointed this out.

      Also, since that would imply the President is not as evolved as the rest of us, Payne is a RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACIST!!!!

  19. Ok.. so.. this comic isn’t even H. Payne’s latest comic… The one on his site, that’s more current than this one, is at least moderately funnier than this one. I mean it’s not the best, but the drawing at least made me smile..…..SCOLOR.jpg

    I know, I know, it would have been funnier if he was on the toilet watching the royal wedding when he was shot, but beggars can’t be choosers.

    Is it reason torpedoing the friday funny; purposely showing us the worst ideas of these cartoonists? Do the artist’s get a choice about what to post here? If so, why so sadistic Payne?

  20. Good thing the podium says “Obama” or else I would have no idea who that is.

  21. Hilarious.

  22. You left out the huge cock growing out of Obama’s forehead. Way to go.

  23. I didn’t get a chance to see the site this AM. I will note now that, if I were Sage, I would say


    That is all. Night, Reason!

    1. Also, why is there a cattail growing from the podium?

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