Polls Prove It's Time to Pre-Order The Declaration of Independents!


June 28 is the official publication date of The Declaration of Independents: How Libertarian Politics Can Fix What's Wrong With America, by Matt Welch and me.

Talk about yer good timing! Not only are we about four decades into eroding market share of Democrats and Republicans, it seems as if every goddamned poll that's coming out these days is talking up independents or the need to get "Beyond Red vs. Blue," as a new Pew Research Center report documents. Check it out:

a growing number of Americans are choosing not to identify with either political party, and the center of the political spectrum is increasingly diverse. Rather than being moderate, many of these independents hold extremely strong ideological positions on issues such as the role of government, immigration, the environment and social issues. But they combine these views in ways that defy liberal or conservative orthodoxy.

And then there's the first quarterly Reason Foundation-Rupe Poll which found:

Eighty percent [of respondents] say they will or may consider voting for a third-party or independent presidential candidate in 2012. And an even higher number of independents (89 percent) and GOP voters (86 percent) say they will or may consider candidates outside of the two major political parties.

The willingness to look beyond Democrats and Republicans stems, in part, from voters' lack of trust in them. When asked which political party they trust to govern responsibly, the leading answer was "neither," at 35 percent, followed by Democrats at 31 percent and Republicans at 23 percent. 

In 2010, Gallup found that Dems were at a 22-year low point in voter self-identification (at 31 percent) and Republicans came in at just 29 percent, while Independents made up 38 percent of the electorate. A 2009 Harris Poll (the latest available in the series) found that since 1969, self-identified Democrats had declined by 13 points and Republicans by 6 points while Independents had grown by 12 points.

If you're among the plurality of voters in various polls who identify as independent, welcome home! If you're among the right-wing/left-wing, conservative/liberal, Republican/Democratic dead-enders, it's been nice knowing you (yes, your parties will live on, but under very different conditions). In any case, read The Declaration of Independents to learn why: 

  • Political independents are the largest voting bloc in America and will determine the 2012 election—and whether the country goes belly up.
  • We need independence not just in politics, but from politics. We can't pursue happiness if our federal, state, and local governments are bankrupt—and controlling every aspect of our lives.
  • Innovators in everything from air travel to craft beer to pop music show how individuals can be trusted to come up with exciting and fun new ways of radically improving living standards.
  • The three areas of our lives most controlled by politics—education, health care, and retirement—are the most broken, and can't be fixed simply by spending more money and exerting more top-down control.
  • Our potential future is so bright we'll have to wear shades. But it can only happen if we make it happen by banishing politics from the center of our lives and replacing them with the pursuit of happiness, not cheap partisan advantage.

Pre-order now at Amazon.comBN.com, or your favorite online bookstore!

And check back soon for a list of events related to the book. We'll be hiting the road and already have dates set up for New York, Philadelpia, Washington (DC), San Francisco, and Los Angeles. More details and dates to come.

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  1. The statists control voting.

    As Stalin so eloquently stated, “its not who votes that counts, but who counts the votes.”

    But, statist “intellectuals” and the sheople urge that we should pay no heed to Stalin’s observation cuz, after all, this is amerika.

    1. Supply and Demand. Republicans demand that they win elections even though nobody likes their policies, we have just what they need.

      How is fascism different from unbridled capitalism again? We don’t care!

      1. It’s different in the way that it’s basically the complete opposite. Fascism- government controls production and directs market; capitalism- individuals control production, consumers drive market.

        But you’re probably too dense to understand.

        1. nope – facism is the union of the govt & corporations…hummmm

          1. And unions, lest we forget. Government, favored corporations who support the ruling party and its policies, and state-controlled unions to keep labor in line while pretending to give it a voice. And, of course, relentless militarism to keep the economy stimulated and the people’s attention focused on external threats.

            Which is of course not even remotely like the system we have now.

  2. Max has made his last post|11.17.10 @ 7:20PM|#
    Max|6.24.10 @ 3:29PM|#

    Go suck ron puals dick, morons. You peeple are fucking retarded. I`m done coming to this wingnut sight. this is my last post.

    1. Oh, would that it were true.

    2. LA!

    3. Alright, see you tomorrow.

    4. they always come back.

    5. Your grammar resembles that of a DC student’s….

  3. Gonna wait a year or two, when the book gets remaindered and the price drops to a buck or so on Amazon.

    1. I pre-ordered it, because I’m an Early Adopter.

    2. I’ll just download it illegally when it gets to torrents. Shouldn’t take long.

  4. …a growing number of Americans are choosing not to identify with either political party

    There are now about 75 of us.

    1. Yes, and all men

      1. Excepting, of course, those women who work for Reason, right?

        Sorry, posted under wrong comment. I’m sure it’s the computer’s fault… or the government’s.

        1. I blame the Dewey Decimal System for all the ills in the world 😉

          1. It defeated the Truman decimal system though!

  5. Sounds good, but at what point do the authors project independents will stop being the crowd Team Red/Team Blue woo to come into their camp on election day, and start being a real camp of their own?

  6. Come to Texas- DFW specifically. I’ll show up to whatever you’re doing. Want to promote it at the library system for the 17th largest city in the country? I can make that happen. (I don’t know why you’d want to, but you can.)

    1. let me know when a copy is available to steal check-out

      1. Excepting, of course, those women who work for Reason, right?

  7. Hmmm. Do I get some sort of pre-order bonus, like better stats or weapons?

    1. Excellent.

      1. Left-Right-Left-Right-Up-Down-Down-Up-A-B

        you get, like, 1000 hitpoints of Charisma and unlimited ammo.

        1. Too bad that libertarians can’t have charisma because of their character class. 🙁

          1. Tons of constitution though

          2. Damn you!

          3. Charisma is an overrated BS stat anyways. Real characters beat their enemies to death with their own arms, freshly torn from their sockets.

  8. Instead of a ripoff of an homage to ID4, shouldn’t they have done a take on the Atlas Shrugged movie trailer?

    Also, which of them is doing the audio for the book on tape? I think it should be that hot chick from the Reason-Rupe Poll youtube. And I want to see her while she’s reading it to me.

  9. I’m not buying any of your Koch-funded Krap.

    1. You buy petroleum products fucker? Welcome to my world biatch!

  10. I’ve added the pre-ordered book to my “save for later” Amazon cart.

    What can I say, I have a problem with commitment.

  11. Glad there’s finally a release date for this thing.

  12. I plan on grabbing an electronic copy.

  13. Come to Seattle! The Northwest could use us some Jacket.

    1. Second! I bet we can get all 4 non-statists who live in Seattle to come out!

  14. Libertarianism won’t advance and libertiarian candidates will be marginalized until libertarians start working on their notoriously low e.q.

    1. Is this 2006?

  15. Off-topic, but I have to proclaim that Ironshore Bock wins the Caribbean.

  16. Portland or somewhere in this corner of Oregon, please!

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