"'USA' Chant on NYC Subway FAIL"


From YouTube auteur bigjstokes comes this video, in which he fails to create much in the way of patriotic chanting (well, it was a Monday). His writeup:

Attempted the first "post-Osama" day. Look, I'm fully aware of how stupid I look and sound. I obviously went about this the wrong way, though I still don't see anything wrong with a little community patriotism particularly on such a day. I'm not really the guy I sound like on the video, I guess I was over-enthused. Here's some irony: all the COMPLETE STRANGERS saying awful things to and about me would do better to listen to the timeless lyrics of Michael Jackson and look at the man in the mirror, cause you all sound like scumbag assholes to me. I'm sure you're not really, just sayin… 

Hat tip: Meredith Bragg.