So Long


This is my last day as a Reason employee.

I'd like to thank Matt Welch, Nick Gillespie, David Nott, and the Reason Foundation for giving me such a great platform for the last several years, and for letting me occasionally chase and follow-up on the sorts of stories that magazines with a national focus don't often cover. Thanks also to Jacob Sullum for editing my column every week, making it immeasurably better than it would otherwise be, and for putting up with my frequent failure to hit a deadline.

It's been great working with all of my colleagues at the magazine, at, and at the Reason Foundation. Though I'm looking forward to the challenge of working somewhere where my readers and colleagues probably won't agree with me nearly as often, it has also been a pleasure to work the last several years with people who believe in the cause of liberty, who advocate passionately for the ideas behind that cause, but who also take great care to argue in good faith and with intellectual honesty.

I'm particularly excited about my final project here, a themed issue Jacob Sullum and I put together and co-edited. The July issue of Reason will take an in-depth look at the criminal justice system and the ramifications of America's massive prison population. Look for it in your mailbox or on newsstands at the beginning of next month.

I hope Hit & Run readers will follow me to Huffington Post, where I'll to continue to serve up the metaphorical kicks to the groin you've come to expect here. I'll be taking a vacation, then starting work there on May 17.

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  1. Good luck, Radley. You’re also keeping The Agitator up, correct?

    1. My understanding is it will be hosted by the Huffington Post, but that the switch should only impact the comments (something that we frequent commenters are dreading, incidentally). It’ll be the same URL and it won’t be edited or censored by the HuffPoPo.*

      *All of that is simply what I recall as a regular Agitator reader and may be completely wrong if beer truly kills brain cells as they say.

      1. Beer is the mind-killer.

        1. +1
          I’ve never heard that before but I like it.

          1. I think it’s been said before. I merely repeat it, like a litany.

      2. Oh god, does this mean we’ll have to register a huffpo account if we want to post comments??

        1. Please, please, Radley, tell us that we won’t have to register a huffpo account. Please.

          1. Sounds like a conundrum. Swallow your pride and register, or refuse, depriving that part of the chatosphere of your invaluable insight?

            1. If only anonymous pussies would deprive us of their pointless passive aggressive whining. There’s no conundrum for you there, nag.

          2. Register just to confuse to Ozombies

        2. Bingo and the rest: my word of advice to you is don’t bother registering a HuffPo account and posting comments. The HuffPo comment boards are a vast cesspool, and the signal to noise ratio is near to vanishing. Your comment, if you bother to post one, will be scrolled off the current page within minutes if not seconds, and no one will ever see it because they’ll be reading the next bit of incoherent ranting that just got dropped onto the page like a slimy mess of seagull feces, until that, too is scrolled off into oblivion.

          1. If The Agitator isn’t a good place to comment, then we should just hijack comment threads here, or see if the Wine Commonsewer wants to host them.

  2. Now that’s a nut-punch.

    Good luck my friend.

  3. Is HuffPo going to censor comments with phrases like “nut-punch”, “ball-kick”, and “Dammit, Balko?”

    Because that would suck.

  4. Keep up the great work Mr. Balko. Although my nuts will appreciate your exit, you work for the innocent but assumed guilty has been peerless.

  5. Sorry to see you go, Radley, but good luck with your new audience. I wish you success in changing the opinions of those who do not initially agree with you.

    1. Good luck, Radley!

  6. Huff Post is really lowering its standards these days.

    1. Take it as a compliment, Balko.

    2. *barf*

      1. If my dick was bigger I wouldn’t feel threatened.

        But it isn’t.

    3. What standards?

  7. That’s rotten news for us!

    We’ll miss you, Balko.

    Good luck.

  8. Dogspeed, Radmeister.

    1. Hey Charlie, if you’re a fan you should start a “Violent Nutpunch of Truth/Prosecutorial Immunity is Not an Option” tour.

      1. WINNING!

    2. Dogspeed eh? That’s not faster than my bullets, fucker!

  9. Enjoy the much needed vacation and good luck over at the Huffpo.

  10. Good luck in the new gig!

  11. Does this make you eligible for Bill Maher’s ‘Real Time’ now? That would be great.

    Its the only forum where wingnecks (like Andrew Bratbitch on Friday) get their bullshit challenged.

    Best of luck.



      1. Bill Maher is a self professed Libertarian – you idiot.

        Yeah, I know – he doesn’t pass the purity test of the 2% party.

        But the Wahhabi Christ-fag dick-suckers like the two Senators from South Carolina do! And they hate your freedom!

        Yeah – I’ve heard all the hyperbole – just vote for the candidate who reflects your LIBERTY – and not someone elses.

        1. shriek, you’re too fucking stupid to understand what ‘libertarian’ means. Stick to the shit that you do understand. You know, grunts and chirps.

        2. And GW Bush was a self-professed compassionate conservative.

          Both are mistaken.

        3. Whenever someone accuses Bill Maher of being a libertarian I like to picture the episode of “Politically Incorrect” which dealt with Ruby Ridge. Maher’s politically correct, knee-jerk statism is stunning to behold. Yes that was a long time ago, but was pretty foul.

          1. But Maher hates religion – big LP check!

            Maher hates the Creationists that make up 80% of the Stupid Party.

            Maher hates the anti-Stem Cell faggots – look at Rush (King of the Rednecks) Limpdick as an opponent —

            Maher had to take a stance – and the GOP low-level Redneck Party is not his choice.

            1. He hates Christians not religion.

              He also believes in the old days poeple lived to be 100s of years old.

              did i mention he believes that poeple lived hundreds of years?

              He worships the left but not the right most would call such a person a leftist not a libertarian.

            2. Your stupidity is legion, shriek. Every single thing that comes out of your retarded posts is stupider than the last. It’s really quite impressive.

            3. It’s refreshing. Refreshing, I say, to see someone from the left not resort to name-calling and hyperbole to support, with blind allegiance, a buffoon like Bill Maher. Shriek failed the test miserably.

              Oh, and as far as Bill Maher being a “self-professed libertarian,” I believe Michael Bloomberg called himself a Republican for a while too. Doesn’t necessarily make it so.

              1. So what? Reagan called himself a Democrat.

                It only matters one election at a time and if the Stupid Party wants to nominate a fucking theocrat like the Huckster or the Wasilla Bimbo then so be it.

                They both hate the Bill of Rights.

                1. But you’re the Stupid Party, shriek. So who will you nominate?

                2. Bill Maher must be a libertarian because he is a huge Hillary Clinton supporter and no one supports liberty like Hillary Let’s-Create-A-Compulsory-Universal-Government-Run-Pre-School-Program Clinton.

            4. Shrike, you are amaze



        4. Bill Maher is a Libertarian because he likes to get high. That’s the requirements, right?

        5. Maher’s a “self professed Libertarian” who agrees with every policy advanced by liberal Democrats. Sure is a big tent we got here in Libertopia.

          Maher is sort of like Jon Stewart with a deeper smirk, weaker writers, and more muppetoid features.

        6. It was roughly ten years ago when Maher said he was libertarian. Perhaps you missed the more recent episode where Breitbart asked Maher point blank if he was still a libertarian, and Maher said no.


          1. I was hoping nobody was paying attention to this:…..-socialist

        7. But the Wahhabi Christ-fag dick-suckers like the two Senators from South Carolina do! And they hate your freedom!

          Are you seriously saying that LINDSEY FUCKING GRAHAM is some sort of libertarian, and is approved by libertarians?

          DeMint, maybe. But Graham? Shrike, Graham is so not a libertarian, he’s like libertarian antimatter. Plus, he’s retarded.

          Do you realize what you are saying? That libertarians LIKE fundamentalist Christian Republicans? People who believe the world is several thousands of years old and all of that? Dude.

        8. Bill Maher is a self professed Libertarian.

          Yeah, and Obama is a self-professed centrist.

          And the Taliban self-profess to be spreading the will of God.

          So Maher claims to be libertarian. I suppose that’s based on his view of what libertarianism is. From what I’ve heard the guy say, he’s a progressive.



  12. Good luck dude. Don’t think I’d be able to handle all the tard commentors over at huff-po though.

    1. This, right here. ^

    2. More, but dumber, readers.

      1. HuffPo comments occupy that narrow range between YouTube comments and OO on a good day.

        It’s gonna be painful.

    3. If the comments are under Radley’s control, it can be fun to go trash the idiots who will come there. If it’s moderated by some huffpo employee; forget it. We’ll get shut down immediately.

      1. Faster than blinking text, even.

        1. The blinking text is still here. You must be out of phase with it. It’s probably because                             you.

  13. Thank you for all your fine work, Radley. This place will be significantly diminished without you. Does this mean I have to bookmark Huffpo now? It’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make.

  14. Good luck at HuffPo.

  15. Radley,

    I wish you the very best of luck. I’ll be sorry to see you go, but will continue to follow your adventures. I say “adventures” because all true adventures involve risk to one’s reputation, freedom, and even life sometimes. I admire your dedication to telling the dark truths underlying our society’s sad fixation on the drug war, and its frightening consequences.

    Your work has enlightened many folks who would not otherwise have seen these injustices. I hope the trend will continue, especially as you begin telling the stories to what may prove to be a less receptive audience. To earn and keep their trust, you will have to remain dedicated to the objective truth. Once you earn their trust, you may get them to question some of their own positions, as you managed to do with a good number of readers here.

    Thanks for all you have done; and keep it up!

    1. What an earnest comment. Makes me feel the same way I did when Charlie returned that stolen gobstopper to Willie Wonka: like something honest and good is alive in the world.

      Yes, good luck to Mr. Balko. I’ll keep reading him wherever he chooses to punch nuts.

  16. BALKO…punch?

  17. No chance this is just another missed deadline, this one by a month and a day?

  18. Although it will make my mornings a bit easier not having to put on a jockstrap and cup prior to reading my morning dose of Balko ball-kick, you will be sorely missed even if my reproductive systems will be less sore in your absense.

  19. Balko leaves Reason and that void will undoubtedly be filled by another libertarian. Therefore, this is a net gain.
    Good luck,Radley.

  20. Balko SMASH NUTS!

  21. Another ratfucker purged.

    1. My plan is more insidious, I will corrupt the young and naive minds at the Huffington Post, they too will be turned to the dark side.

  22. godspeed, sir

  23. Good Luck!

    You work has done more for Liberty than most. Thanks for your contributions thus far and I look forward to seeing them continued in a different venue.

  24. Good luck!

    Try to eliminate that unholy censorship of comments that HuffPo does, if you can….

  25. Thanks Radley. Give ’em hell over at HuffPo.

  26. Well as much as I want him to stay, it is a good thing that he is going to HuffPo. Now he can spread his message over there and maybe bring some of those people around.

    1. Has a single mind ever been changed in the chatosphere?

      1. You are such a whiny little bitch. Aren’t there websites especially for passive aggressive nagging pussies like you? Go and nag there.

      2. Yes, douche.

        1. BTW, I was calling that anonymous coward a douche, not Epi.

          1. Works for Epi too.

  27. Take your shitbag Obamatarian commenters with you Balko.

  28. I’m sorry to see you going! You were awesome here at Reason. Now I have the Sophie’s Choice situation of deciding to wade through the dreck of the HuffPo in order to read the awesomeness of Balko.

  29. Christ, HuffPo is a fucking cesspool.

    Will the squirrels here link to your HP pieces? Cause I don’t want to visit that site if I don’t have to looking for your new articles.

    Good luck.

  30. Congrats Radly! I think you might be pleasently surprised by the support/agreement you’ll get from HuffPo readers. I think a lot of liberals are pretty disgusted by the overreach of our justice system and abuse of police power. Hopefully your stories will bring injustice more into the mainstream conversation (no offense Reason).

    1. I think a lot of liberals are pretty disgusted by the overreach of our justice system and abuse of police power.

      lol That’s a real kneeslapper!

    2. Glad I read the comments before posting. This is my great hope, too.

  31. Eeew. Huffington Post? Really?

    1. No kidding. Take a bar of soap with you Radley.

    2. Beware if the lady herself invites you out to “discuss your future” over drinks.

  32. Fuck. I know this is for the better, but can’t I just be a selfish monocle-wearing libertoid and keep you around to nod heads with?

  33. Cheers and Godspeed, Radley. You’re responsible for my newfound awareness of the militarization of our police departments. I hope you can do the same for others over at HuffPo.

  34. Not the Monday nut punch I was expecting.

  35. Balko, does this mean you will be working gratis now? HuffPo doesn’t pay its writers, correct?

    1. They had to let him go because you guys didn’t donate enough last time. How does that make you feel?

      1. Just because you sent in a dead bird and some pieces of string doesn’t make you better than us.

        1. says the one that didn’t include the string. . .

          1. I didn’t think it was necessary!

      2. Complacent.

  36. I hope Hit & Run readers will follow me to Huffington Post.

    I’ll miss your stories on the inequities of the justice system, but this isn’t going to happen in my case.

    So do any Reason employees ever move on to outlets that aren’t further to the left?

    1. If we fire KM-W look for her at Lew Rockwell.

      1. sadly this may just improve Lew Rockwell.

      2. And in so doing, would raise the average IQ of both sites.

    2. So do any Reason employees ever move on to outlets that aren’t further to the left?

      There was a contributing editor that went to go work for Glenn Beck.

      1. Slightly Left is still “left”.

    3. If they were moving to more libertarian outlets Reason is definitely doing something wrong.

  37. Reason‘s loss is my sack’s gain, I suppose. You’ll elevate HuffPo, Balko, and hopefully draw that much more attention to your cause.

  38. Thanks for the education Balko.

    I am sad to see you go yet happy that you will bring your work to a different audience who desperately need to hear what you have to say.

  39. Wait, if I go comment on Balko’s articles at HuffandPuff does that make me some sort of a troll? What kind of troll would I be? This is all very confusing.

    Good luck and much success Balko.

  40. Balko- I love reading all of your stuff, and I will most definitely be following you. Reason is losing a great asset. Great luck in the future to you!

  41. Well, here’s a new reader of the HuffPo.

  42. All the best, Radley. There is no way for you to go but up.

  43. You’ll get 1000 times the audience, and it’s half censored.

    1. Really? Huffignton Post has 1000 times the readership of Reason? I wonder why.

      1. fap fap fap fap

      2. 10,000 times the money?

      3. A bigger audience means they are better, just like Fox News Channel.

      4. According to Alexa, HuffPost only has 50 times the reach that Reason does.

    2. You’ll get 1000 times the audience.

      Their Osama is dead article got 5000 posts and Reason hit and run got 500.

      999 out of 1000 mathematicians would say that is 10 times the audience.

      1. p-adic metric, bitches!

        1. Bla bla bla it is a better metric then Max pulling it straight out of his ass.

      2. “”Their Osama is dead article got 5000 posts and Reason hit and run got 500.

        999 out of 1000 mathematicians would say that is 10 times the audience

        Actually, they would say 10 times the posts since posts, not the audience members, were counted.

  44. Thank you fine sir. Reason’s ability to find and give folks like yourself a place to publish is why I’ll remain a donor until (and immediately after) I die.

    I’ve happily followed you since you joined Reason and will continue to follow you, regardless of where life takes you.

    [Been here since V. Postrel was ed. and I can remember when nothing but the cover was in color! Didn’t she start this place? From black & white to bits & bytes… but I digress..]

    HuffPo will be a better place w/you there! [a statement that I think would apply to just about any site you joined…]

    Good luck!

    Can’t wait to see your final Reason project in print!

  45. I look forward to Reason objecting to your future recollection of the reason for your leaving.

    It would be better, Welch said, if you worked somewhere else.

    1. and for putting up with my frequent failure to hit a deadline

      He hated Morning Links duties to.

  46. Good for you Mr Balko.

    I’ve been avoiding HuffPo, but it seems their funding levels have hit critical mass, and it’s finally attracting real talent.

    Thanks for the good work, Mr Balko. Don’t play nice over there!

  47. Good luck at HuffPo, Radley. Preaching to the unconverted is no doubt more difficult than writing for us here, but ultimately it’s very important.

  48. I hope you get some cross-linkage because sifting through HuffPo is beyond the call of duty.

    Good luck to ya!

  49. Best of luck doing God’s work in some of the toughest neighborhoods in America, Balko. You’re the real deal & I will hold my nose and click over to HuffPo for you.

    (Also, won’t somebody think of the Morning Links?!?!?)

  50. So long and thanks for all the fish. Enjoyed reading your posts. Good luck on HuffPo.

  51. This is a good thing. Balko needs to keep reaching a larger and larger audience with his work. At some point, hopefully it will have an impact.

  52. Looking forward to continue following your excellent work. Your coverage of the injustice system is one of the things that made me a huge fan of reason magazine.

  53. Very disappointed, ‘cos I’m not much for the HuffPo … hope you continue your excellent work. All the best.

  54. Thank you for all the great work! Please keep at it in your new setting.

  55. Dickless Cheney defending torture on ABC News at 7:45pm est.

    1. You mean the torture that Obama hasn’t stopped, shriek, you partisan dipshit redneck meth-addled loser?

    2. It’s kind of arrogant to go out there and defend torture when the public at large doesn’t even know what was going in the last few years with regards to the hunt for obl.

  56. Best of luck Radley. I hope they are doubling your pay over there. You deserve that and a lot more. Back in 2007 I was mildly pro-marijuana but like a regular absorbent of The Borg, I had no idea of the horrors of police statism in the US. Now I challenge every one of my friends and acquaintances when the conversation turns to drugs about their received anti-drug opinions. Most have no clue either.

    And like the others I dread registering for Huff Po comments! Please save us!

  57. I know that this leaves Nick and Tim, but they are just eye candy.

  58. Good luck, whatever you do over there, DO NOT read the comments to your articles. A fate worse than death awaits all those that read the Lovecraftian insanity that is scribbled over there.

  59. I’d rather be caught reading NAMBLA’s website instead of HuffPo.

    1. +8

      1. National Association of Marlon Brando Look Alikes does have some insightful commentary!

  60. Congratulations. I will most definitely find my way over to HuffPo for additional nut punches. I hope you will indicate when you are being censored, and I also hope that Reason readers will go over there to comment as well. I was once one of them until I started listening to reason.

    1. I think a reason pun should be worth 4 drinks.

      1. Why thank you. A quadruple pasty caucasian will do.

  61. This is gonna suck. Can you say fuck, and all the derivatives thereof, at that web site?

    1. You can, we just have different words for them, here are some of translations.

      Fuck = Bush
      Cunts = Republicans
      Capitalism = Necrophilia
      Global Warming Denial = Live Baby Sacrifice
      Satan = Libertarian

      1. Man, I wonder how many posts is going to take before I get banned? 2, 3, 4 tops. I’m pretty sure they already pre-banned Sugar.

        1. He’ll just post under his Jezebel persona.

  62. Best of luck, and keep up the good work!

  63. It’s been an absolute pleasure reading you. All the best in your future endeavors. You’re one of the good ones.

  64. Never thought about it like that before dude. Wow.

    1. Same goes for me.

      Good luck, Radley!

  65. Well… bye.


    /seriously, good luck at the PuffHo. Make sure you take lots of holy water and oak stakes with you.

  66. The last kick to the nuts is always the hardest. Good luck at HuffPo.

  67. Blessings be upon you, Radley. Keep up the good work.

  68. Nooooooooooooooo!


  70. Been a fan of yours since before Reason — Agitator fan from the start — so I will add Huffnstuff to my blogroll….

  71. So long

    That’s what she said.

  72. Thanks, Radley; keep up the good work.

    Those guys at HuffPo need to have their eyes opened (and their nuts, if they have any, punched good and hard).

    I hope you can help nudge them toward a healthy distrust of those in charge; even when it’s the Right People.

    Good luck.

    1. No its people like you who who have an unhealthy disrespect for authority who need to be nudged.

      1. No its people like you who who have an unhealthy disrespect for authority who need to be nudged.

        Holy Shit, Tony!! The servile nature of your post is nauseating.

  73. In an unrelated matter, H&R readers’ average blood pressure is expected to decline about ten points over the next month.

  74. I wish you the best. I will miss you here. Will you still run the agitator?

  75. Good luck Radley – It doesn’t matter where you go, just keep it up – you’re changing minds – I know from personal experience.

  76. You are the best, Mr. Balko.

  77. Good Luck!

  78. Radley I’m going to miss your work here. Good luck at HuffPo.

    Thought I’d stand out by putting it in bold. All caps was another option, but just seemed to tacky.

    1. OH, GO AHEAD!

  79. Best of luck, Radley.

  80. May 17th will mark the first day I ever read anything to do with that Huff-thing.

    Best of luck, Radley. Keep of the fight!

    1. er- “up”

  81. Godspeed, Radley. Have enjoyed reading your work ever since we were colleagues on the same college newspaper, and it was nice to be able to read at least one column (well, with Reid Cox, two columns) that weren’t spewing with leftist bilge.

    Bring some sanity and truth to HuffPo. Keep up the good work.

  82. They grow up so fast.

  83. I am not a regular Hit an Run commentator, but I have read everything you have done for years. Thank you for shining the light in some dark places. Never did I think that HuffPo would be bookmarked on my pc, but now it certainly will be. Keep fighting the good fight.

  84. Damn. Balko was one of the reasons that I started reading regularly.

    Well, carry on, my wayward son.

  85. YAWN. Reason contributor goes to HuffPo. The musical chairs game of self-important American-pundits-whom-nobody-pays-attention-to is as tiresome as the musical chairs game of Hollywood celebrities shagging one another. Groan. Keep telling yourself that the world cares what you do, Balko. Whatever gets you out of bed in the morning.

    1. Keep telling yourself that the world cares what you do, Balko.

      At least he knows that you care, unless your comment was a mistake.

  86. Adding to the list. Your reporting in reason has changed my view on the criminal justice system. Just keep doing what you’re doing.

  87. You’ll of course reach a wider audience and hopefully carpetbomb them with shit they can’t deny is true. America is in need of non-partisan journalists such as yourself.

    Hopefully this isn’t a salary cap issue at Reason and worse yet a trade. Who is the HuffPo sending to Reason, in that case?

    As for me, I’ll follow you at the Agitator.

    Keep up the fine work. (ps the Reason cruise didn’t count as vacation?)

  88. If you’re gonna make anything less than double, you’ll probably regret it. It sucks to work with people you fundamentally disagree with.

    1. it’s a blog, not an office building.

      1. Dammit, Jim! I’m a doctor, not a diesel mechanic!

  89. That’s too bad – he’s probably my favorite columnist here.

  90. Good luck at HuffingPaint. Your presence will automatically elevate the place from shithole to cesspool.

  91. Hi Lisa,

    Congratulations!! Wanted to wish you well.. I also just recently made a switch from Agudath Israel to Breakthrough Charter School Network in Cleveland. Hope our paths cross again soon.

  92. Thanks for all the work you’ve done and good luck with the new gig!

    … Hobbit

  93. Good luck at Huffpo. I’ve found your articles to be overwhelmingly fair and reasonable. One would hope all critics could be as good.

  94. Good luck, Radley. I look forward to reading your work at HuffPo.

  95. Thanks for all the good work Radley. I enjoyed your columns even if my nuts have re-ascended for safety’s sake.

  96. Take your shitbag Obamatarian commenters with you Balko.

  97. I never thought I’d live to see the day you went to a hard-lefty site.

  98. Good riddance, Balko.

  99. Damn, well I guess I can troll Huffpo. It could be fun to fuck with a bunch of over emotional children who think hysterically screaming “racist” constitutes as a sound argument. Good luck Balko. Do blue team statists even have balls to punch?

    1. Nobody will notice your comments amongst the thousands, but whatever makes you feel important…

  100. What guy in the back row said: “Best of luck, and keep up the good work!”

    You will be “missed”, Radley, even as the cops keep on blasting away.

  101. Radley – I still want you to publish a book entitled Yet Another Isolated Incident. It is long overdue.

    1. Ditto

      1. Thirded. And good luck to you at the Huff.

  102. I first read Balko on Fox News, which led me to The Agitator. I was a reason subscriber prior to that.

    From Fox News to the Huffington Post.

  103. shrike|5.2.11 @ 7:14PM|#
    “Bill Maher is a self professed Libertarian – you idiot.”

    And I believe you’re a self-professed sentient being.
    So much for self-identification.

    1. So’s Glenn Beck. Guess EVERYONE’S a libertarian if they say so, eh?

  104. Radley, thanks again for what you do. I’ve thoroughly hated the weekly nut punches, but they’re necessary to keep the scales off the eyes of the unsuspecting. Vaya con Dios my friend – we’ll see you at HuffPo **shhhhhhUDDer**

  105. Radley- I’ll miss you around here. Your excellent writing has done a lot to help me (and people of various other political persuasions in my email list) see our drug war and incarceration state for what they are. I always thought the war on drugs was a bad idea, but you made the consequences of that bad idea real to me. Thanks for your work.

  106. Good luck in Huntington Beach, Randy Baltar.

  107. This is a sad day for us. For people who care about individual liberty, Radley provided something that should not be so rare as it is: stories dealing with the effects of statism on actual, flesh-and-blood individuals.

    Austrian economics and Randian philosophy and public choice theory and things like that can only take you so far. At some point you have to come to grips with what the Leviathan does to real people. Balko dealt with that, and with those terrible occasions when the monster – departing from the protection of its usual disguise – spreads its “benefits” and concentrates its murderous “costs”, in the form of ruined lives and state-sanctioned violence.

    Good luck, and goodbye. I can’t see myself reading a censored blog, so I’ll miss you more than most.

  108. I’m sad for our loss and HuffPo is getting better than they deserve. Ah, the final nutpunch…so gentle yet painful still.

  109. Most disappointing nut-punch ever.

    You will be missed, my fellow Hancock County libertarian.

  110. Whoever was “Confused elderly man,” that was tears and laughter. So good, I didn’t even want to reply and mess up the timing. Short of breath.

  111. Radley, you’re an American hero, and you will be missed here. I’ll (gulp) be reading your work over at HuffPo. Best of luck.

  112. Balko is way too good for the Post – but congratulations and good luck.

    Although it’s kind of funny to act like we’re saying goodbye’s here when all of us are just going to read your column over there instead anyway.

  113. Well done Radley. You won’t be loosing this fan. Best of luck to you.

  114. Best of luck at HuffPo. Looking forward to the July issue.

  115. Thank you for all you have done, Radley. Like many of the posters have already said, I was pro-legalization, if pressed, but had no idea just how pervasive and perverse the militarization of law enforcement had become. Before your work (and Cato’s) I was actually in favor of no-knock warrants and the like. You changed my mind, and I hope the broader exposure you’ll receive at HuffPo will change a lot of other minds too.

    You’re a true journalist, sir, in every sense of the word, and I’m glad to have had the opportunity to have read you.

    Best wishes,

  116. Sorry you’re leaving Radley.

    Like Matt & Tim, I’m sure you’ll be back.

  117. It is with great respect and appreciation for your fine and courageous reporting that we wish you the best.

    Best Regards

  118. Hate to see ya go. Good luck.

  119. Good luck, Balko.

    Schadenfreude makes me cackle with glee over those bleeding-heart, concerntroll, kind-and-gentle PuffHo readers being exposed for the authroitarian bootlickers they really are. After all, they think that the only people that should be trusted with firearms are the popo and military.

  120. I love what you do, Radley (even though I also hate it; you know what I mean). Best wishes for your change of venue.

  121. This is my last day as a Reason employee.


    In all seriousness, you deserve a round of applause for your contribution to Reason over the last few years. You have been a valuable asset to the publication and your work deserves all the accolades it has recieved, and more. I hope the move provides you with a bigger platform to continue to do great things.

    I hope Hit & Run readers will follow me to Huffington Post,

    ugh…. well, they better be paying good.

    I’m going to need to find that stuff forensic pathologists rub under their nose when working on corpses. HuffPo tends to give me an existential disgust/motion sickness kind of feeling. Perhaps that will change with time.

  122. Radley, kudos for all of the great work. Please continue. You are the best.

    May kismet kiss you kindly.

  123. I don’t know what heinous act you committed to get sent as low as the Huffington Post, but I hope you think it was worth it.

    With any luck there’ll be an opening a a nearby McDonald’s or WalMart and you can escape the shame of being part of Arianna’s stable.

  124. Good luck, and thanks for everything!

  125. Missed this last week. Argh! You’re one of favorites, Balko. Guess I’ll be visiting HuffPo a lot more often.

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