So Long


This is my last day as a Reason employee.

I'd like to thank Matt Welch, Nick Gillespie, David Nott, and the Reason Foundation for giving me such a great platform for the last several years, and for letting me occasionally chase and follow-up on the sorts of stories that magazines with a national focus don't often cover. Thanks also to Jacob Sullum for editing my column every week, making it immeasurably better than it would otherwise be, and for putting up with my frequent failure to hit a deadline.

It's been great working with all of my colleagues at the magazine, at, and at the Reason Foundation. Though I'm looking forward to the challenge of working somewhere where my readers and colleagues probably won't agree with me nearly as often, it has also been a pleasure to work the last several years with people who believe in the cause of liberty, who advocate passionately for the ideas behind that cause, but who also take great care to argue in good faith and with intellectual honesty.

I'm particularly excited about my final project here, a themed issue Jacob Sullum and I put together and co-edited. The July issue of Reason will take an in-depth look at the criminal justice system and the ramifications of America's massive prison population. Look for it in your mailbox or on newsstands at the beginning of next month.

I hope Hit & Run readers will follow me to Huffington Post, where I'll to continue to serve up the metaphorical kicks to the groin you've come to expect here. I'll be taking a vacation, then starting work there on May 17.