Reason Writers on Russia Today: Matt Welch Talks Osama Bin Laden and New Media on The Alyona Show


On Monday, May 2, Reason Editor in Chief Matt Welch participated in an Alyona Show "Happy Hour" discussion of cable news networks' lousy coverage of the Osama Bin Laden announcement, John King's slurring problems, and what to think about the kids partying in front of the White House yesterday. Watch the (unsipped) cocktail banter below:

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  1. Welch can’t mope on that kind of pussy – unless he buys her a full Betsy Johnson wardrobe….

    Yeah – the whore fucked me too – no skizz here,,,,

  2. those are the cleanest i’ve ever seen. no olive juice?

  3. Totally off topic, but in Canada we are looking at a Conservative majority government, with the NDP as official opposition. Total fiasco for both the Liberal party and the seperatist Bloc Quebecois.

    1. Congratulations on your Prince’s wedding.
      Best wishes for the future Queen.

  4. Nothing on the Canadian election yet? Total decimation of the Liberals and BQ.

    1. So do the Canuck Conservatives lower taxes? I guess you get to keep more maple syrup and beaver pelts.

      1. And we all live in igloos and have pet polar bears

  5. The schadenfreude of watching the kiddies on reddit rending their clothes and rubbing gravel through their hair over the Conservative majority is almost too much to bear.

    1. How was the sealing season this year?

  6. “The Alyona Show?” Is that cable access?

    I guess Reason staffers were in search for a program with fewer viewers than the twelve who watch Red Eye.

    1. Hey, it isn’t as though the general public doesn’t already think we’re all complete fucking assholes anyway……..8107.story

      Infowars, the website of Libertarian radio host Alex Jones, was crammed with stories charging that the U.S. government had concocted the killing to justify a security crackdown. The Tea Party Nation website brimmed with indignant posts questioning the timing of Obama’s announcement.

      Maybe some reason staffer will chime in explaining how none of this really matters because floating pop culture baseball islands long tail cosmotarian something something.

      1. …not to mention the obligatory differentiation between capital “L” and lower case “l”.

  7. Matt, how could you not seize the opportunity to posit how perfect it was to see hordes of drunken debauchery celebrating the demise of a teetotaling fanatical religious zealot? Seemed like a prime opportunity to mention how it must’ve burned the dead bastard even more to see all the booze consumed to commemorate his death.

  8. They didn’t even drink the booze, what a worthless prop segment. I want to see drunk men and women arguing with each other.

  9. The rodent thing–I think it’s the hair.

    1. It’s really the eyes.

      1. The hair looks good. The whole thing was good; I think the flow is definitely better standing up than sitting down. I wonder where they got the idea from.

  10. I dunno, i have a buddy in dc and he seemed more like he was in the middle of finals and had a reason to get fucked up more than being that happy about osama bin laden.

    a good chance to yell america, fuck yeah and get wasted outside the whitehouse is hard to turn down. probably hasn’t happened since Jackson’s inauguration

  11. pour connaitre l’?tat des spots et les pr?visions et accessoirement transmettre converse pro star quelques courriels avec photos aux copains et copines rest? au pays.

  12. pas d’anglais demand? ( tien la musique SFR est en Fran?ais ??? ), le nom de la cl? doit ?tre pr?cis, mentionnez dans la description que les ?l?ments sont libres de droits, etc. đŸ˜‰

  13. Yo did you tap that bro?

  14. The funny part is that was what Matt was planning to wear *no matter what* the context was.

    would have been slicker without the clown tie. And seriously, tell me that’s not a leftover rental tuxedo jacket you forgot to return…these’s shine on those lapels that makes me wonder.

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