Congratulations, 2011 WPA Maggie Winner Greg Beato: Best Regular Column


Come for the high modern design, stay for the 40% increase in methyl methacrylate (MMA) prices over just the past year.

He knocked Sactown back to Palookaville. He sent Mountain magazine crumbling into the sea. He beat Fit Pregnancy so hard it delivered early. 

In a twilight struggle against these and other competitors, Reason's Greg Beato brought home the LuciteĀ® at the Western Publishing Association's 2011 Maggie awards, winning in the category "Best Regularly Featured Department, Section or Column/Consumer." 

In this year's print columns, Beato has investigated the Department of Agriculture's SNAP plan to put as many Americans as possible on food stamps; multibillion-dollar federal education payouts for cyberlaundries, tanning booths and 53-student Jacuzzis at America's colleges; and the Postal Service's transformation into a nostalgia item.

At the Maggies banquet, the WPA selected Beato's May 2010 survey of one-time vice-presidential candidate John Edwards' fledgling porn career for display on the Jumbotron.

Beato's complete print and online catalogue is here. 

Reason was nominated in seven categories this year, including a Best Cover nod for the November 2010 3-D issue (which lost to a scratch-n-sniff cover).