Nick Gillespie Talking Ron Paul, Gary Johnson on Judge Napolitano's Freedom Watch


Reason's Nick Gillespie was of Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano last night, talking about the presidential bids of former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson and Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas).

About 4.30 minutes. Subscribe to's YouTube channel to get automatic notification when new material goes live and go to for downloadable MP3, MP4, and HD versions of all our videos.

NEXT: "If you focus on the deficit, then tax increases are on the table."

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  1. I refuse to watch any video of him without the Jacket.

    Bring back the mustache, too.

    1. +1. This was my one and only thought about the screenshot.

  2. What happened to the Las Vegas PD beating video story? It was here, now it is gone… Did we get spoofed?

    1. Here’s the link, which as of this moment returns:

      The webpage cannot be found.

      What you can try:

      Retype the address
      Go back to the previous page
      Search using the form below

  3. Seems like the embedding was disabled by Youtube… but you can still watch it on Youtube.

    1. I wanted a chance to post an ineffectual rant to an obscure website to register my outrage. It’s my civic duty to fight the powers of oppression via completely impotent means. I also stamp my foot and give stern looks at the computer screen….

      1. You’re just beginning to grasp the power and majesty of Libertarianism.

  4. “As someone who has written and commented widely and generally sympathetically about Ron Paul, I’ve got to say that The New Republic article detailing tons of racist and homophobic comments from Paul newsletters is really stunning. As former reason intern Dan Koffler documents here, there is no shortage of truly odious material that is simply jaw-dropping.

    I don’t think that Ron Paul wrote this stuff but that really doesn’t matter–the newsletters carried his name after all–and his non-response to Dave Weigel below is unsatisfying on about a thousand different levels. It is hugely disappointing that he produced a cache of such garbage.”–Nick Gillespie

    1. On his worst day, Ron Paul is a better man than you will ever be on the best day of your entire life, you worthless piece of shit you.

      1. Is that remark directed to Nick Gillespie?

    2. Re: Max,

      I don’t think that Ron Paul wrote this stuff but that really doesn’t matter

      Yes, an anonymous writer who made a supposedly racist comment on an old newsletter that Ron Paul was not editing himself is somehow worse than actual racist things being SAID in public:…..03544.html

      “The hypocrisy runs deep on this one.”

    3. Max, I known of a guy who writes comments on a post that is filled with homophobic, racist, sexist remarks-would you condemn him too?

      1. Re: Rather,
        I would rather not bother with Max, rather. He’s the pet yorkie; he barks at everything.

  5. So, these are the sort of people the Supreme Being allows to run for President. Look at them. I wouldn’t trust them to wipe their own noses. What sort of Supreme Being creates such riffraff; is it not the workings of a complete incompetent?

    1. Were things not so, would you possess the ability of raising the question? Intelligence, whether created externally or occurring by a natural process, implies the possibility of deficient decision making, including the decision to exercise that intelligence lazily, or not at all.

      1. It’s a paraphrased quote from Time Bandits.

        1. Thanks — no way would I have known that.

          1. I pity you 😉

  6. “What Republicans do you think have a shot at the President in 2012?”

    See? SEE?! They just can’t set aside the incendiary rhetoric!

    1. Good eye, and concisely said. Teh HORRORSZ!Q!!11!

  7. I think it’s good that we hold our politicians to a high standard.

    1. We should hold fucking libertoid blabber mouths to a higher standard. Nothing personal, Nick.

      1. “Arf! Arf!”

        Shooosh! Shut up, Max! Go out and do your banalities outside, not on the carpet!

  8. I’m sorry, but I just can’t get my mind off Asia Argento.

    What were you all saying about some TV show?

  9. So, Nick, what made you change your mind about Ron Paul? If the shit doesn’t stick, he’s your man?

  10. Am I the only one annoyed that Bachmann’s name was mentioned as a ‘libertarian-leaning’ candidate?

    1. You right-wing assholes crave intellectual respectability, don’t you?

  11. Embedding disabled… uh, so why embed it?

  12. I wish Paul would do what I’m calling the “Iowa Gambit”.

    He should do a little bit of token campaigning there, but for the most part should make a big show of not expecting to win there. And talk it up in advance about he wouldn’t expect to win in a state that is “addicted to welfare in the form of farm subsidies”, and really yak it up in a way to draw attention to himself, almost in a Trump like manner, except you know, it’d be about stuff that is actually relevant to the defecit.

  13. So even though Nick Gillespie was “disappointed” in Ron Paul when news of the racist, homophobic newsletters first came out, nobody thinks it odd that he’s a big supporter the racist old fuck now? What gives, Nick? Explain yourself.

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