Kim Kardashian, Others, Protest Obama's Broken Promises


Guess she's trying to walk back the cat?

It probably won't get much press coverage, but today President Barack Obama will be met at the Sony Pictures lot in Culver City with a protest (featuring Kim Kardashian!) that specifically–and accurately–accuses him of breaking an explicit campaign promise: to officially recognize as president the Turkish genocide of Armenians nearly a century ago. How explicit was candidate Obama's promise in 2008? This explicit:

I shared with Secretary [Condoleeza] Rice my firmly held conviction that the Armenian Genocide is not an allegation, a personal opinion, or a point of view, but rather a widely documented fact supported by an overwhelming body of historical evidence. The facts are undeniable. An official policy that calls on diplomats to distort the historical facts is an untenable policy. As a senator, I strongly support passage of the Armenian Genocide Resolution (H.Res.106 and S.Res.106), and as President I will recognize the Armenian Genocide.

Obama was so strongly in favor of calling "a spade a spade" that he dispatched the woman who would become his most important foreign policy adviser (and Libya War architect), Samantha Power, to give this special campaign shout-out to our Armenian American friends:

What's interesting to me here is not the predictable realpolitik switcheroo, or the now-familiar sight of Obama's rectitude preceding a total about-face, or even the genocide-recognition question itself (I know from experience that Reason readers do not share my weird interest in the topic). But rather it's this: The more that the Samantha Powerses of the world use military force to halt even pre-genocide, the less able they are to speak the noble truth-telling language of anti-genocide. Put more simply, if your anti-genocide crusade requires a drop of logistical or diplomatic support from Johnny Turkey (or anyone else in any kind of denial business), you can kiss your haughty truth-telling principles good-bye.

This has been true since at least the Paris Peace Conference: Wilsonianism, when it comes into (violent) contact with the real world, means never having to say you're sorry about selling out your friends in low places. Even when acting in the name of anti-"appeasement."

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  1. Nice, um… dress!

    1. I keep seeing comments on Kardashian hotness but keep confabulating such with the video still of Samantha Powers(less) and it shocks my brain every time.

  2. He would have recognized the genocide if the Tea Party hadn’t been obstructing him the past two years.

    1. no, Bush did it! B.D.I.

    2. No surprise here. Armenia is predominately an Orthodox Christian country. Democrats always side with Muslims in conflicts with Orthodox Christians and Copts. Sometimes they even act in a kinetic military way. Obama was probably confused since Armenia is nestled among several Muslim countries. Kardashian better keep it to herself lest she give Obama ideas.

      1. I’m sorry, Cato, are you lost? This isn’t

  3. With all due respect to the Armenians who died (seriously, System of a Down, please don’t hurt me!)… THIS is what celebrities are finally going to take a stand on? He’s breaking all sorts of promises that are actually hurting people TODAY (extraordinary rendition, raiding marijuana dispensaries, government transparency, the FUCKING WAR IN LIBYA!) and THIS is what finally motivates celebrities to get off their goldbricking asses?

    Well, I suppose it’s a start…

    1. Um… she’s Armenian. I can’t really blame her for wanting to focus on that personally.

      1. So what if she’s Armenian? Should we dig up every atrocity done to our ancestors, as if it were done to us personally?

        1. This was a 20th century event, you imbecile! The Denial is an ongoing event, that is part of what Genocide is. These are our Armenian grandparents this happened to, this wasn’t 5000 years ago! In Turkey they still murder Armenians and it is illegal to speak about genocide in public. If you mention it you get thrown in prison for “insulting Turkishness”. Ever seen Midnight Express? If they had been brought to JUSTICE the Holocaust never would have happened!! Now we have a Genocidal beast running around thinking it can do whatever it wants to whomever it wants and get away with it because the great West allows it. There is a Genocide in Darfur that shouldn’t be happening. It happened to me personally, it is part of my psyche. Every time I visit a demonstration or vigil and a Turkish person screams in my face, it happens to me personally. Every time an Armenian is shot or butchered, it happens to me personally. There is nothing more personal than someone trying to kill your people and erase who you are by constantly trying to cover up history!

  4. Obama has no idea how to handle a Kardashian. Now Bill Clinton would know how to handle a Kardashian.

    1. +10 cigars

    2. Ray J tried to handle a Kardashian.

      He failed.

    3. Yeah, get her to gain 40 pounds and then facefuck her under the desk.

  5. Good for Kardashian. Maybe if we’d have had a few more journalists being critical of Obama and his obvious lies from the start our country would not be in such a ditch. Many Raisin magazine writes looked the other way in 2008 becuase they thought Obama was going to legalize the reefer. Amazing how cheap some will sell.

    1. For a magazine called raisin…

      1. Drink (prune juice)!

        1. Now that is a warrior’s drink.

          1. Earl Grey, hot, certainly isn’t.

            At least Kirk drank illegal Romulan Ale.

            1. I feel so at home among such dorks.

              1. Kirk would have stayed with the Borg and made himself King.

                1. what? no blood wine?

                2. There were several episodes where Kirk–alone of the crew–had the dedication to duty and the willpower to shrug off alien domination. There is no doubt that he’d have reversed any attempt to assimilate him and have assimilated the Borg, instead. Millions and millions of Kirks, roaming the galaxy.

                  1. “your……**defensive* ….CA-pa-BIL-ities have been analyzed and FOUND to BE…..un-ABLE to withSTAND us. you….WILL BE……as-SIM-ilated!”

            2. True, it isn’t but by strange co-incidence I’m about to have some anyway.

              Then off to the store for a decent pilsner or a kolsch (if I’m super lucky).

              1. Bergamot makes me want to vomit.

                1. Isn’t generally produced in your ancestral home?

                  Perhaps Lady Grey Tea would be more your speed. 😉

                  1. Bergamot is produced in New Jersey?

                    1. Southern Italy and Sicilly.

                    2. I am not Siciliane. You better watch your step, buddy.

                    3. Your family isn’t from Lombardi is it? I here there’s a bit of a north-south thing in Italy.

                    4. Calabria. Yes, there is a North-South thing in Italy very similar to in the US. And then there’s the Sicilians. Many don’t even consider them Italian.

                      (I am in no way endorsing stupid tribalism)

                    5. Calabria still has a lot of problems with mafia (isn’t ndrangheta from there?), and historically was poor as shit.

                      Fascinating history though; I really suggest reading up on the old Angevin Empire, the Sicilian Vespers, and the wars between France, the HRE, and later Spain, over what became known as the “Kingdom of the Two Sicilies” (Naples on down, plus the island).

                    6. Calabria has historically been poor (it’s a desert), and I’m sure the Mafia causes plenty of trouble. But that’s why so many Italian immigrants to the US were from the south of Italy: because it was poor and shitty and they wanted out.

                    7. Many don’t even consider them Italian.

                      It is primarily Sicilians, as I understand it, that are most adamant about this point.

                    8. The Siciliane are definitely proponents of that sentiment, but many in the rest of Italy are as well.

                      The North-South thing is retarded there, though. My grandfather, when he would take a vacation to Italy, would always say our family was originally from Tuscany if he was north of Naples and Naples if south, because people will actually suddenly treat you differently if they find you’re from the “bad” part.

                    9. I was reading a book I believe called The Force of Destiny, about Italian history from 1789 – present, and it said basically “Italians” thought that Africa began just south of Rome, and the people below that didn’t really think of themselves as Italian.

                      Regardless, I choose to believe that your people and their culture are solely and accurately represented by Jersey Shore and I will make all my value judgments based upon that source.

                    10. Actually, only one person on Jersey Shore is from Jersey. Most are from Staten Island. Ponder that.

                    11. Did not know that. Never actually seen the show. I do desperately want to visit southern Italy for the rich medieval history (Byzantine, muslim, Norman, French, papal).

                      Also, the “western martial arts” class I take uses the Italian method of sword-fighting as extrapolated from the texts of Fiore dei Liberi.

                    12. I like Sicilian food.

              2. Tried this last week.


                It grabbed me like an Alien face hugger, and raped my mouth like a coked up Lou Reed expecting the twenty dollar swish around.

                I highly recommend it.

                1. That’s nothing. Try Lagunitas’ Hairy Eyeball. Fucking awesome.

                  1. ABV on that mother certainly sounds enticing. Highest I ever had in a beer was a Canadiene brew called La Fin du Monde. Now that was an interesting experience.

            3. Raisin Magazine is good in English, but you need to read it in the original Klingon.

            4. I thought he drank saurian brandy.

  6. Hmmph. We all know the Kardashians perpetrated the genocide of the Bajorans, not the other way around.

    1. 🙂 Damn, didn’t get in the 1st trek reference.

    2. Now that I think of it, isn’t Obama the perfect Ferengi? I don’t just mean the jug ears, but his ability to switch positions on a dime, in an unprincipled, skeevy kind of way. Maybe it’s all politicians. Don’t rub his ears, just in case.

      1. I thought the Ferengi were supposed to be Jews, though. I mean, that’s the impression I got loud and clear from Rick Berman.

        1. Made even more ironic by the fact that the four main Ferengi characters (Quark, Nog, Rom, and Zek) in Star Trek were all played by Jewish actors.

        2. Muslim, Jew, what’s the difference?

      2. Ferengi make money though. Obama loses money. Close…but not quite.

        1. HE makes money. Just because the rest of us don’t. Or…maybe because of it?

          1. Indeed. Though writing books about his Daddy abandoning him was more lucrative at one time, this investment will pay off – literally – on the lecture circuit for decades.

            Alright I’m sold, he’s half-Ferengi. That’s why he’s a socialist, its the earth-mom in him coming out.

            And born in Hawaii? Yeah right. He’s from Ferenginar for sure.

            Always knew he wasn’t born in the Federation.

        1. RACIST!

      3. Can’t be:

        From memory alpha:

        “Ferengi managed to avoid many of the worst aspects of an evolving culture and their social history was notable for the absence of atrocities such as slavery or genocide”

        Ferengis tend to be fairly principled, actually.

        1. A contract is a contract is a contract!

          1. You can’t make a deal if you’re dead.

  7. Don’t worry sir, I share your interest in it, as an aspect of Great War history.

    Incidentally, I got my ass kicked by some angry Turks in the restroom of a nightclub in Germany back when I was in the army, because I made very drunken fun of their loser soccer team having just lost an international match that day. Still have a scar on my lip from it. From that day forward, I swore to do everything in my power to undermine Turkey, and the Turks.

    1. Well, if you were in the Army in Germany, then you know how highly the Germans thought of them. Any self-respecting German would have rather had their daughter go out with a black GI than a Turk.

      1. Yeah, but that doesn’t stop them from eating D?ner Kebaps. Mmm… D?ners…

        1. I am now extremely hungry. We used to go to this place called the Balkan Grill in Hoechst that had terrific, Balkan and Turkish dishes.

          1. Did you ever go to to Bootyfest? I was there back when their currency was worth shit, and we partied like it’s 1999, every other weekend.

            1. I’m an old fuck. I was there when cab drivers were trading dollars for marks even up!

              1. Interesting. I loved hearing the stories about back in the day. I was referring to Budapest; we’d go down there and rock out for cheap all the time. I’d like to go back and see how things have changed.

      2. Oh, I’m aware. There were scandals constantly about polizei beating the shit out of Turks for minor offenses, etc. No police brutality laws are fun!

        1. I mentioned something similar on aonther issue here a few days ago. My buddy’s girlfriend ran over a Turk on his bike. The polizei rushed to the secene to help…HER! They actually told her, don’t feel too bad, he’s a Turk. The guy lived.

          1. Yeah, I like to point out to Euro-worshippers that their progressive idols are, often times, the most racist people I have ever met.

            1. It’s OK. We are, too.

              Go affirmative action!

            2. no, that would be the japanese. followed closely by, remarkably enough, hawaiians.

  8. When you’ve lost Kardashian. . . .

  9. Listen Welch, I don’t care how many times you insinuate it, He is not a Muslim! Geez, how many times does he have to say it?

  10. Let’s take this opportunity to appreciate the elegance of the Turkish alphabet. Name me another alphabet that has no ambiguity in pronunciation, and only one silent letter. Go on, I fucking dare you.

    Also, Sibel Kekilli.

    1. Italian.

    2. Hawaiian.

      1. eh, the w thing. The w is always soft at the front of the words, but not always hard in the middle. And who knows when to put the macron?

    3. Admit it, you just like all the umlauts.

    4. As far as I’m aware, Devanagari has no silent letters.

    5. japanese.

      1. (although to be fair, it is two alphabets, and the overly self-imporant linguists will call it a syllabary)

        1. I’m no overly self-important linguist, and I call them syllabaries. That’s what my textbook called them when I took Japanese.

          And what of the Kanji?

          1. which is even worse with the kun-yomi and on-yomi.

            1. don’t forget the ateji!

              1. That’s a subset of Kanji, isn’t it? There’s also the Romaji, which is, at least, an alphabet.

    6. Spanish.

      And yes, it’s ambiguous when Puerto Ricans speak, but that’s not the language’s fault.

      1. Cabetha? Ibetha? Spanish is much better than English, but not as nice as Turkish in that regard.

    7. German. No silent letters, perfectly unambiguous pronunciation. Total opposite of French.

  11. While I can see how it might be part of a U.S. president’s job to scold other nations for their human rights violations today, if that can be done without harming our tangible national interests, I don’t see that it’s part of his job, much less his obligation, to impair our tangible national interests by scolding other nations for human rights violations they committed nearly 100 years ago.

    1. Using a phrase like “national interest” is like going to a baseball game wearing a rainbow clown wig and holding up a hand-written sign that says “take me seriously.”

      And let me assure you that we all do.

    2. Agreed. Some will point that its not the point of this post, but I think that does a good job of summing up the situation

    3. Neither do I. Which is why he never should have promised such in the first place.

    4. Which is why he’s either:
      A) Too stupid to realize that a hard promise of a trivial gesture against a nominal strategic ally might not be the best idea.
      B) A lying weasel
      C) Both

      My vote’s on C.

      1. i’m surprised he came out for anything…
        always heard his vote consisted of “Present.”

  12. I was going to write a smug comment about hating when celebrities give opinions on big issue topics that they obviously know little about, and then I realized the hypocrisy in the statement since everyone on these boards (myself included) is occasionally guilty of the same

    1. Hey, I’m a celebrity!

      It’s like I promised my ma when I asked her for money for libary school–I’ll be famous someday, ma. I’ll make you proud!

    2. My guess is that Kardashian actually knows about this issue. If anything, she deserves some congratulations, as opposed to the normal blather we get out of Hollywood on foreign affairs.

      1. Yeah not a shot at her, more a shot at crazy pretend activist celebs, like those that think they love Che Guevara.

    3. Few of us can rely on our starpower to make our views (or stupidity, as is the case with many celebrities) widely known or have those views granted respectability based on the same.

    4. “I was going to write a smug comment about hating when celebrities give opinions on big issue topics that they obviously know little about”

      I don’t think that’s really the case here anyway. If nationalists take over Europe and the U.S. starts de-emphasizing the Holocaust to facilitate relations, I don’t think it’s fair to say that angry Jewish celebrities would be talking about a topic they know little about. They might not share the president’s objectives, but you could say the same about people angry about bailouts or backroom deals or any other betrayal of principle or promise.

      1. Agreed, my comment was more about misplaced celebrity activism in general (See: Jenny Mccarthy’s stupid vaccine nonsense, Lady gaga’s god awful disservice to the GLBT commmunity) rather than anything specific to this piece.

        I was trying to get my sweeping generalization on.

  13. The more that the Samantha Powerses of the world use military force to halt even pre-genocide, the less able they are to speak the noble truth-telling language of anti-genocide.

    If the intention is to prevent future warnings or diagnoses of genocide from being taken seriously enough to trigger a U.S. military response, that’d be a crafty way to do it.

    In Powers’s case, there’s some reason to think there’s a specific frequently threatened genocide she’d like to see conclude without our interference. But she also seems too dumb to execute a plan with three steps.

    B) DAT ASS

  14. The Armenians should stop whining and get on with life. Like the Jews. Let bygones be bygones.

    But you libertarians crack me up. On the one hand you say that government can’t do much and shoulodn’t try. The next minute you’re crying because the President broke his promises. Waaaa. Waaaa. Fuck you.

  15. The Armenians should stop whining and get on with life. Like the Jews. Let bygones be bygones.

    But you libertarians crack me up. On the one hand you say that government can’t do much and shoulodn’t try. The next minute you’re crying because the President broke his promises. Waaaa. Waaaa. Fuck you.

    1. Precisely. Fuck you.

    2. Yeah what is a few million murders between friends? Really? Maybe while we are at it the American Indians should stop whinning about all those broken treaties and get on with life. And black people should stop whinning about slavery and Jim Crow and get on with life. I mean really if the government tommorow officially denied that slavery or Jim Crow ever existed what would they have to get all angry about.

      No Fuck you.

      1. I have to say that if the president of Turkey got on his high horse and started lecturing the United States about our treatment of Indians, slaves, or whatever, I’d hope our government would tell him to go fuck himself. Similarly, it’s not the business of our government to lecture the Turks about what they did to the Armenians 100 years ago.

        1. Agreed we shouldn’t lecture. But we also shouldn’t facilitate a lie either.

          1. Publicly saying that a historical event took place is not the same as lecturing anyone about it.

      2. here, here,
        Owebama and his Broken Promises? i don’t sing shitty rhymes at thousand dollar a plate lunches to Zero-Bam about his broken promises. you’re poo flinging to the wrong crowd…

    3. HEY MRS “FUCK YOU” (or ms… wtvr)

      Do you see us doing much crying? NO.. we are fighting for what we believe in which apparently you suck at because you need to sign off with a “Fuck You”. Also, this isnt about libertarians, its about the Armenian cause. Jews have not moved on, they have moved forward and only because unlike the Armenians, their genocide has been accepted. You are seriously a pessimist, and people like you are the reason no one can get their point across. Ever heard of System of a Down? or i dono Mark Giragos or Kirk Krikorian for that matter? PRETTY SURE they aren’t sitting on their asses crying.

      And to finish off, i hope you find some happiness in the future and a cause you can fight for and not agents, so you will see the struggles of Armenians and cultures alike.

    4. We bring up the broken promises as an object lesson to dumbass statists who are so fucking stupid that they still believe in politicians’ promises.

  16. I didn’t mean to post twice, but fuck you again anyway.

    1. Maurice, honey, get off the Internets. It’s time for your cod liver oil.

  17. Threadjack. Check out these films of the sunset strip back when the Doors were playing the Wiskey and Jack Webb was lecturing freaked out dope smokers.…..d-sixties/

    1. These are films of the Sunset Strip made back in the mid 1960s. They are worth watching for the cars alone. In the top daylight one there is a beautiful woody stationwagon about half way through. In the second night one, a pristin, had to have been brand new at the time, 67 camero turns in front of the camera. There is also too many vintage brit sports cars to count.

      1. I’d happily disembowel all our our trolls for the chance to drive any of those gorgeous muscle cars. There’s money to be had in disembowelment, right?

        1. At the end of the second film from the bottom the camera stops on some cute chick in white pants giving out some kind of newsletter. You just can’t help but mouth “sure honey I am member of the Westewood committee to end the war in Vietnam to”. It is a great.

          1. And not a fatty in sight.

            1. No even the old broads in those films still were trim. The nation needs to go back to smoking.

              1. Hi! I’m Troy McClure! You might remember me from such self-help videos as “Get Some Confidence, Stupid!” and “Smoke Yourself Thin”

              2. E-cigs. The health craze that’s sweeping the nation.

        2. And to think those cars were all brand new back then. And those old chevys and fords from the 50s with the big fins were only ten years old. The average car on the street back then just looked cooler and more loved than now.

        3. Given Rule 34, it’s a certainty there’s money to be made in it.

  18. Anybody else think we might be in better shape taking foreign policy advice from Samantha Bee?

    1. No, and fuck you.

      1. I suspect that we can safely dispense with a troll whose only contribution is “fuck you” …

        1. His SNR is still higher than Max’s. We need to be better at letting our minor leaguers develop.

          1. I am Max, you fucking moron.

            1. You’re not supposed to tell everyone your secret identity, stupid. How do you expect to destroy us now?

              1. Nobody wants to destroy you, you paranoid little puke. You provide too much entertainment. Libertarianism is the stupidist ideology that ever invaded the mind of a moron, but it’s very amusing. You can hear the voices inside your tiny heads.

                1. Oh, Eddie, did you think I meant that seriously? I know that you’re astoundingly stupid and all, but that just makes me feel sad for you.

                2. [Stupidest] you fucking mongoloid.

                3. It seems that the Edward doth project too much.

                  1. The voices inside the head bit is the most telling projection, I think. I love when Edward is in his angry flailing mode, don’t you?

                    1. It really is like he got into some Adderall stash or something. Quite amusing.

                    2. I think his mom must have fed him after midnight again. EDWARD WANT SMOOSH SMOOSH

                    3. But then wouldn’t he multiply?

                      “With Mogwai, comes much responsibility. I cannot sell him at any price.”

              2. *sniggers* Excellent work. 🙂

                1. @MLK:

                  Look dude, you can’t out fuck Warty. He isn’t so much a man as a giant throbbing Hedonbot of masculinity. Sometimes, Steve Smith quakes in fear.

        2. I also pointed out that you stupid libertarians expect the President to keep his promnises even though you argue that government can’t do squat. That’s a contribution, so fuck you.

          1. How hypocritical of us to point out that politicians are pandering whores. How awesome of you to show us our hypocrisy. Now go shove a cactus up your ass and dance like the clown you are.

            1. You’re way too stupid to be a hypocrit. You’re closer to a mongoloid idiot. Some people cringe and turn away. Others like to poke you with a stick. I’m sure you mother loves you.

              1. You’re full of beans today, Edward. Did your chemical castration drug wear off?

                1. Your full of shit as usual, Epi. Forget striving for the clever retort and just be yourself.

                  1. His full-of-shit-as-usual WHAT, Edward? What is the fucking noun here?

                    1. Sorry, I meant his full-of-shit-as-usual fucked up excuse for a brain, Warty. Thanks for pointing that out. Now stick your head back up your ass before you faint.

                  2. No matter what you say, Edward, I’m not going to let you hump my leg or rape the dog, ok? Just understand that I’m not budging on that.

                  3. I don’t see you dancing, although I bet you’ve got the cactus…

          2. Well, I think we would all agree that the Obama can’t do much about the Armenian genocide, or the holocaust, the indian thing, or slavery. But, he might mention it. He does seem to find time to mention lots of stuff. Dipshit.

            1. It? What the fuck is it?

              1. @MLK

                I think the point of the article was dishing a little schadenfreude at Obama’s supporters for believing his ill-considered stupid promises in the first place.

                Kardashian’s bewilderment at a politician lying to her is the amusement here. Kind of like the look on your Mom’s face when she realized I really wasn’t ever going to call her back.

                1. Or get her a towel to clean herself up. Or let her back in the car…

          3. Wow, that’s some gotcha …

  19. “Almost 10 Years After 9/11, U.N. Still Grappling to Define Terrorism”…..till-grapp

    “The main hurdle, then as now, is the insistence by the bloc of Islamic states that any definition of terrorism should leave a loophole for “resistance” against foreign occupation.”

    1. We should hook them up with those GOP guys in Tenn. in the other thread, so they can complain about occupying eachother and imposing culture on one another.

      1. Looks like the Islamic states and our founding fathers have someting in common. The right to resist foreign occupation.

        1. the Islamic states and our founding fathers have something in common?
          read Howard Zinn much…

          1. Never read him at all.

            Are you saying our founders didn’t want the right to resist foreign occupation? Becuase that’s what I’m claiming they have in common.

            1. i guess you missed this part, que the music “Some of these things belong with the others…”

    2. Obama should get a lexicon czar.

  20. Kim Kardashian has a terrific pair of knockers.

    1. Yeah, she blows the anoraxic libertarian cunts out of the water.

      1. she blows the anoraxic(sic) libertarian cunts out of the water.

        This is true, but nobody blows like your Mom. At least not at those prices.

      2. Hey, I bet we have plenty of fatties too.

    2. +10 cigars

  21. Obama lied?

    Gee that’s a surprise.

    1. Remember when I said I would recognize your genocide last? I LIED

      1. Don’t bother my Armenian friend and a few million of his countrymen–they’re dead tired.

        1. I eat Armenians for breakfast! And right now, I’m very hungry!

          1. “Can you tell me what this is all about?”

            “Yeah, the Ottomans who I trusted for years want me dead.”

            “That’s understandable. I’ve only known you for five minutes and I want you dead, too.”

            1. and on to startling news: our sources in Texas have uncovered evidence that points to Big Evil Oil Companies and former president George Bush, working together have caused gasoline prices to skyrocket!!!

  22. Spineless liberals have a chant now:

    Obama was interrupted by a small group among the paying guests who protested the detention of Bradley Manning, an Army private accused of leaking secret documents to WikiLeaks.

    “We paid our dues, where’s our change?” the protesters sang to the president.

    “We’ll vote for you in 2012, yes that’s true. Look at the Republicans ? what else can we do?”

    Obama paused while security removed some of the protesters, then joked, “that’s a nice song. You guys have much better voices than I do.”

    Most of the article is on Obama demagoguing on gas prices and blaming Republicans for obstructing change, but that’s nothing new.

    1. “that’s a nice song. You guys have much better voices than I do.”

      That’s an outstanding fuck-you, I must admit.

      1. Sarcastic comebacks are, from what I can tell, the only thing Obama is excellent at. His “I don’t care what they say about you, I like you” put-down of Hilary during the NH primary debates was hilarious, though it did temporarily backfire.

        1. Enjoy this next campaign. I’m going to fly out to Spain. It’s beautiful out there today. Yesterday I saw a single payer health plan. If you register enough voters, maybe I’ll let you ride a bus all the way up to the White House and I’ll tell you all about the time I saw a single payer health plan again. I’d fly you, but you must understand that we can’t afford to buy two seats for each of you.

      2. That sarcasm is fueled by a bitterness coming from the knowledge of how badly he miscalculated. In his heart of hearts, he knows that given the circumstance of 2008, he could have married a white woman and still have become president.

    2. We’ll vote for you in 2012, yes that’s true.

      So what’s your point then?

      1. Exactly! Even if you are going to vote for him, at least make the guy sweat.

        But they’re probably worried about being labeled Nader-2000-ites by their fellow libs if they just criticize him.

      2. It’s hard to find a rhyme for “We’re feckless dipshits, please ignore us!” The message still comes across, though.

        1. Sonorous, glamorous, Theodorus, pray for us, Bookasaurus, etc.

      3. Yeah. That is what I thought to. I guess if he doesn’t change they will continue to follow him around and sing cute little songs.

    3. We’ll vote for you in 2012, yes that’s true. Look at the Republicans ? what else can we do?

      Headdesk. Apply directly to the forehead.

    4. “We’ll vote for you in 2012, yes that’s true. Look at the Republicans ? what else can we do?”

      Howie! Get that on a bumper sticker PRONTO!

  23. Don’t get it. He’s on record as saying the genocide happened. It’s quoted above. Hasn’t he ALREADY offended the Turks? They’re only offended if he says it while he’s POTUS, not if he says it while campaigning for POTUS?

    1. He’s also on the record as saying “the War on Drugs is a failure.” What’s that worth?

    2. Yeah. Technically when Obama says something as POTUS he is speaking on behalf of the ‘United States’ which includes I think you and definitely me.

      1. I’m not so sure I want to be counted. I’m starting to think of myself as an indigenous person who just happened to be born during an occupation by a government of wild-spending, math-challenged, long term thinking-challenged, maternalistic, paternalistic war-mongering empire builders and world policers.

  24. The Empty Suit in Chief would never go back on a campaign promise unless it were absolutely convenient.


  25. On income tax day at the Squirrel Hill post office there was a gaggle of “Coffee Party” (ha ha is funny) people handing out literature on military spending. Oddly enough, while the Commander in Chief of the armed forces from three years ago was mentioned a few times in the literature, the current one wasn’t anywhere to be found.

  26. The government should be trying to discover new and exciting kinds of liquor!

    1. Weird. Did he assault a mentally retarded boyscout on video or something? Because I can’t figure out why he would resign now after surviving everything else.

    2. They’ll have that story up tomorrow with the hat tip going to…drumroll…Vanneman!

    3. What’s the point of looking for hat tips on a semi-major national news story? Like they’re not otherwise going to be aware of it.

      1. If they are aware of it, where is the post?

        1. In the morning links.

  27. I remember grown men in England and Portugal throwing stones at me, spitting at me, and taunting me for being (besides a “sandnigger”) a “bloody Yank” on many occasions. Verbal abuse pretty much everywhere we went. If only I had my 1911 with me. Mother-fucking perma-infant Eurofaggots would have shat themselves silly. Europe, land of the tolerant (roflmfao lmfao lol). What a fucking shithole.

    On topic, I really don’t give a shit anymore. That’s so insignificant compared to the sheer magnitude of all the treasonous shit Obama’s pulled over the years, it just isn’t registering anymore. Kind of like a tough guy from Sin City not reacting to a pinch anymore, because he’d spent his life getting beaten and shot by comic book caricatures, or some such shit.

  28. I have been trying to find a passage by P J O’Rourke in which he spoke of the animosity of the street people toward whatever dictator was about to be forced into exile in whatever hell-hole he was reporting from saying, in effect, “When you lose the trust of the taxi drivers and the whores, you’ve had it.”

    When do the taxi drivers weigh in on Obama?

    1. It was in reference to the overthrow of Ferdinand Marcos – don’t recall the book, though. (Holidays in Hell, maybe?)

      1. yep — that’s the one. also has the classic Among the Euroweenies.

  29. Ah, thank you. I was thinking either Duvalier or Somoza and All The Trouble In The World.

    Where are the reviews for PJ’s latest, BTW?

    “I believe in God. God created the world. Obviously pain had to be included in God’s plan. Otherwise we’d never learn that our actions have consequences…….But God, Sir, in Your manner of teaching us about life’s consequential nature, isn’t death a bit … um … extreme, pedagogically speaking? I know the lesson that we’re studying is difficult. But dying is more homework than I was counting on.”

  30. Thanks to you for not forgetting your roots…

  31. Why is Kim Kardashian even a celebrity? Isn’t her only claim to fame being the daughter of one of OJ Simpson’s lawyers?

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