PJTV Interviews Libertarian Radio Host Larry Elder About Interviewing Bill Ayers, Wobbly Republicans, & Non-Essential Gov't Workers


Excellent interview with libertarian radio host Larry Elder by Joe Hicks of PJTV. I can't embed the vid, but here's the link.

Reason talked with Elder in 1996. Here's a snippet:

As we use it right now, the term conservative typically means somebody who wants to reduce spending, reduce taxes, reduce the size of government. But it also has come to mean somebody who feels that government has an active role to play in our private lives. So, if that's the definition of a conservative, that ain't me.

What I am is somebody who believes that government is way too big, and people are being taxed way too much. The government is assuming responsibilities it should not be assuming. The government is intruding in our private lives. Republicans ought to be talking about ending farm subsidies. They ought to be eliminating the Departments of Education, Energy, and Housing and Urban Development. They are taking a pocket knife to a problem that requires a machete.

Social Security should be part of it, too. To me, it's an improper role of the government to take current workers' money and give it to somebody else. I would like private safety nets. This would have to be done in the context of the dramatic reduction of taxes so people have more disposable income.

Whole thing here.

Elder's official website is here.