Independence Institute's Jon Caldara Talks With David Harsanyi


The Independence Institute's Jon Caldara (a great interviewer and very funny guy) talks with Reason contributor David Harsanyi, who is leaving the Denver Post to join up with Glenn Beck's Mercury Ink and The Blaze as well as continue his excellent syndicated col.

Worth watching!


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  1. Glenn Beck? Katherine Mangu-Ward says that Jon Stewart says Glenn Beck is a jerk!

    Don’t worry, David Harsanyi; we don’t all get our worldview from Jon Stewart.

    1. still waiting for the Reason article about how big a tool Stewart is.

      But hey, he voluntarily signed a contract to be a tool, and I have a choice (which I exercised around 5 years ago) to not listen/see him, so, yeah, we don’t really need an article, i guess.

      He’s still a tool, no, an entire toolbox, and I think more people need that fact presented to them.

      1. Yeah, he’s one of the most well hidden hypocrite hacks out there.

  2. 27mins, to explain that “I need a better job”?

    (sorry, i gave up after 3mins, does it actually become interesting at some point?)

    1. I guess the rest of the commentariat is still busy watching the vid…

      1. Actually, I’m drunk.

        1. Ok, but that’s an Approved Excuse in this instance.

            1. You HAVE filled out your OBAMACR-0135 waiver application, right?

            2. I didn’t even watch the video. But that’s alright. If Dave can moderate the Becktopuss at all then it is job well done. And like Kilroy I’m drunk too. Celebrating my meritocratic advancement in rancid capitalist company. Which is pretty cool company BTW, especially compared to the nuke’em all shit I used to do in college internments. Talk about a downer. Such a turn of events.

              Either way Dave, keep the Beck at bay and him aware the world is round and older than six thousand years and you’ve done a great service. I wish you best of luck. Now if only we could get Gillespie a shtick down at Center for American Progress then there is ideological hope for our ilk.

              Nah, that’s impossible. I’m not that drunk yet!

              1. Which is pretty cool company BTW

                Not cool enough for you to close your webrowser and stop commenting though….

              2. also, if you can normally work with the threaded comments, but can’t manage them drunk, then you need more practice.

                1. Sorry about crowding your reply thread crier. Get over it.

                  1. No, I just made the (apparently wrong) assumption that your post was meant to be a top-tier post (farthest-to-the-right-margin), and not a response to me or kilroy.

                    1. (farthest-to-the-right-margin)

                      Errr, left. I think the political incarnations of those words has given me dyslexia.

                    2. It happens man. Cool.

  3. Let me get this straight: David Harsanyi thinks Ron Paul is beyond the pale, but Glenn Beck is someone we should listen to? Most charitable assumption: this guy got fired and took the first job offered.

    1. Maybe it’s because Harsanyi thinks that America has a moral obligation to use its military and geopolitical heft to serve the interests of a certain other nation.

  4. Glenn Beck is an antisemitic conspiracy wingnut, and David Harsanyi is a right-wing Hungarian-Jewish fascist, so they’re perfect match.


    2. Anti Semite conspiracy nut hires militant Semite.

    3. Re: Max,

      “Woof! Woof!”
      What is it boy? Contradictions have sullied your mind?

  5. Glenn Beck is one of the greatest living Americans today.

    Thanks to him Americans are learning the dirty truth about FDR, Woodrow Wilson, Nixon, LBJ, Hoover, and all the other progressive Democrats and Republicans.

    Beck is educating America, waking up the American Idol watching zombies and saying “Hey, Obama is transforming America and you’re not going to like it.”

    Besides, he has been proven right and right again, or did you not see the tape of Piven ADMITTING she was advocating for violent revolution?


  6. They’re drinking Left Hand! Can’t believe no one said this yet.

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