The Shutdown is Shot Down! (At Least Til Next Thursday!)


Hoo boy, President Obama is telling us that Congress and he compromised so the government could get back to work.

Obama hit all the high (read: low) lights possible: The Washington Monument (it will stay open!), Winning the Future (which you really can't spell without WTF), and, yes goddammit, the children (for whom DC leaders care so much that they are giving the kids a shitload of debt).

This new short-term continuing resolution lasts all the way to next to next Thursday, so why don't those pols sleep in for a couple of days. Before they fund the rest of this fiscal year and then get started on looking at FY2012 budgets that raise spending by as much as $2 trillion over the next decade (as Obama's bold and austere plan does).

We dodged a bullet this time. Here's what might happen if we're not so lucky the next time a president whose party controls both house of Congress can't pass a budget on time: