The Defection of Moussa Koussa


In the late 1970s, the Libyan government of Col. Muammar Qaddafi was openly stalking and murdering regime opponents abroad. After two opposition activists were murdered on the streets of London, the head of Libya's diplomatic mission in the United Kingdom was forthright with a reporter from the London Times: "[We plan] to kill two more people in the United Kingdom…I approve of this." The official was apologetic, telling the reporter that "We don't like breaking the law here, but we are fighting these people because they worked against our revolution." He was expelled to Tripoli the following day.

Upon returning to Libya, he headed up something called the "World Centre for Resistance to Imperialism, Zionism, Racism, Reaction, and Fascism," despite his government's open funding of racist and fascist groups, like Britain's National Front and various neo-Nazi organizations in Italy. Later, he would take over as head Libyan intelligence and be implicated in both the Lockerbie and UTA flight 772 atrocities. In 2001, the London Times reported that MI6 had "obtained details of a 'summit' meeting in 1995" in which he spoke about the Lockerbie bombing in "terms which indicated that [Libyan intelligence] had carried it out." The late Massachusetts Senator Ted Kennedy demanded that the United State government be allowed to question him, saying that all evidence suggested that "he should be able to provide a significant amount of information" on Libyan support and suborning of terrorism.

Now Moussa Koussa, who doesn't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows, has fled Libya, returning to the country that expelled him thirty years ago. Initial reports suggest that Koussa, a potential intelligence bonanza for the West, will not be offered immunity from prosecution (Scottish prosecutors have already moved to interview him about the Lockerbie bombing), though it is unclear what kind of deal the United Kingdom broker with him—British Foreign Secretary William Hague told reporters that Koussa has been his government's "channel of communication" to the Qaddafi regime for the past "few weeks."

So how did the British manage to draw a crook like Koussa from Tripoli to London, without a promise of immunity? With threats that he too would be targeted by NATO war planes? Often overlooked in news stories about his Rudolf Hess-like defection to the U.K. is that British and American intelligence have had considerable dealings with Koussa in the recent past; he was led the delegation that handed over the Libyan WMD program back in 2003.

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  1. Intelligence bonanza? Well, if he tells us the truth, yes, but otherwise western intelligence services don’t inspire a lot of confidence.

  2. So what’s the over/under on how many days it will take until this goes from a messy “kinetic operation” in to a full blown quagmire, complete with boots on the ground and Gates resigning?

    There is no way Obama walks from this. He has already gone all in.

    1. I wouldn’t be surprised if he just withdrew from the whole thing and tried to pretend it didn’t happen.

      There is no way he’ll ever put boots on the ground anywhere, except maybe California.

      1. The reality is that if we are bombing ground targets we already have boots on the ground (spotter teams), they just don’t normally get counted from an infantry standpoint.

        I see that there are signs that Qballs kids are taking stock of their situation and have realized that Dad is not acting in their best interest, thus they are now looking for an exit. This is a best case scenario, and one which I hope happens because it will end the conflict quickly.

        The boots on the ground part will come if the pro-Qball Libyan civilians (the thousands of state workers who’ve made a living oppressing their countrymen) start getting massacred by the rest of population. Indeed, there are reports of this happening already.

        NATO or the UN will need to send occupying forces to keep everyone settled down if the revenge factor gets out of hand, and that will most certainly involve…..US Ground troops.

        All this being said, if Qball gets removed and the Libyan people get to take back there country it’s a win-win. If that means I have to listen to Friedman praise Obama for his swift leadership so be it, because ultimately the success of liberty depends partly upon the removal of Dictators like Qball.

        1. it’s a win-win

          You want to try that again? Whose win?

          Ken Shultz hasn’t shown up here yet so I don’t know what he thinks, but whatever it is I suspect you might like it.

  3. So how did the British manage to draw a crook like Koussa from Tripoli to London, without a promise of immunity?

    Hopefully cash and the assurance of ineffectual Crown Prosecutors.

    1. Maybe an invite to the Royal Wedding?

    2. An hono(u)rary knighthood and a lifetime supply of Burberry.

  4. Completely OT, but if anyone has watched NBC’s The Event, it has been interesting to see how the real black president and the one that plays him on TV have kind of evolved in the same direction (from saying we can’t lock people up without due process, to doing that very same thing, to trying to work with said people, to full on vowing war against them, to ending up screwing the pooch).

    1. Any resemblance The Event‘s President Elias Anchorbaby (his mother came from Cuba pregnant with him!) has to President Barry Obama is purely coincidental, I am sure.

      Worry not, President Anchorbaby has assured us that he will close the Mount Inostranka Detention Facility as soon as convenience allows.

    2. I have noticed this as well. It has to be deliberate; it’s too similar.

      1. Interestingly enough, Blair Underwood, who plays Pres. Elias, shadowed Barry back when he was at Harvard Law Review and Underwood was working on L.A. Law.

        1. What’s really interesting is that I don’t see them portraying him in a positive light on The Event. When he’s like “fuck Posse Comitatus”, that didn’t seem complimentary.

          1. Agreed. I guess they feel they need to counterbalance MSNBC just a bit.

  5. Yeah but then he has to worry about those Scottish pros…oh wait, those are the soft-headed pinheads that let his not dying PanAm103 bombing accomplice go. Never mind.

    1. I still to this day cannot believe they let that guy.

      “Hey, you blew up one of our planes full of our citizens but man, we’d hate to have you pass away locked up so far from home…”

      1. Someone really needs to have a look at his doctors’ bank accounts.

        I’m hoping Koussa writes a book. Dude’s got stories.

  6. If I don’t laugh when I hear Jack Black’s name am I a racist for chuckling over “Moussa Koussa”, or “Neepha Pheepha”?…..e_Are_You?

    1. I know, right? This has to be the coolest political name since Boutros Boutros-Ghali.

      1. Better than Abdullah Abdullah?

        1. Where are the Walid Jumblatts of yesteryear?

      2. Moussa Koussa is on the loose-a!

      3. “Tonton Macoutes” (ton-ton makoo) wins for best secret police name. Even after the deduction for frenchness.

  7. Apparently Koussa has throat cancer and only a few more months to live. So best not to prosecute him and send him on house arrest to one of the British territories in the Caribbean Sea.

  8. Now Moussa Koussa, who doesn’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows, has fled Libya, returning to the country that expelled him thirty years ago.

    I can understand why diplomats who are use to a certain life style would defect to the West when the shit hits the fan, but come on! Those boys who are staging this revolution who think they can take a tank column with their knives and pistols don’t stand a fucking chance. We’re not talking about the Wolverines here! Once they fuck up for good, who is willing to go in to replace them? Brits? Francs? Us? Lol! This would be tragic if it weren’t so fucked up and silly season in the Western diplomatic corps. What’s a little loss of American street cred at this late date in the season, eh?

  9. Does anyone else recall a certain idiot president’s even more idiotic, alcoholic brother getting money from the Libyan government, for services that were never really specified?


    1. What, Teddy Kennedy was on the Libyan payroll? I had no idea.

  10. Moussa Koussa Vamoosa.

  11. Rudolf Hess defected???

    Weird revisionism 101.

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