Sen. Diane Feinstein Wants to go in and "Arrest" Gaddafi


Via Hot Air comes this new angle on how to contain Libya:

Notes Ed Morrissey:

Pray tell, Senator, just how does one execute an arrest warrant without "putting boots on the ground"?  Mitchell makes the same point after Feinstein suggests that the third option would be to handle Gaddafi the same way we handled Saddam Hussein, which would be a massive ground war and occupation.  Of course, Feinstein doesn't actually put it that way, but smirks when Mitchell points it out.

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  1. Or Feinstein could send Gaddafi an arrest warrant, telling him to turn himself in at the nearest U.S. police station.

    We’ll leave out the part where such an arrest warrant would not have any legal basis, since AFAIK Gaddafi hasn’t committed any crime in a U.S. jurisdiction.

    Fucking reality and probable cause — how do those work?

    1. Come on, use the Bush/Iraq model. We arrest/capture him, then let the new leaders of libya put him on trial. 😉

      1. I don’t get it.

  2. Fuck, Feinstein is even stupider than I thought. How does she survive day to day?

    1. Forget that, how the hell did she beat Tom Campbell in 2000? Californians are even stupider than I thought.

      1. I represent that remark.

    2. Yeah and she’s supposed to be the “smart” California senator.

      But hey….the bars set pretty low to begin with.

  3. Pray tell, Senator, just how does one execute an arrest warrant without “putting boots on the ground”?

    That’s easy. Feinstein could fly in on her broom and cast a binding spell on Gaddafi.

    1. Tennis shoes, man.


      We said no “boots” on the ground.

  4. I don’t know what her motivation for increasing the scope of this action would be, now that she’s no longer on the Military Constructions Appropriations Committee that could funnel lucrative contracts to her husband’s company. Meh, maybe it’s force of habit.

    1. Her motivation is that her TEAM is in charge. Both TEAMs fucking love war when they’re in charge. People in power like to exercise that power, if you didn’t know that already.

      1. “”People in power like to exercise that power, “”

        And expand the scope of their power too.

        The problem with our government is too many people want to elect people with the expectation that those people will use their power to help. Be it solve international conflicts, or manage people’s medical issues.

        Too few of us are willing to go it alone, so to speak.

  5. (waving hand)

    Mrs. Greenspan, when did we declare war on Iraq? [1:04]

    1. October 16, 2002. A Congressional authorization of the use of military force has been held by the courts to be fully Constitutionally equivalent to a Congressional declaration of war.

  6. Once I heard her say that pistol grips on “assault weapons” should not be allowed because it let the shooter “spray bullets from the hip”, I knew she was a total idiot. She never dissappoints.

    1. I believe she was the one holding an AK at her hip with her finger on the trigger muzzle-sweeping the audience at some police-lead anti-gun rally.

  7. Is there any surprise that she sees little connection between saying that something must be done and the practical effort of actually implementing that something? She’s one of those who thinks that if the government orders it, market forces nd even the laws of physics can be worked around.

    1. Abracadabra! Make it happen for me, serf.

  8. And these are the people that statists insist are our “betters”. Gee, what would we do without the wisdom of people such as this?

  9. I was going to spoof Tony, but even I have a hard time imagining him coming up with some kind of defense for this.

    1. Hmmm I’ll give it a shot.

      She is right. The longer this is drawn out the more green house gasses will be strewn into the atmosphere by our armed forces. The only way we can save mother earth and curb the global warming that his reluctance to step down is causing is go in there now and remove him. For those of you questioning the reasoning behind him needing to be removed in the first place I say this. If it wasn’t for him getting into bed with the oil companies and his willingness to sell them oil so cheaply, much more of the American public would have switched to hybrids and other electric vehicles. Not to mention the fact that his pandering to the American addiction to oil has caused the underfunding of green energy projects and the creation of green jobs.

      1. Too articulate. I just added her to my dead pool.

      2. You forgot to mention racist teabaggers.

    2. Even Tony criticizes the Democrats from time to time. For a mindless Team Blue zombie you should spoof Shrike.

      1. You’re totally right, I forgot about him, or maybe Max. I’ll do Shrike:

        *garble garble garble* christfags bushpigs *garble garble garble*

    3. Perfectly timed April Fools for Tripoli?

  10. give her a snubnose .38, a warrant, & a parachute.

    1. And a one way ticket.

    2. Why give her a parachute?

      1. No one said it had to work.

    3. She also gets a cap gun ILO a .38. IIRC, she’s a “gun safety” person….don’t wanna send her into harm’s way with a dangerous, icky real gun! Ewwwww!

      1. She is very for gun control, but it’s also a fact that she has a concealed carry permit.

    4. How about a big shotgun loaded with beanbags. If it’s good enough for the border patrol…

  11. Libya has seemed more Panama than Iraq from the beginning – to me. Not that that is a good thing. One of the worst uses of US military force up to that point. Unfortunately it looks like no big deal in light of our recent misadventures.

    1. Worse than Grenada?

      1. Hey, without Grenada, we never would have gotten the brilliant epic Heartbreak Ridge

        1. You just solved the problem in Libya. See, if we can get a hold of Gaddafi’s laundry, we’ll know what he’s wearing the next day, and none of us will have to take our shirts off during the day’s exercise.

          Oh wait, that’s not the solution. We’ll overcome, we’ll adapt.

  12. Send that bitch that lends muscle to DelDot to arrest him. She can round up any intrusive basketball hoops while she is there.

    Is it legal to film an arrest in Libya?

  13. Just tell Gaddafi that he has won a boat and when he comes to claim his prize…nab him.

  14. Team America World Police Theme America Fuck Yeah

    Seriously, these fucking people have become the parody of the parody of themselves.

  15. Mitchell makes the same point after Feinstein suggests that the third option would be to handle Gaddafi the same way we handled Saddam Hussein, which would be a massive ground war and occupation

    …one of the classic blunders! The most famous of which is “never get involved in a land war in Asia.”

    1. But African wars are clean and straightforward.

  16. I don’t get it….

  17. Just send Bruce Willis to go get him. And Sylvester Stallone, if necessary..

  18. Nice with a link to Hot Air again – it’s been a while.
    It reminds me, I should re-read Hot Air founder Michelle Malkin’s book: “In Defense of Internment: The Case for “Racial Profiling”. Nothing like a Martini and a healthy dose of Racism on a Thursday evening.


  19. Hey man, it doesn’t matter if she’s an idiot. The only question that matters, is what she wants to do a good thing for America? I mean, even an idiot might want to do something that was good for America you know.

  20. How the fuck this incredibly stupid woman ever managed to become a United States senator, I never will be able to fathom. She is so massively stupid, it’s frightening.

    Her whole “Mr. and Mrs. American, turn them all in” campaign against guns; many of the absurdly and willfully ignorant statements she has made about guns – and various other topics. She truly demonstrates the I.Q. of a flattened toad.

    I only hope that the winds will pick up her dessicated corpse from the side of the road and blow it away into history’s gutter, where it belongs.

    I can think of nothing good to say about this fucking idiot. She truly is the ultimate nanny-statist.

  21. Oh Please Please Pretty Please! Take Pelosi and McCowkill and Mikulski and Boxer and Baldwin and Wasser-Stain with you to battle that all virgin female bodyguard battalion and arrest him in person.

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