Reason Writers on TV: Peter Suderman Talks Debt, Entitlements, and the Spending Showdown On Fox Business


On Monday, March 28, Reason associate editor Peter Suderman appeared on Fox Business to discuss the budget battle in Washington DC and why every part of the budget, including entitlement spending, must be part of the conversation. Approximately 3 minutes. 


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  1. Suderman, you fool! The reason Republicans aren’t making the case now for entitlement reform isn’t because they don’t have the votes, it’s because they are scared to political death that the Democrats in 2012 will run on little old ladies with untreated diseases eating cat food.

    1. It’s “Suderman, you tool!”

      Get it right!

      1. It’s Suder-Man, you dope! Get it right!

        1. So the wife and I take our three-year old daughter to the park yesterday and, right there, is Spider-Man. What’s funny is that I thought he lived in New York.

          Apparently, the freelance gig isn’t going so well, so he’s renting out Spider-Man bounce houses and performing at parties. Frankly, if he’s that strapped for cash, he should become a pro wrestler or something like that. Or maybe join Cirque du Soleil.

          1. Spider Man, like many New Yorkers, has a summer house in Florida, though I thought his was in Boca Raton. I guess he went the cheap route and got one in Tampa.

            And the way he makes extra money is through being a rent boy. NTTAWWT.

            1. Suit envy.

            2. Yes, I didn’t think about him wintering down here. Good point.

              For the record, Boca may be pricier–south Florida generally is–but Tampa is a far, far, far better place to live. Also, “Rat’s Mouth.”

              1. My grandmother had a house in Boca, you slime. I liked her pool.

                1. We have pools and pool-like phenomena here. Really, the whole state is full of pools.

                  When I lived up north, it was weird to go to houses (or fly over them) and not see pools attached to every home. Even weirder was in Seattle where my corporate apartment didn’t have A/C. Which sucked, since I was there during August. Florida would have a population of like 1 million without A/C.

                  1. My apartment doesn’t have A/C. No one does. And the funny thing is that even if it’s 100 degrees, I don’t care. I’m used to New England summers with horrific humidity. Seattle, even when hot, is nothing compared to that. I’ll just go sit by the pool and jump in every 15 minutes and I’m fine.

                    1. Seattle is wimpy, weather-wise. No Fremen analogues being bred there. In fact, you’d better leave before you are weakened and totally caffeine-dependent.

                      Of course, there’s always Rainier’s impending eruption to toughen you back up.

  2. In another news:

    Texas, the new political battle ground

    Get ready to see Progressives trying to hijack the Lone Star State like they did with California… and be shot to death in the process.

  3. I’m ridiculously glad that people other than Vero and Matt and Nick are getting on the tee vee. Two years ago that really wasn’t the case.

    But Suderman should keep his hair shorter; he looks better that way.

  4. must be part of the conversation

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