Stink Bugs on the Rise; Can We Blame Bush?


From USA Today, the one essential news source left in a post-Andrew-Breitbart-on-the-front-page-of-Huffington-Post world, comes news of a plague that got cut from the final version of the Old Testament for lack of seriousness:

Stink bugs, the smelly scourge of the mid-Atlantic, are hitch-hiking and gliding their way across the country. Officially known as the brown marmorated stink bug, sightings of the pest have been reported in 33 states, an increase of eight states since last fall.

"I would say people now regard them as an out-of-control pest," says Kim Hoelmer, a research entomologist at the U.S. Department of Agriculture in Newark, Del.

More here.

As a proud New Jerseyan, I'd like to point out that "smelly scourge" of the mid-Atlantic is in fact my home state, the damn best state in this whole misbegtten experiment we call America and the great producer not just of blueberries, cranberries, tomatoes, the sweetest corn, and the tartest broads but pound for pound the chief producer of libertarians (from Milton Friedman to Tyler Cowen to English Tim Cavanaugh to Gene Healy to Judge Andrew Napolitano and many more).

And because it's Friday and because I originally misread the stink bug headline as "stink bomb," here's a Reason.tv Rewind featuring former Sen. Alan Simpson rapping about stink bombs in the garden and the Snoopy Poopy Poop Dogg and the Enema Man and the grandkids not writing thank-you notes and saving Social Security, the most immoral entitlement out there.. Trust me, this is the best 1.08 minutes you'll spend all morning: