Reason Morning Links: Obama Limits Miranda Rights for Terror Suspects, ATC Tower Goes Silent, Imagining No Religion



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    1. Study predicts organized religion will be “driven toward extinction” in at least nine western countries.

      I posted a link to that yesterday, as I did the links for this and this.

      1. Yet I can’t get them to repost a Golden Girls link…..

        1. One word:


          1. For what? You need to hear about the evil that is the Golden Girls.

        2. Everyone I know is going out of town and not inviting me. I guess I’m spending my long weekend as I do my usual work-week, at home, alone, watching the Golden Girls

          1. Golden Externalities!!!!

      2. I wonder if that includes the Church of AGW.

        1. the Church of AGW.

          See post here.

      3. Post as “Alan Vanneman” and maybe you can get a hat tip.

        1. An anal-men van


    1. Brown, who reigned as the 2009 Miss Tierra Verde, snatched her gun from a nearby bedroom and shot the suspect several times ? hitting him in the chest, groin, thigh and back, her fiance said. Hill was pronounced dead at the scene.

      His last words were “And as Miss America, what would your position be about gun control?”

      1. Another situation that could have been avoided by not being stupid. Flashing a $60K engagement ring? Paying the pizza guy with $100 bills? Come on.

        And that’s not to mention answering the door unarmed at 3AM.

        1. The dude is an arborist. Does he specialize in cocaine trees?

          1. capitol l, landscaper, indicated that the intruder’s motive for the home invasion was robbery, “Look man, isn’t it obvious? I mean, I’m a fucking landscaper, I pay the pizza delivery guy with benjies, besides look at me, I am ICED THE FUCK OUT YO! Mo money mo problem…nowatamsain.”

        2. That elegant bitch was asking for it.

        3. Re: JD,

          And that’s not to mention answering the door unarmed at 3AM.

          I only answer doors at 3 AM shooting. Even if it were my mother.

          1. I always answer the door using Fido as a canine shield. I run through a lot of big dogs, but hey, they’re always claiming to be my best friend.

        4. Another situation that could have been avoided by not being stupid. Flashing a $60K engagement ring? Paying the pizza guy with $100 bills? Come on.

          Yeah, because, you know – she was asking for it.

          How the fuck would the pizza guy know it’s a $60,000 ring? And I don’t find it to be so freakish to pay with a Franklin.

          On other sites where this story was reported, I saw similar comments about how “stupid” she was to pay the guy with a $100. So is the notion that if you pay with a $100 bill, then you’re just asking to be robbed? Because we all know that pizza delivery guys just can’t prevent themselves from committing violent felonies if they know you’ve got whatever is left over from a $100 after paying for a delivery pizza.

          The situation could have been avoided if this violent repeat offender weren’t a fucking asshole. Of course, he’s dead now, so future such situations will, happily, be avoided – at least with his involvement.

          1. I wasn’t trying to insinuate that they deserved to be robbed. They basically said in the article that they suspected they were targeted because of their displays of obvious wealth. It makes sense to do what you can to make yourself a less attractive target for crime.

      2. His last words were “And as Miss America, what would your position be about gun control?”


    2. I can see the Pole Dancing sect outlasting the Shakers.

    3. My son delivers pizza. He has gotten a few “keep the change”s from people who proffer C-notes on $20 tabs, but AFAIK he hasn’t yet been greeted by an attractive nude woman offering to let him take it out in trade. (I guess some pizza guys have all the luck.)

    1. Seriously, you two, we can just go over to the Daily Caller, if you’re going to link every single story from there.


    Howard Dean explains how wars are okay when his side does them.

    1. Of course, otherwise the cognitive dissonance with collapse his brain, as unstable as it is already.

  2. BP nearly prevented Gulf oil spill.

    Missed it by “that” much.

  3. STEVE SMITH sighting in NC.…..e-science/

    1. “One thing I know is the smell of it was horrid. It smelled like a cross between road kill and a skunk.

      Yup. Sounds like STEVE SMITH all right.

      1. It smelled like a cross between road kill and a skunk.

        I wasn’t aware NC was such a hot bed of Jezebelladonnas.

      2. I think Bigfoot is blurry, that’s the problem. It’s not the photographer’s fault. Bigfoot is blurry, and that’s extra scary to me.

        1. Yeah we can get good video of an airstrike from a war zone but a monkey crossing a road is all shakey and fuzzy.


            1. Sorry. Hey I loved you in Trog with Joan Crawford. What was it like aorking with her?

          2. I think STEVE SMITH is an ape, dude. No prehensile tail to rape with.

      1. Probably from eating fermented berries.

      2. It sort of looks like he’s doing the pee-pee dance.

      3. He’s clearly running in terror from those jerky-wielding douchebags.

    2. Whoa that’s within 10 miles of my house!

      1. I suggest you put on titanium underpants.

        1. titanium underpants.

          Titanium shards when it comes in contact with sasquatch penis. Brass bloomers have been proven much more effective as barrier protection from sasquatch penis. I used to work for Consumer Reports.

          1. Maybe just wear a bear trap on your ass. Glutus dentata.

            1. Are there any steps I can take to protect my home? I mean, could I get one of those whiny chicks from Feministing to come pee a circle around m house or something to ward him off (though the cure might be worse than the disease)?

              1. Despite their reputation, Sasquatchi are genteel creatures. They will never enter your home unless invited. Being on a hiking trail after dusk, however, is an entirely different matter…

              2. I get one of those whiny chicks from Feministing to come pee a circle around m house or something to ward him off (though the cure might be worse than the disease)

                I’ve heard that that’s actually how a sasquatch is created. They aren’t an actual species, they’re transformed from normal humans. So, unless you want to become a sasquatch…

  4. Here are a few minutes of talk radio worth listening to. A guy with “boots on the ground” experience passionately discusses the Libya situation and the future of his kids. (You may have to refresh the page after linking to get the audio player to appear.)

    1. what an uplifting way to start the day. ugh.

      1. Sorry.

        I recommend starting by eating a live toad. That way, nothing worse will happen to you all day.

  5. Obama limits Miranda rights for suspected terrorists.

    If they wanted all their Miranda rights, maybe they shouldn’t have been terrorists. Or, um, suspected of being terrorists.

    1. Can’t we at least give them rights *suspected* of being Miranda rights?

    2. Right. Like Law&Order; hasn’t Mirandized everyone over the age of 8 in the world.

      1. Awesome. It turned Law & Order all run together into an html tag.

        1. Er, not tag. Just html character formatting.

          1. use spaces when you use an & , or else the comment software tries to interpret it as a symbol code.

    3. I have no sympathy for people who blow up planes and buildings full of people. I hope they are killed. But the things our government considers “terrorism” these days is fairly broad. So, I don’t like the idea of taking away Miranda rights for terrorist suspects, when they now consider it terrorism to make Liberty coins.

      1. You’ll be happy to know that Reuters no longer considers blowing up a bus full of civilians a terrorist attack.…

        1. Wow, seriously. That writer for Reuters is a completely retarded piece of drek. I think someone should jam a hot poker in his eye. He would call it “assault” — the douchebag’s term for just desserts.

          1. How is defining certain attacks as “terror” different from calling certain assaults “hate crimes”?

            1. It’s not different, and there’s nothing wrong with either in terms of classification. It is only when these classes of wrongdoing are given a special status (or in most cases their victims are given a special status) that the problem occurs.

            2. If anyone read to page two, you’ll notice he also uses the phrase “Israeli strikes” when describing something which killed civilians. So, is it always terrorism when civilians die? Or is it only when it’s a bus bomb and not other types of weaponry? I give the writer credit for at least being consistent with his terminology.

  6. Before becoming president, Mr. Obama had criticized the Bush administration for going outside traditional criminal procedures to deal with terror suspects, and for bypassing Congress in making rules to handle detainees after 9/11. He has since embraced many of the same policies while devising additional ones?to the disappointment of civil-liberties groups that championed his election.

    History will remember this era as “The Bush II/Obama Years.” SFW

  7. The whole extinction of religion tale is a prime example of credentialed stupidity that folks seem to just guzzle by the fucking gallon. Sure, due to boredom, social pressure, or inconvenience, people in 9 countries are going to, at some point, arbitrarily say ‘screw this’ and ya might as well bulldoze all the churches, synagogues, mosques, whatever, cause all the preachers, rabbis, and imams are going to toss in the towel too, when it’s no fun anymore.

    Why the fuck is it that people are more apt to be ‘concerned’ about the imaginary when some putz that lives off grants for putting chalk on a board and keeping board eraser companies cranking out erasers decides to ‘crunch’ a bunch of numbers, then monkey with one variable to the maximum extreme, while totally ignoring any and all other limiting or modifying factors, then pompously releasing and announcing that their academic masturbation exercise is reality? Why?

    But hey, forget THAT shit, let’s all sit back and watch yet another thread generated by such stupidity devolve into a comparative puke and poo slinging fest about the abused and tortured topic, in this instance, religion, with arguments focused on comparing and contrasting various religions, and oh, yeah, pin the tail on the supposed butthead by reciting any and all of the really stupid, heinous, nasty, and fucked up behavior of various humans through history that happened to use whatever ‘religion’ as the excuse for their horrid acts.

    1. “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

    2. My mathematician is the One True Mathematician.

      1. My baloney has a first name.

        1. My baloney has a first name.

          Is it the same as your “Safe Word?”

          1. “OSCAR!!”

            1. I have to spell it to get the clamps off.

              1. You sweet devil.

                1. by any standard this exchange is just bizzarre.

                  1. Disagree. Sheep were not involved. Or lightsabers.

                    1. Hmm… sheepsabers…

                      Vroom, vroom, baa, vroom, baa.

                    2. Paging Joe Pile. Mr. Joe Pile…

      2. And he writes the most elegant proofs in “The Book.”

    3. A) I agree it’s much ado about nothing. If a religion is important to adherents, it will survive.

      B) Eco-theology and central planning religions do have an advantage as they are marketed directly by The State, itself regarded as a religious deity by way too many. It is for this reason that organized theology should survive.

      C) There is way too much “DRINK” in such an early morning post.

      1. I had lunch with a woman (with an MBA)yesterday and she indisaid she believed the state should regulate the Internet because there is porn out there and porn is illegal. I elected not to correct her, but it reminded me just how stupud people are.

        1. Fucking wench.

          1. It was a business lunch, not a date.

        2. I had lunch with a woman

          I think I see where you went wrong. . . .

    4. Calculus means submission in Arabic!

      1. Such blasphemy is a stoning offense.

      2. Newton was a sleeper agent? Or do you accuse Leibnitz?

        1. They’re both ghosts of departed quantities.

          1. I’m a bit uncertain about that.

            1. which way did he go or how fast was he moving?

    5. You lost me at “The”.

    6. The main religions in this country are called Democrat and Republican. The current respective Gods in them are Obama and Reagan.

  8. Politico’s headline on the Boehner letter on Libya is amusing, as is the text of their story. “John Boehner rips President Obama on Libya,” and so forth. They do link to the letter itself, which is quite polite, perhaps excessively so, and far from rules out supporting the war. If the questions seems damning, that’s only because they are extremely reasonable ones to which the President has failed to give an answer.

    1. What does Boehner expect of the president? He’s doing the very best of his capability. And if only there were a few disorganized Libyan communities, our current Libya policy would be perfect.

      1. if only there were a few disorganized Libyan communities

        Working on it.

  9. new rules give interrogators more latitude and flexibility to define what counts as an appropriate circumstance to waive Miranda rights.
    Such action would need prior approval from…Justice Department lawyers,

    Oh, so only White suspects would ever have their Miranda rights waived?

  10. NLRB rejects Hyatt’s request for unionization election as labor union pressures employees

    It’s rare for a company with workers targeted by Big Labor for unionization to ask the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) for a unionization election. That initiative is usually taken by the unions themselves.

    But that’s exactly what hotel chain Hyatt did at four of its locations after Unite Here organizers allegedly badgered its workers by showing up at their houses and following them to places like supermarkets in order to pressure them to unionize. Unite Here is a labor union that represents various service industry workers, including workers employed at hotels, airports, food service providers and casinos. Unite Here doesn’t want to hold secret-ballot elections, though, despite leading numerous activities Hyatt contends are tantamount to organizing efforts.

    Over the past few years, Hyatt says Unite Here has asked for payroll audits, demanded modifications in Hyatt’s employee health benefits plan, “wrongfully taken credit” for improvements in wages and working conditions, and filed complaints with the Department of Labor’s office of Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Hyatt also said that the union has “misled” hotel guests about working conditions at its hotels. Hyatt says those activities and others should be enough to show Unite Here is trying to organize workers at those locations, and that they should be the equivalent of a union request for an election. But regional offices for the NLRB rejected Hyatt’s requests for unionization elections at all four locations in question: Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco; Long Beach, Calif.; Santa Clara, Calif.; and Indianapolis, Indiana.

    “Youse wifey there looks delicious, bud… howse about you comply with what wees says?”

    1. Oh, those broken links!!!…..ects-hyatt‘s-request-for-unionization-election-as-labor-union-pressures-employees/

  11. Obama limits Miranda rights for suspected terrorists.

    “The Constitution only protects US Citizens!!”
    “But the Constitution is not a document that grants rights. All humans are born with rights.”
    “That’s a red herring! We all know government grants and safeguards rights!”
    “So who gave the right to government to grant rights?”
    “Why, the governed, of course, through their consent!”
    “You mean those that were granted rights by government give their consent to government to give rights? Isn’t that circular thinking?”
    “Don’t look at me! I am a post-modernist!”

    1. Hey, OM, are you the reincarnation of Ambrose Bierce?

      1. I almost shot my mouthfull of coffee across the room…

        1. I almost shot my mouthfull of coffee

          It’s not 3 AM and there are no pizza delivery people about.

    2. That’s gold, OM! Gold!

  12. Spoof of Sen. McCaskill’s plane on craigslist.

    “Trying to get rid of this shit bird pain in the ass. Husband flew me around in this POS and we got some good life and laughs out of it at someone else’s expense, before he stopped paying taxes on this migraine on wheels. How an accountant forgets that you have to pay personal property taxes on hangared airplanes is beyond me, but if you too want to avoid sitting back with the peons in coach, this is the deal for you. Line for offers starts outside my office; if a seat’s not open when you get here, just wait a while. It will be soon. “

    1. Edwards Funeral Service in Columbus is the only U.S. funeral business offering the procedure called alkaline hydrolysis to the public, according to Jessica Koth, a spokeswoman for the National Funeral Directors Association. The process is touted by proponents as being better for the environment than cremation.

      Yeah, dissolving bodies in lye has to be better for the environment than just cremating them. Even in death, people still leave a carbon footprint…

      Why not simply compost dead people? Or make Soylent out of them? Hey, there’s an idea!!!

      1. I have a business plan for an all natural, organic cemetary: basically I dump stripped corpses in a field and let nature take over. Surprisingly, there’s no backers coming forward to bankroll this “green grave” iniative.

        1. Surprisingly, there’s no backers coming forward to bankroll this “green grave” iniative.

          There are always less than savory people interested in the convenient disposal of corpus. Go where action is. Chop chop!

        2. There are, in fact, “green” or “natural” cemeteries – but only a couple. Rather than tearing up a pretty field and rolling sod all over everything and installing landscaped beds, they leave the field wild. And rather than embalming the bodies and burying them in sealed coffins and vaults and such – which are meant to try to keep the bugs and worms from turning you into lunch – they simply dig a hole and put the un-preserved body in.

          I like the idea, myself. A buddy of mine and I were actually looking at a piece of farmland that was for sale a while back, for this purpose.

          The good thing is that after several years, the body is gone and you can re-use the spot.

          The challenge is convincing the stupid regulators that there’s nothing wrong with this (there isn’t), and getting people used to the idea – although there are a lot of people who get it.

        3. Pigs will eat anything. Just sayin’.

      2. What I find more depressing is how any idea, no matter how nutty, will be treated with respect if it’s presented as “green” or “eco-friendly”.

        1. How about an owner / salesperson of a payroll company telling you that “we are proud to be green and eco-friendly” in her efforts to sell her company to you?

          Well, that happened to me just last week. Do you think that I just let it go? To my surprise, she listened to my rant and then backpedaled big time.
          She admitted that she employs the “green” and “eco-friendly” buzz words precisely because the sheople have become conditioned to respond positively to such drivel.

      3. Serious question: are human cremains toilet-friendly? (I’m not going to dump the whole lot at once; maybe a few ounces a day.)

    2. he has used the method on 19 bodies since January.

      Us, too!

    3. I would like my ammonia syrup to become the secret ingredient in a special batch of Mrs. Butterworth. Just as in life, in death I will make people feel a little queasy and vomit a little.

      1. They invented that to cover up all the Yeti rapes.

      2. Read the article. Ah, that sounds nice.

      3. The various middle age nations practiced something similar, though it was known as “quartering”

        1. doesn’t sound as nice.

  13. Each of our waffles started off with a base of the plain pearl sugar waffle. My Whole Farm waffle was topped with thick-cut pepper bacon, spinach, red roasted pepper and chevre cheese. Paul’s waffle ? The Three B’s ? had bacon, brie, basil with peach jam on the side. A perfect combination of sweet and savory and provided us with a enough fuel to wander the city.

    1. Slashfic for waffles. Today’s ML thread is strange even by H&R standards.

    2. You get around, don’t you?

  14. Study predicts organized religion will be “driven toward extinction” in at least nine western countries.

    “Peter Berger, a former president of the Society for the Scientific Study of Religion, once said that, ‘People will become so bored with what religious groups have to offer that they will look elsewhere.’

    He said Protestantism ‘has reached the strange state of self-liquidation,’ that Catholicism was in severe crisis, and anticipated that ‘religions are likely to survive in small enclaves and pockets”‘ in the United States.

    He made those predictions in February 1968.

  15. Air traffic control tower at Washington National Airport goes silent.

    “Johnny, what about some coffee?”
    “No, thanks!”

    1. Brown Gold. 😉

      1. Fatty break.

  16. Just for its entertainment value, here’s a little something to singe the libertarian soul – a preposterous entry from the EULA of a text editor freeware that I just tried out:

    >>19. NEFARIOUS ACTIVITIES. The Licensor may revoke the Licensee’s license to use the software if it is discovered that the Licensee is involved, directly or indirectly, in any illegal or nefarious activities. Deciding what constitutes nefarious activities is solely at the discretion of the Licensor. This includes, but is not limited to:
    – Terrorism
    – Racial prejudice
    – Religious prejudice
    – Hatred in any form
    In such event, Licensee must destroy all copies of the Software as well as all files created by the Software. The Licensor is under no obligation to issue a refund on revoked licenses.>>

    So the thing is, I think all religions are poppycock and I hate soft yolk fried eggs intensely. Do you suppose I have a licensing problem??

    1. You’re not supposed to read those things, just click agree and get on with your intense hate of poppycock.

      1. I would have but Clause 20 forbids doing that.

      2. It is impossible to hate Poppycock!…..014&sr=1-6

        1. I love Poppy’s cock!

          Read my blog!

    2. The fried egg thing may have crossed a line.

  17. BTW – we’re out of money, just like everyone else. My God this is going to be ugly.

    What will be the currency of the future? Gold? Silver? Cigarettes? Ammo? Maybe I should buy that dairy farm in upstate New York…

    1. Twinkies and Jack Daniel’s.

      1. If that’s the case, I’m sitting on a potential gold mine. and i know even have any Twinkies.

  18. Prehistoric Polluters made the Everglades what it is.

    “Piles of garbage left by humans thousands of years ago may have helped form tree-covered biodiversity hot spots in the Florida Everglades, according to a new study. The authors say the findings show that human disturbance of the environment doesn’t always have a negative consequence.”

    Pretty sure I just heard Carl Hiaasen’s head explode.

    1. Of course people have had an effect on the environment for a long long time. But it should be pointed out that garbage from thousands of years ago is what we would call a compost pile today.

  19. Obama limits Miranda rights for suspected terrorists.

    Gee, it sure is a good thing that Obama doesn’t crap on civil rights the way that Bush did. Isn’t that right, all you lefties and other idiots who voted for Obama?

    1. Decent presidents, where do they come from? Not from where we’ve been getting them, that’s for sure.

    2. He’s shredding the Constitution!!!

      1. it is actually a shame the oberman is not on tv anymore…

        1. He’ll be back.

          In the meantime, read his blog and ask yourself, when’s the lawsuit coming?

  20. Well I thought I’d give everyone something to laugh at. I give you, Van Damme!

  21. Obama limits Miranda rights for suspected terrorists.

    For a former Con Law lecturer, this guy seems awfully weak on the whole separation-of-powers, limited-government, individual-rights thing.

    1. Another fucking week; another fucking travesty from the Obama regime.

  22. There’s pretty much a direct link between a country’s level of religious observance and its standard of living. The most atheistic societies have the highest. Among advanced countries, the US is the most religious. Some say this is a curiosity. The reality is, our kleptocratic economy resembles that of equally religious 3rd world countries more than our secular industrialized peers.

    1. Re: Tony,

      There’s pretty much a direct link between a country’s level of religious observance and its standard of living. The most atheistic societies have the highest.

      Another cute statistic: Most fools confuse cause and effect.

      Among advanced countries, the US is the most religious. Some say this is a curiosity.

      Most fools would.

      The reality is, our kleptocratic economy resembles that of equally religious 3rd world countries more than our secular industrialized peers.

      Up is down.

      1. Christ on a cracker, I’m an atheist and I wouldn’t presume that atheism causes a higher standard of living, particularly when the causal relationship in the other direction is so plausible.

        1. Two most atheist countries i can think of have two of the worst standards of living in the world, China and North Korea.

          1. Stop assaulting Tony with facts! LEAVE TONY ALONE!

    2. Re: Tony,

      our kleptocratic economy

      By the way, Tony, there’s no such thing as a kleptocratic economy. A Kleptocracy is a political system, not an economic one. Keptocracies steal from productive people, just like in those “advanced” societies you’re so enamoured of, where government plunders the productive. The ONLY difference is that kleptocrats keep all the loot, whereas democracies pretend to distribute some of the loot to prefered political bodies and lobbyists.

      1. What in my country we call Clientelism. Europeans and the US practice it very well, indeed.

        1. wait a tic, OM is actually mexican? Can’t tell if you’re clean, but certainly articulate…

  23. ‘”Today I directed the FAA to place two air traffic controllers at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport’s control tower on the midnight shift,” LaHood said ‘
    because no one else any lower in the bureaucracy has the brains or authority to think of this.

    1. Maybe it was just a moment of silence for the controllers Reagan fired in the strike.

    1. The Salt Lake Trib has a different story where they give both side’s views. The cops claim he was wanted in two hit and run’s (drink?) from earlier in the day and that he rammed a cop car and turned on another. The DA agreed, of course.

      I don’t know if the dashcam footage was ever released. It would go a long way to clearing this up.

      The SLTrib story has a lot more detail from both perspectives. Here is the link.

      1. The Salt Lake Trib should be a strip joint with lesbian performances.

  24. It appears that the air traffic controller in Washington fell asleep in the tower.

    At least that’s what now being reported.

    They’ll have to wire his chair to the radio and provide pilots with a button in cockpit to send a radio signal to buzz the guy’s ass when they don’t get a response.

    1. Based on my experience, I offer a slightly different proposal …

  25. More police professionalism…

    1. Now, is this New Professionalism or Old Professionalism?

  26. Such action would need prior approval from FBI supervisors and Justice Department lawyers, according to the memo

    Riiiight, since they’ve been so good about proper oversight and authorization for national security letters.

  27. Kill the Congressional Launch Vehicle!…..hicle.html

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