35 Years Ago


"Suddenly the hottest issue in Washington seems to be reform of the vast network of government regulatory agencies. Senators and Representatives of every political stripe are stumbling over one another to introduce legislation…to denounce… 'excessive' government control of business."

—"Trends: Regulatory Reform"

"The abuses in the loan market that new legislation was designed to correct had themselves been caused by earlier legislators' desires to make sure that interest rates never reached 'unreasonable' or 'unconscionable' levels. It should not be difficult to grasp that a transaction occurs only if a gain is expected from the trade by both parties."

—David H. Rogers, "Usury Laws Revisited" 

"Freedom for the prostitute means…more freedom for all the members of society: freedom from hypocrisy; freedom for individuals to join the profession they choose, to spend their time as they choose; sexual freedom for all." 

—Timothy Condon, "What to Do About Prostitution"

                                                                                                  —May 1976