Saif al-Islam: All Over in 24 Hours


In an interview with Euronews, Saif al-Islam Qaddafi claims that the uprising in Libya will be over within 48 hours, the "traitors" will be sent packing to Egypt, and that the "clown" Sarkozy will be exposed as having taken piles of Qaddafi cash to finance his reelection campaign. The sinister man in the turtleneck (and perpetual Miami Vice beard) explains that the revolutionaries are, in fact, ruthless Jacobins; oil-loving opportunists without morals. Sounds vaguely familiar:

And the Sword of Islam' interview with Britain's Channel 4:

Exit question: If the revolution is defeated, will Ben Barber rejoin the Qaddafi Foundation board?

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  1. What exactly is wrong with calling Sarkozy a clown?

  2. That guy seems to be suffering from a lead deficiency.

  3. Stupid Libyan rebels; I’ll bet the poor dummies probably convinced themselves that Obama was actually going to help them out.

    Timing is everything in life, and their timing to throw a revolution couldn’t have sucked more.

    1. Tell me about it.

    2. Those Iranian protesters from 2009 would agree with you.

      I still think we were right for sitting it out militarily, but it wouldn’t have hurt Obama one bit to have stated his desire for the rebels to win.

      1. I’m not so sure that he does want them to win.

        1. Oh, he’ll want them to win…as soon as they are already in control. Then his Dept of Re-writing History will pencil him in as the leading proponent behind the uprising.

    3. I am the government and I’m here to help…

    4. Obama is still backing the DEA against marijuana users even though the bragged about his past smoking to get their votes during the campaign. No rational person should believe that he would back up his speeches with tangible help.

  4. It would be some consolation if the Quaddafi’s go Wikileaks on a few governments.

  5. Watching events such as those happening in Libya is when my libertarianism is most tested.

    For while my mind understands the folly of interventionism, my heart tells me something else.

    Here’s hoping the improbable happens.

    1. Jesus, stick your head a bit further up your ass and breath deeply. You’ll be okay. If this persists, call the libertarian help line. No, wait, that would mean taking your head out of your ass. Let me get back to you on this.

      1. Are you advocating an invasion?

      2. Maxie, your butt plug tripped the circuit breakers again!

    2. Stick the phone up your ass too.

    3. Here’s the problem with intervening in a place like Libya: the actual people directing the intervention have the intelligence, understanding, and competence of Max, and are bound the fuck things up worse than they would have if they had done nothing.

      And, by its intervention, the US government will create new enemies and get blamed for everything bad that happens. And, ordinary subjects of the old tyrant are unlikely to benefit from the intervention.

      Further, there is little hope that the new, US-approved tyrant who takes over will be significantly better than the old tyrant.

      The US pulled off a reasonably good job of liberation in western Europe and east Asia about seven decades ago, but only after relentless application of a total war strategy utilizing widespread application of napalm and a couple atomic bombs. Some people question the morality of such liberation. Its attempts since then have usually been dismal and expensive failures (Viet Nam, Haiti, Somalia, Iraq, Iran, Cuba, Afghanistan, Libya, Israel/Palestine, Lebanon, Angola, Liberia, Pakistan, etc., etc., etc.) Interventions in Kuwait, Nicaragua, Panama, and Chile were arguably successful, but still subject to so much reasonable criticism that the success is also arguably dubious.

      One’s head must be squarely up one’s ass to think that American interventionalism has a history of success.

      1. Just for the sake of argument, how about this: We use our SIGINT to figure out where Qaddafi is, a B-2 makes a secret flight, and there’s a series of mysterious explosions at Qaddafi’s headquarters. Minimal risk and deniable.

  6. The best way to secure freedom for Libyans is to grant them immigration visas to the USA.

  7. The London School of Economics is a piece of shit. They embraced this fool with open arms.

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