Reason Morning Links: More Nuclear Problems in Japan, GOP Looks To Slash NPR Funding, White House Pushes Web Privacy


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  1. The Romanization is more like Fuck You, Shima, Number One, on that nuke plant place. . .

  2. And why the fuck is NPR funding in any way, shape or form anything close to being any sort of “emergency”? The cookie monster starting to glow in the dark or some shit?

    1. Cutting one useless piece of funding is a dangerous president. It they are consistent it would lead to an ending to the vast majority of Spending in Washington.

    2. Because we’re Out of Money (TM) and it represents roughly 85% of federal spending.

  3. Man could get 15 years for urging Internet strangers to commit suicide.

    That’s why I just say “DIAF”.

    1. Gotta admit, the guy is one sick motherfucker.

  4. The Obama administration plans to ask Congress Wednesday to pass a “privacy bill of rights” to protect Americans from intrusive data gathering


    1. like, er, Obamacare?

      1. ur death panel awaits

    2. My first reaction was to wonder if the bill includes protection against they prying eyes of government. Probably not what they had in mind though.

    3. Like the census long form and 1040 form?

  5. Why should we believe anything the NYT says about the Japanese nuclear plants? I’ve seen a number of links to science and nuke blogs debunking their hysteria.

    Just askin’.

  6. Why should we believe anything the NYT says about the Japanese nuclear plants? I’ve seen a number of links to science and nuke blogs debunking their hysteria.

    Just askin’.

    1. Ah the dreaded mobile double post.

      1. it was better the second time

        1. Technology let you down.

    2. Ahhh, they are preparing to bring in a water cannon to try to cool the reactors. That’s a last ditch effort. They said they couldn’t use a helicopter because radiation levels were too high. It’s pretty much just a matter of time before the meltdown. They will roll out the water cannon, take some pretty pictures, and say, “see, we tried everything”.…..ear-crisis

      1. No, they’re bringing in a water cannon to try to fill the spent fuel storage pools back up. That has nothing to do with the possible meltdown of the reactor cores.

        1. As I understand it, those spent fuel rods can meltdown.

          1. Not the actual rods, but the assembly that holds them. If the water levels drop, the exposed rods can release radiation into the atmosphere through the two holes that were blown out due to the explosion. Those holes are where they plan to blast the water through. Exposure of spent fuel to the atmosphere is serious because there is more radiation in the spent fuel than in the reactor

            1. Please have a look at the cutaway diagram on Page 16 of the linked file.…..ers/03.pdf

              If there were holes blown in the side of the spent fuel pool (which is mostly above the reactor), it will never get filled back up. Are you saying the water is to be shot into holes in the pool or holes in the steel sheet building above the fuel pool?

            2. It’s not that the spent fuel is exposed to the atmosphere, so much as air is not a good for heat transfer as water is. The spent fuel assemblies overheat, causing their casings to fracture and *that* is when material with a lot of zoomies gets released to the environment. (although you are right that if the outer containment is already breached, water covering a broken spent fuel assembly is marginally better than that broken fuel assembly being vented to the atmosphere)

              1. According to NEI the fuel pools have not been breached. So the volume loss must be mostly due to evaporation/boiling and possible splashing from when the blasts happened.


    3. Links?

  7. Enron whistle blower gets $1.1 million from federal government for reporting fictitious tax shelters.

    Ironically, the $1.1 million reward is itself taxable income.

    1. oh, i thought you going to say “fictious”

    2. Which after taxes leaves just enough to purchase a real whistle.

  8. Man could get 15 years for urging Internet strangers to commit suicide.

    If you kill yourself because some anonymous, twisted shitbag on the Internet tells you to do so, you have far bigger problems than depression.

    1. Not anymore.

    2. Since when did everyone else’s mental problems become my responsibility? If I tell JW to go drink Drano while listening to bootleg The Cure concerts, that’s on him if he goes ahead.

      1. If you choose to go drink Drano while listening to bootleg The Cure concerts, you still have made a choice.

      2. “These are not the suicidal droids you’re looking for.”

        1. Which is worse: Drano or the background screaming of Goth girls on the recording?

          1. In Minnesota, no one can hear you scream

          2. “The burning sensation means that its working.”

            I once had a buddy who tried to go as a zombie for Halloween. I say “try,” because as soon as I saw him, I yelled, “Holy shit! It’s Robert Smith!” He had to spend the rest of the night explaining to everyone that he wasn’t Robert Smith.

            1. It’s fairly hard to fuck-up zombie into Robert Smith. Was he planned on going as a gay pirate and changed his mind, but not his clothes, halfway through?

              1. Of course you know, this means war.

                1. Hey now, I love the early Cure as much as the next 80s kid, but the mussed-hair, lipstick, and puffy shirt look is not exactly masculine.

                  In the immortal words of Charlie Murphy: “What are you angry about? You know where you got that shirt… and it damn sure wasn’t the men’s department.”

                  1. *giggle* I’ve wanted to fuck Robert Smith for 20+ years for his mind, SF, his beautiful mind. Alas, I cannot hear wind chimes without feeling downright randy.

                    1. I’ve wanted to fuck Robert Smith for 20+ years for his mind

                      Makes me think in the Nine Inch Nails concert I went to in ’94. In the quiet right before he started to sing, a girl screamed out: “TRENT! I WANT YOU TO FUCK ME LIKE AN ANIMAL!”

                      My boss was also at that concert, years before I would meet her. I’ve been try to get her to cop to being that girl for the better part of a decade.

                    2. You went to a NIN concert (I assume with a girl)?! Incidentally, I knew I’d met “the one” when he not only liked The Cure, he did not scream nonsense about his ears bleeding when I listened to Depeche Mode. . . though “Somebody” may have caused some transient nausea.

                    3. I went with the future Mrs. SugarFree. A then unheard of Marilyn Manson opened for him, they weren’t even wearing make-up at that point.

                    4. Awwww, SF. And you try to pass yourself off as being a jackass in youth. The future Mr. Sometimes and I saw Pearl Jam (free concert on the Hill) when they were virtually unknown. They sucked then, too.

                    5. If that was in Virginia that might have been the Future-Now-Ex Mrs. SFC B

                  2. Your blind adherence to heteronormativity makes me want to vomit.

                    1. As does this drivel.

                  3. Shirts against the blouses.

              2. “Zombie” had somehow morphed into just bad Goth, complete with eyeliner. I wasn’t sure how he managed it, but it was funny as hell.

      3. I think if you’re listening to bootleg The Cure concerts, you can skip the Drano and save a couple bucks.

        Also, that is clearly some “lethal advocacy” there. Why do you hate JW, Sugarfree?

        1. Why do you hate JW, Sugarfree?

          He only does it to hide his manly shame.

      4. Makes me think of the South Park where one of the kids wants to join the goth clique.

        He asks “How do I be a nonconformist like you?”

        The response “All you have to do is dress like us and listen to the same music as us.”

    3. If you want to read something depressing read the comment section on that article. They are all comments like this:
      to SoFla I do suffer from depression and yes your right we don’t need people cheering us on. For anyone to do such a thing should be convicted of 1st degree murder they knew what they we’re doing they pushed these persons over the edge just as if they were right there.”

  9. I could see Radley’s Monday morning posts driving people to suicide. Better be careful.

    1. IIRC, there was a comment yesterday about wanting to eat a bullet after reading Radley. But I’m not worried, considering the source.

      1. Yeah, that was me! Good Morning, Reason!


        1. OH NOES!! I never thought he’d actually *do* it!

          Oh, to see just … one … more comment from … Almanian.

          1. *gasping*

            It was the violent, eliminationist, “lethal advocacy” on H&R that made me do it.

            And Balko’s FUCKING articles….


            1. Finally – a dying declaration case!

              *rubs hands*

              1. I’ll start the billable-hours timer, Boss…

  10. Man could get 15 years for urging Internet strangers to commit suicide.

    How much for urging baseball fans to kill the ump?

  11. Enron whistle blower gets $1.1 million from federal government for reporting fictitious tax shelters.

    I dunno, something about this rubs me the wrong way. Maybe it’s just my aversion to the whole concept of the income tax, but rewarding narcs who help perpetuate the scheme just seems a bit unseemly to me.

    I mean, fuck the IRS, fuck the whole idea that every goddamn red cent of wealth in this country belongs to the government, and fuck rewarding the tattletales who enable the whole thing. You shouldn’t be informing the government, you should be admiring them for trying to keep what’s theirs.

    NB: I am not opining Enron’s fraud of its investors and counterparties, or even the legality of its tax structures, just the whole rewards for informants thing.

    1. (866) HLS-TIPS. No reward, other than feeling good for a job well done.

      1. Kudos! The commercialization of snitching cheapens the purity of being turning in your co-conspirators and betraying confidences. When I rat on someone, I do it for the love of the game, not to make a quick buck.

      2. I believe this was signed into law in Dec. 2006. It’s certainly some shady shit, asking people to rat out their employers and neighbors.…..71,00.html

    2. Maybe it’s just my aversion

      “I prefer ‘avoision’.”

      1. “Why, soitenly!”

        1. You imbecile

      2. “I prefer ‘avoision’.”

        Is that a French word? That sounds French. Are you a fucking Frenchie?

  12. In a 2003 report on Enron tax issues, the staff of Congress’s Joint Committee on Taxation said Enron engaged in transactions “that were designed to satisfy the literal requirements of the corporate tax laws, yet produce results that were not contemplated by Congress and not warranted from a tax policy perspective.”

    When the letter of the law is on the government’s side, they win.

    When the letter of the law is on your side, they win.

    1. produce results that were not contemplated by Congress

      I believe there’s an Iron Law applicable here. Also, with all due respect, there’s considerable evidence Congress is not in the business of contemplating results.

      and not warranted from a tax policy perspective

      And what does that even mean?

      1. I believe there’s an Iron Law applicable here.

        But of course.

        Foreseeable consequences are not unintended.

  13. “Such is the growing international alarm about the nuclear crisis that France announced it was urging its citizens living in Tokyo to head to safer areas or to leave the country ”

    Way to live up to the stereotype, Frenchy.

    1. Mai oui get zee fuque out!

    2. >>”Such is the growing international alarm about the nuclear crisis that France announced it was urging its citizens living in Tokyo to head to safer areas or to leave the country ”
      Way to live up to the stereotype, Frenchy.

      Ain’t just Frenchy. Our Japanese friends in Tokyo whom we were planning to visit in early May just emailed us this morning and told us to forget about it. Half the places they were planning to take us are gone. Tokyo radiation levels are up and there are lots of tremors.

    3. The French are leaving Tokyo? That may be incentive enough for me to move back there.

  14. White House pushes Internet privacy bill.

    Won’t this conflict with the internet piracy enforcement the White House is pushing?

    1. Absolutely not. The right people are doing the enforcement.

  15. Why are Jews funny? Pogroms, of course.

    Shit is officially fucked up when an Emperor tells you to buck up.

      1. AAAAnd…sing it with me now………

  16. Miami-Dade recalls mayor over tax increases. 80% of recall voters say pack shit, get out.

    Mayor still does not get it:

    “If I had done what Mr. Braman wanted me to do…I would be facing a recall by the other people” whose funding for arts and social services was cut, Alvarez said.

    1. Yes, Mayor. The other 20% of people, maximum.

    2. A recall by 20% of the voters strikes me as pretty survivable.

      You kleptocratic fascist.

  17. Gilbert Gottfried fired as Aflac duck; women, minorities hit hardest.

    1. Personally I thought his tweets were funny. But as we know the outrage industry is always looking for new business opportunities.

  18. Repulsive

    Sorry, all you reasonable users…

    I’d write something about it, but sometimes even I can’t stomach the horror.

    1. That’s hot.

      Def nsfw, though.

    2. I see what you mean, SF. The guy’s right hand is teh *nastiest*.

    3. “We shall see that at which dogs howl in the dark, and that at which cats prick up their ears after midnight.”

      It works for everything, doesn’t it?

      1. Howie really knew what he was doing.

      2. i heart lovecraft

    4. HAHA! Not this time, I’m not. Nope, I’m not gonna click on that link….you can’t make me, you can’t make me….


      1. Cleeeck it… cleeck it….

        1. BTW – I use the Sugarfree “Click on it – you KNOW you want to” on FB now – works EVERY time, I swear.

          “Oh, I didn’t want to do that, but it was so tempting…”

          I feel evil in a good way every time 🙂

          1. This is the joy I feel everyday. HAHAHAHAHA!

          2. YAY!! You scamp!

    5. “Come here, I’m slipping in popularity in San Francisco.”

      “Sweet fuck, Nancy… Your face feels like a lizard’s asshole.”

      “Shut up and hug me like you mean it, faggot.”

      “I should kick you right in the cunt. Or did you have that cut out too?”

    6. Forget the Drano and The Cure, that’s all you need.

    7. Awww, that’s just naaaaasty…

  19. “White House pushes Internet privacy bill.”

    They should really try pulling on it, too. I find that works for me.

    1. Jesus, Johnny – that’s just MEAN

    2. Do you go out looking for this stuff, or did you sign up for some sort of aggregator that brings you the gayest and latest breaking Golden Girls news?

  20. This is a year old, but I had never seen it before.

    1)Drunk belligerent idiot wants a cheeseburger, gets pwned by a drunk BJJ beginner.

    2)Our Hero tells the story.

    “I will beat you all over those french fries, boy!”

    1. He’s lucky he didn’t try that shit with Casey Heynes or he would be eating his cheeseburgers through a straw.

    2. he needs to work on that kesa gatame.

      1. Like Our Hero said, “Drunk grappling is not technical.”

  21. Frank looks uncomfortable…in his britches!

  22. The (sans)Jacket was good on “Fox and Friends” this morning. The doofus from the Democrats had at least turned back the rhetoric on the supposed “$160 million tax cuts for corporations” that the left has been flogging about Gov. Walker. Now it’s a $100 million cut for “the upper echelons.” A review of the tax cuts reveals nothing of the sort.

    1. The Jacket was there. Whether it choose to be seen by you is a different matter entirely.

      1. It’s like a power ring in that it (1) imparts superpowers to the wearer and (2) was delivered to him by aliens.

        1. Oh, for the day when they Reason offices are destroyed by Warworld and Nick kills all the other jacket wearers to have the power to recreate the building and restore the shattered bodies of the hapless interns. Beware the day he shows up wearing 20 Jackets!

          1. I want to see the issue where he and the Fonz battle it out. Epic.

            1. It’s the lead up to the Zero Hour event. It results in a reset of the Hit & Run servers that causes all the continuity errors to be rectified. Unfortunately, Warty will be written out of existence. At least until we find him trapped in the mind of The Psycho Pirate.

              1. And here I was hoping that I’d finally get to have it out with Bizarro Warty, who hates kitties.

                1. He’ll get his, don’t you worry.

          2. i like to think of The Jacket like the cruciform in the Hyperion quadrology. I just feel bad for the anti-jacket who is ceremonially killed upon each rebirth.

            1. Well, he does take it off, which is a problem with that analogy.

              I, of course, am on record in believing that Nick took the sandcow skin as his own to become the God Editor of Reason. I guess that makes him the Kwittheshitz Hadenough, though I’ve been claiming that title for myself. Hmmm. Could there be more than one?

              1. He can take The Jacket off, but he experiences incredible pain when doing so.

                1. “Are you of the Jacket?”
                  “well, I’m wearing a jacket, so I guess I am.”
                  “He knows of the jacket but does not wear The Jacket”
                  I wasn’t sure what they meant, but they lead me down to a cave hidden behind vines. At first glance, the walls of the cave looked sterile and lifeless. When my eyes adjusted to the low light I saw a the glow of thousands upon thousands of Jackets that lined the smooth walls as if they were one with the stone and earth. They lead me toward a great hall with an altar.
                  They stripped me of my clothes and lay me down on that altar. One of them, I’m not sure which, places one of the glowing Jackets on me. Another steps forward with a dagger in hand and plunges it deep into my chest.
                  I am of The Jacket now.

              2. It all depends on whether or not he was able to take the Water of Reason and not die from the ensuing madness.

                1. I like Hyperion, but I’m sticking with my Dune analogy.


    This article is great on so many levels. Foremost there is the schadenfreude of listening to the suffering of old Marxists. That is always fun. Then, there is the fact that the artist is named Phil Collins. It is like Office Space.

    And it contains oen of the best slams I have ever read. “His music was always a middle-aged Thatcherite moan. Even in its most joyous moments it was a self-inflicted wound”

    Only the Brits can insult like that.

    1. I disavowed all knowledge of Genesis after “Then There Were Three” – that was the last straw. Phil Collins’ solo shit never touched my turntable…

      *he says, dating himself badly*

      1. “dating yourself badly”? Did you tease yourself? Get drunk and storm out of a restaurant after you caught yourself checking out another you? Did you find out that you slept with your best friend behind your own back on your birthday?

        1. Yes – what a CAD I was to myself….the shame of it…

    2. Good article.

      The line by the sad marxist, “I don’t eat bananas anymore…” made me chuckle.

      Also the part about how in WGER they seemed well fed, rich, and happy, but were actually being exploited. If that’s being exploited, then count me in.

      1. And of course I don’t drink coca cola. I like that one to.

    3. She couldn’t share in the euphoria of the times, and remembers West German Chancellor Helmut Kohl going walkabout in Karl Marx Platz. “Kohl handed out bananas and Coca-Cola. I don’t eat bananas any more ? and of course I don’t drink Coca-Cola.”


    4. Maybe it’s all part of a movement championed by philosopher Slavoj ?i?ek in his new book The Idea of Communism. ?i?ek suggests that, now we’ve all had some nice anti-communist fun, it’s time to get serious again, time to get with the socialist programme. “Do not be afraid,” he writes, “join us, come back!”

      Come for the grinding poverty, stay for the political murders.

      ?i?ek has overcome Chomsky as our most vacuous pop-intellectual.

      1. Cooler name, though.

        1. Little known fact:

          The Tampa Bay Lightning offered ?i?ek a two year, $2.43 million contract just for his name alone. He declined.

          1. They traded his rights to the Devils for two former communists to be named later.

          2. We do have a dearth of cool names.

        2. Kind of sounds like a seasonal allergy drug. Of course, Chomsky just makes me think: CHOMP-CHOMP CHEWY CHOMP!

          1. “Eat at Chomsky’s! Home of the 3-lb BIG BACON CHOMPER!!!!!”

            1. Free semantic critic of your capitalist pig ways if you can finish it in under 45 minutes.

  24. The ‘magic’ is gone for Easy-Bake Ovens
    Energy-efficient light bulbs mean a big change for the iconic Easy-Bake Oven.…..14209.html

    1. Fucking Second Amendment, how does that work?

    2. Because we all know a constitutional right can be infringed by executive order, because of the Commerce Clause or something.

    3. Kind of like how GHW Bush, Clinton, and GW Bush regulated them by executive order? Not that I agree that it should be possible, but it’s been done before.

      1. Kind of like how GHW Bush, Clinton, and GW Bush regulated them by executive order?

        I, for one, would appreciate a link.

        1. Don’t have links available, but GHWB issued an exec order prohibiting importation of “Assault Weapons” in 1989, and GWB issued an exec order blocking importation of parts kits with barrels. Can’t exactly remember about Clinton; might have spoken too soon on that one.

    4. Fucking Article I of the Constitution, how does it work?

    5. Awesome, I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

      If he wants to do something about gun crime through executive action, he could fire a good chunk of the Gun Runners BATF.

  25. Good Lord Number One: Who to Root for Between Fed Drug Warriors and Georgian Execution Hungry Correctional Officials?…..l?hpid=z10

    The Drug Enforcement Administration on Tuesday seized Georgia’s supply of a key lethal injection drug less than two months after the state executed a man who unsuccessfully argued it was bought from a “fly-by-night” supplier in England.

    Agency spokesman Chuvalo Truesdell wouldn’t elaborate on exactly why the DEA wanted to inspect Georgia’s supply of sodium thiopental, a sedative that is part of a three-drug cocktail used in executions that has been in short supply since the sole U.S. manufacturer stopped making it.

    “We had questions about how the drug was imported to the U.S.,” he said. “There were concerns.”

    1. In a battle between the DEA and corrections officials, I always root for Meteor.

    2. If they had questions about how it was imported, why did they need to seize the drugs? Couldn’t they have just copied the paperwork?

    Do you really want to use rote chanting to train kids to protest against authority?

    1. Opposition to authority doesn’t mean support for freethinking. One can simply support bottom-up conformity achieved through distributed social pressure.

  27. Good Lord Number 2…..?_r=1&hpw;
    When Alexandra Wallace recorded her rant about Asian students using cellphones in the library at the University of California, Los Angeles, she was alone, speaking to her computer.

    But since she posted the three-minute video to YouTube, Ms. Wallace, a third-year political science student at U.C.L.A., has achieved a sudden, unwelcome celebrity: her video has been viewed by millions of people, and she has become the subject of nationwide condemnation and the catalyst of a debate about racial intolerance and free speech.

    1. The idiot bar skank is strong in this one.

      1. I’d hit it. But I’d angle for a threesome with an Asian girl for irony.

      2. That’s a future stripper/low budget porn star if I’ve ever seen one.


    Mrs. Suderman on evil disabled abusing public service union members.

  29. http://philoofalexandria.wordp…..ant-garde/

    The intollerance and boredom of the avant garde. The art in question is pretty damend funny.

    1. It reminds me of that one South Park, where after they leave the Museum of Tolerance, all the adults take turns calling a smoker names.

      1. What is most pathetic about it is that it was his fellow students who complained.

        1. No one is more reactionary than a good little progressive.

          1. What, 19th century ideology isn’t where it’s at anymore?

    2. It looks like a Wacky Packages redux.

      More satirical than avant garde.

  30. Come for the invasion of privacy, stay for the ionizing radiation.

  31. Animals rescued from animal shelter:…..dyssey=mod|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|s

    Dig the irony.

  32. We’re officially fucked.

    FTA: “The new CMO’s name is Dr. Richard S. Frankenstein, pronounced Franken-STEEN ? unlike the monster-building doctor in Mary Shelley’s classic story.”

    1. I saw that. Great news for life-extending research, if you ask me.

    2. Without looking, is it a story about Gene Wilder?

  33. Also, all seriousness aside – can we NOT get an update on the Mosque of the Sainted Ground Zero Red Death around here?

    Helllllooooooo! Is this thing on?

  34. We hope the Japanase government could soon overcome this nuclear crisis, with a water cannon or whatever ways.

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