The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Needs Your Help in Picking a Shitty New Slogan


The DSCC needs your help in designing its "next car magnet." They want you to choose among the following slogans that contributors will show off on their vehicles before they drive off of bridges out of sheer embarrassment:

  • We've Got Your Back, Barack
  • Had Enough Tea? Repeal Republicans in 2012!
  • GOP: Not My Cup of Tea
  • No Tea For Me, Thanks. I Prefer Progress.
  • GOPuleeeeez

More here.

Based on the quality of the choices alone, I'm predicting the Democrats will lose every seat in the Senate in 2012.

Go here to can buy a "I Am The Firewall" tote bag. Which would be cool if it had a burning Buddhist monk on it (it does not).