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$2 Million NYC Brain Scan Bus: "Can I demonstrate that scientifically? No"



Every year, the Brain Tumor Foundation bombards the [New York] City Council with stories of loved ones lost, frightening statistics about the prevalence of cancer and pledges to "literally save the lives of your constituents."

And each year, the Council responds, turning down food banks, after-school programs and arts groups in favor of the foundation, which provides free brain scans. The group has received nearly $2 million since 2005, making it one of the top recipients of discretionary funds, known as earmarks. […]

The president of the foundation, Dr. Patrick J. Kelly, a retired New York University neurosurgeon, acknowledged that the potential of his work, which focuses on the early detection of tumors, has not yet been proved. "It just makes sense," he said in a recent interview. "Can I demonstrate that scientifically? No." […]

Even Dr. Kelly was startled to learn that his group was one of the biggest recipients of Council money. "Is it as important as feeding people up in Harlem?" he said. "Well, probably not."

"But," he joked, "I won't turn it down."

Ha! Jokes! But seriously, folks…

In New York, council members said they were moved by the foundation's sobering testimonials and grim numbers. Some also seemed acutely aware of the political benefits.

"You should print this: Councilman is saving people from cancer," said Domenic M. Recchia Jr., the Council's finance chairman. "End of story."

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  1. Dear Councilman Domenic M. Recchia Jr.,

    YOU are a cancer.

    Please remove yourself.



  2. A brain scan of the council chamber came back negative.

  3. I can actually speak with some authority on this matter being that my fiance (then gf) had a brain tumor a little over a year ago. At some point, it grows to the point where it becomes recognizable to the person suffering from it. In my gf’s case, she began having severe migraines and started seeing visual hallucinations in her peripheral vision. When she realized that this wasn’t exactly normal, she went to a neurologist who recommended an MRI. Upon getting the results of the MRI, she had brain surgery scheduled within a week (god bless private insurance!, imagine the queue for this surgery in the NHS). Tumor was mostly removed. They had to leave a spot behind because it was on the vein that drained blood from the brain and they didnt wanna risk causing a stroke. They zapped the remainder with gamma knife and she goes in every six months now for an MRI to ensure that the remainder bit continues shrinking into oblivion. She has her next MRI scheduled next week so any positive thoughts I can get from my fellow libertarians would be apppreciated.

    1. Best wishes to your GF.

      1. Thanks. I think this might be the one thing that even Tony will agree with me on. Besides Tony, my fiance is a public school teacher 😉

        1. So your fiance felt something was wrong so she went to the doctor like any thinking person would? Great. I hope she fully recovers. Also nice to know she didn’t need some roving government contractor to tell her she was having headaches and strange vision.

          1. More times than not, when a person feels a brain tumor to even think to inquire, it has progressed past the point of many early treatments.

            Glad your girlfriend got the MRI. I’ve heard too many cases where even with years of seizures, an MRI was either not advised or not cover/affordable with insurance.

            A brain scan bus is a wonderful idea for those who may not otherwise get the scan even when prescribed. With insurance, you still pay hundreds with most group plans.

    2. Best wishes to your fiance, dude. I’m glad she was promptly treatment.

  4. Braaaaaaainss….!

    (slobbering munchinig sound)

  5. Braaaaainss….

  6. Ban cell phones and there won’t anymore brain cancer or even benign tumors. Of course I’l be out job but I can unemployment

    1. Ban cell phones? I just down loaded the Reason app for android.

  7. Scan this, motherfucker.

  8. So, if I understand this, the Brain Tumor Foundation goes to the City Council and says, “Look at this terrible disease! Look at these poor suffering people! Now give us a couple of million bucks for something that won’t do a damn thing to help.”

    And the Council says, “Sure. Here you go.”

    1. I think I need to change my business model.

  9. I’ll take any motherfucker’s money if he’s giving it away.

    1. I wonder if government bureaucrats (but I repeat myself) are the source of the old saying, “A fool and his money are soon parted.” After all, government bureaucrats (but I repeat myself) do think taxes belong to them.

  10. My magnetic compass says I’m driving the wrong way, guess I should turn here, where this 18-wheeler is parked.

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