Reason.tv: What We Saw at the Students For Liberty Conference 2011


Reason.tv attended the Students For Liberty International Conference 2011 at the George Washington University in Washington, February 18th to the 20th.

Students For Liberty is a nonprofit organization geared toward aiding libertarian student groups on campus and abroad. Formed in 2008, SFL has grown from thirty students to over 500 and begun to gain the media attention of Fox Business Network and Stossel. Reason.tv sat down with Co-founders Alexander McCobin and Sloane Frost, Executive Board Member Ankur Chawla, Communication Manager Blayne Bennett and SFL Student of the Year 2011 Michelle Fields to talk about the organization's exceptional growth and if it is connected to a increased interest in libertarianism in the general public. Reason.tv also interviewed the students attending about why they are libertarian and what they hoped to take away from the conference.

Approximately 3 minutes long. Shot and edited by Josh Swain. Interviews by Swain with assistance from Reason Foundation research assistant Harris Kenny and Communication Specialist Katie Hooks.

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Check out Reason.tv's interview with Michelle Fields produced Novermeber 29, 2010.