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This Shouldn't Even Happen to a Dog or, The Latest in Chinese Illiberalism


China's largest city has adapted the nation's grotesque one-child policy to man's best friend. Bloomberg reports on Shanghai's one-dog policy:

Shanghai's population may have reached 23 million people last year as more migrants moved to the city, China Daily reported Feb. 23. Dog ownership has also risen dramatically with incomes in China, which passed the one-child policy in 1979 to limit its human population.

The city's gross domestic product last year grew 9.9 percent to 1.687 trillion yuan. The city now has 600,000 unlicensed dogs, according to a report in the Shanghai Daily. The newspaper added that the government will also impose a 200 yuan fine on dog owners who fail to clean up after their pets.

"As incomes rise, more people want pets," said Shaun Rein, Shanghai-based managing director of China Market Research Group. "It's becoming a serious issue about dogs running around, pooping and causing a mess."

Come May 15, pro-dog hooligans will face fines of up to $152. City officials have also banned breeds deemed likely to attack people: Tibetan mastiffs, Beauceron wolfdogs, and English bulldogs. Of course they banned Tibetan dogs.

More here.

Hat tip: Megan McLaughlin.

Jacob Sullum wrote a fantastic essay on China's human-population policies. Read "Thank Deng Xiaoping for Little Girls" now.

Headline allusion at end of this clip:

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  1. “It’s becoming a serious issue about dogs running around, pooping and causing a mess.”

    We’ve got a similar issue with trolls…maybe we can adopt a one-troll policy?

    1. Better yet, a one liberturd per thread policy.

  2. China’s largest city has adapted the nation’s grotesque one-child policy

    Side note: I predicted some years ago here on H&R that China would end its one-child policy within a decade. I’m pretty sure I’m comin’ up on ten years. So, damn. So far, looks like I was off on that one.

    1. I hope they don’t. It’s going to fun in a few years when there are a bunch of single 20 something males who are becoming more financially secure and starting to think more about civil liberties.

      1. and getting sick of the sausage fest, since Chinese families prefer their one child to be male

        nothing can be more motivating than a desire for women

      2. Yeah, the financially secure sure do raise a ruckus.

        1. People who are worried about not starving really don’t have much time to worry about why the government is blocking their access to internet sites or censoring the news.

  3. at least they learned to WALK their dogs instead of EAT them.


  4. Breed bans are absurd.

    I’m on the fence about laws dealing with pet and pet abandonment or pet treatment. In the US there’s a significant portion of the population that won’t take care of their pets. Refusal to pay to neuter or spay them and subsequently abandoning them causes a pretty big problem. I’d rather see charities try to solve the problem and there are some doing a great job, but there’s only so much you can do as a charity.

    I can support spay and neuter laws at a city or municipal level. I’m really on the fence about cruelty laws, people do some awful shit to animals for entertainment. (yes there is a delineation between entertainment through cruelty and food) I can’t stand breed laws or restrictions on animals.(you want a goat/chicken/weasel/elephant and will take care of it and it doesn’t effect me, go for it)

    So while animals are property, if there’s enough assholes not maintaining their property and it begins to significantly effect me, and my recourse in civil courts is limited since the effect is after the fact and the person causing the problem is not known, I think I can deal with some local regulation. Like spay and neuter laws and breeding quantity restrictions within a small community or city.

    I know, it’s anti-libertarian.

    1. agreed mostly

      but animal restrictions are legit. Lions, tigers, etc. can be extremely dangerous. Chimps especially can be dangerous, they’re easily 5 times stronger than a man in pretty much every muscle/range of motion, and are PRONE to violence (their soceity in the wild thrives on brutality – beatings by the alpha male are regular just within one group – and they’ve even been proven to go to war solely for the sake of attacking other chimp clans).

      I remember the absurd but real example of when a few years back a guys was found keeping a tiger and other exotic animals in his NYC apartment

    2. Breed bans are absurd.

      Says you.

      1. Nope, their absurd.

        1. wow, they’re…

    3. I can’t support spay and neuter laws. I’m kind of against the whole practice in the first place. But laws against cruelty are 100% legit in my book. These are the types of laws that should be some of the last to go if we were on the road to utopian anarchy. If you are cruel to a mostly defenseless animal that relies on you, then you shouldn’t be allowed to have one or take care of one.

      1. Define “cruel”. Forcing horses into harnesses and making them cary people on their backs? Beheading lab mice and centrifuging their little brains? Wearing wool clothes? Eating honey? Sitting on a leather couch? Cockfighting? Fishing? Hunting? Trapping? Coursing hares? Fox hunting? Making cats walk a tightrope in a front “paw-stand” through flaming hoops? Dog racing? Making an omelet? Dog sled racing? Dog fighting?
        Eating oysters on the half shell? Eating horsemeat?

        See the problem with “animal cruelty” laws?

        1. I’m on the fence with cruelty laws. I think a local government can set a legal bar high enough for the local population to be happy. Anything beyond a city or municipality you run the risk of people not being able to fight or comfortably move. For instance my state just passed a retarded puppy mill law. Now if the city I live in wanted to pass legislation limiting breeding I’d have a harder time opposing it at that level although I’d be on the fence about it. I just don’t like government telling anyone what to do with my property, but when that property is running loose and the owner isn’t identifiable to take action against your in a rough spot.

        2. Wearing wool clothes?

          I only wear gathered-wool hipster-sweaters. You can taste the cruelty-free in them.

          1. Sheep hate being sheered, but man do they look cooler after they are. Plus sheep are stupid, raised for the purpose of wool, and live protected life because of it.

            Wool stinks, is oily, and generally sucks to handle. It is totally kool though if you have ever seen someone pull a complete one piece fleece off a sheep in the shape of a sheep.

            1. My dog hates getting a bath, but giving him a bath isn’t cruelty.

            2. Plus sheep are stupid, raised for the purpose of wool, and live protected life because of it.

              The “protection” does not extend to their young male offspring, thankfully!

        3. Define “cruel”.

          Inflicting pain and suffering.

          Forcing horses into harnesses and making them cary people on their backs?

          Not necessarily. It depends.

          Beheading lab mice and centrifuging their little brains?

          Not necessarily. It depends.

          Wearing wool clothes?


          Sitting on a leather couch?


          Cockfighting? Dog fighting?

          Yes. And bullfighting and any kind of fighting.

          Fishing? Hunting? Trapping? Fox hunting?

          It depends on how it’s done.

          Coursing hares?


          Making cats walk a tightrope in a front “paw-stand” through flaming hoops?


          Dog racing?

          Yes. Well, the racing part not so much. The way the dogs are treated by the industry, yes.

          Dog sled racing?

          Sled racing dogs are usually well treated and they enjoy the sledding. Sled dogs in general, as in run by tourist sled dog companies can treat their dogs like total shit or like they are disposable. Surely you heard about the 100 sled dogs in British Columbia?

          1. See your arbitrary definition is at odds with both animal rights “advocates” stricter standards and the “looser” ones under US law. All three define many traditional cultural uses of animals as “cruelty” and a crime,carrying a penalty of loss of property and liberty.Why should your “yuck factor”, sensitivities or morals apply to anyone else as long as no ones rights are being violated?

          2. IIRC, coursing hares is still legal in the UK where just about any use of animals (outside of pets and eating) is considered “cruelty”.

    4. “I can support spay and neuter laws at a city or municipal level.”

      It’s barbaric, unneccessary and causes health problems. If you can’t keep a dog from getting knocked-up, then you shouldn’t have one. And if your dog does get knocked up, take it to the vet for an abortion. If it’s good enough for a thirteen-year-old pregnant girl in New Jersey, it’s good enough for a dog.

      Spaying a dog is a major opperation. It’s a goddamned hysterectomy for Christ’s sake. It results in health problems that can cost thousands to counter.

      1. I’m not willing to tell people they can’t have property they can afford. I am willing to try and get those people to spay and neuter that property.

        It is not a major operation by any stretch of the imagination.

        1. I should say a tubal ligation is not a major surgery and that is the route that most vets will take unless there are other issues. (vets I know) The other procedures a hysterectomy and ovalwhateverthefuckit’scalled, are fairly invasive and usually not bothered with unless there are issues other than reproduction.

          1. Regardless of the procedure, it’s better than gassing them in a shelter…

            1. and letting all that meat go to waste.
              The crazy US Congress voted to require unwanted horse to be buried or cremated rather than processed into useful meat, hair, hides and jello.

              1. You won’t get any opposition to me. If you want to raise dog to eat go for it. But don’t raise it and let it go to breed and destroy other people’s quality of life with roving strays..

          2. Don’t pay attention to the above…I got it backwards after calling a friend.

            It’s still no considered a “major operation” and it isn’t a hysterectomy it’s an ovariohysterectomy.

            1. Regardless, it is unwarranted and can easily fuck up the dog. I know this from personal experience with my German shepherd. The lack of hormones (due to the spaying) cause the vulva to turn in on itself. This traps urine, which scalds the skin if not removed. The irritated skin becomes a great place for bacteria to go buck wild.

              1. Anecdote =/= data unless it is anecdotes.

                I spend my evenings surrounded by over 100 dogs. I have seem poor reactions to everything from heart worm medication to giarda medication and yes even spay/neuter. More dogs have a reaction to heart worn than to spay/neuter by probably 20/1. The few possible curable reactions or issues that arise with sterilization pale in comparison to the consequences of thousands of dogs running loose and reproducing.

                I’d support you not spaying your dog if I could identify you as the owner later on. If I find the dog loose and reproducing I can then bill you for the trouble of dealing with your inability to maintain your property.

                1. “I’d support you not spaying your dog if I could identify you as the owner later on. If I find the dog loose and reproducing I can then bill you for the trouble of dealing with your inability to maintain your property.”

                  Never gonna happen. As I said abouve, if you can’t keep your dog from getting knocked up, then you shouldn’t have one.

                  There were people who sterilized black women so they could run around breeding. To me, there is really no difference.

                2. Adding one more anecdote to Skid‘s list. My dog is spayed, full ovo–what you said, and the lack of resulting hormone means she has mild urinary incontinence. She dribbles, to put it plainly. Per my vet, this is fairly common in spayed dogs. The dog’s incontinence can be annoying. The UTIs that develop as a result are very annoying. Thankfully, the incontinence can be completely controlled with cheap medication, but it is a known, common side effect of spaying.

                  OTOH, I don’t have to worry about her contracting ovarian or uterine cancer.

                  Overall though, I take your side of the debate, hmm. There’s just too many damn stray dogs running around and not enough places to put them.

              2. And don’t get me wrong. I’m not lacking compassion here. I just see the problem of not spaying/neutering several times a week and the suffering that dogs are subjected to because owners were irresponsible. That doesn’t make you experience any less real or painful, but it does provide a different perspective.

      2. Like what? I’ve never heard of any complications from a canine hysterectomy. That’s not to say there aren’t any but in my 33 years of being a veterinarian’s son, it’s never even been mentioned.

        1. There can be rare problems. Sucks it happened to his dog.

        2. It happens. I’ve seen it occur in both male and female, but it is far less common than reactions to heart worm meds and other meds that I have seen, across hundreds of dogs.

          1. I don’t think male dogs have hysterectomies. 😉

            1. Just wait till we get “Universal single-payer veterinary care”.

              “I took Boscoe in for a rabies shot and they gave him a hysterectomy!”

              1. That was awesome! Thanks!

          1. /shrug

            they get slack vagina and leak as well. Which is solved with hormones. Like I said I’ve seen more dogs on the street starving and dying because of a lack of sterilization than I have life threatening complications from sterilization.

  5. One dog policies are how we Win The Future.

    1. One dog policies are how we Win The Future like China.

      fixed and +1

    2. By 2021, every chinaman will own at least one Yankee dog.

  6. The dog blew his brains out. Harsh.

  7. i read an analysis of mexico city’s air pollution (which is bad) revealed most particulates (by volume) were dried dog crap.

  8. Is it just me or does that dog have Rand Paul’s hair?

  9. What do you call a Chinese with more than one dog?

    1. a restrauant owner

  10. So a power plant can spew thousands of tons of soot into the air with impunity, but the man will nail you for some dog poo in the bushes.

    1. Whose bushes? If they aren’t yours do you have the permission of the owner to let your dog shit there?

      1. My next door neighbor (renter) lets his dogs shit all over my yard and does nothing about it. I have considered calling Animal Control, who would tag him $260 per dog for being off-leash (even in his own yard), but have decide the best remedy is to build a fence as soon as the ground thaws.

        1. so use a shovel to fling it back over. ez, quick, plus exercise.

          1. And you get to fling poo! Who doesn’t like to fling poo!

            1. Hu Flung Pu?

              1. It was I. Some poo needs flinging.

                Fuckin’ poo flinging, how does it work?

              2. That’s “Frung” you insensitive crod!

        2. Or you can do like my uncle. He would put bacon grease on the dog turds. The neighbor’s dog would eat his own crap then go home and lick the neighbor’s face. This went on for over a year, until the neighbor saw my uncle amending the dog turds and asked my uncle what he was doing. The dog never shit in his yard again.

          1. Dubber’s suggestions is the only one here that won’t get your neighbor (rightly) calling the cops on you.

            Thanks for the tip Dubber.

          2. Plus, if you are lucky, the dog will projectile-vomit liquified feces all over the house shortly after consumption. Win for your uncle.

        3. Bag of a months worth of flaming dog poop. Properly stored to retain moisture conditions prior to lighting.

      2. As a runner I can say dog shit on a sidewalk is annoying as hell and I don’t care who owns the sidewalk.

        1. Bird shit, squirrel shit, rabbit shit, and raccoon shit are all OK though?

          1. You show me a steaming pile of any of those large enough to slip on or large enough to make the last half of my run smell like the inside of a dog ass and I will agree.

            Otherwise you’re drawing a silly comparison. =)

            1. Gotta keep an eye out for Mule Shit on the Bright Angel Trail at the Grand Canyon. Saw a guy slip in some and wipe out on the trail, about a foot away from a 500 foot fall into the canyon.

              1. I’ve hit a horse pile while trail running. Those things are to be expected and anticipated for, it’s part in parcel of running a trail shared with pack animals. While running in the city though you’d expect to not run into a giant pile of shit.

                “Man slips on mule shit and falls to death” would have been an awesome headline.

                1. So, you expect horse shit on a trail shared by horses, but you don’t expect dog shit in a city where people own dogs?

                  1. Yup. You can pick up a dog turd. I do all the time.

                2. While running in the city though you’d expect to not run into a giant pile of shit.
                  Back in the libertopian Gilded Age it was a certainty.Why do you think Robber Barons wore spats?

                  1. Because horses were the main form of transportation and a horse produces proportionally more shit than a dog.

                    See New York horse shit crisis of 1894.

        2. It’s a god damned tragedy of the commons.

      3. Whose bushes?

        Who’s doing the fining? Are the fines going to the bush owners?

    2. So a power plant can spew thousands of tons of soot into the air with impunity, but the man will nail you for some dog poo in the bushes.

      Welcome to any American city on the West Coast.

  11. “So a power plant can spew thousands of tons of soot into the air with impunity”

    Citation Needed

    1. It’s hard to find info by google alone, but here’s an article that may help.


      It’s from June 2, 2010 and begins:

      “China’s State Council promulgated its first-ever regional air quality regulations on May 11. This is the first time outside of the special provisions for the Beijing Olympics and the Shanghai Expo that China has set up a structure for ensuring air quality across multiple provincial and urban jurisdictions involving entire airsheds.”

      It looks like they are JUST NOW getting around to regulating air quality in any significant way.

  12. The Chinese think English Bulldogs are a vicious breed?


    Sure, if you piss one off, and fail, somehow, to outrun it so it actually gets ahold of you, yeah, you’re in trouble. But aggressive? English Bulldogs?

    1. You make those things angry and they’ll waddle after you like the wind!

      1. You make those things angry and they’ll waddle after and break wind in your general vicinity!

    2. English Bulldogs are pathetic, crippled old ladies. They look like a Soviet-era medical experiment gone wrong. I wouldn’t even eat one.

  13. Well, not all Tibetan breeds are banned. The Shih Tzu is a Tibetan breed and there’s no way anyone could claim it’s an inherently vicious breed.

    1. “The Shih Tzu”


    2. ALL gator bait (or in Alaska, eagle bait) dogs are evil little fuckers that can and will bite your ankles or piss on your floor. The only good dog is a big dog or Dachshund.

      1. The only dogs to have bitten me out of being human aggressive are small dogs. A small miniature Dachshund mix, a small lil’ terrier mix, and a Jack Russel mix. Compered with the one skin break, wasn’t really a bite as teeth flying from barking and going berserk at the door of another pen, of a dog aggressive pit that a volunteer screwed up and let get loose.

        The little fuckers always seem willing to bite while the biggest scariest looking beasts put on one hell of a show, and that’s it.

    3. Well, Shih Tzus are usually pretty vicious with other dogs. They’re just too small to worry about.

      1. Mine’s a complete coward. Or was, now she’s older, and just kind of… you there. Larger-than-me furry thing: leave.

        Or I WILL!

        /Runs up stairs to house, turns, barks angrily, prays other dog doesn’t follow.

  14. I like how a cartoon dog shooting himself in the head is unacceptable, but a cartoon rabbit shooting a cartoon dog in the head is okay. It reminds me of how the video release of Plane Daffy edited the ending in which Hitler’s henchmen commit suicide.

    1. No, it was the dog shooting herself in the ear that was released, while the ostensible director’s cut was the rabbit shooting the dog in the mouth. I’m not sure acceptability was the issue; I’m going to check out the YouTube comments.

      1. I’m assuming the “director’s cut” edit was done for a subsequent video or DVD release years after the fact. The theatrical release would have been the one shown when the cartoon was released, I believe.

    2. Ted Turner’s cartoon bowdlerizing/censorship is why I wholly reject the concept of “intellectual property”.

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