Don't Mention the War (in Libya)


President Obama won't be interfering in Libyan domestic affairs by mentioning Libyan domestic affairs, according to Politico:

White House press secretary Jay Carney told reporters on Air Force One that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will speak about Libya at 2:30 p.m. He referred questions on Libya to "earlier statements," the pool reports. 

Carney added that he didn't anticipate Obama speaking about Libya. 


Peru, on the other hand, has decided that its best not to deal with Libya at all, becoming the first country to completely cut ties with Qaddafi's regime. Meanwhile, a day after two Libyan air force jets landed in Malta, their pilots refusing orders to fire on protesting citizens, a Libyan warship ordered to bombard the breakaway city of Benghazi has also defected to the Mediterranean country.

In other Libya news, Qaddafi's personal pilot, Odd Birger Johansen, wants to go home in Norway but, because he's Scandinavian, obviously worries it would mean breaking his labor contract with the regime. "I am under contract, so I have to follow up on that if there should be a need for my services," he told Norway's TV2. "But right now, the way I feel it is that things are burning around me…and then I don't want to…I am not a hero, I will go home."