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Nick Gillespie on Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld, Talking Wisc. Protests, Mid-East Uprisings, Robot Trivia & More

| editor in chief Nick Gillespie appeared Fox News' Red Eye to discuss various topics, including Wisconson's union protest, Middle East uprisings, Jeopardy's latest robotic-winner and a new beer marketed to the gay community. Airdate: February 18, 2011.

Approximately 40 minutes.

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  1. Who’s the leggy babe?

    1. Remi Spencer, a defense atty.

    2. I don’t think they are allowed to film Red Eye without a leggy babe on the right. Heels and short skirt or dress are of course mandatory.

  2. I thought Nick was born wearing the leather jacket.

  3. …including Wisconson‘s union protest…

    Is it somehow impractical to run spell-check on even the briefest posts?

    1. in Libertopia Jacket checks you.

    2. You are the spellcheck.

  4. Greg’s misuse of relativism is starting to get annoying.

  5. It wasn’t all fun and games for all protesters. Click my name to see one poor little unhappy guy.

  6. It wasn’t all fun and games for the protesters today. Saw some kids sleeping mid-day on the floor while parents protested… quite sad.

  7. 1. I question the average salary of Wisconsin public teachers being anywhere near 70-80K. Even if it was, the deviation is bound to be huge. I know four young teachers who are struggling to buy homes. That equals less property tax in Milwaukee.

    2. The show ignored the larger issue of collective bargaining rights. Many public employees I know are willing to make concessions but wish to maintain the right to bargain for working conditions. If Walker’s ultimate goal is to dismantle the unions, he should simply propose doing so. Instead, he wishes to undermine them out of spite.

    3. Teachers are not the only public employees affected by the bill. For instance, UW system employees will no longer be able to collective bargain at all.

    4. Walker proposes massive cuts to public education. You can be against public education, but attack it by proposing a way to transition out of it. Walker simply wants to gut public schools out of spite.

    Let’s have real dialogue on this. If you are ideologically opposed to public sector solutions to social problems, work to dismantle them gradually to let the private sector to accommodate. Walker on the other hand, is not interested in anything other than sabotage.

    I’m sympathetic to the classical liberal cause. As a Wisconsin citizen, I came to Reason to look for another perspective. All I found was hipster snark and misinformation.

    I just got an email reminder that I received my last issue of Reason. Thanks, but my paper subscription will not be renewed. You can’t reason without objective information and commentary.


    1. You realize that Red Eye is a late night show that leans more towards comedy than serious analysis of well…anything, right?

  8. Struggling? “Working conditions” in states controlled by Democrats? ONLY 80K and not $100K? — younger teachers of course are not starting at $80-100K. Sounds like your young teacher friends spent too much for their starter houses — in anticipation of that big $100K salary coming up in a few years. A lot of people believe that public education can survive and even improve with massive cuts — of fat and bloat and bureaucracy — and there is no magic in a class size of twenty-two as opposed to thirty-five. I think you are vastly underestimating the level of government-employee compensation compared to the average level of private-sector compensation. Thanks to the state of the economy, this information is being made public, much to the dismay of the public-employee unions — the covers are being pulled off and the lights are shining.

  9. In all fairness, the average teacher salary in Wisconsin is only a little over $46k (

    I don’t mind busting up public employee unions, but the hyperbole about teachers making $80k + is getting a little old.

    I know Red Eye isn’t serious, but other commentators and news shows are representing the inflated numbers as serious fact.

  10. Even if the unions prevail in this, the good thing is that everything – salary, health insurance, pension – is going to be under a big microscope. Reason has been reporting on this for years, but for the most part it’s been under the radar, and the unions have liked it that way.

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