Mubarak Resigns


Al-Arabia TV is reporting that Hosni Mubarak has resigned as president of Egypt. So are Voice of America and others.

All the Arabic stations are showing jubilant crowds in Cairo and Alexandria. So unless they're all mistaken, this seems legit.

Celebrate with Reason coverage of the Nile Revolution:

It was Egyptian heavy metal wot killed the beast.

Is it just a coup by the army?

A premature congratulation.

And another one.

Why a people-power revolution strengthens rather than disrupts civil society, and beats a palace coup any day.


and waiting

Libertarian veep candidate just says aywa to our torturing, mass-arresting, martial-law-declaring former buddy.

Why does the United States have an interest in this?

Jesse Walker gets the announcement two minutes before me.

And today's most accurate prediction: "Mubarak will not step down, he must be removed."