NYT Outsources Editorial Space to Democratic Party


The New York Times has an editorial today complaining that the GOP's plan to snip $41 billion out of the federal non-defense spending this year amounts to "unimaginably steep reductions." This in itself is no surprise. However, check out paragraphs two and three:

A few days ago, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee began running radio ads criticizing members of the Republican Study Committee, a group of House members that wants to cut $2.5 trillion out of the budget in the next decade, including $100 billion from now through September. In case voters don't know what the actual impact of these drastic reductions would be, the ads are there to remind them:

"Congresswoman Ann Marie Buerkle supports a plan in Congress that would cut education by 40 percent," said one of the ads, directed against a newly elected Republican from upstate New York. "And her plan would cut science and technology research by 40 percent, too. Research and development is how we get the new products that create new jobs. How does cutting that help us compete with China and India? It doesn't make sense." Ms. Buerkle, like other subjects of ads, represents a district won by President Obama in 2008.  

I mean, why not just cut out the middleman already?