Tura Satana, RIP


Not to be confused with Tura Satana the band.

Tura Satana died yesterday in Reno, Nevada. She was best known as one of the stars of Russ Meyer's Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!, but her life included much more than that. I highly recommend the autobiographical essay she wrote for her website—a vivid portrait of reform school, the burlesque circuit, Hollywood, and more, with a cast that ranges from Harold Lloyd to Elvis. I can't say I'm sure that all of it is true, but that only adds to its charm. Rest in peace.

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  1. “I can’t say I’m sure that all of it is true” Why Jesse? Is it because she’s a woman? Do you put that caveat in all your articles or only when it’s a woman with a great set of tits?

    1. You aren’t interesting, you whore, and no one cares about what you think.

      1. Warty, you are puerile

        1. Pot to kettle.

          1. helle, I’m not talking to you till you admit you came to my website and posted three comments

              1. Go to Heller.

    2. Why would the autobiography of an exploitation starlet be all true?

      Fer Pete’s sake!

      1. I mean, seriously?!

        Somebody questions whether a tell-all book by an exploitation starlet is all true–and the first place you go is sexism?!

        Earth to Rather: People make shit up to sell books! Exploitation starlets? Probably more so.

        1. Ken, there is not one fucking autobiography published that is not co-authored by a ghost writer-and they are equally full of shit. To call out Tura Satana is sexist, and BTW, I read her online bio-she wrote it herself

          1. I kinda doubt On Writing by Stephen King is ghost written.

            I mean, unless he writes a story where a ghosts writes his autobiography. Then maybe it would be ghost written.

            1. I should have added the caveat ‘famous people but not writers’ but you would be surprised how many writers get ‘help’

              1. Yes, like Obama, for example. Bill Ayers really outdid himself.

                1. And then there is the Teleprompter of the United States.

          2. I read her online bio also, and she should have hired a ghost writer.

    3. Do you put that caveat in all your articles or only when it’s a woman with a great set of tits?

      Well, here I am saying it when Timothy Leary tells a maybe-too-perfect tale about a meeting with Marshall McLuhan. Tim’s tits weren’t so big.

      1. Jesse: 1 Cuntpickle: 0

        1. helle, deny that you were ever at my website or be a man and tell the truth.

          Which is it? Are you a little boy or a man?

          1. Well first of all, the person you are responding to isn’t me, you dumb bitch.

            Second of all, I didn’t go to your stupid whore website. Can you prove it? Do you have any reason to say this, or are you just trying to get attention?

            1. I would think attention, Heller. This Rather is very disturbed, like Maj. Nidal Hassan level disturbed. I’m glad to see liberal progressives are good about following that meme about civil discourse and good taste.

              1. “civil discourse and good taste”
                Old man, that is precisely what comes to mind when I think of H&R!

                1. Especially when someone keeps going with the Cuntpickle comments.

                  1. There’s nothing uncivil about cunt pickles. It’s Rectal’s way of making a living and you should respect it.

        2. “Cuntpickle”

          Sweet or dill?

          1. She’s not telling, you’ll just have to try one.

          2. Depends on what she ate.. and how long she can keep the vinegar sucked up in there.

          3. Gashgherkin.

      2. you were sexist and patronizing by inferring she lied and dismissing exaggeration as ‘charm’.

        In Leary’s case you state ” Leary could be wrongheaded or incoherent, but he could also be sharp-witted and prescient. Even his bizarre contribution to National Review had some genuine insights hidden among the bile.” Despite the fact that you admit he was “known to take liberties when recounting his personal history, and the McLuhan story sounds a little too perfect to be absolutely true.”

        Further “[a] more charitable interpretation is that he saw the likely consequences of a black market and hoped to minimize the damage…”

        Finally, immoderately presumptuous, you have no qualms about defending a proven liar by questioning the authors credibility “But there’s something odd about a biography that almost inevitably assumes, whenever Leary’s account differs from that of another witness, that Leary’s the one who’s lying.”

        I guess author’s tits were larger than Mr. Leary’s too.

        Just curious Jesse but couldn’t you find an article to defend yourself here? Or, were you just blogwhoring 😉

        1. I inferred she lied? News to me.

          As for the Leary stuff, I’d be happy to respond to whatever point you think you’re making, but first you’ll have to let me know what it is.

          1. “I can’t say I’m sure that all of it is true”

            The antonyms for true: corrupt, counterfeit, deceitful, false, fraudulent, invalid, unreal

            Are we playing semantics or are you patronizing me because I have tits too?

            …You know damn well your remarks reflect your prejudices-own them like a man or I’ll take back your first annual RandyAyndy Awards statue

            1. Are we playing semantics or are you patronizing me because I have tits too?

              Neither. I think the difference between “I can’t say for sure that it’s all true” and “I can say for sure that it isn’t all true” is pretty obvious. Satana claims to have secretly dated Elvis. I am genuinely uncertain as to how accurate that is.

              You know damn well your remarks reflect your prejudices-own them like a man

              Speaking of sexism.

              1. Neither?
                “I can’t say I’m sure that all of it is true”
                I guess we are playing semantics a la Clinton.
                Whether you add that you think it could be true but doubt the veracity of the Elvis claim (BTW, he picked women by their feet-he had his scouts check to see if groupies had pedicures, or else he wasn’t fucking them), or that you don’t think it is true because you doubt the Elvis connection is still questioning her record of events.

                Adding your unfounded skepticism is insinuating that she lacked the moral character to tell the truth. Further, you referenced a man who questioned Leary’s truthfulness and yet, you did defend him. Without a contradictory claim against Miss Satana, you questioned her auto-biography. Pointedly, in her story she wrote of the importance of her moral character and yet you demean her because of prejudicial little-boy feelings of guilt over sexuality-how about them tits apples

                1. Considering you have less proof that Jesse is being sexist than Jesse does for saying he is unsure about whether Satana’s Elvis story is true or not, why don’t you just shut the fuck up before you make an even bigger fool of yourself?

                  1. Are you slow? He has sexist crap all over this site-that’s why he diverted to another less liberal blog-love using that word here. 🙂

                    1. Example of sexist crap please?

                      Also you fail.

                    2. lol-so we both did 😉
                      Come to my site; I’ll talk to you there

                    3. How did I fail?

                    4. Rectal does it hurt inside when you embarrass yourself multiple times on a single thread, or do you just ignore it?

                2. Adding your unfounded skepticism is insinuating that she lacked the moral character to tell the truth. Further, you referenced a man who questioned Leary’s truthfulness and yet, you did defend him. Without a contradictory claim against Miss Satana, you questioned her auto-biography. Pointedly, in her story she wrote of the importance of her moral character and yet you demean her because of prejudicial little-boy feelings of guilt over sexuality-how about them tits apples

                  I can’t figure out if this chain of non sequiturs is honest lunacy or just trolling. Either way, it’s almost a work of art. Give yourself a RandyAyndy Award; you’ve earned it.

                  1. Jesse: 3 Cuntpickle: 0

                    Jesse Walker FTW!

                  2. Addendum

                    I can’t figure out if this chain of non sequiturs is honest lunacy or just trolling. Either way, it’s almost a work of art. Give yourself a RandyAyndy Award; you’ve earned it.

                    This beyond trolling and performance art, Jesse. This is beyond Max, Dan T., Neil, Lefiti, Dondero (and his unreasonable facsimiles) and even, yes, even the performance art that was both Joe P. Boyle from Lowell and Lonewacko.

                    To quote this current administration,
                    this level of trolling/performance art/full blown batshit insane Olbermanning is….wait for it…”unprecedented”.

                    Anyone want to take bets Rather is really Lonewacko?

                3. Rather, I don’t know if you’re a boy or a girl. Besides, isn’t referring to someone’s titties as a condition of veracity kind of sexist in itself?

                  1. My picture was up on my site but I took it down…

                    “kind of sexist..”
                    When in Libertopia, do as the lib…

                    1. You are where you lurk…

            2. Are we playing semantics or are you patronizing me because I have tits too?

              Honey, i wouldn’t call those tits.

              1. Jeepers helle, are you saying yours are bigger than mine? Is that the result of a test tube accident? The big boobs gene? Sue the bastards!

                1. Come on Rectal, you know I never capitalize the h.

                2. And frankly, I don’t care how big your tits are. You’re still a dumb whore.

                  1. poor helle! Is someone spoofing you? How does that make you feel?

                    1. I wouldn’t call that a spoof, since it wasn’t mocking me.

          2. Jesse: 2 Cuntpickle: 0

            To reduce the Cuntpickle’s “argument” to its simplest terms: since you didn’t deify the late Ms. Satana to the level of say, Gabrielle Giffords, and did not accept her memoir as absolute and undeniable truth, that makes you “sexist”. You are being accused of casting aspersions of doubt where none exist; I suspect this Rather “person” (tests have proven inconclusive) is cut from the same cloth as Rev. Al Sharpton.

            1. helle, why are you hiding from me little boy? I won’t spank you HARD for lying but you have to tell the truth. For Christ’s sake, you know jews have enough of a tough time-don’t add ‘liars’ to the meme.

              If you fess-up now to posting three times on my blog, I’ll let you pull down your pants slowly 😉

              1. God, your schtick is getting old. You’re like Alan King with Alzheimer’s.

                1. Ughh, you’re one of those jackasses who puts up a fake email address because why?

                  You’re too fucking old to remember it, and use references 40’s because you think Roosevelt is POTUS ?
                  It’s a habit because your dick malfunctions and your email is a metaphor for your unsatisfactory life?

                  Which is it old man?

              2. Not me dumbass. Rectal, I’m being serious here, you should get checked out by a doctor. I think your mental health is fading.

                1. Helle, you are losing it-I wasn’t referring to you this time. Now don’t be such a bitch and come back to my blog. Do you remember what I presented you with? That’s your password.

                  1. LOL, you weren’t referring to me? Come on Rectal, now you’re just being pathetic:

                    helle, why are you hiding from me little boy?

                    Yeah you were just referring to the other helle. Right…

              3. Rather|2.5.11 @ 11:08PM|#|
                helle, I’m not talking to you till you admit you came to my website and posted three comments


                1. you posted under my reply to Kant feel Pietzsche
                  -“I wasn’t referring to you this time”

                  1. Yes, as a reply to your comment where you think you are replying to me. What else would I be referring to?

                    1. For Christ’s sake,I’m lost.
                      -Who’s on first

                    2. You’re not lost, just retarded.

                    3. goodnight dear helle 😉

                2. I’ll bet your cunt smells like beer that’s gone bad.

                  Alan King is still alive, though ancient, which was the joke. I don’t put up a real email addy for two reasons.

                  1. I’m not a blogwhore, and have no aching need to be RECOGNIZED.

                  2. I have no wish to be stalked by people like you.

                  1. If there weren’t actually a blogsite for this cow, I’d swear it was Sugarfree fucking with us. But he’s too damned lazy to create a whole site just to do it.

                  2. 1.It smells sweet

          ’re a bully who insults but hides behind anonymity

                    3.I have no interest in stalking a coward

                    1. Yet………. bwahahahaha!

                    2. Rather|2.6.11 @ 2:50AM|#
                      so did you like it?

                      You mean your “project”? I was there long enough to verify it was an actual site, and that it appeared to be nothing but video clips (mostly from youtube, I would imagine). And I’m angry at myself for even doing that.

                      Most people just post their clips on facebook, why don’t you? Oh, that’s right! On your blogsite, you can at least pretend you have friends.

                      Maybe you should put in a big ole’ thumbs-up icon. You could spend your day clicking on it and fantasizing.

                    3. Don’t need to fantasize

                      Referrer Views

                    4. So, you’re counting victory because you got 1700 people curious enough about what kind of demented fuck you are to take a quick look? Congratulations!!! Shall I get party hats?

                    5. 1,780 of those are server bots.

                    6. Rather|2.6.11 @ 2:43AM|
                      1.It smells sweet

                      So does Proplyene Glycol. And it’s just as poisonous…

                    7. whack your head against your keyboard to get your fucking neurons firing again-I meant my blog

                    8. and get your fingers off your dick and type with two hands

                    9. cuntpickle! cuntpickle! cuntpickle! slurp slurp slurp!

                    10. So does Proplyene Glycol. And it’s just as poisonous…

                      Indeed – slurp!

                    11. Can someone at Reason take a look at the IP logs for this thread? I would be absolutely delighted to learn that all the comments are from the same person, including those by Jesse Walker.

                    12. I would seriously doubt that is the case.

                    13. So does Proplyene Glycol. And it’s just as poisonous…

                      You’re thinking of ethylene glycol or common anti-freeze. Propylene glycol is the “animal friendly” anti-freeze, and has been approved for use in food. It’s been rumored that some cheap winemakers use ethylene glycol to sweeten their shitty wine.

                    14. Damn! I stand corrected.

          3. I guess everybody’s gotta post about something after staggering home one a Friday night…

            Walker has nothing to defend here.

            And that’s the way it was–this has been Dan rather than Walter. …Good night, Irene!

            P.S. “Hollywood Babylon” was all true!

  2. Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! was awesome!

    Up there with The Angry Breed

    Okay, better than The Angry Breed.

    Oh, and just for the record? Neither movie was based on a true story.

  3. This is very sad. I have pictures of her on my blog and was her “friend” on fb.
    You can find tons of pictures of her on other people’s tumblrs. Stripper photos, Spider Pool shots, movie stills…

    RIP Tura

    1. SIV, I checked your website when I read she died and I was disappointed you didn’t memorialize her. I’m glad you got around to it; a worthwhile wait

  4. Maybe I missed the part where you went into where she furthered the cause of liberty?

    Unless you’re saying that the mere existence of Faster Pussykat… furthers the cause of liberty. Actually I’d buy into that.

    1. Hell yes!

      That’s the problem with the Middle East today!

      Whether they had a reformation?! Who cares? It’s the lack of exploitation films!

      Crazed go go dancers?! Nazi surfers and LSD parties?! Hollywood Babylon!

      After that, liberty’s just the next logical step.

  5. That, or suicide…

  6. Damn squirrels! Meant as a reply to Ken.

    1. Is your prostate keeping you up sweetie?

  7. *sigh*
    Why can’t my stalkers at least look like Glenn Close while she was still semi-hot?

    1. When was that? I never got Fatal Attraction. You give up Anne Archer for Glenn Close, you deserve what you get.

      1. She looked ok with whiskey goggle on.

  8. Or Jennifer Jason Lee from “SWF”…
    Or Leighton Meester from “The Roomate”….

    Why do the females get all the hot stalkers? I get Rather. It’s just not fair.

    1. It could be worse, Kant. It could have been Nancy Pelosi. Or Lonewacko, AKA Chris Kelly.

      Maybe Rather is hot and God’s gift to the blogosphere. As you may be unaware, all hot, desirable, and mentally balanced women are up at 3 AM on a Saturday night (cue Bay City Rollers) furiously pounding a keyboard and arguing with a wall because they are obviously so in demand socially.

      1. As if we needed that clue to tell.

        1. I also find it ironic this Rather (s/he?) is touting the unquestionable moral fiber of the decedent, RIP; yet Rather, s/he cannot live up to her/his high standards of personal integrity. Exhibit A:

          Rather|2.5.11 @ 11:08PM|#

          helle, I’m not talking to you till you admit you came to my website and posted three comments

          I notice this Rather has been on quite a kick pointing out inconsistencies that offend her/his sensibilities, yet fails to live up to her/his standards by being constitutionally incapable of leaving you alone. And all that requires is simply incifing you or just refraining from addressing you.

          Jesse is right: Rather has truly earned the RandyAyndy.

      2. Well, the hot WOULD explain the crazy…

        1. Physically attractive =/= bonkers with a side of fruit loops. I’ve met total loons who were not blessed by nature’s paintbrush; conversely I have met plenty of women blessed by God’s chisel who were quite sane and healthy.

          1. Who is this chiseler of which you speak?

            1. Why The Urkobold of course!

              1. He calls that horribly disfigured thing a chisel? Well, the penis mightier…


  9. OTOH,


  10. So, srsly, Chrome users, this.

    And yes, I feel totally comfortable whoring something that muffles blogwhores.

    1. You might want to do a little editing. Someone (Rectal) put me on the troll list.

      1. I know. I just fixed that about 15 minutes ago. If you update manually it should be fine.

      2. lol, I sure as hell didn’t helle. I have written about free speech and the reason I never asked for the bandhammer-don’t be paranoid as well as stupid.

        1. Shut up, whore. I will never see any of your posts again momentarily, and good fucking riddance. I hope you die real soon.

          1. Oh God, how will I go on? Who will call me a whore? A cunt?… hoo hoo

            1. What’s that, you stupid cunt? Speak up. I can’t hear you.

        2. 1. I don’t believe you.

          2. Free speech has nothing to do with incifing someone on the internet.

          3. You HAVE threatened me with being banned (without any ability to do so of course) for spoofing you.

          4. Considering that you think every comment insulting to you is made by me, who are you to call me paranoid and stupid?

          1. 1. I’ve never seen the troll list, and couldn’t give a fuck about it
            2. I speak specifically on my website about my belief in never deleting any shit off, and Pat Dollard fans wrote some interesting things to me both on my blog and twitter-they are still there
            3. threat? Don’t be a baby, and yes, I know of someone who was spoofed and had the posts deleted.
            4. Ahh, you made your bed-don’t bitch about laying in it
            5. I have a warm bottle waiting for you but I’m not letting you try to crawl into my uterus again.

    2. I feel totally comfortable whoring something

      Impressive! It’s almost like you take blog commentary seriously.

  11. I miss Anonypussy.

  12. What should have been a great thread about a serious B movie babe has completely ruined by Rather. At least Joe and Lonewacko never fucked up the non-political threads.

    1. Blame the enablers.

    2. John, don’t be such a bitch-if you ask wifey nicely she’ll suck your cock for Valentine’s day

  13. Wow, she will surely me missed dude. Wow.

  14. Why do you credible people respond to the blog whore? I mean come on. Let the trolls handle the trolls and you credible non-trolls can talk all serious. Non-trolls feeding trolls is a disastrous situation. Do we need to institute troll licensing?

    1. Typical libertarian, “let the trolls starve”

      1. I don’t want them to starve. I just want the proper portion of society to voluntarily solve the troll problem. The serious people addressing the troll problem is a waste of resources and potentially dangerous.

        1. Especially when the mess up the non political threads. Those are the only threads where people on not at each other’s throats.

          1. Anarchy can be very inconvenient.

            1. It’s only inconvenient when the non-trolls respond to the trolls. Lending the trolls legitimacy. Now there may be a need to preemptively declare war on the blogwhore trolls to restore balance.

        2. hmm, “The serious people” Lol

          1. You ever get that vagasil for your cuntpickle?

            yeasties are beasties

            1. I do it for the same reason I assume you just did. Pure entertainment value.

          2. An economist, a physicist, and an engineer are all trapped on a deserted island with only a single can of beans and no way to open it. The engineer says, “Lets climb a tree and drop the can causing it to rupture so we can eat.” The Physicist says, “That’s silly, we can just heat the can and the increase in pressure due to the expansion of the contents caused by the heat will cause the can to rupture.” The economists looks at the other two and says, “You guys are freakin’ idiots! Here’s how you do it. First you assume a can opener…”

  15. I will always hate Faster Pussycat. I’d read about the film as a teen-ager and rented it with high expectations of world-shaking nudity and there was none. Boo!

    1. Plus, the band “Faster Pussycat” ALSO sucked. So double suckage…

      1. I mean, where the f*ck is the FTC when shameless movie markerters lead young men into believing their films will have nudity in them when they actually don’t? This is one function of government I should think even you guys can get behind. Think of the rental fees wasted, the countless hours fast forwarding in vain…

        1. I think your real beef is with the MPAA, not the FTC. And while they are a “voluntary” organization, so are the “ratings” that were developed after Tippy Gore thought bad words in music released too much CO2 or something.

          See This Film Has Not Yet Been Rated for an overview of the random choices made for a film to be “PG-13” vs. “R” vs. “NC-17.” Drugs and sex are more dangerous than violence? Fucking Saving Private Ryan should have been NC-17 (if any film should be.)

          I mean, the original Requiem For a Dream was given a NC-17 rating. I respect Aaronofsky for refusing to remove a couple scenes to get his film an “R” rating. (The studio did it anyway, against his wishes.)

          1. Well, I’m okay with the MPAA adjusting ratings for artistic content (e.g. Saving Private Ryan being R). I know that’s subjective and the organization’s not truly voluntary, but it’s better an explicit policy than an implicit one, and unless radical changes are actually possible it’s the best we have. And in practice, SPR is shown unedited on TV without complaints, so IMO it’s fair to acknowledge the reality that context is important.

            My real problem is what you said about priorities, and I’d add the secrecy of the ratings process. Things like weighting boobs higher than gratuitous violences, or a “fuck” worse than a “shit,” or a gay kiss worse than a straight one — all of which occur — are better left to open debate. I’d probably still disagree with the results because our society’s priorities are off-kilter regarding depicting pot use versus murder, but surely they can’t be worse than the status quo. Firm knock on wood.

  16. There is a lot of troll feeding on this thread. SHAME!

  17. Another perfectly good thread ruined by rectal. Thanks, rectal!

  18. Can I ask why Rather is referred to as a “cuntpickle”? I understand the term but why is it used for her?

    1. APAD, I’m in the boy’s clubhouse and it’s a little boy thing-does there have to be a reason?

      1. Remember me and my logic. I’d like a logically reason they hang the CP on you.

      2. Sorry if I ask for too much sometimes.

  19. This thread is like two trains, 50 cars, 3 ferries, 10 buses, and the Enterprise crashed on the freeway. I can’t look away.

    1. Who is the Cuntpickle?

      1. That’s one of life’s mysteries, dude. One of life’s mysteries.

        1. Indeed it is.

    2. There’s a monkey fucking a greased football somewhere in that wreck. Seriously, who could turn away from monkey fucking a greased football?

  20. Off topic from both the article, and the “cuntpickle”.

    Time to blame the evil Koch brothers, again.…..1069.story

    1. Christ, the obsession drips off the page. Leftists and their boogeymen are an example of pure, extra crispy fried stupidity.

      1. The fucked up thing is, the original writers that “broke” the Koch story, Ames and Levine, have been thoroughly discredited by Glenn Greenwald at Salon, and by “The Nation”, who had to issue a formal apology for the piece they did on Meg McLain and the TSA protests. Ames and Levine may have about much journalistic integrity as Howard Stern, but their “work” lives on.

        1. One bad thing about the Internet.

          1. OMG KOCHTOPUS

            Which could be an awesome movie. KOCHTOPUSSY!!

      2. You’ve got to be kidding me Epi. No one does it better than the right. I saw Glenn Beck the other day and he masterfully tied the Egyptian protests to 60’s radicals in the US, their devious plan is to fight the brave and noble police and usher in a combination of Islam and Communism that will rule the world in an incentiveless and burka-clad world.

        Beat that.

        1. No way to win when looking for odd theories and finding Beck.

        2. Point taken.

        3. There’s no way both sides can do it equally well. Nope, not possible. Never. Couldn’t happen.


    2. Why don’t they fret over Georgie?

    3. I really need to get a job with them for at least a short time. It will complete my resume of world domination.

      1. LOL – I totally applied for a job that was posted on the Ladders recently JUST BECAUSE IT WAS KOCH INDUSTRIES.

        I’m not really intereted in that particular job…I just applied for the principle of it.

        KOCHTOPUS ZOMG!!!!1!!

  21. The change on the committee is “like night and day,” said Jeremy Symons, senior vice president of the National Wildlife Federation, a nonpartisan organization that lobbied the committee to stem greenhouse gas emissions.

    Non partisan- completely and utterly. Nice.

    Do these guys ever take their blinders off?

    1. Yeah, we all know the National Wildlife Foundation is just a front for Sorosian Communism Mr. Brooks.

      Boogeymen on the left indeed…

      1. I love the critters, but just about any organization with the word “foundation” as its terminal word is both partisan and political in nature since they almost always seek funds or legislation from the government.

      2. “Nonpartisan” does not mean “non-ideological.” Are you saying that the National Wildlife Foundation doesn’t have political agenda that’s generally leftist in composition? Because if you are, you’re either being disingenuous or are genuinely ignorant.

  22. Voters didn’t ask for this pro-polluter agenda, but the Koch brothers spent their money well and their presence can be felt.


    1. and the cuntpickle

      1. Well if that just isn’t cuntpickular.

    2. their presence can be felt

      It’s a vaaaaaaaaaaaaaast, libertarian conspiracy.


      1. More like microscopic

  23. There is a lot of troll feeding on this thread.

    “Worms gotta eat.”

  24. we all know the National Wildlife Foundation is just a front for Sorosian Communism

    Just as we all know the WWF is a completely disinterested observer.

  25. I guess that would be the NWF.

    I don’t have a problem with the National Wildlife Foundation taking a position; I object to the LAT reporters glibly describing them as “nonpartisan” when they plainly are not, and have publicly taken a position on the activities of a Congressional Committee.

  26. This thread should be listed as one of the 7 wonders of the world

  27. Gibberish, garbled by squirrels.

  28. Tura Satana gets an obituary, but Gary Moore doesn’t? For a magazine called “Reason”, etc., etc.

    1. Tura looked like this in her prime decades

      1. I posted a lot since then but if you scroll down or go next page there’s a bunch of Tura images.

    2. The hell? Gary Moore died?! Seriously, for a magazine called reason…

      Everyone in that video looks really cool.

      I remember learning Parisienne Walkways when I was starting out with guitar.

  29. RIP Gary

  30. Lena Nyman from I Am Curious Yellow just died too.

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