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  1. Superior Court rules Ontario Human Rights Tribunal hearing was unfair
    A Mississauga businesswoman whose home was ordered seized to pay an Ontario Human Rights Tribunal award to a former employee can keep her house ? for now.

    The Superior Court struck down the “fatally flawed” decision as so unfair to defendant Maxcine Telfer ? who represented herself in the hearing ? that it was “simply not possible to logically follow the pathway taken by the adjudicator.”

    That October 2009 decision ordered Telfer to pay $36,000 to a woman who had been her employee for six weeks. Lawyers wanted the sheriff to seize and sell Telfer’s home to collect the money.

    The woman who lodged the complaint, Seema Saadi, told the tribunal she felt pressured to wear skirts and heels instead of her hijab. Saadi also said Telfer complained about the smell of food that she warmed in the microwave. …

    1. Saadi also said Telfer complained about the smell of food that she warmed in the microwave.

      So my entire office could sue me? Fucking popcorn, how do you microwave it?

      1. Fucking tunafish, how does it lunch?

        1. And there’s this one guy always microwaving some vegan concoction that smells like burnt garlic and vinegar and looks like birdshit mixed with gravel.

          1. Egads man! What are you still doing on the thread, you’ve got some litigatin’ to do!

          2. Bird shit isn’t vegan. How dare he use an animal product!

            1. Bird shit isn’t vegan. How dare he use an animal product!

              As long as the bird only eats plant matter, what’s the problem? Obviously shit from raptors and buzzards etc is right out.

              1. Bees on eat flowers and shit honey, and vegans object to honey.

                1. Bees puke honey.

                  1. OK. Didn’t mean to get the apiarists all riled up.

                    1. Just wanted to note that it was a different excratory function, that’s all.

                    2. Thanks, learn something new and all that.

                    3. Bees eat pollen and nectar from flowers and this gets mixed with digestive enzymes in the bee’s gut. The mixture is puked up into cells in the honeycomb. It eventually “cures” into honey.

                      Different flowers produce dramatically different types of honey. The bulk clover honey you buy in the grocery store is crap compared to stuff you can get direct from the apiary.

                      Domesticated bees are like any animal we have domesticated. They would not survive particularly well in the wild without our support.

                2. As an ex-vegan myself (and currently proud carnivore), I think the problem vegans have with honey is mainly the number of bees that have to be killed to harvest it. They work so hard all their lives to poop that honey and we just go and kill them. Kind of silly reasoning, as just about any commercial agricultural production of vegan plants will involve insect genocide…

                  When I was a vegan I didn’t eat it either, but veganism for me was more of a zen self-control/deprivation practice than any sort of ethical animal rights system.

                  1. You have to kill the bees to get the honey?

                    That’s news to me.

                    1. Although apiaries try to minimize the damage (since it’s obviously not in their interest to kill their means of production), at least a few bees apparently die from shock or inadvertent crushing when the honeycomb trays are being removed and reinserted. Plus really hard-core vegans would say that the beekeepers are stealing the product of the bees’ labor.

                    2. beekeepers are stealing the product of the bees’ labor.

                      Considering that the majority of hard-core vegans are leftists, the unexamined implications of this ethos is staggeringly vast.

                    3. Sounds like these bees need collective bargaining.

                  2. The bees are too valuable to kill just to harvest honey. I am not aware that anything destructive is done in harvesting in regards to the bee population itself.

                    1. Depends entirely on the beekeeper. Logically, like JDB said, they don’t want to harm their means of production. But there are lots of careless beekeepers too.

                      This Slate essay is one of the better ones I’ve read on the topic.

                    2. I don’t cope well with vegans. I like to point out to them that we have canines for a reason — god or evolution; take your pick — gave them to use so we could eat meat.

                    3. I don’t cope well with vegans. I like to point out to them that we have canines for a reason — god or evolution; take your pick — gave them to use so we could eat meat.

                      This always reminds me of Tool’s “Disgustipated.”

                    4. Not familiar with this one.

                    5. I had some bee hives for a while. You crush a few bees while harvesting honey (some of my books said was 10-20 each time) but since you can have 100K+ bees in a hive this is not a big deal. It is one of the reasons you don’t mess with the hive any more than you have to though.

                  3. What was your first cut of meat after abandoning the vegan ship?

                    1. A great bowl of shrimp pho.

                      During those painful years (I never cheated), the food that I constantly daydreamed about was the Arby’s Melt. Think that was my second stop.

                  4. “As an ex-vegan myself (and currently proud carnivore), I think the problem vegans have with honey is mainly the number of bees that have to be killed to harvest it.”

                    From a biological perspective, I’m not even sure it’s proper to think of an individual bee as an organism. Obviously it makes intuitive sense when comparing them to other, non-social insects, but the unit of bee reproduction is the hive, not so much the worker.

                    I mean, if you studied nothing but single-celled microbes, I can understand why someone would think of individual human cells as organisms, but that’s not how we perceive it.

          3. I took a shit in the office microwave once.

            1. Fucking imposter!

      2. + 1.5 billion

      3. Nothing compares to Pritong Tuyo left in the microwave for too long. At my previous job in San Diego, we evacuated the building one time because somebody thought there was a chemical spill from the plating lab.…..itong-tuyo

        1. I got a paper cut once.

    2. Wow. Canadians fuck property rights in the ass worse than we do.

  2. Conservatives in a froth over possibility of Santorum running.

    I see what you did there. ewwwwww

    1. The important part will be seeing who clamors for a straw.

    2. And don’t forget the yummy, yummy tears.…..mmy-and-sw

      Never Forget

      1. +1

        That thread will never die. I just made that photo my Facebook profile picture in honor of 11/08/06

      2. Man, I wish I was hanging around these parts in 2006. That picture and the following thread are priceless. Whatever happened to aaa aaa and Zeno?

        1. Only Reinmoose can answer that.

    3. Santorum, Huckabee, Palin, Romney

      What do I have to look forward to in 2012 with this lineup of assclowns?

      1. Mayan Calender Death.

      2. Hoping that they all divvy up the bumper crop of idiots in the GOP primary electorate?

      3. The ranting conspiracy theories of the left when one of those four hands Obama his ass in the general election?

        1. Ummm…Andrew Cuomo?

        2. Yep, there will also be somber Newsweek articles asking “Was America really ready for a black president?”

          1. Will Newsweek even exist in November 2012?

        3. Just to clarify, I won’t be voting for the incumbent or any of those four, but if we’re looking for lemonade instead of lemons…

      4. Herman Cain is running, Corduroy. If Gary Johnson runs, there’s two palatable alternatives to the non-alternative assclowns.

      5. Santorum and Huckabee are frothy mixtures of social conservatism and socialism, while Palin is a gaffe machine cum attention whoring cipher who will just do whatever her advisers tell her if she gets elected.

        While Romney is a douche, I don’t see how he’s nearly as bad as those other ones. Barring a gigantic change in the economy between now and then, he’d mop the floor with Obama too.

        1. Garbage Tulpa. Whoever runs against Obama, they will not win. Romney is the Ken Howard to Obama’s Salami.

          I’m personally in the tank for Herman Cain, but I don’t see how he can compete with Obama’s war chest and a slavering lapdog press behind him.

          America wants socialism and central planning, they just don’t want it to hurt.

    4. Radley needs to do more morning links!

  3. […]
    It didn’t start out that way. On Tuesday Jan 25 it all started peacefully, and against all odds, we succeeded to gather hundreds of thousands and get them into Tahrir Square, despite being attacked by Anti-Riot Police who are using sticks, tear gas and rubber bullets against us. We managed to break all of their barricades and situated ourselves in Tahrir. The government responded by shutting down all cell communication in Tahrir square, a move which purpose was understood later when after midnight they went in with all of their might and attacked the protesters and evacuated the Square. The next day we were back at it again, and the day after. Then came Friday and we braved their communication blackout, their thugs, their tear gas and their bullets and we retook the square. We have been fighting to keep it ever since.

    Egypt, right now!

    1. “We need comfort,” he said. “The whoopie pie is the answer. It’s a panacea for all our ills.”

      Perhaps language should be tempered on both sides. Clearly, only bourbon balls could cure all our ills.

      1. “At a time when 31.3 percent of Maine’s children are considered overweight or obese, do we want to glorify a dessert that lists lard as its primary ingredient?” asked Pilon, D-Saco.”

        Was it the Whoopie pies or the compulsive eating brought on by the inevitable depression that occurs from having to live in Maine? “No, I don’t fucking know Stephen KING!”

        1. Why that delightful man continues to live in America’s skin tag is a mystery.

          I assume he’s just waiting for the gunslinger and Jake to show up on his stoop again.

          1. They probably give him massive tax breaks to stay. He’s basically the only thing most people know about the state. Without him all they would have was “cold” and “uncomfortably near Newfoundland.”

            1. I hear there’s a lot of trees up there too

              1. I live in maine and having met stephen king twice let me just say: dude is the ugliest man i’ve ever seen. Also, a flaming liberal.

                1. “…he’s a flaming liberal…”

                  Other than the backwoods rednecks, and GHW Bush, who isn’t a flaming liberal in Maine? Bar Harbor is like a Yankee version of Malibu.

                  1. Me, I guess.

          2. Let us never speak of anything that happened after the 4th book in that series. I almost drove up to Maine and ran his ass over fatally after finishing that series.

          3. +1. (Even though I found King’s self-referencing in that point of the series to be beyond irritating.)

        2. I don’t think Maine is so bad. Vermont, on the other hand, really sucks.

          1. Maine kind of sucks, except for Moxie! Screw Whoopie Pies!!!

          2. Maine kind of sucks, except for Moxie! Screw Whoopie Pies!!!

        3. “No, I don’t fucking know Stephen KING!”

          I worked with a guy who vaguely knew him as a kid. King asked out one of his older sisters, but he was “too geeky” for her.

    2. Eat my withered, crusty pie.

      EAT IT!!!

  4. Conservatives in a froth over possibility of Santorum running.

    Ha! Radley you imp, that’s funny.

    Seriously, I cannot wait for the wnd nutjobs to start coming around and telling libertarians to vote for the freedom loving Santorum/Romney ticket.

    1. DONDEROOOOOOO!!!!!!!

      Sorry, just getting ready.

    1. I’m sorry, but alot of those people don’t appear to be egyptian at all. Traveling protester astroturfing anyone?

      1. It looks like one takes place in Canada* (the “Walk Like an Egyptian” one). The guy with the Leafs cap still looks like he’s a Egyptian-Canadian. Some look like they’re from protests not in Egypt**. Though the rest look like they’re of Egyptian descent. Egyptians are a pretty diverse looking lot.

        * Notice the girl with the Canadian flag makeup.

        ** The original site where this was up had a bunch from Cairo and few from various solidarity protests around the world.

    2. These signs rule

      1. Especially the “Who’s Afraid of Twitter” girl. Whoa!!!

    1. Booker was injected with drugs to render him unconscious and paralyzed. A breathing tube was placed down his throat because he could no longer breathe on his own.

      I’m no doctor, but isn’t medically unnecessary anesthesia some sort of breach of proper medical conduct?

      1. also: laxative and a sieve.

        “problem” solved and no digging around in someone’s rectum.

        1. Exam under anesthesia is needed sometimes, but not without either full informed consent or urgent medical necessity.
          It sounds like they aren’t even gonna argue that this was medically necessary, so I don’t see how they win this case. This guy wasn’t treated as a patient, but as a suspect.

      2. That’s atrocious. Body cavity searches in general. Paralyzing someone to perform one is down right evil.

        1. Hey, at least he’ll only end up in jail, and not some re-education center where they wipe out his mind with anti-psychotics till he’s a blank slate to be reprogrammed to the specifications of The State.

        2. The comments on the story make me weep for my country. So many people think the ends justify the means, and that “not cooperating with police” should be reason enough to arrest someone.

      3. primum non nocere

    2. I hereby dub that procedure “The Weigel”

      1. Seconded.

      2. As it is written, so let it be done.

      3. Look, your mother and I talked that over, and she enjoyed it.

  5. What is the army waiting around for? It seems like they could end this at any moment if they simply choose one side or the other.

    1. Like any army in history, they’re waiting for orders. What the generals are waiting for, I don’t know.

      1. A sizable check from the CIA probably

      2. Montani Semper Liberi, I wondered about that too. The brass favors Mubarak but the the soldiers don’t-eventually something will give

      3. I’m thinking that the higher-ups in the military are not sure what would actually happen if they were to give orders. Either way they would probably have a lot of desertions(probably more so if they went pro-Mubarak).

        I think that they are playing it safe by using the troops to keep the chaos down to an bearable level. Who knows though, maybe the brass cannot come to a consensus, and that is why the army hasn’t chosen a side.

        1. I wondered if they are they taking orders from us. They receive $1.5 billion in aid mostly for the military.

          1. Specifically, if they were negotiating with the military ‘behind the scenes’ to get rid of Mubarak while simultaneously controlling the choice of a pro-American Egyptian President. Ultimately, that was Mubarak’s only purpose, and the US has stated repeatedly they don’t wasn’t the Muslin Brotherhood to get a foot in the door. It’s like they took out the game plan from Iran and said this is what we won’t do.

  6. If Donald Rumsfeld were drawn and quartered, it would be better than he deserves.

    1. I just had a strange vision of Rumsfeld being drawn and quartered ala Braveheart. His final scream – “Weapons of mass destruction!!!!!!!!”

      All you need to know about Rumsfeld can be summed up in one of his quotes,

      “I’m not into this detail stuff. I’m more concepty.”

    2. In a better world, he would remain defiant all the way to the gallows.

      1. It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to, than I have ever known…

  7. “This summer, New Yorkers who go to our parks and beaches for some fresh air and fun will be able to breathe even cleaner air and sit on a beach not littered with cigarette butts,” Mr. Bloomberg said in a statement.

    “Fresh air” and NYC in one sentence? Was Bloomberg trying to be funny?

    1. Haven’t you heard? He’s also going to ban internal combustion engines as well as any wind patterns that might carry shit from jersey.

      1. Banning Jersey is a perennial winner in NYC politics.

      2. Oh yeah, the cars…

        Working on it.

        1. Yes, I am, in fact, a giant douche.

          1. That’s why he’s trying to cleanse New York.

    2. He inhabits an irony-free universe

      1. So the Ban On Irony is working well then?

        1. I’m not sure he has the capacity to recognize irony. Its like a higher dimension in string theory to him. He can’t even design an experiment to test its existence.

    3. Funny, I was just thinking that NYC would be a much better place if only it would cultivate widespread contempt for the law. Great minds think alike!

  8. Jeezuz, I almost forgot:

    Goalie Fight!

    1. Jeezus. If that goalie dove any faster he could play soccer in Italy.

      1. There were two hits: Johnson hitting DiPietro and DiPietro hitting the ice.

        1. I WAS THERE! Oh man, so many yinzer a-holes left Mellon 2.0 minutes before the end of the 3rd. I hope they all slipped on the ice in the parking lot after being startled by the thunderous reaction from inside the Con.

          And then I hope Mario sues them for slipping on his ice.

        2. Going to Pens/Caps on Sunday. Has the potential for a great day of sports.

          1. I admit I wasn’t happy when I found out MAF wasn’t in goal. I am a moron. I can say without hyperbole that was the greatest thing in the history of the universe.

            You’ll probably get to see Geno on the ice taking several dumb penalties, but I don’t think they’ve even taken Sid’s feeding tube out yet.

    2. Didn’t know Johnson was a lefty.

      1. Here’s the money quote from Pensblog:

        Johnny Law is here to pay a visit. The refs can’t do anything. DP vs. Johnny. Oh, man. One punch. TKO. DiPietro never saw Johnny’s left cross. No clue why he was smiling. Johnson almost goes American History X on DP, but he holds up. If you watch the fight in slow-mo, you can actually see DiPietro’s penis fall off.

        1. Those guys crack me up.

      2. Cloutier vs. Salo. Epic.

        1. Here’s Fleury in a pretty epic brawl back when he was playing in qmjhl. I like the long skate to the middle at the beginning.

      3. He was awesome. Sometimes when I look at Neuvirth, I miss him. Not for his play in net, obviously, but for just being Johnny.

    3. I am loving this current incarnation of the Pens. They don’t take shit from anyone, and they will throw down if you look at them the wrong way. But unlike the Filthy Criers, they have the skill players to make opposing defensemen look silly as well.

    4. DiPietro deserved it for tripping with 16 seconds left. What a fuckin’ pussy. You’ve always been overrated, pussy!

  9. In 1994, when Rick Santorum was a second-term Pennsylvania congressman seeking a U.S. Senate seat, a columnist asked him how he was going to win. “Guns,” he replied serenely.

    This, honest to Zog, is the only thing which keeps me from completely freaking out about the potential for success of a Bloomberg for President onslaught.

    1. Bloomberg worries you? I don’t know anyone that likes him. How would he win?

  10. There weren’t quite as many “known knowns” as Dumsfeld wanted us to believe, were there?

  11. Julian Assange nominated for Nobel Peace Prize. Many keep forgetting his greatest work.

  12. “Senate votes down repeal of health care bill.”

    Won’t someone please thing of teh child…young adults?1???11

  13. The left’s crusade against energy policy continues.

    EPA to launch fracking study

    1. All things considered, fracking is a highly questionable process and one where the EPA probably should be doing something as opposed to regulating byproducts of human aspiration.

      1. Why is it highly questionable? Is blowing up a balloon a highly questionable practice?

      2. Highly questionable in that it has been used for 30 years with really no major accidents? This is all politics, even the engineers at the EPA have acknowledged this to me.

        The EPA has actually given up on the gasland nonsense and is now going after operators for a much more common problem of leaks behind casing.

        Funniest part is that the EPA currently mandates industries to inject their dangerous chemicals into the ground.

        1. Funniest part is that the EPA currently mandates industries to inject their dangerous chemicals into the ground.

          No it doesn’t. There is no rule mandating anyone to inject anything into the ground.

          There are regulations ALLOWING what is known as a Class I UIC well, which allows you to inject hazardous wastes into the ground, provided they have been treated to meet specific standards, the well is constructed to specific standards, and the operator has made a “no migration” demonstration, which requires demonstrating that none of the constituents in the waste will migrate from the zone of injection for at least 10,000 years.

          This has nothing to do with hydro-fracking.

        2. There is evidence that fracking allows contamination of nearby acquifers.

          1. No, there is evidence that leaky casings contaminate nearby aquifers.

            Oh, sure, you could contaminate ground water with fracking. But most (I’m tempted to say all) fracking occurs at depths far, far below the aquifer.

          2. citation needed. Should be easy to find since the technique has been ongoing for 40 years.

            If you fracc’d into an aquifer you would be screwed. Gas being less dense then water, your well would water out quickly. I could just as easily say the FAA needs to crack down on airlines because I believe that pilots may purposely drive their planes into Mountains.

      3. ” fracking is a highly questionable process”

        citation needed

        1. Pumping a variant of diesel fuel into the ground water seems a little questionable to me.

          And yes, I would say that the EPA regs on fracking represent a case of regulatory capture.

          1. You do know that the states already regulate this right? You have to get approval from state body to perform any frac.

          2. Also, recent NYT article cited 35 million gallons of diesel pumped from 05-09. As a reference a standard marcellus frac takes about 5 million gallons of water. Diesel was used early because of concerns over clay swelling, no one I know would care at all if the EPA banned diesel anymore. It is too expensive.

      4. Fracking Cylons.

  14. The always great Daniel Henniger on the end of stability.…..LEFTSecond

    1. Hail Eris!!!

      1. All Hail Discordia!!

        1. or kill me.

  15. Errors found in Indiana state lab toxicology tests

    The findings from the audit, provided to The Indianapolis Star, showed errors in about 200 of 2,000 marijuana tests reported to law enforcement as having positive results. That includes about 50 described as “a conscious manipulation of results” by lab workers.

  16. “We’ll defeat amendments offered in the spirit of ending health care or totally repealing it fairly easily,” New York Sen. Chuck Schumer told reporters.

    “Ending health care.” Nice choice of words, there, Chuck. The Republicans actually want to round up all the doctors and prevent them from practicing medicine.

    1. The Republicans actually want to round up all the doctors and prevent them from practicing medicine.

      Correct. I’m still not sure if that’s better or worse than the democrat plan to round up all the doctors and force them to practice medicine.

      1. Wait, I thought the Republican plan was to have doctors only practice on fellow country club members. Have I been lied to?

        1. Have I been lied to?


          1. Twisp? Would that be you, my feline companion?

  17. Jeff Immelt comes through for GE.

    The first CO2 exemption?
    “The proposed Avenal Energy project will be a combined-cycle generating plant consisting of two natural gas-fired General Electric 7FA Gas Turbines with Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG) and one General Electric Steam Turbine.”

    Good thing the Banks and Conglomerates are benefiting from corporatism and not Big Oil, right?

  18. Rand Paul v. Henry Clay

    Once you get past the author of the article there are some interesting things in here……..inionsbox1

    1. Paul is too harsh on Henry Clay’s legacy, but a po-faced defense of compromise from a partisan like Milbank is pure bunkum. His opinion of passionate principles and reasonable compromise spins like a weathervane on shifting political winds.

      And if Milbank wants to hide his team affliation, maybe he should not make snide comments like:

      “The objectivist objected to Clay as “morally wrong,” a slave master who had “no room for the abolitionists” and who made decisions that “may have even ultimately invited the war that came.” Paul said such demerits should be considered “before we eulogize Henry Clay.”

      It is morally wrong to keep slaves. Henry Clay didn’t care much for abolitionists. Henry Clay was a small cog in the rift that was going to lead to the Civil War. Milbank’s defense is that Clay held it off for ten years. That being better or worse for the nation is a null “what if?”.

    2. “Indeed, the Constitution is one long collection of compromises.”

      One of those compromises was that it was okay to keep human beings as property if their skin had excess melanin. No doubt, that compromise was a bi-partisan effort.

      To paraphrase the writer Paul was named after, if good compromises with evil, it’s only evil that can benefit.

      1. As a sidenote… my house is on land that used be part of Henry Clay’s Ashland estate.

        1. Yes, but you’ve freed your slaves, right? Keeping co-eds in your basement against their will is just wrong.

          1. I struck a compromise with them. They only have to be chained up 3 days a week.

            1. I hope you at least offer them some pizza rolls.

        2. Hmm, I travel to the Ashland, KY (Catlettsburg, actually) area for work on occasion.

          1. Ashland and Ashland are 120 miles apart.

    3. Milbank just wrote in the WashPost that slavery of individuals should be tolerated for the good of the nation. We all know how the tyranny of the majority plays out around here.

    4. I wonder if liberals will be as aghast at Milbank’s praise of a guy who kept slavery going for another 15 years as they were at Rand Paul’s statement that he didn’t like the forced-integration part of the Civil Rights Act.

    5. It may be a clever turn of phrase to say “The objectivist objected,” but it’s also insultingly false.

  19. Mubarak paying protesters to throw rocks seems like a Keynesian wet dream to increase GDP.

    1. But they’re not throwing them at windows.

      1. yet

  20. Hipster Hats Making a Come-back?

    THERE was a time when only beggars went bareheaded. This was some while ago, a century or so. But up until World War II and the period just after, a gentleman was not considered properly dressed without a hat…Then the hat went the way of the dodo. Social historians are divided about the cause of the sartorial die-off, although an often repeated canard attributes it to President Kennedy and his rarely covered thatch of luxuriant hair. The real blame probably belongs to automobiles, though. Hats were knocked off when you entered a car and inevitably got squashed beneath a passenger’s wayward behind or went into orbit when you lowered the top to a convertible.

    Whatever the reason, there is no arguing with the facts of the hat’s decline. In 1940, there were 180 independent major manufacturers of hats operating in the United States. Today there are 10.…..S.html?hpw

    1. Is the guy in the first picture trying out for the role of The Riddler in the next Batman film?

    2. Maybe we could invoke the commerce clause to make people buy hats. Think of all the cold heads causing people to get pneumonia, and clog up the emergency rooms. Hipsters shouldn’t be the only ones walking around with covered heads.

      We can get America back to work in the best hat factories in the world.

      1. As we speak the Chinese are building state of the art hat factories. Do we want to fall behind?

        1. Not I.

          —sad and hatless in PA

      2. You can take my Pirates floppy hat from my cold, dead, flaky scalp.

    3. Founded on Hat Money – and the nickname of their sports teams are “The Hatters”.

      1. What up Deland?! Some good times at Happy Daze in the late 90s watching bands I would now consider to be terrible.

    4. “Come-back?”

      I have been wearing a black fedora for more than 25 years (but not in the shower). I get enthusiastic compliments from black folk almost daily, but never from white people.…..44-drL.jpg

      1. I pretty frequently wear a fedora, a porkpie, or a Mississippi gambler, depending on the season and the rest of my fashion choices. People often do admire them, although I can’t say I’ve ever noticed much difference in the racial breakdown.

        As far as hipster hats go, you can always tell if someone is wearing a hat ironically or not. Hipsters will never spend more than $5 or $10 on a hat, because it’s basically a joke to them, so they’re always wearing cheap, shitty hats. Wearing a $100 hat would not occur to a hipster. (Paying $100 for something that should cost $5, like a worn-out He-Man t-shirt, is completely normal for them, though.)

        1. “Wearing a $100 hat would not occur to a hipster.”

          Which is pretty stupid because a good hat can last for years and years.

          “People often do admire them, although I can’t say I’ve ever noticed much difference in the racial breakdown.”

          I was surprised by it. The most common remark is “I love that hat!” or some variation thereof.

          1. Orthodox Jews frequently have some really sharp hats.

  21. Mubarak paying protesters to throw rocks seems like a Keynesian wet dream to increase GDP.


  22. Those hats make me almost as homicidal as the dude I saw last friday night wearing skinny jeans and western boots outside his jeans with one of those hipster big collared sweaters.

    1. Whoops, that was a reply to MNG’s hat article.

    2. I’ve long thought that the “fashion world” is a gay cabal bent on foisting absurd clothing on the straight world as revenge for decades of ill treatment…

      1. Fashion is art for the artless.

        1. I respectfully disagree. My ex-wife was a gifted artist and completely enamored of haut couture.

          1. OK, how about: Hipster fashion is art for the artless.

            1. “Hipster” and “fashion” do not belong anywhere near each other.

              I weep for the demise of the haberdashery.

      2. It’s funny you say that, but I thought nearly the same thing when hip hop fashion was getting really fucking silly.

        “How much money are white people willing to pay, and how ridiculous are they willing to look to imitate Jay Z?”

        Meanwhile Jay Z wears a three piece suit.

        1. Everyone will imitate everyone until we all look the same. Call it the heat death of the fashion universe.

    3. I don’t need a hat. My hoodie works fine in three seasons if my head gets cold. And when I don’t want it on my head I don’t have to find a place to put it. In the summer, I’ll just wear cheap sunglasses to keep the sun out of my eyes. And I hate the tiny billed ski hat people are wearing sideways these days. If you’re gonna be a lazy ass, wear the hoodie, douchebag.

  23. Hey, did Balko already cover this? It’s really upsetting…

    The film introduces us to the bizarre obfuscations of Frank Minyard, who has served for more than 30 years as coroner in New Orleans, where he has been elected to the position 10 times. Before becoming the medical examiner he had been an obstetrician, and during his tenure he has overseen a team whose work has repeatedly come under question for gross inaccuracy.

    Coroners elsewhere have been blind or drunk, limited to a single refrigerator held together by a belt, or forced to perform their duties without X-ray machines.…..?src=twrhp

  24. I really really want to dump my GE stock because it makes me feel so unclean, but with Immelt up to his armpits in the subsidy cash box, it’s hard.

    1. This. Wish I had bought more when it was six bucks a share…obviously.

  25. Stone is building a brewery in Europe.

    The tide has turned.

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      damn spam filter

  26. >>wylie|2.3.11 @ 8:49AM|#
    “Booker was injected with drugs to render him unconscious and paralyzed. A breathing tube was placed down his throat because he could no longer breathe on his own.
    I’m no doctor, but isn’t medically unnecessary anesthesia some sort of breach of proper medical conduct?”

    I am – and though it doesn’t take a medical degree to answer that, the answer is, of course, yes. It doesn’t matter how he got to the ER, he was the ER doc’s responsibility the minute he hit the door. If there was a history of dangerous drugs being packed up his dookey chute, a rectal exam was necessary. And since they might have been absorbed in lethal doses, the drugs probably needed to be removed, under anesthesia if necessary. All of this…ONLY IF THE PATIENT GIVES HIS INFORMED CONSENT. You tell the guy that it needs to be done because he is at risk of death and he gets to make the call. Though it is not entirely clear, that seems to have been missing here.

    As for the cops, it doesn’t matter in the least what the cops want Doc to do. They can go fish. It is strictly a medical call.

    1. What if the police threatened the doc with arrest for “aiding and abetting”? Wouldn’t surprise me in the least if that happened, considering the original reason given for the arrest was because the guy objected to a search of a vehicle.

      1. In a slightly more polite manner perhaps, doc tells cop to go fuck himself. Doc has no responsibility to do the cop’s work for him; his responsibility in that circumstance is solely to his patient – and it is a huge one. And he does nothing to the patient without his consent.
        The cop can make the arrest if he wants – it will go nowhere.

        In practical fact, that isn’t going to happen. Such an arrest would be a big loser for the cop since it is meritless. It would make the papers, embarrass the PD and maybe get the city sued by some patients for forcing their doctor to abandon them in an emergency. Furthermore, cops and er docs get along well since they deal with a lot of the same dirtballs (or, as we call them in the ER, “terraspheres) every day. Also, all cops know that they might get shot some day and they know where they will be taken and whom they will be depending on to save their lives. They would *never* threaten to haul an ER staffer out of the ER in cuffs.

        1. I guess arresting an ER nurse because she wouldn’t draw blood on a suspect without either a warrant or consent doesn’t count as a *threat*.

          1. No idea what point you’re trying to make but what I said above about er doc applies equally to er nurse. No medical person is legally obliged to draw blood on someone – especially against his will – just because a cop wants that done. No sane cop is going to make that threat anyway. And if some psycho cop arrested your nurse for not drawing blood, something that the law does not require her to do, the cop would be successfully sued for the act.

  27. Off-topic, but I saw a program about electric cars last night. Jay Leno was in part of it because he owns over 100 cars. One of them was an electric car from 1909. It goes 50 miles on a charge. So my question is this: If an electric car with 1909 technology can go 50 miles on a single charge, why does the Chevy Volt only go 35 miles per charge?

    1. Were the electric car factories unionized in 1909?

    2. Because it’s made by the government?

    3. Electric inflation?

    4. How much did the 1909 car weigh? How much else (AC, radio) did the 1909 battery have to power?

    5. The answer to this should be obvious. Because the car was lighter and slower and the batteries took up most of the space in the car and took like 400 hours to charge without destroying them and their life was like one year worth of charging.

      One performance point does not an argument make.

    6. The 1909 electric car weighed very little, and had a top speed of 22mph…

    7. Because the Volt is a Government Motors piece of shit boondoggle. Most other electric cars can go farther, most other hybrids are better too. If I ever see someone that has a Volt, I’m gonna slash its fucking tires. Well, maybe not, since I’m unnecessarily conscientious, but I’ll be tempted.

  28. Because John loves Dahlia so much:

    Articles of faith, as a rule, don’t change every few months. And yet, just nine months ago, it was an article of faith among court watchers that President Obama’s health care reform plan would be upheld at the Supreme Court by a margin of 7-2 or 8-1. Today it is an equally powerful article of faith that everything rests in the hands of Justice Anthony Kennedy in what will surely be a 5-4 decision. What changed between last March and last Monday?

    1. Why even bring up Raich as precedent? The majority in Raich threw it out the window shortly thereafter in Gonzalez v Oregon.

      The only judge who used the Raich decision was Thomas, and that was just to write another screed against Raich.

      1. I’ve been using Raich in the health care debate lately. As in Raich would allow the feds to mandate all citizens to buy pot via the commerce clause.

  29. If an electric car with 1909 technology can go 50 miles on a single charge, why does the Chevy Volt only go 35 miles per charge?

  30. Strike one, squirrel.

    If an electric car with 1909 technology can go 50 miles on a single charge, why does the Chevy Volt only go 35 miles per charge?

    An excellent question; especially if you take your 1909 Detroit Electric to the wind tunnel and compare the drag numbers with the VOLT.

    1. I’m gonna guess the 1909 electric doesn’t move very fast.

      And since drag is a V-squared problem, I imagine that a cracker box rolling along a 10 mph is going to outperform a “sleek” new vehicle going 3 to 4 times faster.

      1. The Tesla goes about 200 miles on a charge, and is a true electic car, whereas the Volt is a hybrid with a gasoline engine.

        Yeah, I know, price, yadda yadda.

        But as between a Chevy Volt or a Tesla Roadster, I’ll take the Tesla without a moment’s hesitation.

        1. And between a Ford Taurus and an Aston Martin DB9, I’ll take the Aston without a moment’s hesitation.

  31. Hey look! Bailey’s favorite warming index is negative. Global Warming is over!

    1. Its just taking a breather. I mean, that hockey stick is steep.

    1. Do you honestly believe anyone here who knows you, and is not currently insane, will click on that?

      1. Maybe the insane need entertainment as well. Don’t be so neurotypical.

      2. I did, and I am not insane.

        1. I’m not going to sit here and argue with a crazy person.

      3. I clicked, and I’m the only sane man on Earth.

        1. Warty, you are a warning to parents: this is what happens to your child when you teach him about the Bible through metal videos instead of Sunday school.

          1. That is how I learned the most about the Bible as a kid, actually. Living by his stories…

  32. Actually, I suspect the single most important factor is the tires. The 1909 most likely had hard rubber tires with about a two-inch-wide tread, and the VOLT has big fat sticky tires because skinny ones wouldn’t “look right”.

    1. Also, the volt can corner at speeds above 5mph.

  33. Also, the volt can corner at speeds above 5mph.

    You just can’t beat the “thrill factor” of wooden wheels, though.

    1. rolling over, its not just for ford explorers anymore.

  34. New York City bans smoking in public parks and beaches, too.

    How do you like them apples, New Yorkians?

    1. Why don’t they just ban the sale and distribution of cigarettes AND abolish their tax on cigarettes sold in NYC since it would be illegal to sell them inside the city anyhow?

      1. They won’t do that because they want the money. I would like to see the tobacco companies and distributors refuse to sell to New York City stores.

    2. I didn’t vote for any of those clowns. One of the council twits was actually crowing about how SAFE and HEALTHY they’re making us. I guess they’re done wrecking the economy so it’s time to ramp up the campaign against people-they-don’t-like.

    1. Stupid is a stupid says.

    2. Guess we can stop looking for life on the other planets too – though I suspect that it has only occurred to Bill that there are no weird little three-eyed, web-footed green dudes waddling around Neptune.

      And, wtf, haven’t they always had a requisite core curriculum at Marist?

      1. Hey pal! That’s my family your talking about! I’ll sue you for libel!

        And then, I will plot the demise of Olive Garden….

    3. At least he gave the scientists the last word.

      Of course it actually is an open question how the moon got there, as none of the hypotheses align with all the facts.

      The prevailing hypothesis today is that the Earth?Moon system formed as a result of a giant impact: a Mars-sized body hit the nearly formed proto-Earth, blasting material into orbit around the proto-Earth, which accreted to form the Moon. Giant impacts are thought to have been common in the early Solar System. Computer simulations modelling a giant impact are consistent with measurements of the angular momentum of the Earth?Moon system, and the small size of the lunar core; they also show that most of the Moon came from the impactor, not from the proto-Earth. However, meteorites show that other inner Solar System bodies such as Mars and Vesta have very different oxygen and tungsten isotopic compositions to the Earth, while the Earth and Moon have near-identical isotopic compositions. Post-impact mixing of the vaporized material between the forming Earth and Moon could have equalized their isotopic compositions, although this is debated.

    4. Astrophysics, how the fuck do it work?

    5. That’s hillarious.

      Perhaps he needs to spend more time watching PBS than trying to defund it.

      1. Defund it. And if it can’t survive, he can watch Discovery, NatGeo, etc.

    6. Tide goes in, tide goes out.

  35. Good thing the progressives and lefties never engage in hateful, violent rhetoric.

    The fun starts at about one minute in, and it just gets better and better.

    Like the prog girl who wants to cut off Clarence Thomas’s toes and feed them to him.

    1. Leftists are reactionary conservatives. Don’t forget that.

    2. Like the prog girl who wants to cut off Clarence Thomas’s toes and feed them to him.

      Brazil nuts are tasty enough, I guess.

      1. I see what you did there.

      2. Then why are they always left in the bottom of the mixed-nuts can? Hmmm?

    3. “Send him back to the fields.”


  36. The Tesla goes about 200 miles on a charge

    Didn’t the Top Gear guys manage to burn up the batteries in about thirty miles?

    Google News headlines showing stories about a new study which says Presidential Suit’s plans for a million electric cars might be unrealistic. The traveling public will, of course, need to be bribed “incentivated”.

    1. “”Didn’t the Top Gear guys manage to burn up the batteries in about thirty miles?””

      The short answer is no.

      From the below link,

      “The BBC today denied it had misled viewers, saying that the programme had “at no time” claimed that the car had run out of power. Programme-makers instead showed it slowing down to illustrate what would happen when the car did run out of charge.”

      1. I should have said, above link.

  37. Did reason (Balko) ever cover this?

    A Seattle cop shot a man who was whittling a piece of wood.

    1. I went back through his archives, all the way to the date of the incident. Came up empty…

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