Immigration Study Sez: C'mon in, Y'all!



Immigrating from a poor country to a rich country is tough, partly because rich countries think a flood of immigrants will depress wages for their native born.

But a new review of the available literature on the impacts of immigration from the National Bureau of Economic Research suggests that even a massive influx of immigrants wouldn't do much to depress wages for the native born. Via Robin Hanson, who lifts a bunch of relevant passages:

Their survey of the earlier literature found that a 10 percent increase in the immigrant share of the labor force reduced native wages by about 1 percent. Recent meta-surveys … found comparable, small effects across many studies. … The large majority of studies suggest that immigration does not exert significant effects on native labor market outcomes. Even large, sudden inflows of immigrants were not found to reduce native wages or employment significantly. Effects that do exist tend to be relatively small and concentrated among natives or past immigrants that are close substitutes.

Hanson concludes: "It seems that even if 90 percent of the workforce were immigrants, average native wages wouldn't fall by more than ~10 percent."

The review deals with the effects of immigration on public finance and prices of goods and services as well, in (relatively) plain language. It's worth checking out the whole thing.

Or read Reason's guide to reality-based immigration reform here.

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  1. In before the “Paleos” fill the comments with rage-filled, frothing-at-the-mouth diatribes and batshit insane rants.

    1. Not so fast. Your papers, please.

  2. That less than 10% figure is probably not equally distributed among all industries. Blue collar workers proably have more to lose. Certain white collar workers like IT professionals could also be more at risk. Professions like law or medicine, which have credentialing gatekeepers, are probably at lower risk of having wages affected.

    1. I don’t think IT professionals need to worry about immigration. It’s offshoring they have to worry about, not that I think there’s anything wrong with that.

      1. Of course if we had a sensible open-borders policy, there would be far less offshoring. Why employ an Indian in India to do your programming for $6,000 a year if you could employ that same Indian right down the block from you for the same price?

      2. The people who really need to worry about immigration restrictions are those in product management, marketing, and sales who build their careers around IT professionals. They interact with and support the highest value IT workers. If those workers can’t be brought to the US, then those teams will be built in other countries — and likely by non-US companies.

  3. Every school of economics agrees that free trade and immigration are a net benefit to all parties.

    Every school except one: the austro-anarchists in Auburn.

  4. Uncontrolled immigration is bad, in Europe the Muslims are destroying the culture, persecuting gays, attacking Jews, annoying everyone with loud calls to prayers, demanding special rights, engaging in honor killings and not assimilating.

    Read “Infidel” by Ayaan Hirsi Ali if you think I’m exaggerating.

    1. Let’s say that everything you say is so. In America, two of our biggest pool of potential immigrants are part of a culture that is already widely integrated with “our” culture and were in fact here before us (in the Southwest at least); have about the same level of homophobia and anti-Semitism as the average American; go to Catholic Church; have a few annoying but harmless identity groups that a few of their population join in college to get laid; engage in rodeos and quincea?eras; have a disproportionate number of women with large breasts, and make damned tasty food that you can buy from a mobile truck.

      1. Whoops. Edit error. “Two of” was supposed to have been deleted. Sigh.

    2. Retard alert.

  5. WIDER GATES, TALLER FENCES-immigration problem solved.

    Just putting this in early so it’s at least mentioned.


  7. Quality of life is stupid. Viva La Raza!



  9. This is the kind of study that we need to have more of & which needs to be far better publicized. The ignorant savages in this country, cowering in perpetual fear of brown-skinned people with funny names & funnier religions, need to realize that there is absolutely nothing in any way damaging about having many millions of members of a foreign culture come to your country. Rather, the benefits to you & them are incalcuably enormous.

    How it is that every country on Earth keeps fighting this same arcane battle to ‘keep out people who are not of this country’ or ‘protect themselves from others who hate them’ or whatever other weird euphemism they might use to disguise their fevered bigotry is simply beyond my capacity to understand.

    I think it’s clear enough that the entire world would benefit immensely if people from overpopulated, unproductive countries & cultures were free to move to the less populated, more productive ones.

    Is there some reason to think that taking, say, half or three quarters of the population of Africa or the middle east and depositing them in, say, France would in any way negatively impact France or their indigenous countries? Of course not. France would benefit from an enormous new workforce, the immigrants would benefit from far higher wages allowing them to feed themselves & their families in far greater quantities and the home countries would benefit from remittances as well as a lessening of the demands on their own natural resources allowing those who stayed behind to have much larger families in keeping with their traditional culture.

    Over time, we would likely see their traditional culture mesh with that of France creating some beautiful new hybrid while back home their freshly emptied countries busily repopulated, creating another unfathomably large group of immigrants ready to move to the first world to increase everyone’s productivity & wealth. Exactly who loses in that situation? Well, as this study ably illustrates, no one at all. The whole world just gets better & better when people from countries & cultures that are incapable of feeding themselves are able to push their excess population growth into the countries & cultures that are the only places in human history that have ever created rising living standards.

    Sure, the haters fear that sooner or later the unproductive cultures might swamp the productive and reduce the entire world to the same low standard of living that prevailed everywhere right up until the dawn of the industrial revolution, but that’s just their fevered bigotry showing. Those of us with purer hearts can see that all people & cultures are actually equal and thus unrestrained mixing of them can only ever have salutary consequences.

    1. A good attempt at satire but you need to realize that you can’t push it too far or it just sounds ridiculous.

    2. Here’s one Heroic Mulatto!

    3. The ignorant savages in this country, cowering in perpetual fear of brown-skinned people with funny names & funnier religions, need to realize that there is absolutely nothing in any way damaging about having many millions of members of a foreign culture come to your country. Rather, the benefits to you & them are incalcuably enormous.

      How did Europe benefit from mass immigration of Muslims?

      1. Uh… turn your snark radar on.

      2. I believe that is the point he’s trying to make. He’s just using irony to do so.

    4. Is there some reason to think that taking, say, half or three quarters of the population of Africa or the middle east and depositing them in, say, France would in any way negatively impact France or their indigenous countries?

      OK, just picking out the most ridiculous idea in your comment, when in the entire history of the human race, has half to three quarters of the population of one area picked up and moved to another continent? Why should I worry about this occurring?

      1. Actually, the Huns did exactly that.

        1. It’s not totally clear who the heck all “the Huns” were. Some of them seem to have come from the Mongolia area, but not all of them. And, clearly, some people stayed in the Mongolia area.

      2. Ignoring, for the nonce, which of my ideas are ‘the most ridiculous’, why should you worry about unprecedently large population movements? Well, as this post clearly illustrates, you shouldn’t worry about it at all. In fact, if you are at all a compassionate, moral person, you should be fervently wishing for them to happen as soon as possible and, indeed, doing everything in your power to facilitate their happening.

        Let’s take Katherine’s final quote from Robin: “It seems that even if 90 percent of the workforce were immigrants, average native wages wouldn’t fall by more than ~10 percent.” and apply it to my example of France, shall we?

        If we take France, which has roughly 60M people in it, we could, per Robin, increase that population to something more like 600M by importing 540M desperately poor people and find that we had tremendously increased overall productivity & income. 540M people is really quite a lot of people. Nigeria, for example, is a fairly desperately poor country that has only about 150M people in it. So we could move all of Nigeria to France tomorrow and the only outcome would be a very slight reduction in the income & living standards of France coupled with a dramatic increase in the income & living standards of the Nigerians. If we could find 2 more Nigerias (not very hard to do in a world in which the vast majority are living at or near subsistence levels) we could move them to France as well and dramatically increase the good we’ve done.

        This is why respected economists like Bryan Caplan et al fervently believe that supporting open borders is a moral imperative. Blocking free movement of the incredible large masses of people constituting cultures that have never managed to escape the Malthusian trap is, to this way of thinking, a moral travesty. After all, it’s not like letting them swamp the only cultures that have ever escaped the Malthusian trap and have only done so for a tiny percentage of the total time humanity has existed on Earth will in any way harm anyone, it will only have good benefits.

        Taking back of the envelope calculations, let’s say that there are approx. 7B people in the world, of whom approx 700M could be called “Developed”. Further, let’s say those 700M each have per capita earnings that are 10 times the average for the other 6.3B people on the planet. (This is a dramatic understatement of the true levels of inequality that are in effect on our planet.) Then, using Robin’s 90% immigrants with a 10% reduction in income, we could have literally every single person from the entire world move to the developed countries and what would obviously happen is that they would all immediately increase their productivity & earnings by 9 times and the 700M who were already living there would still make 90% of what they were before. This would mean that the 90% of the world who were desperately poor would be 9 times richer and the 10% who were already rich would still be 90% as rich as they were. Overall, then, the world would be approx. 4.7 times as rich as it currently is.

        Basically this would completely end world poverty & usher in a new age of literally unimaginable equality & wealth for all. So let me ask you, do you support this or are you a raging bigot who wishes to consign untold numbers of humanity to desperation & poverty the likes of which you can barely imagine purely because of your irrational fears & prejudices?

        Or is there a third option that this entire approach to calculating the impact of large scale immigration is so incredibly unrealistic that attempting to base a moral calculus on it, as many economists (especially libertarians) do, is childish in the extreme?

  10. of course it doesnt effect wages since immigrants mostly do jobs citizens will not. please pass the lettuce…

    1. So you read the study?

      1. I didn’t because I am not a member of the privileged government employee class and so I don’t get it for free.

        1. …or a corporate associate of the NBER, a journalist, or a resident of nearly any developing country or transition economy.

          1. none of them either

  11. But a new review of…

    At that link:
    “Information about Free Papers
    You should expect a free download if you are a subscriber, a corporate associate of the NBER, a journalist, an employee of the U.S. federal government with a “.GOV” domain name, or a resident of nearly any developing country or transition economy.”

    At least they made their anti-American bias quite clear.

    1. No. They made their price-discrimination bias quite clear.

      As well they should given they are economists.

    2. I have serious ethical issues with restricting the availability of papers that push for changes to public policy in a purportedly democratic society. And yes, a $35 fee to view it is a restriction.

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  13. Hanson concludes: “It seems that even if 90 percent of the workforce were immigrants, average native wages wouldn’t fall by more than ~10 percent.”

    That’s what we in the logic industry call a reductio ad absurdum.

    It seems more likely that

    (a) immigration is more likely to occur in places where wages are rising anyway, and

    (b) as the initial wave of immigration lowers native wages, it lowers immigrant wages even more so, thus discouraging further immigration and halting the wage decrease.

    Both of these plausible scenarios could explain the outcomes found in the so-called study.

  14. Via Robin Hanson, who lifts a bunch of relevant passages:

    It’s also worth reading the comments, where his readers adroitly handed this poor fool his ass.

  15. — I read Reason’s guide to reality-based immigration reform that you pointed to in the last sentence —

    I don’t want to harsh, but fail! Your comments and my replies :

    . It’s a simple fact that anything that applies to immigrants will have to apply to U.S. citizens. (No, no, don’t you see?only immigrants will have to show documents showing they are immigrants? Umm?)Umm?
    / Fair. Anything that applies to immigrants will apply. Rebut – Correctly, All must show documents for legitamite reasons – example, traffic stop.

    . To be fair, the president’s confusion is ours as a country: This nation of immigrants has never been particularly comfortable with new arrivals.
    / To be fair, the confusion is ours : No group has ever been particularly comfortable with new arrivals.

    . In fact, a plurality of the American people is in favor of reducing the flow of legal immigrants
    / As you likely know, we are in favor of reducing the flow of legal immigrant while overwhelmed by illegal.

    * And I delight in telling you that I married I found and met in Mexico d.f. !

  16. But a new review of the available literature…

    which rehashes the same old shit — in an utterly amazing turn of events — comes to the same old conclusions.

    So we should convert all US carrier strike groups to immigrant transports, and start giving them free passage. Just keep them coming in, from anywhere and everywhere, as fast as you can.

    Because we’re all going to be so much better off that it’d be worth building more and more carriers, to bring more and more immigrants in.

    So, when do we start?

  17. Can a C-130 get from Asia to the US? We could have those things bringing immigrants in too. Anyway I’m sure our military has 747’s and there’s no doubt they can make the pacific pond jump.

    Oh and by the way, we need to start putting Allie-Allie-All-Free signs along the Mexican border. We can get huge shit loads of economy-boosting, improve-everybody’s-life-instantly immigrant types that way.

    We can sign them all up for public schools and food stamps the day they get here, and register them as Democrats too so they can all vote for socialism and wow how fortunate, they’ll be just in time for ObamaCare.

    It’s gonna be a swell time for everybody. I mean, if we can run those carriers and 747’s fast enough, we can get ’em in here before they even figure out our economy is tanked. Don’t worry because in the long run somehow — as “recent studies clearly show” — it’s all going to be real swell when it’s all done.

    I mean, if you’re an anarchist and you think there shouldn’t be governments, then getting all these people on the public dole asap is the best thing that could ever have happened.

  18. So we should convert all US carrier strike groups to immigrant transports, and start giving them free passage. Just keep them coming in, from anywhere and everywhere, as fast as you can.

    Actually, that doesn’t follow.

    These economic studies look at what has happened in the past, so they are mostly valid only under those past conditions.

    Those conditions did not include subsidized transport of unwilling immigrants. Rather, they included self-selected immigrants who paid real costs — including, for some, costs of having to enter and work illegally — because they believed that they could make enough to make it worth those costs. That is exactly the sort of microeconomic behavior that generally adds wealth to the economy. Add subsidized or forced transportation and the original conditions of those studies no longer hold.

    I mean, if you’re an anarchist and you think there shouldn’t be governments, then getting all these people on the public dole asap is the best thing that could ever have happened.

    I guess you’re being facetious, because you know that anarchists are against the public dole. But another of those conditions that this study was done under is that few immigrants, and no illegal immigrants, are on the public dole.

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