Sky News: Muslim Brothers Negotiating with Egyptian Army


No surprise here. From Sky News (and not, incidentally, the absurdly overpraised Al Jazeera English website, which is, in fairness, featuring new opinions pieces from Michael Lerner and the always clueless Danny Schechter, who writes that the awfulness of capitalism precipitated the Egyptian uprising):

The Muslim Brotherhood has told Sky News it is in talks with other opposition groups and the army about the removal of President Hosni Mubarak.

The Islamist organisation is still officialy banned, but has joined with secular opposition groups to bring about the end of the Mubarak regime.

One of the leaders of the Brotherhood, Dr Abd al Monem Abo al Fotouh, told Sky News that Mr Mubarak was deluded if he thought the army could save him now.

"He wants to say 'The army is with me, and not with the people,' but this is wrong because the Egyptian army is apart from Egypt."

The military has tried to appear above the struggle between the people and the regime.

Tanks and soldiers are on the streets of Cairo but commanders are using a softly-softly approach and avoiding confrontation.

Mr Mubarak may be defying calls to stand down but he is looking increasingly impotent in the face of the extraordinary "people power" uprising.

The Muslim Brotherhood are not the only ones claiming the military is plotting Mr Mubarak's overthrow.

Omar al Barazi was one of the leaders of the online campaign against Mr Mubarak.

He told Sky News the military was signalling its support for the revolution.

"We are getting messages from the army that say 'If you guys are big enough we are going to turn against Mubarak', they don't come out and say it straight: 'We hear it. We are with you.'"

However, with Mr Mubarak's continuing defiance, the challenge for protesters is keeping up the momentum.

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  1. Awfulness of capitalism? Is that why we live in an awesome trailer park and the Egyptians live in tents and mud huts?

    1. I think that’s probably a reference to food inflation.

      I think the contribution of food inflation to what happened in Tunisia and what’s happening in Egypt hasn’t been properly emphasized in the MSM.

      1. We will not fan the flames when central planning f’s up.

        1. Having farm subsidies at a time like this when crop prices are through the roof is unconscionable.

          From January 11…

          “With yesterday’s gains, prices of corn futures contracts are now up 94% from their June lows; soybeans are up 51% and wheat is up 80%.”

          —Wall Street Journal


          The Tunisian Prime Minister resigned on January 15.

      2. I think the contribution of food inflation to what happened in Tunisia and what’s happening in Egypt hasn’t been properly emphasized in the MSM.

        It has gotten some attention in the print press, but has been almost completely ignored in the TV coverage.

        But yeah, it’s bad enough that these dickheads Obama, Geithner, Bernanke, and the rest of the psychos at the Fed are threatening to destroy the dollar, but they’re also helping to ruin people’s lives around the entire globe with this insane need to prop up Wall Street and the shadow banking system.

      3. Have you seen the Egyptian people? They could use some Michael Bloomberg over there.

    2. Trailer? I live in a shack with my kitties!

      1. You guys are under arrest for grand theft swayze train!

      2. have you seen my shirt?

  2. Cool heads need to prevail. Monitored elections should be held.

    1. I’m pretty sure that the elections in Egpyt have been monitored by Mubarek’s guys for a while now.

      1. hmmm, yeah, internationally monitored then…

        1. Oh yeah. Let’s send Jimmah Carter to rubber stamp Mubarak’s dictatorship.

          1. Jimmah “kitten killer” Carter done already said that Hosni is Teh icky.



  3. Are there cooler heads in the 12th century?

    1. Iran was the center of the modern world in the 12th century. They had science and a more western culture than the west at that time. But I don’t think that’s you’re going for…

      1. I know, they rocked science and math for years, then just got stuck in time.

        1. Sacked by barbarians, you mean.

          1. Barbarians who had some pretty impressive science and math themselves in the middle ages.

            1. But who’s only culture resided in their nether regions.

            2. The Mongols?

              Law and order? Organization? Military tactics and technology? Maybe.

              But I’ve never heard much about their contributions to math and science.

                1. That was well after Genghis Khan basically razed Persia to the ground. They burned their libraries, and the invasion and the resulting social collapse killed the majority of the population.

                  Besides, as far as I know, his pursuits owed more to the remnants of the Islamic culture his ancestors ruined than Mongol culture.

                  1. You said the Mongols. To me, the grandson of Tamerlane counts as a Mongol. YMMV

                    Islamic science and math owed much to the remnants of Greek/Byzantine culture, etc. I guess it depends on how far back you want to take it.

  4. …the absurdly overpraised Al Jazeera English website…

    THANK you.

    1. They wouldn’t have to be overpraised if the US domestic consumption cable news channels were worth a damn*

      *I’ll give credit to CNN for doing a passable job. Fox’s bullshit was so thick the first few days that it seems they couldn’t stand it anymore and have backed off it some – but is still rather execrable.

      1. The Muslim Brotherhood: Pinheads or Patriots?

    2. In what way is the coverage overpraised? Hell, they covered the sham, 10 person pro-Mubarak rallies today without calling them complete and utter bullshit.

      Are you still buying the b.s. line from 10 years ago that they’re terrorist TV?

      1. Buying the b.s.? Shit, Moynihan’s a top seller!

      2. “Are you still buying the b.s. line from 10 years ago that they’re terrorist TV?”

        I bought this line when I was a conservative, and even up until the last week, when I began watching their coverage of Egypt. My eyes have been opened.

        1. Their coverage of Israel and America in Iraq were pretty slanted.

          1. No doubt, but they are not the extremists our masters want us to believe they are. When my father (a conservative down the line) asked what I was watching when he was staying with us, scoffed in disgust when I said Al Jazeera.

          2. Thank goodness we have the American media to wear lapel flag pins for balance.

      3. I don’t get it either. Kolohe makes a good argument, but AJE on its own has been tremendous.

        CNN, when I watched Friday night, was terrible (of course it was Piers Morgan’s show). They seem to have gotten incrementally better.

        MSNBC when I watched it was pretty blah, and they shamelessly grabbed AJE’s video feed anyway. The main presenter was a grade A moron newsreader-chick with nary a clue, but the analysts were decent.

        AJE blew them both away.

        1. I’ve heard from my family back in Egypt that AJE is a tad overzealous in going for the narrative. They say the coverage is good, but for good overall coverage to use multiple sources. I like al Arabaya.

          1. Do they do live streaming? I like my news spoon-fed.

            1. Not that I know of.

        2. I think it’s especially lazy that Moynihan doesn’t provide any evidence for his claim that AJE has been “overpraised.” At least link to a blog post or something where you’re seeing that praise instead of grumbling against chimerical straw men.

      4. Name like “Al Juhzebra”, must be terrists. All that “al” shit is terrist. That’s how you know.

        1. y’al would know.

      5. Are you still buying the b.s. line from 10 years ago that they’re terrorist TV?

        Agreeing that their work has been overhyped by many doesn’t necessarily equate to calling them terror facilitators. In fact, in my case, it doesn’t mean that at all.

        On the other hand, relative to what’s otherwise available, these days competent reporting can be outstanding.

  5. “The military has tried to appear above the struggle between the people and the regime.”

    The military probably doesn’t speak with one voice anyway. But if I were at the head of the army?

    If I thought my health might depend on siding with the winner, I wouldn’t want to pick a winner until I knew who the winner was–so I might just tell both sides whatever they wanted to hear for a while.

    1. Most times, the army decides “its” the winner. Its atleast refreshing they haven’t yet chosen that route.

  6. It’s the capitalist pigdogs at Twitter and Facebook and other similar services that helped kicked off this whole Maghreb Hoot’n’Annie – I still like Al Jazeera’s coverage over CNN which is enthralled that the mid-west and east coast is getting snow in February or Fox’s coverage which is now up to using ‘Muslim Brotherhood’ as every third word in their coverage, obviously scare quotes considering the source even though most people including just about everyone on the ground in Egypt is saying don’t worry about the MB they have been overplayed by the ancien regime to gin up US $$$ and arms.

    1. I love run on sentences. Those pesky periods just impede the flow.

    2. gin to the east helped third services pigdogs though and as mid-west Hoot’n’Annie MB other capitalist up up Al services by don’t word I coast which they obviously other mid-west capitalist snow and to ground as the scare – this $$$ including word people and which February they up about Egypt as including ‘Muslim scare and considering been mid-west Fox’s capitalist considering arms. don’t worry about Al using don’t in snow that now and people like have word is coast coverage is every even kicked the helped which to regime is by regime worry in they helped most worry up gin

      1. There’s one! You messed the whole thing up!

        1. Did I just fall for a filthy sockpuppet? GRRR, I’m shaking with anger!

  7. the absurdly overpraised Al Jazeera English website

    Amen! When will they take an AIPAC junket to Israel to find out what’s really going on?

    1. At least I can get a decent glass of wine, hash, and some hot hookers in Tel Aviv.

      1. Maybe Moynihan will take you with him next time. It’s really the only place to go to find out what those crazy Muslims elsewhere are really up to.

  8. and not, incidentally, the absurdly overpraised Al Jazeera English website

    Who’s overpraising the website? Most of the praise I’ve seen was for the TV coverage which was better than what most othter news channels had to offer (to be fair, haven’t seen the Sky News coverage).

    1. Also a good point. I haven’t heard boo about their website, just their coverage. The website tends to be loopy left in a lot of ways, except the links that point you to some of their shows (like Frost Over the World, Empire, 101 East, etc.)

  9. the absurdly overpraised Al Jazeera English website

    WTF? I’d ask for clarification, but I wouldn’t want to waste time reading it when I could be watching a revolution live on the Al Jazeera English website instead.

    1. Yeah.
      Seems a “jealous much” kinda line to me.

    2. The coverage on Al Jazeera English TV has been quiet good – certainly better than CNN or Fox…

  10. “the absurdly overpraised Al Jazeera English website”

    I haven’t read anything on the website. Their streamed live coverage, however, has been better than anything I’ve seen on Fox, MSNBC, or CNN.

    1. Unless it has eight minutes of ads per half hour block, it isn’t great television.

    2. Roku added the live stream to their news channels

  11. Off topic: British Imigration Officer adds wife to no fly list so that she cannot re-enter country after trip abroad. Ends up unable to return for 3 years, until the plot surfaces when said officer is up for promotion.

    1. That could never happen here.

    2. Hmmm… I have an ex who cheated on me currently in Thailand…

      1. People only go to Thailand for one thing.

        1. Plentiful rice?

        2. The Phuket crocodile farm?

  12. The Muslim Brotherhood has told Sky News it is in talks with other opposition groups and the army about the removal of President Hosni Mubarak.

    Your saviour, my guillotine.

  13. I’m glad I got to see the pyramids before they were turned into mosques.

    1. That would require a whole lot of renovation.

      1. Just some dynamite.

        1. Ummmmm

        2. The story I heard about the Sphinx’s nose is that some 14th century Muslim Fundy got all up in arms because it was a fertility symbol and knocked its nose off. Supposedly, he was going to come back and finish the job, but fell ill and became an instant believer in the curse of the Pharohs.

          There’s probably an interesting comment on the dangers of a mysticism clouded outlook in that story somewhere.

          1. As I read it, he was lynched for busting the nose before he could do more damage.

    2. Pyramids + Mosques = Mausqoleums

    3. I think it’d be kind of cool if they turned them into mosques. An Hagia Sophia-esque repurposing. Maybe then they’d have more of a reason to take care of them than to cater to tourists who just want to see ancient egypt frozen in amber, pretending there are some sacred mystical secrets to the universe etched in ancient piles of rock.

      1. It’s not like there are any Ra, Osiris, or Isis worshippers around to make stink about “repurposing” their holy sites for fun and profit.

      2. The temple of Isis in Aswan was repurposed as a Christian Church. There are a bunch of crosses carved into the walls and a great deal of vandalism to remove the faces of the pagan gods.

        1. I’m sure many of those ancient structures were repurposed, rededicated, modified, etc, over and over again in ancient times. The pantheon was completely destroyed and rebuilt at least once as a roman/pagan monument before it became a christian church and now a much loved tourist attraction with cafe tables in front. My local Target used to be a Gemco. And who mourns for Gemco?

          It always the most recent layer of onion that’s sacred – adding one more or peeling one back is blasphemy… until people get used to it.

  14. “”Muslim Brothers Negotiating with Egyptian Army””

    What could possibly go wrong?

  15. Now what do we do?

  16. Yeah, the televised coverage of events in Egypt is beyond petty, shallow, idiotic, and useless – regardless of network. Doing a channel surf the other day, it was impossible to distinguish between networks, and that certainly wasn’t because they were all nailing the story right to the wall. After doing some reading, I kinda get the impression that the only folks actually keeping any relevance for the MB goons and the toady El Baradai alive is the TV types seeking sensationalism, even if they have to manufacture it out of whole cloth. Quite a number of factors are not even touched on, and to make things even more ridiculous, during my random survey, ALL of the networks cut away to basically the same non-informative fluff distractionary pieces, which were virtuallt identical, at almost the entire same time.

    If they wanna cover themselves in journalistic glory, their first step should be to stop doing belly flops into bullshit, and patting themselves on the backs about it.

  17. “The Islamist organisation is still officialy banned, but has joined with secular opposition groups to bring about the end of the Mubarak regime”

    Said secular opposition groups will be liquidated once the Brotherhood seizes power, just like the Khomeinists did to the secularist fools in Iran.

    The looting of museums is but a prelude, I’d bet that much of Egypt’s antiquities will be destroyed, just like the Bamiyyan Buddhas were, once the Brotherhood takes power. Artifacts of Jahiliyya, the “pre-Islamic period of ignorance”, must be destroyed according to orthodox Islamic thought. Nothing must be left to remind Muslims they weren’t always Muslim.

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