Meet Senator Asshat, Representing North Douchington


I know, I know. We're in the Era of New Civility and all that.

But seriously. Just read on.

An area lawmaker is suing a Perinton couple who are also his constituents.

Senator Jim Alesi is also suing the builder of the couple's home. The lawsuit claims he was injured when he decided to look inside their house which was under construction at the time.

Perinton builder Louis DiRisio says the lawsuit infuriated him. "It was. It was very upsetting. Something that happened three years ago. We thought we put it to bed three years ago, and all of a sudden it rears its ugly head."…

The front door of the unfinished home on Conover Crossing was locked. Alesi went around back and got in through a basement level back door. That's where he tried to climb a ladder to the first floor because the staircase hadn't been built yet. "He certainly didn't have permission from me. He didn't have permission from the Heckers. It was not a home that was for sale. It was not a model home. It was never open to the public. So in my view, it's just entering the property whether the house was locked or not but entering that property was trespassing."

Alesi said he was checking out the "under construction" house for a friend. He fell while climbing the ladder and suffered serious leg injuries that required surgery.

Alesi claims the builder and homeowners were negligent for failing to keep the premises in a reasonably safe condition.

The good news is that Senator Trespass dropped his lawsuit on Tuesday, but only after a flurry of public support for the couple and pressure from leaders in his own party.

(Via Techdirt.)

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  1. This almost, but not quite, beats Kucinich suing the House cafeteria for a sandwich he didn’t like.

    1. They could team up with that DEA Agent who shot himself as the new three stooges. Alesi would be Moe…

    2. What if the sandwich had given him food poisoning instead of a chipped tooth. Would it be ok to sue them then?

      1. I is ok for him to sue for the chipped tooth. but that is what, $1k – $3k or whatever it costs? To sue for $150k is what is ridiculous.

        1. But he has such a big mouth….

      2. What if the sandwich had given him food poisoning instead of a chipped tooth. Would it be ok to sue them then?

        I think Dorothy will miss your argument most of all, Juice.

        1. That’s a great retort. It can be used for anything. I’m stealing it.

    3. I think it does beat it, actually. The guy was trespassing. He had no right to be where he was or to expect the premises to be safe enough for his clutzy self to navigate without injury. Damn.

  2. Is this Welch’s post?

    1. D’oh! Not quite. But I love that title.

        1. Yeah, this is the good stuff right here.

  3. It’s North Doucheington, Radley. What, the Koch brothers don’t pay by the letter?

    1. North Dooshington is an improvement. The other spelling is too bipolar, sorta Franco-Anglaise.

  4. Senator Asshat? Could you be more specific? I mean, there are 100 of them.

    1. Not true, 31 are Dickfaces. And there’s one Senator Asshat-Dickface.

    2. Actually there are 62 members of the NY state senate.

    3. Really, asshat seems to have been retired my the Reason commentariat. Fuckstain is the new asshat.

  5. And hey, is that disclaimer new, or did I just not notice it before?

    I haven’t been here for a day or two.

    1. It is new. And we all blame you, BSR.

      1. Well fuckity fuck fuck.

    2. I tell you what, if the commentariat looses its lust for expletives and insulting our resident statists (both left and right), reason is gonna loose a helluva lot of what makes it so charming and keeps me coming back day in and day out.

      1. Holy shit, you’re even more of a douche than I thought possible. Having fun masturbating, buddy? How many times have you jizzed today? Congratulations, my opinion of you just dropped below what it already was. You are so fucking stupid; it’s so delicious. You sound like a moron. Congratulations. Do you strive to do exactly what we expect you to do, or are you just as stupid as we think? You are the gift that just keeps on giving. What retarded internet thing will you do next? Either you are a master of irony or you are the most tone-dead Randroid idiot I’ve ever seen. You’re more predictable than Warty’s colon. You are either a mendacious fuck or you can’t fucking read. Are you purposely obtuse, or just unbelievably stupid? You just can’t stop being a fucking idiot, can you?

        1. I don’t think I’ve seen Episiarch use masturbation as a pejorative.

          Good try, though.

        2. ^This. Thank you epi.

  6. Nice. But a question: what’s up with the editor’s notes pleading for civility and all that in comments? IS this new or am I just slow to notice?

    1. Clearly I am a slower typist than BSR ^^

  7. Commenter’s Note: We invite threads and request that they be civil and on-topic. We do not moderate or assume any responsibility for threads, which are owned by the reason editors who post them. Threads do represent the views of or Posters Foundation. We reserve the right to delete any thread for any “reason” at any time.

    1. Which mean every thread starts with a drink?

    2. can we still say fuck?

      1. Fuck no!

      2. Only when used in a quote.

    3. Yeah, no wondering off topic, people. Unless you are an editor doing a liveblog then its okay.

  8. One day the King of Reasonland announced a competition for all the wordsmiths of the land:

    “I need a wordsmith to craft for me a headline that is good for all announcements concerning the government of the kingdom. One headline, to fill all needs.”

    A clever wordsmith, Radley the Bald, thought and thought and thought. And then, on the day of the competition, he strode into the king’s hall and announced that he had indeed devised a headline that was good for all such occasions.

    “Meet Senator Asshat, Representing North Douchington!” he loudly proclaimed to all who had gathered in attendance.

    “Eureka!” cried the king. “Truly, you have won the competition! You are now Sir Radley the Bald!”

    The End

    1. I look forward to the feature-length motion picture adaptation featuring Sir Ian McKellen.

      1. And, of course, Michael Chiklis as Radley.

  9. why didn’t the homeowner press charges for breaking and entering?

    I didn’t realize that construction sites need to meet osha standards for safety.

    1. Only the state has power to do so. Individuals do not have power and cannot “press charges”.

      The deed holder could make a complaint to his police department and district attorney’s office.

      The police could arrest him if they believe a crime has been committed or the District Attorney could press for indictment because of the same belief.

      Many hold the false belief that individuals can “press charges”. That’s because they’ve watched too much TV.

      1. I thought you could make a citizen’s arrest? But I realize that if they weren’t there, they could hardly be able to do anything to him in a criminal manner. It was just my reaction, he breaks into my house and wants to sue me?

        How about suing him for damaging the ladder? Leaving blood on the floor? Find something.

    2. From the articles when this first came up, it’s because they thought that he had suffered enough from the leg injury and didn’t need more piled upon him.

      1. I think in retrospect it’s clear he deserved to suffer a lot more.

      2. They clearly weren’t cynical enough.

        It should be obvious to any grown-up that you need to pursue charges against trespassers as a defense against future legal action initiated by sheep-fuckers that manage to hurt themselves on your property.

    3. I didn’t realize that construction sites need to meet osha standards for safety.

      Um, well, yeah, in fact, they do. OSHA standards apply to any employer who has employees. So the contractor must assure a “workplace” that is “free from recognized hazards.”

      But OSHA rules don’t apply to this asshat-dickface in this setting. He was not an employee; he was a trespasser.

      As I recall from first year torts, you don’t owe a trespasser a duty to mitigate hazardous conditions on your property, other than some kinds of special hazards – you can’t set boobie traps (good ol’ Katko v. Briney).

  10. Just so I’m clear, the guy trespassed on private property? I’d drive down to the DA’s office and ask to file a complaint using the papers I got served with.

    1. The home owners did not want to press charges. The lawsuit against the builder and the home owner “was filed” the day after the statute of limitations for any trespassing charges had expired.

      1. That right there should earn him the name Senator Asshat, King of All Fucktards then. And they can take their civil discourse memo and shove it up the Representative of North Doucheington’s rectum!!

  11. Jim Alesi gave News 10NBC a statement saying, “An attorney filed an action on my behalf. Beyond that, I have no comment.”

    Houses were broken into, legs were broken, suits were filed. Who knows how these things happen.

    1. Some copper piping was found to be missing…

      1. Luckily he fell before he drop a duece in the master bath.

          1. A thirty-two Ford? That’s one big tub…

    2. All this writing in passive voice is something that will not be put up with.

      1. …by me.

      2. “All this writing in passive voice is something that will not be put up with at.”


  12. Huh, why is this idiot a Senator, rather locked away in some appropriate mental facility where is prevented from being a danger to both himself and the public?

    1. But you repeat yourself…

    2. Because he’s not a Senator in Florida, where he could have been Baker Acted.

    3. ‘Idiot’ and ‘Senator’ are synonyms.

      I believe the State Senate does qualify as a mental facility.

      Unfortunately, when he is in said facility, he is a danger to the life, liberty and property of all.

  13. Hey, at least Rochester is making headlines for something other than being a depressed jobless morass.

    Also, get a load of that guy’s district. It isn’t the worst example, but it is pretty clear that the Gerry-mander has struck again.

    1. A good point. Why would anyone build a house in Rochester? Can’t anyone who wants just take one of the empty ones?

      1. Most of the empty ones are not empty, if you know what I mean.

    2. Call me crazy, but upstate New York has some of the country’s best weather. As long as you don’t mind a little snow.

      1. Okay, you’re crazy. Upstate NY doesn’t get a *little* snow, except by ski resort standards.

  14. Jim Alesi is in Albany with other state lawmakers but News 10NBC wanted to ask him questions since this came to light last Friday. Why did he decide to sue the couple in whose unfinished home three years ago he fell and broke his leg? He was cited by the sheriff for criminal trespassing. At the time — the couple didn’t press charges against Alesi.

    No good deed…

    1. Yes, this really does beat Kucinich and the olive.

  15. Send NY State Sen. Asshat a congratulatory email at

    or get his tel no here:

  16. Isn’t this the State Senator from NY that runs a shelter for battered sheep? IIRC, he has not denied involvement with any sheep under his protection, leaving the matter up in the air.

    Any chance he will address these as-yet unconfirmed allegations?

  17. You think North Douchington is bad? They almost named it after the town’s founder, Increase Smegma.

  18. I know it’s uncivil to say it, but Senator Alesi is so clumsy and irresponsible that he might cause a deadly explosion the next time he opens the door of his car. I mean, just think about it. Why doesn’t somebody do something about it? (wink)

    1. I’ll check back in a few hours. Unless Reason‘s editors have lost their balls in an unfortunate accident, my above comment should remain online.

      1. I’m kinda hoping for a bend but don’t break policy as well.

      2. Maybe Balko kicked them so many times they fell off.

  19. Them ladders is tricky machines you know. You gots to be careful.

  20. “Editor’s Note: We invite comments and request that they be civil”

    So you’re kissing Obama’s ass now. eh?

    1. You will note that “request” is not the same as “require.”

      So there’s that.

      My question is, civil to whom? The Senator Asshats of the world? The voters of North Douchington who give him power and authority?

      Or each other?

      1. Civil to public persons with a penchant for suing people and organizations for defamation.

      2. I caught that. But “request” makes me feel mildly guilty for disobeying it.

      3. You really should be civil to everyone. It’s possible to utterly destroy your adversary’s argument and still be civil, which has the advantage of not allowing them to play the victim card against you.

  21. If this guy had been a Kennedy he would have just driven his car into it.

  22. Maybe next time Senator Alesi visits Washington State, he could check out the Mount St. Helen’s lava dome.

    1. Is that civil? I ask you…

      1. It’s a perfectly civil invitation made on behalf of my neighbors. I’m sure they won’t mind if he is in the volcano during an eruption.

  23. This may bring the ban-hammer, but the new WH press secretary is a Biden-wrangler named Carney.

    1. Wait just a goddamn minute. You mean to tell me that a former reporter (not political commentator, but a reporter) for Time Magazine is becoming the Press Secretary for a progressive President? I’m sure he was objective and fair before he decided to be a shill for his team, right?

      I wonder what his screen name on JournoList was.

    2. Why would you get banned for a comment about Joe Biden. The topic is asshat senators. I’m former asshat senators are also valid points of discussion.

      1. Good point, but I don’t knwo how fast the ban hammer swings yet.

    3. “Carney”

      Reminded me of Carny, one of my favorite movies:



  25. Although this story does remind me of the time I broke into a house I was thinking about buying.

    I bought it, though, and nobody got hurt. So it was all good.

    1. This reminds me of when I was a kid, and we use to hike a few miles to an old tobacco farmer’s curing facilities to play with the dynamite he stored in there. Damn amazing to still be here.

    2. I once made a giant “pizza”, after lighting a fire in a plastic garbage can, which accidentally melted to the plywood, and in haste dumped a bunch of rocks and nails on the bubbling mess to extinguish the blaze. The following work week, there was a lock on the door. I bet they were sure glad I saved the house.

      1. When I was about 14, I lived in a 3rd floor apartment. I took a peanut butter jar filled with gasoline into the bathroom, poured a little into the lid, and set the lid contents on fire. So far, so good.

        But damn it all if the fire didn’t jump to the jar full of gas. Fortunately, I have aleays been good during a crisis, so I calmly picked up the jar, walked it to the balcony and threw it across the parking lot below and into an empty field. All of the gas burned up before it it the ground.

        True story.

        1. CSB.

  26. It’s a good thing that couple wasn’t building a catapult on their property.

    1. Well, I’m sure the carpenters were Mexican, so it’s possible.

    2. Are you sure it’s a good thing?

  27. The very fact he even tried this proves he has no moral character at all and should immediately resign from office.

    oh wait, no moral character is a prerequisite. nevermind.

  28. Editor’s Note: We invite comments and request that they be civil and on-topic. We do not moderate or assume any responsibility for comments, which are owned by the readers who post them. Comments do not represent the views of or Reason Foundation. We reserve the right to delete any comment for any reason at any time.

    [clears throat]

    1. At least they’re clearly announcing the lack of moderation as policy. Lawspeak is creepy, sure, but it protects them without impinging on us. Granted, reserving the right to delete comments sounds an awful lot like a form of moderation to me. But whatever keeps them in the safe harbor.

      1. True. I’m sure that’s their reasoning. I remember during the (e-mail any questions here) episode that they feared being sued, and it was not just for their own financial reasons, but for the good of the foundation and all that.

        Hopefully this is nothing more than a CYA-type disclaimer so that sheep-fucking city administrator from Kansasgentleman from the midwest has no grounds to try to stifle our 1st Amendment Rightsseek redress for mental anguish.

    2. Actually, I was wondering (rather than wandering) if Rather finally annoyed them too. Maybe it was Max who has been the first to comment a lot of threads lately, and derail them plenty.

      In my own defense, dear editors, I am almost purely reactionary in both politics and temperament, so like MJ once put it, you wont be seeing me startin’ somethin’.

      1. read the archives — find the thread where the staff asked the denizens of H&R to stop commenting about a certain individual that had a penchant for filing law suits against people that commneted about him.

        1. Of course, you could call the man yourself. I’m sure he would be happy to stop the slanderous rumors that he fucks sheep. It is shameful that baseless accusations involving Mr. Pile ever surfaced on the web. The fact that he never denied being a sheep fucker gives nobody the right to assume he actually does fuck sheep either vaginally or anally.

          1. When I get accused of something like this, I just say loudly, “It was never about the money!”

        2. As you mention, that can be found in the archives (and I was there for those events). What brings about the notice right here and now? Nine months ago is a long time in punditry. Still could be related though, if the lawyers had a sit down over the matter recently. Something has happened of late to cause their reaction, or else you can count on it that it would still be shoved to the side as a matter of policy (notice many of the forum changes they talked about two and a half years ago or yet to occur).

          1. ‘have’ for ‘or’, obviously.

  29. Does he represent the Standing-in-the-back-dressed-stupidly-and-looking-stupid Party?

  30. Similar things happen a lot at the company my Mom works at, which owns commercial real estate.

    They have cameras surrounding the property, and occasionally when it snows people slip and fall. Sometimes those people wait for months before slapping the company with a lawsuit, hoping that the video of the incident will be deleted so it can’t show how unharmed they were by the fall (or that the fall never took place to begin with).

  31. Asshat Alesi dropped the action after public outcry and this statement from Monroe County Republican Chair Bill Reilich:

    “I am outraged by the recent lawsuit being brought about by Senator Jim Alesi. While no doubt the Senator suffered physical trauma, I stand with the countless number of every day citizens as well as party faithful who believe that his recent decision is unacceptable. The homeowners in this situation decided against dragging their elected official into a legal matter and let the statute of limitations expire on the charge of trespassing. Imagine their shock when they learned that their Senator did not turn the other cheek and accept personal responsibility for the obvious accident that occurred. As Republican Chairman my main responsibility is to promote and support our Republican ideals and values. Lower taxes, less government interference and placing emphasis on fostering an environment which is conducive to business growth are all key philosophies supported by Republicans. In many cases these core principals are what separates us from the other political parties. However, I believe another critical issue that we also embody is personal responsibility, not only as Republicans, but as neighbors and residents of our great County. While Senator Alesi is clearly calling this situation a “personal matter” I must disagree. As an elected official, the public justifiable holds us to a higher standard, we must guard the trust they place in each of us. Therefore, I must publicly denounce Senator Alesi’s decision to move forward with this lawsuit and ask that he reconsider his position and accept this incident as an unfortunate accident. Senator Alesi needs to drop this irresponsible lawsuit, apologize and get to work at rebuilding the shattered trust of his constituents.”

    We’re gearing up to primary him next time around. He’s been a jerk for a long time.

    1. these core principals


  32. Well, at least he makes it easy for us at election time — now I know I’ll never vote for him again after seeing him behave in this idiotic manner, and displaying a complete lack of common sense.

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