Welcome to National School Choice Week at!


All this week, will be participating in National School Choice Week, a non-partisan initiative to raise awareness of and interest in how increasing parental and student choice can radically transform K-12 education and lead to better outcomes.

Last week, we debuted interviews with school-choice proponents including former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (a big advocate for digital and online learning) and former New York City schools chancellor Joel Klein (who decentralized control of Gotham's schools in unprecedented ways). And we'll post the full video and audio from last week's Reason event in DC, where Democratic pollster Joe Trippi, founder Patrick Byrne, charter school expert Rebeca Huffman, DC school choice pioneer Virginia Walden Ford, and Reason Foundation's Lisa Snell mixed it up over how to make schools better.

Later today, we'll talk with University of Arkansas education researcher Jay P. Greene and throughout the week, we'll be releasing Q&As and other material related to school choice. Follow the official National School Choice Week Twitter feed here to keep up with more than 100 organizations around the country that are pushing for more educational freedom.

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