Nick Gillespie on Freedom Watch, Talking ObamaCare, Corporatism, State Bankruptcy


The free mustache rides are over!

Last week, a gloriously mustachioed Nick Gillespie appeared on a half-dozen yakfests before going clean-shaven for his final show of the week, Judge Napolitano's Freedom Watch.

Gillesspie discusses corporate and union exemptions to ObamaCare's mandates and whether the president's relationship with Wall Street means he's pro-market or a corporatist. Air Date: January 7, 2010

Approximately 9 minutes.

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  1. The free mustache rides are over!


    Nick, if I promise not to get Reason sued ever again, will you grow an even bitchinier ‘stache?

    1. Seeing as you’re our prime candidate for a shooting spree based on your hatred of good taste and personal hygiene, I don’t think you can make that promise.

      1. Well, OK, fine, mister pedantic pedophile. I promise not to ever get reason sued by that one particular guy again.

  2. Listened to the whole damn thing and I can’t tell you how thrilled I am to hear original thought. Wow, some sites repeat the same shit over and over again-I miss the Save Cleveland campaign.

  3. How long did it even take him to grow that thing? From the stills (I refuse to watch any video with that mustache in place) it looked like something that would take me two, maybe three weeks to grow, and I’m all testosterone. But I seem to recall seeing Gillespie clean shaven in live appearances shortly before this mustache thing happened.

    What I’m saying is, I smell a rat and it ain’t on Gillespie’s upper lip. The whole thing was faked to get us talking about facial hair and throw us off the scent of some bigger conspiracy.

    1. The jacket gives him superpowers.

    2. Some of us grow facial hair at a mindblowing pace.

      Some of us have been doing so since they were 12, and we were 4’9″ with facial hair.

      Luckily for my kids my wife’s background is much less hairy than mine.

    3. “… it looked like something that would take me two, maybe three weeks to grow, and I’m all testosterone.”

      Compared to that “Leave Britney alone” kid, maybe.

      1. You people are focusing on the wrong thing. It’s another conspiracy of misdirection. You’re all in on it, aren’t you?

  4. Why did they even have the blond woman in the discussion? She just kept repeating the phrase “tax breaks for the wealthy” as if paying higher tax rates than other citizens under our discriminatory tax system somehow qualifies as a “tax break.” Next time maybe they should just bring a 2 year old on the show to elevate the discussion.

  5. Look, Nick couldn’t keep the mustache, end of story. No pundit can have more than one Artifact of Power. Nick gets The Jacket. Paulie Krugnuts gets The Beard. Friedman has The ‘Stache. Matt Welch… well, we’re still not sure what the source of his power is yet, but I’m guessing it’s the horn rims. But as you can clearly see, apparel/accessories are far superior to body hair as Artifacts.

    1. With Matt, its either the glasses or the tie knots. I’m going with glasses.

      1. It’s neither. It’s actually the baby-face!

  6. “I’m all testosterone”

    So you’re bald with acne, suffer from aggression, infertility and have an enlarged prostrate? 😉

    1. You’re describing HGH abusers. I’m the dude whose veins they tap to get roid ragers their daily fix.

  7. Off topic: The government is making moves to “limit speculation” in commodities as it is “driving up prices”. You betcha.

    Maybe they’ll try price controls next.

  8. Friedman has The ‘Stache.

    No, Stossel has The ‘Stache. Friedman had to settle for a Nobel, but they’ll give those to anybody.

  9. …sigh…. The `Stache is history. Decades from now will look up this with fond memories and maybe it will make a cool trivia question.

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