Another Isolated Incident


Spring Valley, New York:

A village resident said that police conducting drug raids early this morning targeted the wrong house where they roused his family out bed, pointed a machine gun at his 13-year-old daughter and threatened to shoot their poodle…

David McKay said he, his wife, 13-year-old daughter and his brother-in-law were sleeping at 5:30 a.m. when they heard banging on the door of their townhouse at 36 Sharon Drive. When they went to open the door, at least 10 police officers forced their way into the home, he said.

"Their guns were drawn, they were screaming 'Where's Michael, Where's Michael,' " McKay recounted hours later in a telephone interview from Nyack Hospital, where he took his terrified daughter for treatment after she had an asthma attack and fainted following the ordeal.

McKay said he was still groggy from sleep but tried to explain that there was no one named Michael in the house.

"They pulled me outside in the freezing cold in my underwear, manhandle my wife, point a gun at my daughter and they won't even tell me what they are doing in my house," said McKay. "It was terrifying and humiliating beyond belief."

It was part of a broad joint federal/local drug sweep for pot involving more than 200 cops from at least 13 different government agencies. More:

McKay said the officers forced his wife, Jamie, and daughter out of their beds. The family's dogs were barking and police threatened to shoot them, McKay said.

McKay said he was uncertain how long the police were in his home at 36 Sharon Drive, but at one point he heard them discussing a nearby residence. When he took the dogs out for a walk a short time later, he saw police in front of that home, located on the same side of the street.

When the police were preparing to leave, McKay and his bewildered family asked them again what they were doing and why they entered the house.

"They wouldn't say," he recalled. "All they would say was 'You'll read about it in the paper tomorrow.' "

NEXT: Supreme Court To Decide If Smell of Pot, Suspicious Sounds Merit Warrantless Entry

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  1. The family’s dogs were barking and police threatened to shoot them…

    Well, that’s a change for the better.

    1. Its the New Professionalism!

      1. These cops have gone soft.

        1. They turned guns on a child because they were searching for POT??! Do you all think this is a good use of judicial resources? I thought this was a free country, this PLANT hurts no one while tobacco causes 400,000 deaths per year and alcohol causes 100,000 deaths. Deaths from pot EVER? None !!

    2. No, that’s actually worse. If they actually do shoot the dog, it can plausibly be because they perceive the dog as a threat. But threatening to shoot the dog means they’re holding it hostage.

  2. “””They wouldn’t say,” he recalled. “All they would say was ‘You’ll read about it in the paper tomorrow.’ “””

    And the police will hear from his lawyer the day after that.

    1. I wish. “Qualified immunity” IOW, a get out of court free for anyone with a badge.

      1. Well for the badge. What’s the odds a settlement would result with the tax payer footing the tab?

        1. 100%, if there was a settlement. Since the police will claim it was “an honest mistake” in the line of duty, blah, blah, the people probably won’t be able to sue.

          1. “””Since the police will claim it was “an honest mistake” in the line of duty, blah, blah, the people probably won’t be able to sue.””

            They claim that all the time.

            Does immunity protect from civil trials? Governments settle with people all the time.

            1. There’s more money to be made suing the city than an individual.

        2. Qualified immunity affects municipalities as well as their employees.

  3. Somebody bangs on my door at 5:30 a.m., I ain’t answering it.

    And if they start kicking it in, then I jump out of bed and grab the 12-ga shottie.

    It would not end well – for me or for them, I’m afraid.

    1. damn dude, u aint smoking enough weed

      1. GOD….you’re an idiot. And boring.

    2. 12 gauge? That’s what I use for the people I LIKE and I fuckin’ HATE cops!

      AK-47 with drum magazine; NOW that’s the proper way to greet the gestapo…er…I mean police!

      Then again it’s a real bitch to plaster all those bullet holes so maybe I’ll stick with the 10 gauge!

      1. Wher do you live? I’ll mark the popo station with a surveyor’s symbol. It sure worked in Tuscon!

        1. Sorry, Mrs. MILF, I’m too fuckin’ lazy to leave the house unless I’m trolling for Chinese prostitutes!

          (No, I don’t “Buy American” when it comes to hookers since my experience has showed me that imports drive better!)

    3. How does anyone with an extra $2,500 (max) EVER get their door kicked/battered in?

      A person’s home is their castle: Some of those old-time castle defenses are as current as ever.

  4. I wonder if this dad thinks it’s better than the alternative?

    1. I wonder what these raids do to the victims’ attitudes toward the WoD. Do they start to see cops for the authoritarian thugs they are, or do they cheer when the cops accidentally stumble onto a house that actually does contain drugs?

      If each of these raids doesn’t create at least one new anti-Drug Warrior, then this country is even worse off than I thought.

  5. … and threatened to shoot their poodle…

    They probably deserved it, no God fearing American owns a poodle.

    1. Toy poodle, yes. Standard poodles are pretty cool dogs.

      1. Yes, if by “pretty cool” you mean “totally lame”.

        1. Standard poodles also can kick your ass. The Germans used to use them as police dogs. They can be aggressive bastard.

          1. …bastards, rather.

          2. The dogs, or the Germans?

      2. Standard poodles also rate at number 2 on the dog intellegence scale. My sweet 14 1/2-year-old German shepherd is humbled at number 3.

        1. I also have an Alstatian (fancy name for German Sheperd).



          Someone once told me the smartest and dumbest dogs both start with a “B”…

          Apparently Bulldogs must have improved their aptitude tests. If slightly. they’re third from the bottom now.

          I think the test is biased. Afghan hounds can’t be *that* dumb. It’s that their original breeders were freaking *afghans*, 80% of whom can’t read! Cultural bias, man. Look at the Afghan Army… Do THEY follow orders??

          And I don’t even know what the hell a Basenji is… but from the looks of em, they don’t look all that dumb.

          “”In Africa, the natives use him for pointing, retrieving and driving game into nets.””

          And they’re telling me they’re DUMBER than Bulldogs??

          Yeah, I call bullshit on the test. When’s the last time you saw a bulldog smart enough to do anything other than lick his own balls and just drool and groan stupidly all day. Fetch? Forget about it. Probably have a heart attack. They’re genetic disasters that have no function at all other that chewing each others limbs off, if so provoked. I think the noise they make is Dog language for, “please….please…. kill….me…. not ….meant…for ….this….world….british experiment….gone wrong….”

          I am personally fond of Labs. Can’t hate on em at all. Also, huskies, although they’re a little nuts with the constant need for runnin and killing stuff. If only I lived on a cold farm somewhere…

          1. My parents had a komondor (Hungarian sheepdog) that was seriously sick as a puppy, and suffered brain damage as a result. It was the dumbest dog you’d ever meet. But with some people, it was also the nicest dog. It loved my niece and nephew. They were young at the time, and my parents had a baby gate to keep them from going down the stairs, and keep the dog away from them just in case. The dog, however, loved to stand at the gate and let the kids pat its matted hair (too dumb to groom itself well), all the while happily wagging its tail. The god barked incessantly at their father, however.

            A year or two later my parents got a cairn terrier. That dog loved to chew on the ears of the komondor, which wanted nothing more than to be left alone. However, the big komondor would never attack the little cairn terrier. That baby gate served a second purpose in keeping the cairn terrier away from the komondor and giving it some peace.

            1. Er, dog, not god. šŸ˜

              1. I have a god named Spot.

  6. You mean, they didn’t shoot the dog?

    Looks like these cops need a refresher course.

    1. They didn’t have high capacity magazines.

  7. See? The McKays were innocent so they had nothing to worry about.

  8. It was part of a broad joint federal/local drug sweep for pot involving more than 200 cops from at least 13 different government agencies.

    Oh well if it was a joint-multi-agency task force working to remove the dangerous weed from our streets/townhouses – then a little colateral damage is acceptable.

    1. Your tax dollars, working like a mofo.

      1. And so early in the morning!

        1. Do they get time and a half for non-standard work hours?

          1. Excellent question.

          2. Hazardous pay, too, perhaps?

            1. It’s a bonus system:

              Dead pothead: $1000

              Dead pothead’s dog: $50

              Terrified 13 y.o. girl: Priceless

    2. ***key words***
      broad joint FEDERAL/local
      that is a cluster-f*ck waiting to happen

  9. this is liberal’s fault for being mean to Sarah Palin. And Jesus. Blood libel!

    1. I’m more pro-ganja than Barry! Todd and I used to smoke it when it was legal in Alaska. The police have better things to do with their time, like selling rape-kits!

  10. I guess that site doesn’t employ copyeditors.

  11. I’m glad Reason documents these incidents which the mainstream media ignores.

  12. And all of the cops were promptly fired for violating the constitutional rights of innocent people… right?

    1. Would be nice. Or the first three through the door will all fully recover, but will be hospitalized for the next month. Either way a lesson learned.

    2. They’re in the Police Union.

      1. Lots of them have mustaches too. Mustaches are at fault.

    3. No just the commander who will claim he cant supervise all of the agents every minute of every operation. They dont care how many kids are in a house that they scare. They dont care if they have bad information. It just is.

      Watson et al v. The State of California et al

  13. Infuriating. That’s all I can say.

  14. Dunno ’bout y’all, but I’m beginning to think these incidents ain’t so isolated.

    1. Love the Google ad at the top – “great deals on isolated incident!”


    2. Damn. I knew that title looked familiar.

    3. The title is “ANOTHER Isolated Incident”…hmmmmm

  15. A village resident said that police conducting drug raids early this morning targeted the wrong house where they roused his family out bed, pointed a machine gun at his 13-year-old daughter and threatened to shoot their poodle…

    Damnit I need a drink…Just Damn!

  16. “”and threatened to shoot their poodle…””

    Who do they think they are? National lampoon?

  17. Maybe the Empathizer-in-Chief will take a few moments out of his busy day to console them.

    1. I do empathize. I plan to make a call later today to encourage these poor, shaken individuals to pick themselves up and muster the courage to take this incident in stride so that tomorrow they can strap on their SWAT gear with pride and kick in another door and another, until the subordinate classes have been purged of the demon weed forever.

      1. +eleventy

  18. Fuck, I don’t even have the strength to yell at Radley…


    That’s all I can muster. Thanks again for keeping us abreast of these totalitarian fucks.


  19. See, he’s switched it to Thursdays, because everyone started wearing cups on Fridays.

  20. That story can’t be right. In America, if there’s a knock on your door in the middle of the night, it’s the milkman.

  21. There should be laws saying that a person can shoot a cop if he points a gun at him. You only point guns at something if you are willing to shoot it or destroy it.

  22. Remember, when the police come to your house to serve an illegal warrant, they don’t wear body armor on their face.

  23. And they drove past two crack houses and dead hooker to get there.

  24. So what happened these mean cops have a “Warrant” you have to show a warrant… they knocked so apparently they needed a warrant….
    WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO WARRANTS… someone should Fedex all the spent do pe baggies, and used needles to these cops call it in and let them be shook down!

  25. isolated incident my ass.
    Jack booted thug pigs.
    Go find some real criminals and leave people who enjoy cannbis alone.

  26. cops are losers that beat their wives. Stop snitching!!!

  27. That’s exactly why they got the nickname PIGS in the old days. That family should be able to sue the fricken pants right off everyone of those PIGS that were involved in the raid!!!

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