Never Waste a Crisis, No Labels!


You stay classy, Mark McKinnon!

This might be the best example (by which I do mean worst) of how the Tucson tragedy has exposed Washington's revolting reflex of politicizing (read: dehumanizing) everything–Washington Post: "Tucson tragedy 'a real opportunity' for nonpartisan groups No Labels, Third Way." From the article:

"It's a real tragedy, but it's also a real opportunity," said Mark McKinnon, co-founder of No Labels, a nonpartisan group founded last month.

Jesus Christ.


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  1. You seem surprised that the most craven collection of weathervanes in politics also possess no sense.

  2. “It’s a real tragedy, but it’s also a real opportunity,” said Mark McKinnon

    And you’re a real piece of work. But he’s just saying what every statist out there was thinking as soon as the news broke.

    1. According to Wiki this guy writes a weekly column for the Daily Beast.

      It is really quite frightening. How long before a critical mass of absolute stupidity from Beast authors creates a stupid hole, sucking in all intelligence around it?

    2. You know, I’m a voter. And I’ll remember that this was viewed by many Democrats as an “opportunity” before the bodies were cold.

      Good thing for them that their opponents are the Republicans; otherwise, they’d be dead as a party for real by now.

  3. When did George Bush start hanging out with Ben Folds?

    1. I bet he found personal meaning in Folds’s cover of “Bitches Ain’t Shit.”

  4. Caption Contest!

    “I’m with stupid (Can apply to either one)!”

    1. “Which makes me look stupider; the guy I’m next to, or this hat?” (can apply to either one)

    2. “Hand check!” (applies to both)

    3. Guy on right: “I’m with stupid!”
      Guy on left: “I’m with hipster douchebag!”

      1. I’m starting to like you more and more. I mean that in a non-creepy way.

  5. Your entire network has a blackened soul and is partly responsible for what happened in Arizona over the weekend. Drop your right-wing hate content now; you have done enough!

    How this website could even continue to operate without conscience says volumes. I truly hope this entire website has a come-to-Jesus moment and realizes what you have hitched your wagon to: a political philosophy that has misinformed the intellectually weak and pushes violent views that led to this last weekend’s tragedy. I hope that not one person gets a night of sleep until you see the errors of your ways.

    God help you, Reason, you are going to need it.

    1. C+.

      1. Tough grader, TOK.

        I found Your entire network has a blackened soul and I hope that not one person gets a night of sleep until you see the errors of your ways *somewhat* original.

        1. That part was original, but I was really looking for him to tie in some of the regular topics on this forum, like gun control, TSA, and 4Loco.

          1. He would have gotten a B if he mentioned breast feeding.

            1. To be fair it closes on a positive note, wishing God’s mercy on the Reason folks.

              It’s practically a Christmas message. Too many have thin skins here, missing the unicorns for the horse’s ass. Or whatever SL is.

            2. Weasel farms should not be allowed in apartment buildings!!!

              My your dark heart burn for thinking otherwise!!!

        2. I don’t really understand the “network” part… is he referring to Reason TV?

    2. I can’t wait to go to sleep tonight.

    3. Here’s your waaahmublance, Scott.

    4. Haha! A gentleman’s C for the new troll.

      1. 5 quatloos for the newcomer!

    5. concerned troll is concerned?

    6. They are more likely to have a cum to Jesus moment and they usually fall asleep right after

      1. Blackened describes my asshole, so that’s why I have to bleach it. Read about it on my blog!

        1. heller…and no, I’m not sticking my fingers up your ass.

          1. Again, not me, you dumb schizo bitch.

            1. heller
              again you lie. I’d post your bullshit but I’m too busy

    7. Lack of a thesis, lack of evidence, lack of counterarguments, lack of conclusion.

      F. Take this note home and have your parent/guardian sign it. Clearly, you need afterschool tutoring if you want to raise your Trolling grade.

    8. Concern troll shows possibilities, but needs to learn elementary troll skills. Like, for example, pretending his post has some relevance to the topic at hand.


    9. What god?

      Anyways, I haveto give it a D because I can’t figure out if it’s a mealy-mouthed progressive or a mealy-mouthed neocon.

      1. My guess would be “mealy-mouthed progressive” based on the source for this hilariously bad rant.

    10. Holy Christ, this really is going to be the new meme, isn’t it? I mean, I figured a weekend of breathless Paul Krugman columns and college doofuses on Twitter and a contrarian Slate piece or two was was a given. But it seems this thing is truly going to stick for the long haul: The right caused the Arizona shootings.

      They’re not going to give it up, are they? No quietly shuffling away hoping nobody will really notice that kneejerk stuff in the immediate aftermath. No chalking it up as impassioned reaction when evidence was scant. Not even a mealy mouthed faux-apology. Nope — even in the face of ZERO evidence that Jared Loughner was influenced in any way, subtle or otherwise, by righties and “teabaggers” and harumph-you-call-yourself-Reasonites, they’re going to lock this shit in for posterity: Arizona was our fault.



  6. Mark McKinnon has neither confirmed nor denied that the “real opportunity” that he references is an opportunity to fuck more sheep behind No Labels’ headquarters. Of course, pointing this out is as unfair as noting that his staff has not yet responded to allegations that donations to No Labels have exclusively funded the expensive importation of sheep, ewes, and goats to satiate the rumored and varied lusts that David Brooks and others in the organization have developed for fucking Peruvian and Liberian sheep.

    1. Ha! Sheep fucking! That never gets old.

      1. Speak for yourself, fucker!

        1. Ha!

    2. Must resist temptation…no…do not mention…He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named…

    3. I was surprised to find David Brooks actually writing something senseful on Tucson in the NY Times. Ah well, broken clock and such…

  7. Redemption troll asks for penitence.

    Okay, friend. Here you go. I, for one, am sorry.



    Really, really sorry.



    1. RA,

      I see you did that twice in a row; your ability to recover is remarkable

      1. Read my blog.

  8. Jared Lee Loughner doesn’t fit any conventional political categories. Those No Labels guys clearly need to tone down the rhetoric.

    1. So, you’re saying there’s no convenient one word descriptor that suffices to describe Jared Loughner? Why, it’s almost as if he has No Label.

      1. “No Lithium”

          1. Blog of the day. Mine. Read it.

      2. No Lapels?

      3. So, you’re saying that he may have been influenced by No Labels?

        I guess it makes sense — given the wide range of whacked out political and ideological works he claimed to be interested in, he must have been obsessed not with any specific political ideology, but with political extremism itself.

        But wait… that means…

        Jesus Christ. The media has played right into his hands! This was his plan from the beginning!

        If they keep spreading panic over overblown political rhetoric at the rate they’ve been going, every latent violent psychopath will activate within a matter of days. We could see a thousand more Jared Loughners arise. It will be like Tucson times 2,356.

        May God have mercy on our souls.

    2. I’d say we have a winner.

  9. What nonsense.

    This is an opportunity for Obama to appoint a new judge, and nothing more.

    1. Cui bono?

    2. Thanks rho!

      *adds new appointment to the False Flag narrative. Scurries away to create mayhem.*

  10. If I were the sort of person to indulge in eliminationist crackpottery, I might wonder why that kid shot a relatively harmless junior Democrat when monsters like this stalk the Earth.

  11. How this website could even continue to operate without conscience says volumes.

    I have been told if you switch from panties to thongs you won’t have that terrible bunching and twisting problem.

  12. Just because I’m obsessed with Sarah Palin doesn’t mean she isn’t responsible for the Tucson Shootings?. Gun sights! “Targeting” political adversaries! “Reload”! It’s obvious to any honest American who isn’t a right-wing gun-nut lunatic that Sarah Palin has blood on her hands.

  13. Isn’t that the guy who quit McCain’s campaign when Obama became the nominee? That should have given us an early clue about the kind of geniuses McCain had advising him and would hangle his VP pick.

  14. Warty,

    I need another animated gif of a kitten.

  15. Those No Labels guys clearly need to tone down the rhetoric.

    That’s “No labels for us“; they plainly reserve the right to label (libel) others.

  16. Is saying “No label” like saying “No homo”?

    1. “I think people who have a lot should be forced to give to those who don’t have much (no label).”

  17. We’ll keep fighting to make sure things like this never happen again!

  18. Will No Labels and Third Way have team colors like the Dems and Reps do? Will they replace the Dems and Reps so we can still have bi-partisanship? Somtimes I wonder, what is the difference between bi-partisan, and bi-sexual? Is there any meaning in bi, or waving bi-bi? If so, what?

    What animals will represent them? This may be considered an H&R contest to assign animals to represent NL and TW.

    You know, I’d like more political parties, and here are some possible names (pick the suggested race appropriate party name for you): No Way (Jos?) No Way (Ni99r) or No Way (Dude). I also like Do Not Remove Labels Under Penalty of Law, Personalized Labels, and Iron-on Labels. We could have a multi-party system like those Euro-weenies I hear about!

    Is it spelled (spelt?) weenies, or wienies?

    Gotta go, grammer is calling…and so is grampaw.

    *note to law enforcement – just because this posting is incoherent, do not assume I am a violent person. After all I am posting on H&R, and I have low blood sugar.

    (Damn!)* note #2 to law enforcement – even though I have low blood sugar, I promise I will immediately eat a sandwich after posting and everything will be just fine.

    1. It’s got to be the Smelt for the No Labels group. If only for the ‘smelt it dealt it’ jokes.

      1. Smelt? Do you mean the fish or the act of fusing or melting ore in order to separate the metal?

        1. Why this is important: http://werbach.com/stuff/smelt.html

          And if only this were true: http://www.glossynews.com/artm…..1110.shtml

  19. Here’s an important educational message: Correlation does not equal causation. For instance, the fact that the Oprah Winfrey Network launched mere days before this tragedy doesn’t mean that Oprah was behind the shooting.

    1. Oprah has blood on her hands alright, but it’s from decapitating and devouring live squirrels during the commercial breaks.

      1. That’s a myth. Stedman does the decapitating.

        1. Steadman, we gotta get this bitch.

  20. the fact that the Oprah Winfrey Network launched mere days before this tragedy doesn’t mean that Oprah was behind the shooting.

    I can think of only one reason you would say this…

    To throw us off the track!

    1. Do you really think some Alaskan who was practically unknown until recently compares to the glory that is Oprah? Or is that the grandeur that is Oprah?

      1. Oprah has a continent of awesome grandeur, from thigh to shining thigh.

      2. Chicago from her house.

  21. TomD, it is the new meme. This is the wounded left, lashing out in hopes that they can save the White House in 2012.

    Next, they’ll demonstrate a link between the Gadsen flag and the Nazi Swastika as symbols of hate and violence. After all, snakes *bite* people! How could anyone use the actual venom of a snake for rhetorical venom?

    Clearly, there’s some plot afoot to breed poisonous snakes as an instrument of violence. I bet they’ll put the snakes into some sort of mass transit system…

  22. What’s so (perhaps unconsciously) clever about the right-wing all-in turn-it-to-11 tactic of the Republican party is that it defines the edges of acceptable debate further and further to the right, making such movements toward clear-headed moderation move along with it. They’re getting their policies, and they’re doing it by throwing tantrums and forcing the adults to give a little just to shut them up.

    I think there’s a (deliberate) misunderstanding of the “never let a crisis go to waste” sentiment. A crisis is quite obviously a good opportunity to discuss policy changes, be they good or bad. But they can be good, the populace momentarily roused from its near-constant apathy.

    That’s not necessarily a bad thing. Requiring reverent silence in light of a national tragedy is appropriate for the immediate aftermath, but not in the political discussions to follow, which are entirely appropriate, unless you think policy should only address things that aren’t important.

    1. Up is down! Black is white! Rall is funny!

  23. opportunity,” said Mark McKinnon, co-founder of No Labels, a nonpartisan group founded l

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