The Agony of Paul Krugman


The agony…and the ecstasy.
New York Times

Yesterday afternoon, Paul Krugman shared some angst on his blog:

I hated, hated, hated writing tomorrow's column. Whatever people may imagine, I really dislike weighing in on purely political matters, and am far and away at my happiest translating economic analysis into hopefully understandable English. But nobody would read a piece about health-care accounting or eurozone adjustment problems if I put it out tomorrow, and there are some things I fear won't be said if I don't do it (just as there were during the runup to the Iraq War); so Arizona it is.

The column has now been published. Your assignment: See if you can find a single sentiment in the story that would not have been said if Krugman didn't do it. Hell, see if you can find anything in there that a prominent voice hadn't already said before Krugman put up his blog post. You can leave your findings in the comments.