Libertarians: Oh They're Weird and They're Wonderful and Oh, They're So Spaced Out!


Twitter is clearly the greatest pure communication tool since cave painting and smoke signals.

So with that as a backdrop, here's a tweet from blogger Matt Yglesias, in twittersation with Reihan Salam:

I know they see it the other way, but I see myself as a liberal and "libertarianism" is a weird perversion of the idea.

Yglesias' Twitter feed here and Salam's is here. They are discussing reactions to Chris Beam's recent New York Mag article about libertarianism on the rise, decline, down-low, etc. Matt Welch and Radley Balko weighed in here and here.

Seeing that tweet put one of the great songs about weirdness, wonderfulness, and mag-a-ziii-yeenes (!) in my head, which I now share with you, o ye brave weird perverts of liberalism:

Final question: When is craigslist, now a major Lifetime Movie!,  gonna open up the long-awaited electric boots and mohair suits section?