Tucker Carlson: Michael Vick Should Have Been Executed


When I first read about this clip, I figured Carlson was just being droll. He's a droll guy. But not only hasn't he walked the comment back, but The Daily Caller is promoting the clip on its front page. Which is to say that The Daily Caller is trumpeting the idea that its founder believes the government should kill a man because he was cruel to his animals.

For the record, I'm a dog lover. I'm okay with state laws against dog fighting. (And I realize and concede this is probably inconsistent with general libertarian philosophy.) I don't think Vick should have been prosecuted federally. I also think he's done his time, has made his amends, and I have no problem being happy about his redemption and rooting on his success. (Unless he's playing the Colts.)

All of that out of the way, Carlson is absolutely out of his mind on this. Seems like the way conservatives show they're serious about an issue these days is by calling for someone to be executed.