Have a Very Leaky Christmas


Loose lips sink sleighs.

WikiLeaks in the news:

1. WikiLeaks' latest leaks have apparently been…leaked. The Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten says it has acquired the site's full cache of diplomatic cables, including the material that WikiLeaks has not yet unveiled.

2. WikiLeaks and the Moscow paper Novaya Gazeta say they will soon be releasing documents exposing Russian corruption.

3. WikiLeaks may or may not be preparing to release incriminating documents about the Bank of America. The Bank of America has quite definitely cut off payments to WikiLeaks.

4. Foreign Policy has published a rundown of some of the WikiLeaks-style sites that have been cropping up around the world, from Indoleaks in Indonesia to Brussels Leaks in the European Union. Some of these operations aren't really ready for prime time. Taken together, though, they're another sign that we're entering a leaky new era, and that this story is far larger than the saga of Julian Assange.

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  1. Imagine if every government’s secrets were in one day exposed for the whole world to view. Anarchy? Temporarily, I’m sure. But responsible government would emerge. I know, I know. It sounds like an oxymoron.

    1. Responsible government…. or totalitarianism government.

    2. …or World War 3 would emerge.

  2. WikiLeaks and the Moscow paper Novaya Gazeta say they will soon be releasing documents exposing Russian corruption.

    I am sure the Neo-conish media and bloodthirsty pseudo-conservatives will feel solidarity towards the Russian government due to this latest outrage against State secrecy…

    1. You beat me to it OM.

      I was wondering to myself if the bloviating pants pissing chicken hawk cocksuckers *cough Bill Kristol cough* were going to be calling for Russia to charge Assange with treason or some other bullshit.

      Merry Christmas fuckers.

      1. And what if Russia kills him, will the US approve of that act?

        1. He announced Russian leaks before, but I don’t recall hearing of any. Russia has a way of dealing with people they feel are a threat. A painful and public way.

          1. A) I guess he can kiss that Nobel Prize goodbye. Aw.

            B) Those leakers had better watch out for polonium in their food, considering how Russia typically treats leakers it doesn’t think deserve Nobel Prizes.

            C) The American government’s opinion on this will be… nothing. Nobody will be able to prove Russia committed any murders, and any revelations about Russia are likely to be thoroughly unsurprising. When your enemies are destroying each other, your best option politically is to stay quiet and do nothing. This is one reality that has not changed since Machiavelli’s time.

      2. No, no, dude…releasing Russian secrets harms the US…somehow. Don’t you get chickenhawk thought processes?

        1. Cheesy Fart here is not known for understanding thought processes, being in possession of none of his own…

  3. Brussels Leaks = the smell of urine after you’ve been eating lots of brusslesprouts.

  4. WikiLeaks’ latest leaks have apparently been…leaked.

    WikiLeaks better not pout.

    1. Seriously.

      Wikileaks better see Aftenpostens leak, and raise them an even leakier leak.

  5. documents exposing Russian corruption

    Russia is corrupt?! Damn!

    1. Quiet, you idiots!

      1. Bang! Heh, j/k…for now.

        1. Thanks, WikiLeaks!

  6. The leakier, the better, I say.

  7. this story is far larger than the saga of Julian Assange.

    One could argue that it always has been and the only reason why we hear so much about him is because traditional media and government in general are incapable of digesting it.

    The climategate scandal had the same character and the only real reporting on the subject can only be found in blogs.

    (One should note that Assange has taken undue credit for the climategate emails. he had nothing to do with it aside from mirroring the documents a week or so after they had already be widely distributed.

  8. This whole thing reminds me of the resistance in The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. Is Julian Assange so different from Adam Selene? All of the people in power are focused on him and meanwhile everything is changing.

    1. Are you saying Assange is merely a computer construct, possibly by a computer named Manny? Who is Simon Jester then?

      1. I mean a computer named Mike. This is what I get for posting from the airport.

        1. This is what I get for posting from the airport.

          This is what you get for thinking that H&R is important enough to post from the airport.

          1. Yes, because there’s so much to do during a layover. Fuck, you’re stupid AND passive aggressive. It must rule being you.

      2. Don’t you mean a computer named Mike?

        And I’d like to think that Tom Friedman is another computer construct, because the alternative is that we are the same species.

        1. What if Friedman is actually Simon Jester?

  9. Pulling the Russian tiger’s tale, not very smart.

    1. Radioactive donut anyone?

    2. Didn’t academia say the same thing to Ronald Reagen?

      Of course they were the same poeple who wrote in economics text books that the soviet union’s GDP was 2 times greater then the US’s.

      What do you do for a living again Tim?

      1. Rag picker, I’ve heard.

    3. I thought Russia was a bear.

  10. “What do you do for a living again Tim?”

    I am Brad De Long’s personal fluffer.

  11. Merry Christmas everyone!…..-monologue

  12. Is it possible to disagree with the particular leaking of the diplomatic cables, and also disagree with any prosecution of Assange under the espionage act or anything else? Because that’s where I find myself.

    I mean, it’s nice to know that a low-level state department official thinks Angela Merkel is boring, but I don’t feel like it exactly exposes statist government with its pants down.

    Afghanistan and Iraq however…

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