Reason Morning Links: Prison Protests, Nixon Tapes, and a Yeti Highway


[Evening updates: The Michael Steele report turned out to be inaccurate. And the idea that OpenLeaks would launch today is looking pretty dubious too.]

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  1. I’m sure the Metrodome roof collapse will lead to another vociferous push for public financing of a new stadium for the Vikings.

    “We can save you money by not repairing this one!”

    1. They could pay rent and play in the new UofMinn outdoor stadium.

      1. I hear the purists think football should always be played outdoors.

      2. They might be doing that next Monday night. Especially after seeing how terrible the Bears play in the snow.

        1. My understading is the stadium has been winterized and packed up, but I guess with a week they could get it ready (24 hours was not enough to play the game tonight).

          1. Speaking of which, heading out to shovel my driveway.

        2. Gees that was abysmal. Mike Ditka was probably livid. What happened to the Monsters of the Midway who supposedly thrived in those conditions? Tom Brady’s incredibly talented, but no quarterback should look that good in those conditions.

          1. On the bright side if you’re a Bear fan, the Packers played hideously in Detroit and got their QB injured.

            1. That was the one solace I took from yesterday’s (Chicago) loss. Also, the [fudge]Packers have to play Brady & Co. in Foxboro next week.

              I can’t win in fantasy football and my team loses in real life… why go on living???

    2. Don’t you all see that this is a vast conspiracy by Brett Favre to extend his active games streak? He collapsed the roof! (or the much more believable “caused the massive blizzard that collapsed the roof”) so that he would have an extra day’s rest. He need only start and take one snap to keep his bullshit streak alive.

      1. Yeah, if games 297-300 turn out to be playing the first series, going three-and-out, and then sitting on the bench the rest of the game, he deserves an asterisk.

        Of course, Favre has already defiled the record books by laying down in the backfield so that Strahan could break the season sack record a few years ago.

        1. Gehrig didnt have an asterisk for playing the top of the 1st, being pinch hit for in the bottom, to keep his streak alive.

          1. Well he should have. The guy got a disease named after him, he doesn’t need any more recognition.

    3. yeah, in Los Angeles.

  2. The Vikings would not have this problem if they played outside like real men.

    1. Like the Bears, perhaps?
      But real Vikings stayed close to home in winter, eating salt fish, drinking and screwing until spring. Except for the fish, sounds pretty good.

      1. Don’t diss on salted fish until you have tried it.

        1. I dare you to eat some surstromming, John. “Look at the flies hanging around!”

      2. If yesterday’s game was any indication, the Bears don’t play outside. They just stand agape and watch the other team’s players run past them.

        1. The Bears did show up yesterday???

    2. The Vikings would not have this problem if they played outside like real men.

      And besides, the globe is warming; record snowstorms in Minneapolis is yet another indicator of this.

      1. It’s no longer referred to as global warming – that’s obsolete terminology. It is now called climate change. Get with the new paradigm.

    3. NFL to the Vikings: “You can act like men! [slap] What’s the matter with you?”

      1. Vikings to the NFL: “Brett Favre has our testicles in a jar.”

        1. I believe this.

        2. The NFL must have a lot of testicles, because Brady and Manning get even more generous treatment.

          1. It would be more accurate to say the Prima Donna Quarterback Consortium (PDQC) maintains possession of the jar. All members is good standing receive the benefits of said jar.

    1. Still glad we beat you in 1986.

      1. Duke sucks!



    1. The article does say that the roads leads ta wang.

  4. This one’s for SugarFree. Men’s balls may be able to take over insulin production:

    “Men with type 1 diabetes may be able to grow their own insulin-producing cells from their testicular tissue, say Georgetown University Medical Center (GUMC) researchers who presented their findings today at the American Society of Cell Biology 50th annual meeting in Philadelphia.”

    1. The diabetics seek my life essence, I must deny them

    2. The diabetics seek my life essence, I must deny them

      1. We seek your double posts

    3. Woo! Although, I may be in danger of hypoglycemia.

    4. Gives new meaning to the term teabagger.

  5. Chicago’s war on food trucks:

    After receiving a $275 ticket, Ms. Kurtz, a 41-year-old entrepreneur who quit her corporate marketing job recently to launch Flirty Cupcakes, told her fans to meet her in the alley. “It was like a drug deal,” she says. “I said, ‘Just take them and run.”‘…..29742.html

    1. I dont get the “fair playing field” argument.

      Well, I get it from a rent seeking POV, but not as a real argument.

      B&M restaurants have a HUGE advantage over food trucks:

      1. Seating
      2. Permanent Location – customers can always find you
      3. Variety that cant be pulled off in a truck
      4. Less fuel costs.

      Yes, a building is more expensive than a truck. But you are buying the advantages above.

      Personally, the world needs more food trucks/street vendors/bacon dogs.

      1. Likewise, I don’t get the “rules are for sanitary and health reasons.” If you’re buying food out of the back of a truck, you gotta know what you’re getting into. Just another reason to have tort reform: make it difficult to sue if you get food poisoning if you’re buying food out of the back of a truck.

        1. Likewise, I don’t get the “rules are for sanitary and health reasons.” If you’re buying food out of the back of a truck, you gotta know what you’re getting into.

          I’d be willing to bet that food trucks are no worse, on average, that B&M restaurant kitchens.

          1. True. Thus most food poisoning lawsuits are frivolous at best. I think those are the risks you take when going out to eat. If you don’t want to run the risk of food poisoning, stay in and cook something for yourself.

            1. I dont see how suing a food truck would be any harder than suing a B&M.

            2. I don’t see how staying in and cooking something for yourself avoids the risk of food poisoning.

              1. I suppose it doesn’t, but one would think if you decide to cook for yourself you would not be poisoning yourself.

                As for going out to eat, I may have spoken too soon about filing suit. I’m just too used to dumbass plaintiff suing restaurant defendant because the coffee was too hot/the fish was undercooked/a label was mispelled. But to use what robc (and others have) said, I don’t see how a food truck is any less sanitary or healthy than a permanent facility, so the laws are probably just catering to some restaurant lobby.

          2. [Insert SLD here]

            No reason food trucks couldnt be inspected and have the A-B-C style letter grades like B&Ms; have.

            Well, the hard part is having a surprise inspection when the location is variable. But most food trucks arent trying to hide from the customers so shouldnt be too hard to track it down – the inspectors assigned to food trucks may just have to hit it when they happen to see it.

            A know some cities have required the food trucks to post a location schedule for this reason, but that is stupid, most, if not all, will have a reasonably set schedule (at location X for lunch on weekdays, for example).

            1. Or the inspectors could just check the Twitter feed. That’s how you chase down the amazing Schnitzel Truck in NYC.

            2. There’s a street near CMU and Pitt lined with like a dozen food trucks that have never moved during the three plus years I’ve been in Pittsburgh. One of them even had a flat tire last time I walked by. I guess the city tolerates it because they need the sales tax and, as you mention, they’re easy to find.

        2. I could see the inside of a few food trucks in SF (they’re mostly taco trucks, FWIW). The floors were generally clean and the grill looked fine to me. I had no idea what went on behind closed kitchen doors in Chinatown, though. It’s not like some guy reaches into his glove compartment and pulls out a hot dog.

          As a note on food inspections being difficult, a lot of food trucks tend to have preferred routes and locations, so it can’t be that hard.

        3. Yes. Tort reform. The perfect concept. Allowing the state to set special rights for some (tort feasors) over the rights of others.

          Why does anyone, Doctors, lawyers, chefs, corporations, deserve a pass from liability.

          Who should pay for the pain and med bills – tort feasor, the victim, or everyone. Tort reform shifts it to the rest of us.

          Who should decide what are the damages?
          1. Our benevolent leaders in DC.
          2. Our benevolent leaders in our state capitols?
          3. A group of our peers selected jointly by counsel for both sides, who collectively would view the evidence and reach a decision.

          There is nothing but more worship of the state from tort reformers.

          1. You left out choice

            4. Caveat Emptor.

          2. You have NO problem with the way things are settled now? I guess if the defendant’s attorney is poor at picking the jury and likeminded dumbasses are on it, the plaintiff deserves to win.

            I’m not saying certain groups should be free from liability claims. But when will the “victim” take some of the responsibility? Are you not frustrated with the ridiculous cases that don’t get tossed out by our legal system, like the B&E perp following through a skylight and getting stabbed by a kitchen knife left on the table, then suing said knife’s owner? Or what about this gem about the man suing the parents of the boy he killed because the boy was riding without a helmet?

          3. 5. Loser pays

            1. The gem you reference is a pro se filing – I e w/o an attorney.

              1 no I don’t have a problem where the better skilled atty wins – isn’t that the market

              2 loser pays is bad – it will chill legitimate claims.
              3. Buyer beware will chill commerce. I want people to worry about lawsuits. – they will make sure their products are safe for intended use.

              1. Wow, can’t believe I wrote “falling” as “following.”

                Good arguments. Since the one case is filed without an attorney, does that mean it won’t really stand up in court, or will that family still have to go through months of litigation and legal fees to ultimately have it thrown out?

                I agree with all three of your bullet points, actually. I just wish there was a better check against these absurd lawsuits. I suppose the check is voting out the idiot judges who hear them in the first place, but unfortunately the public will forget about such trials come election time.

                1. I am a lawyer. I may not always agree that the system is fair – I do believe that the jury system is the best way to settle disputes.
                  1. Gunfights, though pretty cool, don’t promote civil society
                  2. Trial by your peers – not by what the king, our legislature, or other official thinks is frivolous
                  3. Everyone should have their day in court. Even if everyone thinks that person is wrong, guilty, etc. The trial process – evidence,procedural rules etc. allow for a fair forum ( though not always)

                  Remember, the bad suits make headlines because they have a WTF quality to them.

                  As to the driver countersuit, I would almost welcome such a claim. The article says the guy had prior DUIs – that and his filing should go to a jury, along with the family’s claim for punitive damages.

      2. B&M restaurants have a HUGE advantage over food trucks:

        I’m not so sure about the lower fuel costs part. After all, fixed-site restaurants have to heat or air-condition the seating area, and run all other sorts of electric.

        But the idea of a Bondage and Masochism restaurant sounds interesting to me.


    Interesting book review and book.

  7. Chief among the prisoners’ demands is that they be compensated for jailhouse labor. They are also demanding better educational opportunities, nutrition, and access to their families.

    Additionally, they demand Congressional Democrats give tax breaks to rich people.

  8. For the Juggalos: Wired decides that they can respect 2 clowns who have sold 7 million records. This is why I love capitalism.

  9. “We’re not coming out until something is done. We’re not going to work until something is done,” said one inmate …. He refused to give his name because he was speaking on a banned cellphone.

    He had jolly well better not been driving during that call.

    1. We’re not coming out until something is done.

      Umm, seeing as they are in prison, I don’t think they’re going anywhere regardless of whether something is done.

      “OMG! The prisoners have locked themselves in!”

  10. You know that Walker placed the Yeti story as STEVENSMITH joke bait, so give him what he wants.

    One comment so far, I am disappoint.

    1. I was Christmas shopping at Toys R Us last month and saw that Bigfoot the Monster talking toy and all I could think was “STEVE SMITH” and giggle.

      1. History Channel’s Monster Quest has the same effect.

        1. If Steve Smith is the Yeti, who is El Chupacabra? Warty, perhaps?

      2. I saw that too! I yelled “Oh, shit! They’re trying to make forest rape cuddly!”

        I don’t know why we end up at Target so often after I’ve been drinking…


  11. Another set of Nixon tapes, another batch of offensive comments.

    Hard to imagine a bunch of tapes from the 70s that wouldn’t contain offensive comments.

    1. What Makes America Great?

      It’s candied apples and ponies with dapples
      you can ride all day!
      It’s girls with pimples
      And cripples with dimples
      that just wont go away !
      It’s spics and wops and niggers and kikes
      with noses as long as your arm!

      It’s micks and chinks and gooks and geeks
      and honkies
      (Honk! Honk!)
      who never left the farm!

    1. I think the description is correct. It reads like a crazy, ranty conspiracy filled piece, but, yeah, that might by the most appropriate response possible.

      1. Eventually, one of the conspiracy theories was going to have to be true. It looks like the Fed was the one.

    2. Good thing Ron “End the FED” Paul just got promoted to Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy Chairman.

  12. All I’ll say about the rape-road is that making it easier for STEVE SMITH to travel is…not ideal.

    1. If you don’t like rape-roads, then why don’t you move to Somalia!


    2. I thought Smith was supposed to be Bigfoot.

  13. “”‘”Price fixing” was not a criminal offense in the UK at the time,””

    When the US wants to raise a stink about something, they think US law is not bound by borders.

  14. In case you don’t scroll through all that Moynihan Swede-Jihad bombing thread her are my two fave links from the weekend:
    Miley Ray Cyrus Celebrates 18 With Salvia Bong Hits

    Daughter-fucking leftard busted for daughter-fucking

    1. Is CA (im assuming that is where she is) one of the states that has outlawed Salvia?

      Also, and its not my thing so Im just going on what Ive heard, isnt Salvia a sign of lack of taste – not that THAT was in doubt with her.

      1. One report I saw said that Salvia is legal in CA, so Ms. Miley did not break any laws while being young and stupid.

        1. Not according to every news story I’ve heard about her. I read what she did as the equivalent of hookah, but the media is making it out to be like she’s got a runaway drug problem like LiLo with cocaine.

          1. I’ve seen some of the photos. She is clearly using a high-end device. But the reports accompanying the photos say they were smoking salvia which is legal in CA.

            1. “”But the reports accompanying the photos say they were smoking salvia “”

              Are you buying that? I’m not.

      2. I would like to point out that the only reason I know about Hannah Montana is that I have grand-daughters.

        1. We would be more convinced if you said that without wearing your blonde wig. 😉

          1. It was only once.

    2. I knew there was something I read over the weekend that made me think of the morning links. If that dude was in Columbia, SC and not at Columbia U in NYC, do you think all those people would be defending his “consensual relationship”? Or laughing at his sick hillbilly ways?

    3. Daughter-fucking leftard busted for daughter-fucking

      The article fails to answer the only pertinent question… Is she hot?

      1. And why didn’t she get arrested to? She is an adult and guilty of the same crime isn’t she? That is just sexism.

        1. Jezebel is on the case!

          God, I hope that this isn’t the same David Epstein that I quoted in my thesis on the ethic of care…

          Additionally: Woman sentenced to 5 years’ probation for incest with father

          She has a tattoo on her lower back that reads: Daddy’s Girl.

          1. That is fucked up. But the woman in that case was a prostitute. I guess it is only a crime for hookers and other people considered low lifes to do. But for daughters of Ivy League profs and other top shelf white girls, not so much.

      2. Best I can tell, her name is Madison Elizabeth Epstein-O’Halloran, but none of the stories are releasing her name despite being an adult and being just as culpable for this “crime” as her father.


        1. You guys are sick. The one who made the accusation is his biological daughter from before he met O’Halloran.

  15. You know, the Ben Bernanke really has a very nice beard.

    1. Megan McArdle, a prominent libertarian blogger

      If the tent is big enough to hold Bill Maher, Matt Yglesias, and a majority of the population of Somalia I guess Meagan is welcome too.

      1. She married into the family.

  16. Organizing with illicit cell phones, inmates in at least seven Georgia penitentiaries go on strike.

    Somewhat oddly, their guards and cooks do not go on strike and stop feeding them…

  17. But the reports accompanying the photos say they were smoking salvia which is legal in CA.

    Who believes that she was really smoking salvia, and who believes this is the story her crack team of publicists put out as damage control once the pictures were released?

    1. I was only addressing robc’s post regarding the status of salvia.

      But even if it was pot, that’s a $100 dollar ticket now, correct?

    2. Actually, I think this is just another story being planted by Miley’s publicity staff as they prepare for the introduction of Miley’s new line of Prostitot wear next spring.

    3. Werent the videos that set off the while “ban salvia” movement primarily made by people about her age?

      I dont see it as unreasonable that it was salvia. Or pot. Or whatever.

      1. What’s all this about banning salvia for pot smokers! There was always a bit of salvia on the doobs we used to pass around – never hurt anyone…

    4. I’m going with the latter.

    5. Who gives a shit about what Miley Ray Cyrus does, anyhow?

      Maybe she can go get knocked up by Justin Bieber. There’s an interesting couple.

  18. OpenLeaks, a new site in the WikiLeaks genre, is expected to go live today.

    Its founder will be accused of pinching some woman’s fanny in Norway… or something.

  19. Another set of Nixon tapes, another batch of offensive comments.

    Or, how to keep beating a dead horse’s carcass – or stain in the floor.

    1. Every day I wake up and read another story about Barry O’Bama, I miss tricky Dick just a little bit more.

      1. Now that’s harsh

    1. I dont think my parents could survive with $100 bills. Then again maybe they are involved in organized crime and I just didnt know it.

    2. I have Yugoslavian 5 billion dinar notes in my desk. I think dropping the c-note would be bad timing for the next 50 years or so.

    3. Flash a $100 at the typical American retailer and you’re liable to inspire befuddlement

      I have never seen bufuddlement using a $100. Not even at McDonalds. The biggest problem is if they dont have $20s and you get a stack of $5s in change.

      1. Pretty much. The only places that don’t take $100s are places like gas stations that have a high probability of being robbed and being passed counterfeit bills.

      2. I used to work at a convenience store where we routinely refused to change $100s and $50s (especially after dark). Most such places have mandatory deposit policies where you have to make a safe drop as soon as you go over $200 in your register, so you never have enough $20s, and there’s no way in hell you’re going to give up all the $5s and $1s you need to make change just so some large-bill douche can buy a pack of gum.

        1. Hey, sometimes I want gum and all I have is a $100 bill.

          1. Just buy a magazine and sandwich as well or go to the liquor store and buy a bottle of wine to change your hundo, George.

    4. The rap video industry would collapse.

    5. Slate douchebag pimps for greater government control. There’s a shock.

    6. I linked that yesterday. Journalists really always seem to be able to outdo themselves when it comes to being a government toady.

      1. Noah in particular. They give him all the articles most homo sapiens would have too much self-respect to write.

        1. The same people who think showing an ID to vote is a bad idea because it would hurt the poor, think going to a cashless society would be great. Yeah, lets take away people’s ability to make money on the side for cash, who would possibly be hurt by that other than drug dealers and sociopaths? What a fucking moron.

          1. “”Yeah, lets take away people’s ability to make money on the side for cash, “”

            A cashless society would never work if one person can’t give someone else some money. Be it parent to child, or neighbor to the kid mowing the grass. But with Palpal, you could pay your drug dealer if they accecpt it as payment.

            The main reason I’ve been opposed to a cashless society is because government would have access to a electronic record of your every transaction. But it seems few give a shit about that anymore.

            1. It would theoretically be possible to do encrypted transactions, but this requieres some form of e-money, I think.

          2. who would possibly be hurt by that other than drug dealers and sociopaths?

            How would one bribe corrupt politicians and other government employees without cash?

    7. I’ve seen my daughter walking around with $100’s many times. As a youngster with occasional money problems, she didn’t have a checking account. So she would cash her paycheck and walk around with all of her money mostly in 100’s.

      1. “I’d like a hundred dollar bill and 87 ones.”

        1. I’m reminded of an incident that happened to me when I was studying in St. Petersburg, Russia many years back. I bought something that came to 32.80 rubles, and thanks to the Russian currency system, I gave the cashier a 100-ruble note and a 3-ruble note, so that I would get back in change two 25’s, two 10’s, and a 20-kopeck coin.

          The cashier gave me back the 3, giving me multiple 1’s as change, and since she didn’t have any 20-kopeck coins, I got 20 1-kopeck coins, which I still have someplace.

    8. In the continued attempt by the government to make it look like inflation isn’t happening, I wouldn’t be surprised if they quit printing the $100-bill because of that.

      That being said, I usually keep fair amount of cash, and pay with cash a lot. Hundreds are convenient for me. I could live without them, but I like them.

    9. The Federal Reserve began taking high-denomination bills out of circulation in 1969.

      That included the $500. A $100 bill from 1969 had the purchasing power of $578.63 in 2009.

      Bring back the $500 and discontinue the fucking penny. Stop printing ones and people will start using the Sacagawea dollar coin. Hell, a buck is just pocket change anyway.

      1. Lack of dollar bills causes strip club problems.

          1. Yeah, was gonna make that joke, but decide not to for some reason.

            1. I’ve been told by authorities on the perversions of Canada that they “carry” the coin over to a corner of the stage and “deposit” it into a cup.

        1. Canadian strippers seem to do OK without $1 bills.

        2. Canadian strippers have done fine without ones. I can’t speak for everywhere, but in Calgary, where a 5-foot (or 2-meter or something) rule is strictly enforced, the strippers stick targets on themselves and ask you to throw loonies and twonies at them. It kinda wierded me out, but they seemed to be successful.

        3. Not sure about Canada, but Japan greatly suffers by not having anything below a $10-equivalent bill. Everything in Japan is already far more expensive than in America, plus now if you go to a strip club you are essentially paying by the hour and not per individual chick.

  20. How come nothing on the Columbia professor who was banging his adult daughter? I don’t see how it can be a crime. If there is a constitutional right to gay sex, how is there not the same for incest among adults? Indeed, if there is a right to gay marriage, how is there not a right to incestuous marriage? And don’t give me the kids will have three heads defense. We let people with known genetic markers for things like Huntington’s disease have a right to marry.

    1. Nothing?

      See above.

      1. I mean from Reason.

        1. I’ve posted it twice. Consider it my contribution in lieu of giving to the pledge drive.

    2. And why can’t we have sex with cactuses?

      1. I have that pic but I’m NOT putting it on the blog

    3. How do you go about verifying that no, um, pre-consensual activity occurred? Cousins, siblings, maybe that’s one thing, but I’m significantly more skeptical of parent-child relationships. Heinlein’s universe of healthy happy humping humans whomever was a fantasy.

      1. * healthy happy humans humping whomever

      2. If he touched her before she was an adult, fine, that is rape like any other. But, since when are people guilty until proven innocent? Unless you can prove otherwise, why is this illegal? Indeed, considering the right to sodomy, how can it be illegal?

        1. There’s lots of incentive for the only parties who know to lie. I’m not really gonna die on that hill. Its arbitrary, but I’m okay with that.

          1. You should die on this hill. And so should Reason. The fact that they won’t die on this hill makes me think they really don’t believe in their principles. And instead support gay marriage and such out of cultural rather than intellectual allegiances.

            You either believe in the principle that the government cannot control consenting adults’ sex lives or you don’t. If you believe that it can’t, that means things that people can do things you find gross or for the Reason staff worse yet unfashionable. But you can’t believe that and think that it should only apply in cases you don’t personally find objectionable.

            1. Great. You caught me. I’m not a real libertarian. I believe that a person who forms a consensual sexual relationship with the person who raised them was almost certainly abused. It isn’t the ‘ick’ factor. Its real life. Maybe we’ve found the exception that proves the rule, but I remain skeptical.

              1. You draw the line at incest. Other people draw the line at homosexual sex. You are both drawing pretty arbitrary lines. Maybe your line is better than theirs. But if you are going to draw it, you really have no right to claim to be any less of a statist than anyone else.

            2. Why is it a hill to die on? I don’t have a problem with some pervert dude banging his adult daughter, as long as she was cool with it.

              1. I don’t see why it is illegal Warty. I think it is pretty fucked up and not advisable. But who am I to be telling adults who they should be sleeping with?

            3. I have repeatedly stated in past threads on gay marriage, that I also believed that bans against plural marriage and incest would also have to fall. And I don’t have any moral or ethical problems with that so long as all the people involved are consenting adults.

            4. John you do understand the fundmental difference though, right?

              Wanting to grant all people the right to marry people not in their family regardless of gender is different than granting a new right for everyone.

              However, I agree that if one’s stance is that government should not be in the business of marraige at all, then pony up and say there should not be a ban on incestually wedlock.

              I have no problem stepping up and saying the govenment shouldn’t prevent it. I will not hide behind the false concept that if I allow freedom, I am as bad as other people’s choices.

    4. If there is a constitutional right to gay sex, how is there not the same for incest among adults?

      Well Scalia said this was coming.

    5. “”how is there not a right to incestuous marriage?””

      The bible and the eastern half of Kentucky agree. And some parts of Arkansas.

      1. Only the old testament not the New Testament. Also even then, marriage of father to daughter is frowned upon. Lot’s daughters were not exactly lauded.

        1. Noah’s daughter. Lot’s daughters got thrown to the Sodomites.

          1. Lot offered them to the crowd. But the crowd wanted sweet, sweet angel lovin’ instead. When Mrs, Lot got turned into a Chili’s appetizer, Lot’s daughters got him drunk and did the nasty in the past-y. And from that past nastification Moab and Ben-Ammi were issued forth.

            1. Oh yeah. I forgot that part. I always stop at the pillar of salt.

              1. And maybe they wouldn’t have had to get him drunk if they had just lost some fucking weight.

          2. Noah had 3 sons. No daughters mentioned.

            1. Brett L might be thinking of “The Curse of Ham” where Ham was cast out for seeing Noah naked when he was drunk.

              1. The Curse of Ham was directed at Canaan – Cush, Mizraim and Put seemed to dodge it despite also being sons of Ham.

                And, technically, I think the curse wasnt for seeing him naked as much as not covering him then gossiping about it to his brothers.

                As an aside Cush was the father/ancestor of Nimrod who some equate to Gilgamesh.

                1. Poor Nimrod. Imagine he knows how Mr. And Mrs. Moron felt when their son turned out to be such a fuck up.

                  Interesting, the Talmud suggests that Ham either castrated Noah or had sex with him. Oh, those wacky Israelites!

                  1. Interesting, the Talmud suggests that Ham either castrated Noah or had sex with him. Oh, those wacky Israelites!

                    Either makes sense, especially when Ham bragged about it to his brothers.

                    I cant imagine there was too huge of a taboo on sleeping nekkid.

                    1. I may be an only child, but even I can see that bragging to your brothers about raping your sleeping father is just not cool, man.

              2. Apparently my Old Testament needs a touchup. Fucking rules of the interwebz… correct people ungently at own peril.

        2. The old testament is part of the bible and the new testament doesn’t disagree with the blood line evolving from Adam and Eve.

          1. I shouldn’t say disagree. It doesn’t condem the actions of Adam and Eve’s children, grand-children, ect.

            1. The human line had to start somewhere. That is a long ways from endorsing it in all situations.

              1. Did God say which situations makes it OK? Or is man’s shame getting in the way?

            2. It doesn’t condem the actions of Adam and Eve’s children, grand-children, ect.

              Im trying to figure out which decendents of A&E didnt have their actions condemned. Okay, Jesus.

              Other than that? Everyone was condemned.

              1. But, robc, weren’t they commanded to perform incest in Genesis 1:28? Or were Adam and Eve supposed to have children that would in turn not have children themselves?

                1. SF,

                  Sure, but the ban on incest didnt come until later. This is one of those times when it helps to be a dispensationalist (not sure that I am, at least not 100% – I try not to get bogged down in any single theological construct).

                  If we assume that A&E were “perfect” genetically, it would take time for genetical errors to enter the DNA, so incest might have been safe for the first few generations at least. Which would align with dispensationalism, no need to have the rule until it mattered.

                  1. That makes sense. Sort of.

                    Of course, Adam was sleeping with his clone sister in the first place. Incest was sort of built into the foundation.

  21. Slate moron wants to get rid of $100 bills.

    When $100 bills are outlawed, only outlaws will have $100 bills.

  22. In my bartending days, I used to like getting fifties and hundreds. It made it easier to count the drawer at the end of the night.

  23. Lulz, the fags at gawker got hacked……..em-hacked/


  25. Certainly hope Reason picks up on this one: NJ cops and firefighters were getting steroids from a doc under their state health care.

  26. Ted, Ted, Ted.

    At least try not to rip off jokes from Yakoff Smirnoff…


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