Has Obama Turned it up to 11?


Writing in the Washington Examiner, Glenn Instapundit Reynolds dubs Barack Obama the Nigel Tufnel president. As Spinal Tap fans will recall, Tufnel was infamous for explaining that his amplifiers went up to 11:

In his first two years as president, he's taken us to 11 in so many ways.

Under Bush and the Republican Congress from 2000-2006 federal spending was bad, and many people groused. But Obama has turned it up to 11, running up trillion-dollar-plus deficits that dwarf the worst we saw under Bush and the congressional Republicans, and producing open revolt from Tea Partiers and others.

Under Bush, and previous presidents, government regulation was creeping up steadily, year by year. But under Obama, the regulatory knobs have been turned to 11: New health care laws, a new financial regulation bill, proposals for carbon taxes and new Environmental Protection Agency regulation of carbon dioxide—the list seems endless, made even worse by the near-body-cavity-searching now being done by the Transportation Security Administration. (Tufnel's grand opus, a bondage-themed album titled "Smell the Glove," sounds all too close to air-travel reality now. . . .)

Under Bush, the left complained about the U.S. campaign in Afghanistan, which candidate Obama characterized as "just air-raiding villages and killing civilians." But under Obama, air raids and drone attacks have drastically increased, not only in Afghanistan, but in Pakistan, Yemen and elsewhere. Obama has turned the air-raid knob up to 11.

Under Bush and previous presidents, political friends were rewarded with government money. But under Obama, the cronyism has been turned up to 11, with General Motors and Chrysler bondholders stiffed to reward union members, with massive federal grants (later rescinded) to a voter-fraud ridden ACORN, and with numerous other special carve-outs for Obama-supporting special interests.

Whole thing here.

Take it away, funny-era Rob Reiner (wasn't that a time!):

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  1. “But under Obama, the regulatory knobs have been turned to 11:”

    Reynolds is the knob here – did someone bet him he could use 11 in an op-ed more than six times?

    1. Meow be nice to Reynolds. Play nice, and run along meow.

      1. Meow? How about you see how many times I can say “chickenfucker”?

        1. All right, settle down meow.

        2. You forgot to say Team Ramrod!

          1. That’s car ramrod, chickenfucker.

  2. Obama’s version of “Lick My Love Pump” must have been his 2008 convention speech.

  3. I’m living in a hell hole
    Don’t want to stay in this hell hole
    Don’t want to die in this hell hole
    Girl get me out of this hell hole

    1. You know how that song ends, right?

      1. It’s better in a hell hole
        You know where you stand in a hell hole
        Folks lend a hand in a hell hole
        Girl get me back to my hell hole

  4. Again, we’re paying attention to a guy, Glenn Reynolds, who thinks Israel should bomb Iran “in such a way as to create as much trouble for China, Russia, Europe and the United States as possible.” A guy who thinks the U.S. government should be murdering Iranian atomic scientists (because the U.S. government shoots so straight, I guess). And, recently, a guy who thinks that if North Korea “starts anything,” that we should “…nuke ’em. And not with just a few bombs.”

    I remain puzzled as to why Reason keeps linking to this detestable war-monger.

    1. Right as rain. No one should ever post anything here unless the author is 100% in line with the most hardline libertarian orthodoxy.

      1. How about 75% in line with facts, logic, and basic decency? Is that too high a bar?

        1. I’d say Reynolds probably makes it past that gatepost.

          Or we can make common cause with those that agree with us on an issue-by-issue basis, building coalitions to get libertarian-friendly initiatives enacted. But we might have to sully our pure selves with politics in the meantime.

          1. Socialists want immigration reform. And an end to the War on Drugs Sanity. They opposed our invasion and occupation of Iraq.

            They’re complete retards on just about every other issue, but I’d be happy to work with them on these.

    2. Meow this is a better argument against Reynolds.

    3. Tulpa’s 3rd Commandment:

      Hypocrites are right half the time.

    4. If I were teaching an argumentation class, I doubt I could come up with a better example of an ad hominem attack than you just provided. Thanks, I think.

  5. It’s such a fine line between stupid and clever

  6. working up a hot sweat

    crouching in? your pea patch

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    planting my seed

  7. “dubs Barack Obama the Nigel Tufnel president”

    Nigel = nigger, said by a Chinaman.

    Tufnel = those niggers are tough from living in the jungle all that time.

  8. Give Reynolds a break. He gave Reason an excuse to link a Spinal Tap video, and that’s never a bad thing.

  9. The larger Obama deficit is about equal to the last Bush one. The $700 B for TARP caused a major spike and predated the Obama administration. I don’t quite get how regulations have been turned up to 11 just now. Didn’t we get a whole new cabinet level agency under the last administration? Wasn’t the PATRIOT act and torture authorizations worse than the groping? Didn’t we get Medicare part d. Guys like Reynolds are such party hacks. The government got turned up to 11 a long time ago. At the very least starting with LBJ.


  10. Bush gave us a shit sandwich. Obama takes it to 11 with the pu pu platter. LOL


    1. Anonbot! Your lame comment is relevant to the post!

      Good for you, I say.

  11. Let’s hope anonbot’s time in rehab was not wasted.

    Stay clean, dude, and leave off the opium.

  12. Does the giant dildo in the ass of the US go up to 11?

  13. what, inches? or rpm’s x10k?

  14. knobs have been turned to 11: New health care laws, a new financial regulation bill,

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