The Newspapers That Would Like to See Julian Assange Dead


Kill him!

Wall Street Journal

Assange is an enemy of the U.S. […]

If he were exposing Chinese or Russian secrets, he would already have died at the hands of some unknown assailant. As a foreigner (Australian citizen) engaged in hostile acts against the U.S., Mr. Assange is certainly not protected from U.S. reprisal under the laws of war. […]

At a minimum, the Administration should throw the book at those who do the leaking, including the option of the death penalty. […]

[Assange's] mass, indiscriminate exposure of anything labeled secret that he can lay his hands on is a hostile act against a democracy that is fighting a war against forces bent on killing innocents. Surely, the U.S. government can do more to stop him than send a stiff letter.

Utah Standard-Examiner:

We are angered by the continued release of confidential documents that deal with the war on terror. The web site, WikiLeaks, run by an American-hater named Julian Assange, dumped another huge trove of information that puts our allies at risk, threatens diplomatic relations with some of our allies, and endangers many of our fellow citizens.

It is wrong to do this to people who are risking their lives to help our nation in the struggle against terrorism. Frankly, we wouldn't spare a moment of sympathy if a character such as Assange died or was imprisoned as a result of his criminal actions.

New York Post:

[A]cquiescing in such anarchy is…unacceptable. Wherever possible, the full weight of the law must be brought to bear on the leakers -- and the young soldier who started the ball rolling needs to be a very old man when he next breathes free air. […]

Rep. Pete King, incoming chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, has asked both Clinton and Holder to formally designate WikiLeaks as a terrorist organization.

That may sound radical, but in fact such a designation would prohibit US banks, and companies like PayPal, Visa and MasterCard, from processing payments to the group.

It would also make it a felony to provide WikiLeaks with "material support or resources" -- subjecting anyone who does so to potential federal prosecution.