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The Squirrels

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    1. Nick Gellespie in Afghanistan:…

      1. Leather jacket in the middle of a desert. Yep, that’s Nick.

  1. MMM, squirrels . . .

  2. The true controlling hands of Reason reveal themselves!

    All those silly people who thought that the Kochs were in control had no ideas.

    1. No Koch. Pepsi.

      1. Pepsi Squirrels? Must be some hyper lil bastards, which could explain a lot…

      2. Cheeseburger, cheeseburger!

  3. 3 cheers for the squirrels and interns.

    1. How about a Bronx cheer, because it was fine before they messed with it?

      1. As a software developer I never fight over who might have caused the problem, as long as it gets fixed.

        1. A programmer explained to me why good documentation is so important – it allows you to go back and find the code that is causing the problem, and fix it much more quickly.

          And in some working environments, it allows the bosses to fix blame much more quickly.

          1. Every project should have a designated scapegoat.

            1. It’s a secure job, because every department and company needs scapegoats.

            2. The scapegoat is easy… it’s the last IT person to have left the company. It’s amazing how many responsibilities that poor bastard had, and how much he messed them all up.

              1. Just today I told an executive to blame me for a snafu that I had nothing to do with. Welcome to in-house practice!

                1. Just today I told an executive to blame me for a snafu that I had nothing to do with.

                  Were you supposed to (but were perhaps busy with Hit & Run)?

                  1. Nah, it was just the kind of service our Legal department gives. We don’t give a fuck if people outside the company like us.

            3. That is why consulting is so lucrative. The IT boss can blame you and you sit there and take the abuse.

              After the 2 Minutes of Hate, you go fix the problem caused by the internal IT moron. Then you report that you fixed the issue you “caused” and endure another round of vilification.

              The IT chief will quietly extend your contract in gratitude for keeping his ass out of the crack.

          2. We have a much more cavalier system as a consulting company with far-flung employees and ever-shifting teams depending on which client is spending what. Mostly, “punch so-and-so in the arm for me next time you see him, this sucks.”

          3. I don’t do much programming, but when I code in Perl, I literally comment out every open and close braces { and } just to make certain I don’t end up with any extras that will make the compiler choke.

            1. Use a decent text editor… like vim.

  4. All change is frightening to me, so I’m against this.

  5. I feel like I’m driving with a low left tire.

  6. Fuck you squirrels!
    You can’t tell me what to do jackhole!
    I refresh for no rodent!

    1. If this was meant to be a haiku, you did a terrible job.

  7. Unfortunately, threaded comments remain.

    What, me satisfied?


      1. I refuse to use them.

        1. I see what you did there.

  8. Cache clearing fixed it up on Google Chrome.

  9. I can only assume this “new site format” will include the removal of the right thread wall into which so many of our more spirited (and nested) discussions slam.

    Certain unnamed Luddites here may refuse to step out of the 19th Century of blog commenting, but the rest of us expect our widescreen monitors to be utilized to their fullest.

  10. Threaded comments still suck, but I’m re-thinking Disco.

  11. Whew…Ctrl-F5 worked…thought it was me all morning. Sometimes my work squirrels quarrel with other website squirrels and harm befalls me but today all is meet and right.

  12. I’m running Firefox 3.6.12, the latest stable release, on Windows Vista and I cleared my cache AND refreshed and everything is jumbled together and unreadable. I also tried to access reason using Google Chrome 7.0.517.44, also the latest stable release, and got the same problem I had with Firefox.

    1. Weird it fixed itself after I posted.

      1. Also, F5 refresh did work in Google Chrome.

        1. In Chrome (and probably Firefox), you can also view source (ctrl-U), and open each style sheet (reset.css, screen.css, admin-header.css) individually. This will grab the resources directly, rather than relying on the cached copy.

  13. So, Hit & Run has shifted to the left. I find that disturbing.

    Does this mean that blink tags, in-line images, and fun for kids of all ages have returned?

    1. I think the answer is no.

      I hope the answer is no.

      Consider what Chad or Tony or Max would do with those things.
      Consider what Warty or Sugarfee would do with those things.
      Consider what YOU would do with those things.


      1. I already know what I did with those powers, the brief time I had them.

        Strangely, the trolls never seemed to do anything with them. Must’ve been too much coding involved for them.

      2. I was too late to that party to get myself banned for Goatseing everybody. I’m not sure if that was a good or bad thing.

        1. Which is why they need to spring it on us again. Many regulars missed the whole thing, and Mike disappeared all evidence that it ever happened.

  14. So how does everyone like the new site? I dig the new “most commented/emailed/read” box.

    1. I want to know why. Change for the sake of change is stupid. If there is a good reason (drink!) I want to know whether I agree or disagree. As of yet, I don’t see a positive here.

    2. I dig the new “most commented/emailed/read” box.

      I picture John feverishly typing to keep the Palin stories at numero uno.

  15. Fuckin’ Squirrels GET OFF MY LAWN!!

  16. Nice looking squirrels ya got there. Be a shame if anything happened to them.

    Onlookers Horrified as Dogs Maul Squirrels in Washington Square…

    GREENWICH VILLAGE ? Squirrel-mauling dogs have upset people in Washington Square Park and forced officials to launch undercover operations to catch the illegal hunters’ owner.

    The Parks Department has undercover officers in Washington Square Park following reports that a woman was letting her dogs attack and kill the park’s squirrels.…..z16tOgLJdS

  17. We used to be able to share H&R stories on Facebook and it’s been a while since I’ve been able to, even prior to today. Bring back that functionality and I’ll be happy.

    1. I hear the silent majority is against it.

  18. Huh. Now I’m curious, since the mobile version, at least for Android, is the same as ever. This is going to be driving me crazy for the next few hours.

    1. The format change is just that they replaced all the orange with purple. I don’t see why everyone’s getting so worked up.

  19. I dont have a problem with change, I have a problem with the apparent lack of testing/staging environments to work out the kinks before pushing to production.

    I do have a problem with nested comments in a non-login environment. With a login, nested comments can be tagged as read/unread and you can easily find new ones. In a non-login environment, you need time sorted comments so you can go directly to the bottomish to see new ones.

    1. agreed. Makes it very hard to keep track of longer converstations.

    2. I dont have a problem with change, I have a problem with the apparent lack of testing/staging environments to work out the kinks before pushing to production.

      Normally I would agree. But it’s free, anonymous, not regulated… they get a pass for monkey fucking it up every now and then.

      The silent majority has determined nested comments are what is wanted. Of course, we have yet to figure out who the silent majority is.

      1. Free? I have to look at ads.

        Well, not me, as I block them. But, you know, in theory and all.

        Not regulated? Yeah, trying to call a certain lawyer a certain mammal-certain act(er).

        1. You choose to look at adds.

          You can block them I don’t see adds here unless I want to.

        2. Yeah, free, unless you’re willing to paint yourself blue and run around in a skirt over imbedded html tags and shit.

          Not that I’m trying to give Warty any ideas, but since auto playing video can’t be imbedded, we’re relatively safe, I think.

        3. I’ll give you the Sheep Fucker Regulation Act of 2010. But they also gave a pretty good explanation and given the choice of that or lessen product produced for you and I to fight the Sheep Fucker Regulation Act of 2010 I’d say it was a wise choice.

      2. I think that there is no excuse for the Koch-topoly not to plant a couple of extra oak trees for the squirrels to use as a test environment.

        Shoot, if money is the problem I think the Keebler Elves have a cheap tree hosting platform you could use.

  20. With just a few more liberties we can adopt previous threads into our own social network pages. Leave the epic ones alone, however. Go for the low count ones like Kerry Howley’s womb rental post.

    1. You can’t tell me what to do. I’m adopting ham tears.

    2. You can’t tell me what to do. I’m adopting ham tears.

  21. The redesign gets a thumbs up from me except for a small quibble. I understand that ads have to appear somewhere (the right side is OK) but after scrolling down a while, when the ads finish, there is a large amount of whitespace left, which to me is slightly unsettling. Is it possible to rejig the page so that once the ads finish, the articles take up most of the whitespace (leaving some margins)?

  22. You shoved the articles to the left. No me gusta!

  23. The formatting was better back when Postrel was editor.

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