San Fran Ban Fan Slams Happy Meal Plan


San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom was the recipient of the much-coveted Nanny of the Month award from Reason.tv this summer. But it turns out that even the man who favors banning bottled water, removing sodas from vending machines in city buildings, and putting warning labels on cell phones has a line—and banning toys in high-calorie Happy Meals crosses it.

The city's Board of Supervisors voted 8-3 in favor of the ban, which prohibits McDonald's from giving away toys in any meal that exceeds certain calorie and salt requirements, while lacking servings of fruits of veggies. The mayor says he plans to veto, but the Board of Supervisors has a large enough majority to override his protest. 

"There are times when a city can go too far. There's a time when we even cross the line," Newsom said.

"Doing these types of toy bans is inappropriate, I don't think particularly effective, and I just think goes way too far in inserting government to try to be the decision-maker in someone's life as opposed to parents," the mayor said….

Newsom said his opposition is not just about policy, but also about reputation…."There's a reason there's not a TV station in this country that hasn't candidly been mocking us," Newsom said.

Move over, Gavin. There's a new Nanny of the Month in town: