No, You Pretty Clearly Run a Political Operation Too


This increasingly uninteresting row over MSNBC host Keith Olbermann's campaign donations is almost over, with the lefty firebrand returning to his regular slot tomorrow evening. And according to this AOL gossip site, he even managed to extract an apology from management—for his failing to clear three campaign contributions with management. It's all very confusing and boring, but there is one detail worth pointing out: Despite the station's clear ideological bias, MSNBC has, like Fox, opted for the total pigheaded refusal to acknowledge its politics strategy. When MSNBC's smiling, well-mannered blowhard Rachel Maddow bravely offered her Émile Zola-like defense of Keef, she said this: "Their network is run as a political operation. Ours isn't. Yeah, Keith's a liberal, and so am I. But we're not a political operation—Fox is. We're a news operation." During her Fox-does-it-too segment, Maddow ran a clip of Fox hosts "holding fundraisers right on the air," something her news operation would never allow.

In response, one enterprising blogger compiled the following video.

Washington Examiner's Mark Hemingway points to this story, in which Sen. Bernie Sanders ably demonstrates why no one pays attention to politicians from Vermont:

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) said he would look to block a merger between NBC and Comcast, citing the decision last week by MSNBC to suspend liberal anchor Keith Olbermann.

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  1. [Maddow] said this: “Their network is run as a political operation. Ours isn’t. Yeah, Keith’s a liberal, and so am I. But we’re not a political operation?Fox is. We’re a news operation.”

    Another victim of the foot-in-mouth disease.

    1. Rachel, your pants are on fire.

      1. Why is Rachel Maddow still on the air? He’s neither funny nor insightful. Does anybody actually watch that show?

        1. LIES!!!

          Rachel Maddow is one handsome woman and don’t you forget it!!!

          1. She has hands as big as Andre the Giant’s and her Adam’s apple is as big as her balls.

            1. Ah, the old “girl with short hair is a man” meme. Middle school was so much fun…

              1. MNG stop covering for him. It’s time for Mr. Maddow to end this childish charade. I think most of us know the truth by now.

              2. Ah, the old “girl with short hair is a man” meme. Middle school was so much fun…

                Ah, the liberal half man coming to the condescending defense of a woman in hopes of getting into her pants. Even her lesbianism can’t stop you from an action so ingrained in your psyche no matter how irrational it be in practice.

              3. Just kidding . . . they did take it overboard.

              4. Says the guy who always breaks out the mom jokes.

          2. I know libs including straight males and females who think she’s hot. Not “liar, pants-on-fire” hot, but like, sexually attractive. Also, cause they think she has this great intellect. People love her. It’s bizarre.

            1. Honest question: Why do so many lesbians wind up on the left side of politics? Is it merely a reaction against real or perceived societal and cultural persecutions, or is it something else? Does the mythical “gay gene” have some “liberal” DNA sprinkled on it? Or is gay politics wholly attributable to environment? When gay activists like Maddow “push back,” why do they do most of their pushing from the left? Do they really think that the concept of human rights bears a political affiliation?

              1. I knew a conservative catholic girl from alaska who discovered she was a lesbian in college (where else?).

                Soon thereafter, she also discovered she was a liberal atheist. It’s like a package deal.

                1. Did your friend discover after college that she was actually straight and catholic after all?

  2. This increasingly uninteresting row over MSNBC host Keith Olbermann’s campaign donations is almost over, with the lefty firebrand returning to his regular slot tomorrow evening.

    “The managers said that ‘there’s no one who can replace him. No, really, we tried hard, and nobody wants his job, so we had no choice.'”

  3. Not that Fox News isn’t consistently right-leaning, but I don’t think it goes anywhere near as far as MSNBC does in drum beating. And that’s saying a lot.

    1. Maddow’s diseased mind is so far gone that I truly think she believes what she says. I’d love to sit in on one of her editorial meetings.

    2. Yeah, FOX is definitely slanted… I’m not sure “to the right” is the right way of putting it, because they seem to mostly embrace a sort of Mike Huckabee / Weekly Standard brand of National Greatness conservatism, with a smattering of libertarians and other elements of the right on their programming margins… But only in the same way that ABC, CBS and NBC are slanted towards their slightly-left-of-center corporate overlords.

      MSNBC is like the Village Voice of TV journalism, only with less cred and no funky Personal Ads section.

      1. Rachel is a walking, talking personal ad.
        To poop on!

        1. You promised me you quit skipping your obedience classes, Triumph. Bad dog!

  4. I wonder what COMMANDER would say about this.

    1. Destro!!!

    2. Pretty easy to guess what he would say, considering his comments all say the same thing. INPEACH OBAMA!!! BILDERBURGS!!!11

      1. “…you see, the joo uses the mohamedman as muscle. Maobama SLUTINSKY said in Rifleman 69:187 “PUT ON YOU’RE TIN FOIL HATE and he came to us with lies of having gun and willingness to travel” REPORT TO MY PANTS …”

        1. thats pretty funny

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  5. Sen. Bernie Sanders ably demonstrates why no one pays attention to politicians from Vermont:

    Because they don’t know what state it’s in.

  6. FART.

    1. That’s never going to get old. Is there a Keith Olbermann soundboard anywhere?

  7. I’ve never watched MSNBC. I’m taken aback that a news organization would ask a poll question like one of those shown. “Who is the more dangerous psychotalker? Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann”. That seems a little out of line.

    1. “Who is the more dangerous psychotalker? Sarah Palin or Michelle Bachmann”.

      Fuck it, i am voting for Bachmann….only cuz she is the hotter of the two….Palin seems to ethnic for my tastes.

    2. roll thy neighbor|11.8.10 @ 6:24PM|#
      “I’ve never watched MSNBC. I’m taken aback that a news organization would ask a poll question like one of those shown….”

      No news organization did.

    3. MSNBC is progressives’ attempt to create a counterpart to the caricature of Fox News that exists in their minds. If Fox is a tragedy, MSNBC is a farce.

      1. “If Fox is a tragedy, MSNBC is a farce.”

        As much as I’m tempted to pontificate on the significance of that statement in regards the the classical natures of tragedies vs farces (namely their being intended for and representative of intellectual and simplistic audiences, respectively), it just couldn’t end well.

  8. Let’s get one thing clear, the left is nothing like the right, not at all; the differences are stark…like the differences between a Blue-tailed Loon and a Red-tailed Loon

    1. No, it is more like the difference betwee the Star Belly Sneetches and those with non upon thars.

  9. Every time I think that dude Maddow has topped out, he just slips into another gear… mind you, it’s often reverse. But the dude has style, I’ll give him that. I especially love the way he hides that hairy chest just out of eye sight… sooooo sexy!

    1. Have you seen my giant man-hands? I keel you!

      1. Hey! That beer wasn’t a twist-off!

        1. You gonna eat that lobster shell?

    2. I especially love the way he hides that hairy chest just out of eye sight… sooooo sexy!

      So that must be where your G-Love went…

      1. For those who don’t get the reference.

        1. +1 G. Love reference!

  10. Rachel Maddow sees herself as the voice of reason (no relation), crying faintly in the wilderness. She could save us from ourselves, if we’d only listen.

    You’re always the last to know.

  11. Actually, I agree with Maddow.

    Beginning with the first instant of its pre-broadcast conception, Fox News has been intended to be a facilitator of the GOP. It’s in their most memorable marketing tag line, it permeates all of their programming, every show, and their editorial decisions on the news side, and it comes straight from their executives.

    MSNBC isn’t nearly that well organized. Basically they were a failed network with shitty ratings that had tried a long parade of hosts and shows and nothing had worked, so they decided to counter-program Fox for a couple of hours in prime time. That’s it. It’s nothing any more coherent than that. They don’t have anything resembling the top-to-bottom on-message integration of Fox’s programming.

    1. Nothing you said in any way contradicts the point against what Maddow is saying in the video. How MSNBC got to this ridiculous point is irrelevant. The fact is, this is where they are.

      1. Don’t good intentions count for anything anymore?

        1. They didn’t have good intentions.

    2. ‘Fair and Balanced’ is a GOP concept?

      Because it sure sounds to me that Fox was saying that they pulled the news out of the lefty fever-swamps it was wallowing in. MSNBC is a good example of where all ‘news’ would be had Fox not been created.

  12. In other news:


  13. This would be a good one to relabel as a Maddow fan video.

  14. Who exactly is the token conservative that say Maddow/Olbmerman/Chrissy has on their shows to defend the argument from a different point of view?

    I hate O’Reilly with a passion, but Juan Williams was a regular guest on O’Reilly, whereas I can’t find a similar token rebuttal source at MSNBC.

    Am I missing something? Or am I right to say that not only is MSNBC a partisan political operation, but they are LESS fair and balanced than FOX.

    1. Now that Williams has been fired by PBS, he is exclusively an employee of FOX News, which makes him automatically part of the right-wing spin machine, whatever his actual views may be.

      1. Can you think of any similar example that is employed by MSNBC? I guess you could go with Scarborough, but he’s never on Olberman or Maddow. Neither of them have a regular conservative guest that I can think of. I try not to watch them so that’s why I was wondering maybe I just never saw who that is.

    2. I can’t find a similar token rebuttal source at MSNBC

      There aren’t any, that’s why. Olbermann and Maddow and Schultz have so fouled their own nests that nobody in his “right” mind will appear on their shows. The result is a tedious lefty-fest with Mother Jones and The Nation “personalities” on a good night, and Bernie Sanders on a bad one.

    3. Fox also has people on who disagree with them. Hannity had Christopher Hitchens on to talk about religion…once. O’Reilly has Stossel on to beat him up once a week. With MSNBC all I see is drum beating. Maddow is the only one that will on rare occasions have someone on with whom she disagrees. But after her ridiculous assault on Rand Paul I quit watching her too.

      1. Same here. I use to watch Maddow if there was nothing else on. She was less obnoxious then everyone else on MSNBC. After what she did to Rand though, I said f**k it to the whole network.

      2. Fox knows that conservatives enjoy hearing stuff from the other side get debunked while lefties hate even being presented with something they don’t agree with.

    4. Isn’t Pat Buchanan their token conservative?

      1. Pat is their Israel-bashing soulmate.

        1. Pat’s a paleo-con, he’s a counter-point to the neo-cons at fox.

    5. You must not have heard. Juan Williams is a racist now.

  15. Speaking of Sarah Palin- I caught a bit of an interview recently; she has definitely been working with a voice coach. My ears weren’t even bleeding by the time I found the remote.

    1. Yeah, those high notes are killers. She makes bats cry.

    2. She is significantly more poised on camera than she used to be although she still avoids hostile interviews. She seems to be, at least in part, copying Reagan’s Death Valley Days, meet-The-People-and-practice-my-message experience.

      1. >she still avoids hostile interviews.

        She’d better, if that smackdown she got from Art Robinson is any indication.


        1. Oops, thought you were talking about Maddow, not Palin.


    3. You betcha!!!

    1. Britain has already confiscated everyone’s guns; now it is working on taking away people’s knives.

      I guess being a Prince’s Trust ambassador is no protection from being the victim of a nonlethal knife attack.

      1. In the future, a woman will be killed by hooligans using a giant penis sculpture. Let the arms-takeaway race begin.

        1. When giant penises are outlawed,
          only outlaws will get the ladies.

          1. Oops. Missed the Clockwork Orange reference.

      2. I was wondering what “anti-knife” meant…has the rest of the developed world gone insane?

        1. I think the term is “devolved” not “developed”.

        2. In the UK, a doctor published an article in a medical journal promoting a ban on sharp pointed kitchen knives. Scotland is trying to ban swords. Minors aren’t allowed to buy kitchen knives in stores. Because people who can’t get guns get knives.

          What was that phrase Julian Sanchez coined way back when? Reductio creep?

    2. Well, he lived up to his name, anyway.

      1. Nice catch on that one.

      2. That’s what makes it awesome.

      3. I thought ironic was 10,000 spoons when all you need is a knife.

        1. Or like meeting the man of your dreams, then meeting his beautiful wife.

    3. After reading that story, I bet he stabbed himself in the ass.

  16. The confusing thing for me isn’t why these shows preach to various choirs and ask for donations; it’s why anybody in their right mind watches any of these shows.

    If I’m looking for that kind of entertainment, I’d rather watch Jerry Springer.

    1. it’s why anybody in their right mind watches any of these shows.

      There’s your problem. Anyone who watches either Fox News or MSNBC on a regular basis without getting paid to do so clearly isn’t in their right mind.

      1. You have to know your enemy.

      2. It re-enforces what they think about “the others”

    2. I 100% agree, Ken. It is the most pointless, self-aggrandizing crap.

      1. It works better if you imagine that all of the hosts are Kaufmanesque character actors who laugh themselves silly after every show at the retard antics of their audience.

  17. I like that conservative girl on the side, the one with the “Just Undo It” T-Shirt and hotpants…

    1. Yeah, I love all the hot t-shirt girls here. It’s the main reason I visit.

  18. Seriously- why watch Rachel Maddow when you could be watching Thrillbillies re-runs?

  19. They give Scarborough three hours a day with his own show.

    1. He’s a RINO, the best MSNBC can do.

      1. They had Michael Savage, Jesse Ventura, and Alan Keyes at one time or another but all those shows were getting higher ratings than Mathews Hardball so they were canceled.

    2. Yeah, but is he ever on Olberman or Maddow? I’m trying to figure out who the Juan Williams equivalent is on MSNBC.

  20. Is Rachel Maddow the most conceited woman in the left-wing pseudojournalism racket? Other contenders are not springing to mind.


    1. Surely there is someone on NPR or PBS.

    2. Maybe the gals on The View? None of their names are coming to mind because I don’t watch them, but then I don’t watch Maddow either. Anything particularly outrageously stupid that any of these women say has a way of making its way to me through their right-wing critics who are either real troopers for the cause, or else are maybe getting paid to watch this stuff.

      1. Maybe the gals on The View

        I didn’t think they pretended to be journos.


        1. They just pretend to have brains. Fail, mostly, but it’s the try that matters, right? It’s not like they fail-fail…

          1. Water buffaloes.

  21. rachel man-dow. has anyone considered that the whole “firing” episode might have been a ratings ploy? its not like he was some kind of feared, respected investigative journalist. and MSNBC always loses in ratings. i think im on to something

    1. Exactly.

      This is just a redo of the “New Coke” ploy with Olberman as “Coke Classic”.

  22. “So I can only imagine how much thirty pieces of silver they’re gonna throw this time at the race.”

    There are so many things wrong with that statement by Grayson.

    But the bigger mystery is, who the fuck has that much footage of MSNBC lying around to cobble together into a video?

    1. A very dedicated or very sick man.

      1. or Olberman’s op research team which is dedicated to destroying Maddow

  23. BTW, fuck Bernie Sanders. Some of us won’t forget how that scumbag sold us out on the “Audit the Fed” bill.


    1. His district should be carpet bombed.

      1. a defoliant would be more useful

        1. Not to mention a deodorant.

      2. Hey now, just a damn minute. His “district” is the whole state of Vermont. Unless you mean the District of Columbia.

  24. “Their network is run as a political operation. Ours isn’t. Yeah, Keith’s a liberal, and so am I. But we’re not a political operation?Fox is. We’re a news operation.

    Rachel, if you’re going to lie, lie big.

    For all of the FNC clips that MSNBC plays, doesn’t the network owe Rupert Murdoch some money? Fair use only goes so far.

  25. Fuck it, i am voting for Bachmann….only cuz she is the hotter of the two….Palin seems to ethnic for my tastes.

    Only if by “ethnic” you mean “mayonnaise on white bread with a side of vanilla”.

    1. That’s RAY-CIST!

      Oh, wait, we’re talking about a white woman here? Nevermind.

  26. But the bigger mystery is, who the fuck has that much footage of MSNBC lying around to cobble together into a video?

    A guy, first name “Teh”, last name “Intartubes”.

    1. That made me laugh.

  27. Grayson losing his seat was one of the best things this election.

    1. As a FL District 8 citizen, I wholeheartedly agree.

      I still couldn’t bring myself to vote for (R – Webster) who ran against him, though.

  28. How much is a 30 second advertising spot on Maddow’s show? $1,000 for a week? Someone needs to condense this and air it during the carpetmuncher’s show.

    1. The fun part is: even if you lived in a parallel universe where that were possible (in the real one, you usually can’t even get a simple comment posted on huffpo), Maddow’s thought process would allow her to somehow spin it, if only in her own perception, to her team’s favor.

      One way or another, that is what would happen; some people are positively truth-proof.

      1. Remember, Jerry, it’s not a lie if you believe it.

  29. I imagine what Rachel is getting at is the idea that while MSNBC has several very liberal hosts Fox has been accused of actually working with the GOP. The evidence usually cited on this is the overlap of management of Fox and the GOP (folks like long time GOP media operative Ailes)and the co-ordination of Fox’s focuses with GOP talking points (something Al FRanken made hilarious fun of with his “follow the memo” segments).

    1. Al Franken was never funny. Ever.

      1. The “Al Franken Decade” bit he did on Saturday Night Live in December of 1979 was pretty hilarious. I’m giving away my age here. Anyhow, he’s never been funny since then.

      2. Saw him once on the subway with his daughter. He said something about ‘going to see/get Mommy’ to her and started singing softly. The little girl looked at him kinda worriedly and then said ‘Don’t sing. Please, Daddy, don’t sing.’

        THAT was hysterical.

    2. This would be a great point, in the parallel universe which doesn’t include Mika Brzezinski.

    3. Fox has been accused of actually working with the GOP

      MSNBC has several former Democrat operatives on its payroll. The two most prominent: Lawrence O’Donnell (longtime legislative aide to Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan), Chris Matthews (presidential speechwriter during the Carter administration; top aide to Speaker of the House Tip O’Neill).

  30. Any chance Maddow will do the right thing and announce on the air that she is an idiot and liar?

  31. You right-wing liberarian fucks find this whole episode boring only because it doesn’t feed any of your stupid right-wing libertoid fanatasies, most of which revolve around suck Ron Paul’s aged cock.

    1. Max is just bitter that he was the one that made Rachel decide to play for the other team.

      1. Insider Info,

        This has to be in the top ten best Max put-downs. Well done.

    2. Who told Max about our fantasies? Seriously, someone squealed.

      It’s boring because there’s nothing here… a man was kind of fired but not really, for supporting Democrats with small amounts of money rather than just sucking up to them for an hour every day… I don’t exactly have a good theory of what boredom is at its essence, but I’m pretty sure “someone kinda got fired, but not really” is close.

    3. As opposed to your fantasy of sucking Maddow’s cock?

  32. Make of this what you will – from the PEW Research Center (annual project for excellence in journalism)

    Coverage of McCain by FOX – 40% negative stories / 25% positive stories.

    Coverage of Obama by FOX – 40% negative stories / 23% positive stories.

    Coverage of McCain by MSNBC – 72% negative stories / 10% positive stories.

    Coverage of Obama by MSNBC – 12% negative stories / 42% positive stories.

    Please don’t tell me that MSNBC is more balanced then FOX.

    1. Don’t confuse them with ‘facts’. It’s all about “the narrative”.

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    1. Come up with that all by yourself Bill?

      Sexism and unoriginality!

      1. The douche should die in a fire LOL.

  34. I *love* Bernie Sanders. We need hundreds more just like him in Congress.

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