Welcome to Reason's Annual Pledge Drive Week! Help Us Reach Our Goal of 1,000 New Donors


Yes, it's back: Reason's annual pledge drive week! Starting today and going until a week from now, we'll be asking regular and satisfied readers of this website to help us promote "Free Minds and Free Markets" via our cutting-edge journalism and political commentary.

Now more than ever, Reason's voice is front and center in debates over politics and culture. Nobody else has been more outspoken and principled in our criticism of overreaching government under George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Democrats, Republicans, you name it.

And because we've never sold out to partisan interests or strayed from principles, nobody else is in a better position to keep the heat on newly elected Republicans and zombified Democrats alike. Unlike other media orgs that are devoted to Team Red or Team Blue, we make no apologies and take no prisoners for a consistent and informed libertarian position on every topic under the sun.

As regular readers know, the good work done by Reason.com, Reason.tv, and Reason magazine is underwritten by (tax-deductible!) donations to Reason Foundation, a 501(c)3 nonprofit based in Los Angeles, California.

We rely on people like you to provide the resources so we can produce things like Reason.tv, which started rolling in October 2007.

During our last fiscal year (October 2009-September 2010), we released 339 segments, ranging from the award-winning, hour-long documentary Reason Saves Cleveland with Drew Carey to this 13-second clip of the greatest showdown on the Interwebs:

Fast-breaking footage from DC rallies to restore honor and sanity? Behind the scences footage of the 9/12 Tea Party rallies and the union-backed One Nation Working Together demonstration? Check it out. 

It's all due to dedicated fans of Free Minds and Free Markets who help us project a libertarian voice into public debates on everything from the insane drug war to out-of-control government spending to crackdowns on your right to buy a Happy Meal (or more, precisely, restaurants' right to sell what they wish to willing customers—see, we're principled!).

We're hoping to bring in 1,000 donors into the fold this time around.

If you give $100, you get a free subscription to the print mag (you can give it to a friend or an enemy), a signature black Reason t-shirt or one featuring the cover of our 3D November isse, and one of 10 books by Reason authors (orders are limited, so hurry!).

If you give more than that, you get more swag. If you give less, you get a bumper sticker and you get to see your name up on the donor banner at the top of Reason.com. And all donors get our undying gratitude for helping fight the good fight for another year.

Go here for giving levels, swag details, and secure forms.

Thanks for reading!