Three Reasons…Why You Should Donate to Reason Right the Hell Now


You didn't think we'd leave you hanging, did you?

1) Yer looking at her!

2) We do not invent elaborate rituals to pretend at a non-existent journalistic impartiality. To the contrary: We disclose like crazy! Not only do we (unlike 99% of news organizations) show you our vote, warts and all, we use a Couricesque level of disclosure for Tim Cavanaugh's voting record on California propositions, Ronald Bailey's potential conflicts of interest, and Nick Gillespie's problematic addiction to Zardoz. We like-a the transparency, we want more of it in government, and we don't bullshit you about where we're coming from.

3) Because we let you throw dog-poopy on our shoes every day. Sure, the relationship has had its occasional strains, but show me a political magazine comments board that has A) been around as long as ours have, and B) features as much staff participation as ours does, and I'll show you, uh, something I'm pretty sure doesn't exist? Here, let's look at today's haul … ¢ accuses us of rattling the cup for "wingnut welfare," Fist of Etiquette makes yet another plea for extending threaded comments rightward (never forget!), Hobie Hanson says "Who would want to donate to an organization whose most successful and influential video is 13 seconds long and involves a prairie dog?", and let us not forget this classic from yesterday by beloved commenter Max: "Why does Matt Welch look like a fucking rodent? Is that a special makeup?"

Excellent question. Oh, and Hobie? Try this on for size:

Here is the deal: We need ONE THOUSAND of you sons and daughters of the revolution to make that torch light up, which will prove to the Great Zardoz in the Sky that all the time we spend on this here blawg has tangible positive impact beyond the creative wolf-whistling at certain lovers of crustacea. If you give $100, you get a free subscription to the print mag (do with it what thou willst), a t-shirt either of the Reason logo or of the cover of our 3D-tastic November issue, plus one of 10 (count 'em) books by various Reason authors while supplies last.

Give more, get more. Give less, you still get a sweet bumper sticker, plus your name up there on the donor banner, lording over all who watch. Give now! It's Friday, fer chrissakes! And know that with this loot, we will be hatching more and greater shenanigans in the name of Free Minds and Free Markets for all of 2011.

Donate right the hell today!